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  1. Pacers management is so bad they cannot even find someone who wants PG.
  2. Although the Pacers totally blew it by not trading PG, they did decent in the draft with the 2 UCLA guys they got. They sure could have used Atlantas 19th pick this year.
  3. The Pacers should have taken that offer. It would be a bad business move for the Pacers to refuse to trade him to the Lakers. What good does it do them to screw the Lakers? Not good if you are screwing yourself at the same time.
  4. Just have to hope they miss the playoffs.
  5. I'm not so sure that the Titans can't be contenders this season. They won 9 games last year. Mariotta should be better this season. They are pretty good all around. Decker has the work ethic that could really help those young WR's they have.
  6. Not taking Atlanta's offer is not worse now than it was then. I think most knew PG was not going to be a Pacer for long. Now the Pacers will be lucky to get a 1st rounder for him.
  7. 4 first rounders from Atlanta is a deal the Pacers will regret not jumping on. I'm worried they won't trade PG.
  8. You still think we can get that much in return for PG? I think it is more likely that we get Clarkson and the 28th pick. I don't want Kevin Love. I'd rather have draft picks.
  9. So apparently the Pacers are not interested in any draft picks for this draft.
  10. Everyone is pulling off trades except the Pacers.
  11. The options are dwindling. We have to get something for him.
  12. Pacer value is going down like a brick in the sea. They have to get something. At this point, a low 1st round pick would be good. We are not going to the finals with PG next year and he is gone once the season is over. A little something is better than allot of nothing.
  13. You think they would do: This years 28th pick Clarkson Randle I think they know the Pacers are in a bad spot. I think we end up getting their 1st round next year and Clarkson.
  14. If we can swap the 28th pick for next years, it would be better. I'd guess the Lakers pick next year will be somewhere around 15-20.

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