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  1. Myles

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    If you don't understand you are too far gone.
  2. Myles

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    But the guy in the ripped up shirt and crocs could be considered an *. Just like Kaep. Pehaps he wanted to protest Nascar not being accepted at events that people should dress up at.
  3. Myles

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    My guess is that is was looked at differently by this guy.
  4. Myles

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    All this is based on opinion. It's his opinion that police are pigs. Not a fact. Him protesting the national anthem during a ceremony to honor veterans (who many are in attendance) being disrespectful is more true than all police being pigs. Anyway, those are the things which put me against the guy. Add to it that he let his girlfriend call the owner of the Ravens a cruel slave owner. That alone should squash his collusion suit.
  5. Myles

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Yes, he did not feel the need to be respectful to the 100's of war veterans in attendance. That shapes my view of his character. Not a good character guy.
  6. Myles

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    I'm torn on this. Positives: I like adults to have the freedom to make their own choice, even if it is poor. I'll like to have the option to bet if and when I want. Negatives: It is ultimately not good for the population. Very few win in the end. Broken down, it is a transfer of funds from the people to the companies with a portion going to taxes. People will use money they cannot afford to use. Go to a casino during the day. The average person stuffing their money into the slots cannot afford it. I'm not really worried about myself. It's not really my thing. It gives players/coaches/managers more and easier access to betting. No good can come from that. The conspiracy theories will be constant. Every time a team covers from a late score, someone will complain. I don't like watching games with people who are rooting for a team they don't like just because they have money bet on them to win.
  7. Myles

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Because he is a disrespectful man That was a disrespectful move. My father in law is an 80 year old diabetic. At his last birthday party, we were all respectful enough not to have tons of sugar-filled desserts that he could not eat. It's pretty easy to be respectful of someone, especially for 1 day.
  8. Myles

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    It really only started bothering me when he did it during the Veterans Day celebration when there were hundreds of veterans in attendance. Many who have lost friends and family in war. That was a crappy move by him and it was very disrespectful. He should have chosen to skip that week. Wearing the pig police socks was also a crappy move.
  9. Myles

    Eric Ebron

    I agree with that. However I'm sure Ballard took it into consideration a little bit. Even if it was as small as a question when they interviewed him. But, for the most part, I think he went off of his own evaluation and those of his scouts. I do think that there are many very smart fans who collectively could do well as part of a front office. I'm not advocating for it, just thinking hypothetically. Wouldn't it be fun if we knew how we would do in the drafts if we replaced Grigson. Maybe 15 of the best posters on this site going with majority rules. We would have taken Luck, that is pretty certain. We may have done worse over the 5 drafts he did, but I would bet that we would have been close or even surpassed his success.
  10. Myles

    Eric Ebron

    I'll admit that I am a little worried. You should be when a fan base is thrilled to be rid of a player. However, he is young, a former 1st round pick and didn't cost much. It's a risk/reward that favors the reward. Nice signing Ballard.
  11. Myles

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    I agree that Ballard has helped us acquire depth at some positions. Most predictions at this time of the year come more from the previous years team than what the offseason moves have done.
  12. Myles

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    I disagree with the bolded part. This team was very bare in the talent on the roster. Most notably the depth. Ballard has been working on it though.
  13. Myles

    Bleacher Report likes our offseason.

    This seems to be the same thought as many: " Guard Quenton Nelson was the surest thing on the offensive side of the ball in this year's draft. He has the size, strength and experience to dominate immediately at the NFL level, and the Colts needed a player just like him as they try to get back on track by supporting Luck as best they can. In the No. 6 spot of the draft, that's an utter steal. "
  14. Myles

    Anyone realize this?

    I think it turned out good for the Colts. May have been better with Norwell, but he probably chose Jax for his own reasons. They are a team on the way up, so I don't fault him.
  15. Also remember that each good member of an O-line makes the others better. In recent years, that was each dragging another down. We may see them picking each other up in the next few years. I like the signing. Mainly because we have the money and it is more depth.