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  1. Hasn't the practice time been limited by the collective bargaining agreement? I think the Colts are a good example of a team that needs all 4 pre season games. This year anyway. Granted, some teams may not feel the need.
  2. What you have said may be true, but ever so slightly if it is. No back up has looked head and shoulders above the others. As close as it is, I have to trust the coaches and GM are making the correct call.
  3. None of our backups stands out as the solid choice as of now. Tolzien should be in the mix as much as Morris or Walker.
  4. Just to play devils advocate here: I do agree with your points about the starters. However, if a team can look and do good with their depth players it often makes the team better . The Colts have been pretty lean in the "depth" department in recent years. I think Ballard has fixed that issue with the LB's, but not sure about anywhere else. At full strength, this team could be very good, but that is the same with many teams. The record is affected greatly by the depth at each position. Not talking QB here as that is an exception for the Colts.
  5. We hoped though. Remember Detroit was not at full strength either. The Colts were playing many back ups as were the Lions. I will argue that it is OK to feel "Ugh" about this game. 24-10 is a bummer of a score. This is only game 1, so if we see improvements trend, than we can be excited. I still think the defensive line and LB's will be much improved this year.
  6. Does anyone think the Colts will keep 3 kickers on the roster? Seems like a team with as many holes in it as the Colts could use that spot. However, the kicking IS one of the glaring holes. Locke has not been a successful kickoff guy in the past. Only 17% of his career kickoffs have been touchbacks (McAfee - 53%). I think starting field position is big because it opens the playbook more for an offense. I guess we'll see what Sanchez and Locke can do in the preseason, although I would think kickoff ability can be determined in non game practices. The Sanchez punt off the side of his foot may have ended his career in some ways.
  7. Hope is not all lost. We have many new players and I have to think Pagano is under pressure to improve the poor starts. It didn't happen in the first preseason game which is a bummer, but not a solid true indicator of what is to come. I guess it is a slight indicator as we started slow again. My feeling is that it is OK to feel Ugh! about that game as the Colts didn't look good. But the sky is not falling. This is not a true example of what the team will be this year. I remember seeing a stat one time that showed that the worse teams did in preseason (record wise), the better they did in the regular season.
  8. I like the defense. A 6-3 game can be as well played as a 24-21 game. It's also nice to be excited about a first down.
  9. Well that's no fun! I would of expected some pretty excited folks had the Colts won 24-3 yesterday. Of course there would have been others asking them to calm down because it is only preseason. I don't really take much from this game. However if a person is one who takes anything from the 1st preseason game, there is mostly bad to be taken.
  10. But remember, Pagano DOES have a history of not having his teams ready to play early. It's up to him to prove this is not the way it will continue. I hope he does. He has the opportunity to show us he can field a disciplined team.
  11. I agree. Couple of things. It's the first preseason game. Not a big deal really. However, if we shouldn't be worried with how poorly they played, we shouldn't be happy with anything that went right. As for Luck or no Luck. You hope that you can be a .500 team if you lose your starting QB. I don't think this team is even close to that.
  12. I was hoping the Cardinals would make a play for him.
  13. Gotta love the optimism here. Not me though. Watched him too long.
  14. He's never been a good team guy. I really wanted to like this guy from the start of his NFL career, so I watched him allot. It seemed he was fighting me all the way. Couple reasons I wanted to like him: He's from Santa Claus, Indiana. I've been there and my inlaws honeymooned there. Also he has diabetes which hit close to home for me. It sucks to root for him every year and see some talent, but more-so see that he doesn't have the head to win.
  15. I think it will come down to that. I think the Cards need to win 5/7. It can happen. Hopefully we can get to within 1.5 before those games and we only need 4/7 or so. Should be a good final month or 2.

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