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  1. They had an insane good draft. I could see Marrone being the Jag's Dungy. Get them to a couple winning seasons, get fired after 8-8, then they get a big time HC.
  2. Another possibility about the Falcons is that all this bickering is meat to be shots a Shanahan. That would translate to motivation. We'll just have to see.
  3. If I had to make a prediction about Johnny Football it would be that he'll come and go over the years like Jeff George, Doug Flutie and other guys who always landed on their feet. Somebody is going to try and shoot this down because the personal lives of all 3 guys mentioned is different but that's not what this was about. For whatever reason, that's what happened to Georgey Porgey and Flutie Tutie, and that's my prediction or Johnny Football.
  4. On a similar note Todd Marinovich is football anyway even though it's not the NFL. He's competing for the starting job on a team whose name escapes me in the World Developmental League.
  5. Somebody always crashes. It's usually a championship game loser but it has been the SB loser before. I'm not quite ready to bet on it but I could see the Falcons being 1 of the rare cases for sure.
  6. What are we betting on? Him actually coming back or him getting the chance? He's probably already had a chance and kept his yap shut. Quarterbacks always get a chance if they had 1 good day.
  7. Another race to 7-9 in the NFC South. Yeah yeah Atlanta well there's still 2nd place, and Atlanta might be traumatized.
  8. The guy's underrated and seems to have a Frank Gore (until now anyway) or Devin Bush type thing going on. He's staying hungry. I'd take him in a heartbeat if the team could stand it.
  9. I love the truth in it myself. Only a troll would call this fun.
  10. Well we've covered every character in the post so if you're still confused I can't help you.
  11. > means "greater than" < means "less than" Hope you're not confused now.
  12. You and that 1 other member seem to be confused alot.
  13. It was a lighthearted thread about a lighthearted thing. I don't see you "trying to figure out a legitimate reason" for that. So I threw a lighthearted thing of my own in that wasn't directed towards anybody. But O no you just have to O skip it Dy-No-Mite!
  14. I'm not hungry. Don't throw away the bait though. It'll be fine in the refrigerator.
  15. I doubt he wrote that speech, but I think he actually ad libbed the additional Durant burns after the first 1 lol!

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