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  1. BloodyChamp

    Defilippo OC Vikings... HIRED

    They stink so bad that Bill hires them back and goes Nick Saban/Lane Kiffin on them.
  2. BloodyChamp

    Colts Plan To Interview Leslie Frazier

    He wasn't the reason the Vikings collapsed, that'd be Christian sore elbow Ponder who stood on the sidelines doing his best Jay Cutler impression when he decided at game time of the playoff game that he couldn't play. Then the next season (after coming along as a solid quarterback in the 2nd half of 2012) he wasn't the same. Lifetime shook over a Clay Matthews hit. That's like a Deion Sanders tackle. I say he'd be a good hire. Get him, tell him to build a defense, get an OC and the Colts will have something.
  3. BloodyChamp


    Well played Ballard. I hope Luck comes back and tears them up.
  4. BloodyChamp

    2018 NFL MEME Post Season special edition!

    I would just like to remind everybody that the green guy in my avatar made that catch in 2010 with a bum ankle and tendonitis. He stepped out of bounds as soon as he did lol but he did make the catch.
  5. I almost spewed tea out of my nose because I just got done saying in the other thread that Lane Kiffin was basically the new Lane Kiffin. If anything was worse than the Swinging Gate play, it was Lane Kiffin's 78 yard FG try.
  6. BloodyChamp

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    I'm late to this party obviously, but I maintain McDaniels is nothing but a dunce, maintain aka always thoughtbsince before he was almost a Colt. The Lane Kiffin of this decade. If he has any similarities with anybody else it's Eric Mangini, another little worm whose name came up because he was in a room with Bill Belichik. Now regardless of how much better off the Colts are in the longrun because of this, there's obviously the immediate stigma of a hand picked coach saying no. Luck obviously has his own opinion of it I'm sure. Frank Reich would be a good hire to build a team with imo. He knows all about walking up and down a sideline without immediate results but he doesn't know what quit means. Schwartz doesn't get the credit he deserves IMO. He would whip them right back into a contender but there's always the possibility of the trash talking starting then...yeah. But those are 2 favorites of mine, 1 from each end of the philosophical spectrum.
  7. BloodyChamp

    Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    There's no reason to believe the Eagles are 1 and done in SBs. They're a young team with a good young coach. By August they will want another 1, and they will want it with whoever is playing quarterback. Meanwhile their division is a train wreck so there's that lol!
  8. BloodyChamp

    Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    The Pats blocker who got mixed up is who broke the ball carriers stride on that pitch. If that didn't happen, that would have been a big return.
  9. BloodyChamp

    Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    BB beat me to it. And I don't mean Belichik lol!
  10. BloodyChamp

    Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    It was a throwback but it wasn't the same plays X for X and O for O at all. Man Brady is off...but it's only a 10 point game.
  11. BloodyChamp

    Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    Brady is off. He almost killed Cook when he hung him out to dry, not the defender. And then he dropped that pass because he was just as shook. Now with my Brady digs out of the way, good game so far. The Eagles seem more focused than the Falcons were this time last year. They were dancing and duncing all over the place. They better stay focused to because you know the Pats will fix this at halftime.
  12. BloodyChamp

    Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)

    Outside of the fact that he got another ring (however they're came by, they all count...), 2015 doesn't belong in a discussion about how good Peyton Manning was. Get real. Same goes for Favre's 2010 season. That's not the only thing they have in common btw. They also have the 2 biggest bunches of TDs ever. NO OMGZZZZ TOO TOUSAND TENZ AND TOO TOUSAND FIFTTEENZ!!!!!!!
  13. BloodyChamp

    Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)

    Wow again is right
  14. BloodyChamp

    Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)

    Another nice try...point about watching, etc. Not that 1.