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  1. Hip surgery is a big deal.
  2. Our coaching has done nothing to improve the d tackling.
  3. Yeah, heard the same about Lucks shoulder last year.
  4. Chuck says Hooker will missOTAs due to surgeries. Way to go with pick!
  5. Harris was there also. Need sackers.
  6. Who wants a player to develop? We need instant D starters.
  7. Hooker has own injury history too.
  8. Bad pick. Cannot tacke, perfect for this team. Allen fell right to them.
  9. I just hope Ballard does not trade down. I would get Cook or LB for D.
  10. 10 and 6 at least. If cannot make playoffs with this schedule, Chuck be gone.
  11. Mike Curtis tearing Roman Gabriel head off. Same division back then.
  12. We are not the fearsome foursome or sack pack.
  13. Good deal. Should be productive but he played with better D players in NY. That added to his defensive numbers.
  14. This signing would be ideal, but will see as no news?
  15. Get better back up QB in case Luck is not ready.

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