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  1. This stat can prove one problem we have. We do not have the ability to run the ball effectively. Teams push the pocket without the threat of our running game. Again, part of that is play calling. *
  2. I thought we would've brought in Tyson Alualu. He's a good football player, maybe they do t see him playing in a 3-4. I think he can play the 3 tech, maybe his age 29 is a concer *
  3. Ballard is probably not liking the outside backer prospects that will be there at 15. Strong chance the best corner is there, maybe even Foster. This draft won't make a SB contenders, but it can make our defense in the top 15 range. *
  4. Dwayne Allen doesn't fit our scheme. He is good a getting open on those short routes. That's a reason why Pats like him. They will have him running crossing routes, hitches, and out routes. I would love if we can do more of that, but I didn't see any of that last year. Wish him the best. *
  5. I thought we might be in the mix for trade but I forgot about DA. Maybe, Ballard likes one of these TIght Ends in this years draft *
  6. I don't think he gets passed the Saints, or Philly if they win the coin flip. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if our BPA in the first two rounds are DBS. A safety and a corner. *
  7. Packers: Hassan Riddick Steelers: *
  8. I don't understand why people have Pats picking him up, especially in the 1st round. I can see Oakland snagging him in the 2nd. *
  9. We have tradable bait on offense. I'd give them Dwayne Allen and a 3rd for Sheldon and a n undisclosed pick. Maybe do a Patriots style deal and give them Moncrief. *
  10. And they criticize the great 18. Ultimate team sport! *
  11. Ty Law *
  12. If we go into the 2017 season with Anderson and Ridge as our ends, we will need an interior presence. Whether thats a stud Mike backer, or a nose is yet to be determined. David Parry played well decent his rookie year, but he is no more than a rotational player. I like the idea above, but I doubt Foster is there at 14. *
  13. Go Ducks ! Sent from my iPhone *
  14. Another play I really liked was when Clayton Geathers pulled the E brake on Demarco Murray on that 4th or 3rd and short. If only he can stay healthy. Our Defense was a lot better with him on the field. *
  15. Edwin Jackson shooting through gap and blowing up the Jets RB. *

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