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  1. Would You?

    I think this should wrap up this thread. Cleveland is not trading him.
  2. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Obviously trading back would be preferred if he wants to take Nelson. I wouldn't be upset if he took Nelson at 3 or 4 if they couldn't trade down. Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame Height: 6-5. Weight: 325. Projected 40 Time: 5.15. Projected Round (2018): Top-25. 12/9/17: Nelson has dominated for Notre Dame in 2017, showing the ability to overwhelm defensive linemen as a run blocker and pass protector. After surveying sources from around the league including multiple general managers, Nelson is a consensus elite prospect for the 2018 NFL Draft. However, he might go behind lesser prospects in the draft just because he is a guard and many teams don't value guards that high. Nelson is the most talented and polished offensive lineman in the 2018 NFL Draft class, regardless of position. He also is one of the safest prospects in the draft class. Some team sources think that Nelson could be the best guard in the NFL during his pro career and could be better than former Patriots All-Pro Logan Mankins. Some have higher grades on Nelson than they did on Mankins, David DeCastro and Brandon Scherff. 7/17/17: Nelson was dominant in 2016 and could have been a first-round pick if he had entered the 2017 NFL Draft. Nelson is strong at the point of attack to open holes in the ground game and athletic in pass protection. He was excellent at protecting quarterback DeShone Kizer in 2016. Sources said that Nelson was receiving first-round grades, and one national scout told that they think Nelson is a future Pro Bowler similar to Logan Mankins when he came into the NFL. Read more:
  3. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Even if I was speaking of the draft pick itself, 3rd is still superior to 6th. There is a better chance the player you want will still be available if you are picking 3rd in each round instead of 6th. Trade value of those picks are better too.
  4. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    I was speaking of trading the pick. Many more options with the 3rd pick.
  5. I don't think it is shattered, but maybe nicked a little bit. I big win is a building block.
  6. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    I hope not. A team cannot do as much with the 6th pick as they could with the 3rd. I hate to root against the Colts, but I do hope they continue losing.
  7. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    If we can hold onto a top 3 pick, we will have options. Even if we end up keeping the 3rd pick, at least we can get the player we want most. Hopefully that is Nelson.
  8. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Getting to #2 might free up some trading down options. I didn't include Arizona and Buffalo because I think the odds go down that we trade for a pick that low. I could be wrong. They would probably have to include a 1st rounder in 2019 as well. Which would be good. I really wouldn't want the Colts to trade back to a 18-25th pick.
  9. Currently in the #3 spot. It would be nice to be in the #3 spot in each round. I hope someone gets anxious for a QB, but it's not looking good for trading down. Only Denver and the Jets seem to be a possibility. If Cleveland and the Giants snag Rosen and Darnold, there may not be a need for a team to trade up. At #3 I'm not sure who the Colts should look at. I'm leaning Nelson, the guard from Notre Dame. O-line has to be the #1 priority if we want to keep Luck on the field.
  10. A Few Late Thoughts on Tonight's Game....

    Cheer up, we are closer to solidifying a top 3 pick. It'd be nice to see the Giants, 49rs and Houston win. Not too likely though. Pick Team Record Win% GB SOS Streak 1 Cleveland 0-13 .000 -- .526 Lost 13 2 NY Giants 2-11 .154 2.0 .517 Lost 3 3 Indianapolis 3-11 .214 2.5 .493 Lost 5 4 San Francisco 3-10 .231 3.0 .517 Won 2 5 Houston CLE 4-9 .308 4.0 .505 Lost 3 6 Chicago 4-9 .308 4.0 .553 Won 1 7 Tampa Bay 4-9 .308 4.0 .558 Lost 3 8 Denver 5-9 .357 4.5 .483 Won 2 9 Cincinnati 5-8 .385 5.0 .476 Lost 2 10 NY Jets 5-8 .385 5.0 .526 Lost 1
  11. I disagree. This was a playoff atmosphere game at home. For confidence reasons alone it was an important game. On paper it is only 1 loss to a team in the other conference, but it was a big game for this team.
  12. I'll stick by my comment that Melo is not an answer for any team and bringing him in made the Thunder a worse team. PG and Wesbrook would have had a better record without Melo.
  13. I would agree with B's on those 2. If you give them A's, that would be saying we have 3 A's on the team which would have us contending for a championship. I don't think they are there yet.
  14. I googled the backups for each team. While Brissett may be too high on this list, I'd put him in the top 10.
  15. IF that is the case, we'd nearly have to give up on him. At that point drafting a QB would make sense. I wouldn't draft one just in case Luck goes down though. Hopefully we can keep Brissett as the back up. We'd at least have one of the better back up QB's in the league. You know the Eagles are glad they have Foley. Imagine if they had a Tolzien.