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  1. Tony Romo-Stradamus. Calls plays before they happen.

    Ok...he got a little annoying today. He's open! He's open! Throw it Aaron! Aaron throw it!
  2. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    Al Michaels said it during the pregame. I'll be danged that I can't find it Googling, and according to ESPN he said something that doesn't add up with it in the postgame? That "We just want equal rights"? As for his pregame comments, paraphrasing from memory of what Al Michaels said he said, he said "I would go to the white house and be respectful and try to get along with everybody."
  3. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    Vernon Davis has some good words for us. It's to bad they won't get repeated but he nailed it. Now he's having a huge night out of nowhere. Gasp...say nice things and nice things happen to you.
  4. Atlanta (-3) at Detroit (9-24-17)

    The Bengals 14 point blown lead was worse, complete with a turn of events just like 3rd and 2 in the SB, only they still tried the long FG and missed. But every Bengals/Packers game is a 14 point comeback like a curse or something so lol!
  5. A Very Good Thursday Night For A Change

    It's been a heck of a Sunday to. Really crushes some of the bickering there has been this week.
  6. He just earned his walking papers to me if I'm a Bengal. That playcall was 3rd and 2 Falcon in the SB, Bengals version. Anybody watching the game already knows the play I'm talking about. Yeah the Packers might blow it but I doubt it.
  7. Atlanta (-3) at Detroit (9-24-17)

    I think this will smoke the overhyped game last week, shootout or not. I'm a Stafford fan but Ryan has proved that he's not done after 3 straight years of trash or however long it was (doesn't that seem like 40 years ago?).
  8. "Texans Will Beat The Pats" -Ted Bruschi

    Teddy has been trying to be the next Skip Bayless for a while. I tuned him out after his "operating table" rant in 2010. Who are ya'll pulling for? I'm pulling for the Texans even though I'm pulling for the Colts in the long run. If the Colts can't beat the Texans then it really doesn't matter. *Maybe* the defense rattles Brady early and they have an on to Cincinnati game but even if the Texans manage that they'll still probably blow it on offense.
  9. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    It's not the poster who says Chuck has never had a losing season that's for sure. Those random things I mentioned are basically the things parents strive for their children not to do the most. The way people talk football is going to be that high on their list soon, and children will still play football just like they do the rest of that stuff.
  10. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    You're just didn't take a rocket scientist to know it years ago, which everybody did whether they admit it or not. Meanwhile young people still smoke, drink, etc after seeing the results of that game.
  11. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    Parents are going to make children not play football as well as they make them not smoke, drink and drive, or have unprotected sex.
  12. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    People talking about ratings sound like those cluelss people who think South Park is going to be cancelled because season 17 didn't get the same ratings as season 5, or who think WWE is going to close down because ratings have been down since 1999. Man please...the CTE deal is the only thing that could be a longterm setback, but that's more between the league and the players, not the audience. People have been watching, indulging in, and glorifying things that are potentially bad for them since the beginning of time. I doubt that will ever change.
  13. New England (-6.5) at New Orleans (9-17-17)

    You mean like he called Bert Jones the best that time? Speaking of my guy, remember 2010 when the Vikings came back against the Cardinals and it looked like they were back? Brad Childress crapped all over his own team, especially Favre, after the game. They didn't respond the following week and he was gone the week after that. Bill Belichik would have called Favre the best ever after that game if he were the coach. That's all his calling Brady the best lately boils down to.
  14. Tony Romo-Stradamus. Calls plays before they happen.

    It also proves the point that doesn't get repeated about Bill's ego. Defensive coaches hate doing anything but what they planned, and they usually do it until the end. When it works sure it's good coaching, but what Bill did there was GOAT coaching.
  15. Tony Romo-Stradamus. Calls plays before they happen.

    I though this was good.