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  1. It takes both, or atleast portions of both. You basically have to have cake and eat it to which people have been trying to accomplish since the beginning of time and failing to do so. Jim McMahon was still pretty good even if he wasn't great. Even crippled up Peyton Manning was good enough in the big games, and so was Brock like it or not. Meanwhile there are alot of GOAT quarterbacks who are short on hardware like Marino, Favre and Young. As for the Colts I still maintain they need the * you don't find on a state sheet.
  2. Every position is an improvement if there's good drafting and free agency. I mean that's just a generic, hollow thing to say. You don't just connect the dots and start winning. If I were the Colts I would draft whatever best player is available at the time. I realize that hasn't always been best for different reasons but there first pick is pretty late by the standards of a team with such little talent. Getting your heart set on 1 position only to draft the 3rd guy in mind while there are guys in other positions you had in mind first might cost you those guys. Besides I think we all know what this team really needs is to learn how to be ready to play football on Sunday again.
  3. What exactly does "voided" mean in NFL contract language? Didn't he hold out and get it? Now it's "voided"?
  4. Nooooooooo lol they guy is more overrated than the other long haired neurotic crybaby on that team.
  5. Hi
  6. It's not a matter of yes or no I want to play. I swear you're a robot.
  7. Just say that their first draft pick is either 14 or 15 though...they better hope Gore has another year in him.
  8. But always on time with the robotic, generic response as if you don't understand the point.
  9. I wouldn't touch Starks or Lacey with a 39 n a half foot horseshoe guys. If Gore still wants to play I would stick with him and grab whatever young RBs are available during that good undrafted guys hanging around week (in other words not spend a draft pick). Gore is by far the best older RB in the NFL. If he isn't feeling it come July though I would draft a RB.
  10. King is giving the Pats way to much credit. That's just how bad it was. Did Freeman even have a rush in the 2nd half? The average was only down to 5.8 because when they did run it it was those tosses to Coleman. Just hand the ball to Freeman and be done with it!
  11. I said it somewhere else...can't find it now but it might even be in this thread (my phone is dying). In a roundabout way this will have helped Manning and even my pick Favre. That Falcons choked. Getting blown out from start to finish in every phase of the game isn't a choke, throwing 1 INT in a game that the checkdown wasn't going to win isn't a choke...that was a choke. I mean everything happened after the obligatory desperation barnyard trick play. Games are over after those plays. Teams quit, headsets come off, fans leave, but the Falcons let them have it even after that!
  12. Jules what's going on with that cat? The Falcons just made Rodgers look like a statpadder. While I've been critical of him, statpadder he is not and I've never called him 1. And they made McCarthy look like Lombardi. I mean it was a 16 point lead that was covered in 2 possessions, not 3. That technically means they found the enzone 4 times lol! I mean just how lol!!!
  13. That was a good comeback but the rest of the gripes on Brady still stand. Meanwhile it was an even bigger choke. If I'm the 49ers I fire Shannahan now.
  14. They redefined the word choke. The silver lining for the Manning fans should be the same as it is for me the Favre fan - a choke is what you just saw. Getting blown out in the playoffs like Manning or throwing an interception on a desperation heave like Favre isn't a choke. I don't even know what the Falcons actually did...I mean what was that...choke is all I got.
  15. When they went from Patriots fans to Brady homers.

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