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  1. This type of player could have been drafted late or picked off from waiver wires. Don't give me blocking TE. That's problem in NFL world today, no complete players. You have to get a catching TE and Blocking TE.
  2. Chris, u have cash to spend. U don't have to keep shopping at the thrift store.
  3. More off the rack, discount bargin bin, flea market shopping
  4. Yes we are going cheap here to catch lighting in a bottle. More 1 year deals in 18 too.
  5. How about d not being rebuilt for decades now.
  6. So far only like john and jabbal signings.
  7. Getting to be like waiver wire fantasy draft scrub pickups now.
  8. U could have shown Raquel Welch instead from that funny movie. Not the bomb makeover.
  9. Who needed Poe when have Woods now. Why no Haskins from Giants?
  10. But we got bottom feeder Al woods and jenkins from Da Saints tom. I am bedazzled why no Haskins from Giants.
  11. Not all the signings. Simon and Jabbal are good.
  12. Hankins would be good here.
  13. Poe gonna see mo money in flordia. Jags can sign all the d they want, but their qb sucks.
  14. He will sign with jags and their cash.
  15. Will be more encouraged once he cuts jones.

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