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  1. Makes you wonder why a change was needed? If 22 games went past 10 minutes, we could cut that in half to account for coaching for 10 minutes. That's still 11 more ties in 5 years. So 2+ more ties a year.
  2. So who are the top players the Pacers are looking at in the draft?
  3. I want to love her in the good place too.
  4. I would like to see a rule against the long hair trend. Although tackling by the hair is legal, I've seen more and more of it being flagged as a hoarse collar. It's also very unsafe to be tackled by the hair. Maybe moreso than horse collars.
  5. I do agree with "To each their own". The show boating just doesn't entertain me. It turned me off on the NBA several years ago and it annoys me in the NFL. Choreographed celebrations seem like a minor league stunt.
  6. I have 2. I would make a rule that any player that has been with a team for 10+ years will not have their salary count against the salary cap. I would make penalties review able. I wouldn't increase the amount of challenges though, so it wouldn't really extend games.
  7. Not a fan of this change. It's not a huge deal, but I don't like it. Really not a fan of all the sports shortening the games. I do think this could hurt a team that runs the ball and grinds it out. With less time, they may not have time for a 7 minute drive. I also don't like the easing up on the TD celebrations. Just another step closer to arena league or XFL.
  8. I think the difference between SG and SF is very small in todays NBA.
  9. Yeah, I'm torn on this. It doesn't seem like the Cards got anything in return. Yepez is really nothing. Adams was at least a good pinch hitter for the team. Maybe it won't affect things too much. Adams did come into the season in great shape. It's good for Adams and the Cardinals usually make an effort to do what is right.
  10. I think the Paul George situation is the most interesting with this team. Tough choices and lots of factors. Will he sign an extension before the end of next year? - I don't think he will because of the extra $$ if he can make the all NBA teams. That adds to the risk. Will the Pacers risk losing him for nothing in return in order to have him next year? - I bet he has a great 2017-2018 season with so much money on the line. How much leverage have the Pacers lost by not trading him last season? - I don't think Atlanta would be offering 4 1st round picks for him anymore
  11. Just a thought. Would anyone be opposed if I started an Indiana Pacers thread and a All NBA thread? Is seems that this thread is 1/2 Pacers and 1/2 everything else. Of course, with the Pacers eliminated, it's been a little more all NBA.
  12. This seems pretty accurate. All could change, but I like it on paper.
  13. I was disappointed to see Sierra sent down and Peralta back. Not a fan of Peralta and it was nice to have the Sierra speed.
  14. Vick is a piece of carp. What he did to those dogs cannot be excused.
  15. Mark my words, at some point, someone is going to say/think the dog has been abused. For some reason people assume if your dog is timid, it must have been abused.

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