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  1. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    Jack is what he is. A good possession type tight end that is decent at blocking. He will serve well for Andrew after missing an entire season. In McDaniels offense, he likes to run his TE's down the seam. In the past Jack was used more like a check down or crosser. That being said, look for the GM to get one in this upcoming draft.
  2. A win scenario for me would be to trade back, and get that Smith kid from Georgia.
  3. Shaq Barret from Denver isn't bad.
  4. Irsay hinting at picking Barkley

    I was willing to take Barkley at 3, but scratch that after watching the games yesterday. Even if he is the BPA, if a defensive player is close to him on Ballard's board. Take him.
  5. I'm not sure if we have discussed this yet, but protection is what we are talking about. Yes offensive line is a major issue and has been. Although I am excited for what Kelly can turn into. We do need a running back in this draft, but only if Ballard sticks to his board. Meanwhile, Andrew has never had an elite receiving corp other than TY. I wouldn't be surprised if we went after a big bodied, possession type receiver similar to what Pittsburg got in JUJU.
  6. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    I wouldn't be surprised if a safety is the BPA we draft a James. I have to watch more tape on him, but he seems to be known as a box safety with great coverage skills.
  7. Pretty incredible stat on the Colts run defense

    I wonder how much a coaching change will affect our 3 guys we have in there. What if the new coaching staff bring in a defensive coordinator with a 4 down front. Hankins wont be affected, but the rest might.
  8. I think most colts fans have this mind set that if our QB isn't playing, we're going to be horrible. It spilled over from Manning era. Ballard stated he wanted to change that. Let's given it a couple games in the REGULAR season before we call for heads geez. *
  9. I think the best player should play if 12 is not ready. Throw out the depth chart you had yesterday, or how much money a player makes. Or call Pete Carol for advice;). I'm not a fan of either of these guys btw. The player that gives us the best chance to win should play. *
  10. Vontae Davis vs Sammy Watkins Week 1

    Vontae seems to struggle against receivers that are football fast and crisp route runners. He might struggle more with Tavon. *
  11. Colts release Kendall Langford

    Younger! I would've hated to lose McGill. To valuable on passing downs. *
  12. 2017 Season Bold Predictions

    - Week 1 the Rams blow us out,and everyone panics. We bounce back and win the South - Colts defense ranks top 5 in defense against the run - Our young offensive line shuts up the critics about being horrendous. - Adam Vinitari misses crucial field goals and is benched/released by week 8 *
  13. Geathers is back?

    There is no doubt our defense was better with him on the field. I hope he's ready to go. *
  14. That 1st down play bugs me the most. How do we not run on first down, with that much time. Like Superman says, that single side could have gotten us in a manageable situation if he runs a slant. He could've ran that comeback to the outside that 88 & 87 used to move the chains on. *
  15. Biggest hit by a Colts player?

    Bob Sanders goal line stop on Greg Jones was my favorite! *