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  1. Albert Bently
  2. Not sure. I think the road to the finals is much easier in the East. I don't really have an opinion of this because I don't know if he was a big Pacer fan or if he would like to get close to his "home".
  3. Would Hayward be willing to wait to see if the Pacers re sign George before signing his own contract? If George goes, then the Pacers are less attractive. If George stays, Hayward would make the Pacers top 4 in the East.
  4. I see it both ways. Dorsett hasn't been given the chance to prove whether he was a bust as a first round pick or not. However, it was a bust for the Colts to use a first round pick on him.
  5. I disagree. He was drafted my most because he had a big 2015. Then with Steve Smith back, he was pulled from the rotation.
  6. Also Rogers. I think Moncrief and Hilton have the top 2 spots sealed up. The 3rd and 4th are wide open. I think the Colts need a guy who's good in the slot. Rogers may be that guy.
  7. I'm not sure why he fell out of favor last year. The previous year, he had 75 catches for 944 yards and 5 TD's.
  8. How much "trouble" is debatable, but it is trouble for Dorsett. It is another WR who has the potential to push Dorsett down the depth chart.
  9. I don't think Ballard is taking fantasy stats into consideration.
  10. I put some blame on Ryan, but the defense gets some too. Most of all, it is the OC and the Head Coach for the play calling. Coltsbeliever even blamed Ryan for not kicking a FG.
  11. He played defense?
  12. Maggie Lawson
  13. It's also bad to insinuate that anyone is fat. "body-shaming". Drives me nuts. You see an overweight person wearing inappropriate clothing who posts a pic of herself and people scream and cry about the people who post that she should not wear that. I think it is wrong to cater to and accept obesity.
  14. Lots of close games that didn't end up with the underdog winning. I was rooting for Michigan State, Alabama, Wichita State, Rhode Island and Arkansas. They were all close most of the game. ACC was a bust with only 1 of the 9 teams remaining.
  15. I never believed that saying. Not sure about the NCAA, but Butler beat Villenova twice this year. In the NFL, since 1970 , 19 times teams have met for the 3rd time in an NFL season. Out of those 19 times , 12 times the same team won the 3rd game. Giving them a winning percentage of 70%.

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