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  1. Better get qb in draft. Oh and jimmy says doing well. So much crude from him on luck this whole year.
  2. Would You?

    No way, no more punks.
  3. Taub should have been here start of 17 with Ballard. But Jim kept chuck.
  4. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Ol had been a horror since manning left.
  5. 2-7 When leading at half....

    It's appaling.
  6. 2-7 When leading at half....

    Yea one damaged goods in europe and one who should never be allowed to wear bert jones number.
  7. So bogus to me. Must be done. Need to draft qb. Dont want to hear in 18 about ongoing mystery injury and how may be ready. Cant trust what jim says.
  8. 2-7 When leading at half....

    If jim says luck is doing well; like every other garabage he said before season on how well he was doing; luck must be damaged goods.
  9. 2-7 When leading at half....

    Colts need pass rusher, qb; tackle; wr
  10. Indy - Buffalo Game

    I sing the blues too with drectv since 2004, but should have u call them to get new customer rates.
  11. Plenty of articles on Adam wanting it towards right hash as when the ball was spiked with 7 seconds, it was in the middle.
  12. Indy - Buffalo Game

    Seen football since 1972 and it was very old school game with the smash mouth runs and thankfully for one week, no me first gestures.
  13. Yes his brain freeze with 47 seconds left by letting the clock go down to 7 without a play. Adam then tried long FG from middle of field in blizzard conditions and not to the right.
  14. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    Does luck play d too?
  15. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    Different ways to lose games