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  1. Careful you're going to give them a stroke
  2. What happened to KC??

    Glad you had fun but I don't buy it. I thought the Raiders were back to but in hindsight all they did was beat a falling KC team a few weeks ago. The question is what happened to the whole dang division? The Giants and Browns would mop the floor with all 4 of them right now it looks like.
  3. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    You're slowly becoming amJaguarsWoman.
  4. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    Jags if last week was just a bad game. If they keep playing like last week then Titans.
  5. Harbaugh would have lots of suitors if he returned to the NFL

    There's no way only 20 former QBs have been coaches unless it's trimmed down to guys who started so many games, which makes it an even bigger reach.
  6. Harbaugh would have lots of suitors if he returned to the NFL

    Anyway...Harbaugh will get the itch to win the chamionship in the highest level of football in the world 1 day. They all come back atleast once. His Wolverines are still on the rise so it won't be anytime soon though. I wouldn't want him in Indy if I were a Colt as long as I have Luck though. The magic him and Luck had at Stanford is something that can't be duplicated in any other circumstance. You can't just plug it back in.
  7. Harbaugh would have lots of suitors if he returned to the NFL

    I don't care if the number is negative 400. A guy who went to a SB, 3 straight NFCGGs plus an 8-8er in 4 years is a potential SB winning head coach who could have an NFL job the day after week 17 ended if he wanted.
  8. Harbaugh would have lots of suitors if he returned to the NFL

    King goofed. Tons of players have held up the trophy from the sidelines. It's HoF players who rarely win SBs as coaches. Meanwhile I haven't looked it up but I would bet that every coach not named Marv Levy and Bud Grant who has been to 3 straight Championship Games eventually won a SB.
  9. Giants and Browns Lose Again

    I mean the Giants (since I posted) won a game. You didn't catch the date so you had to respond that the Giants aren't going 0-16 (because 1-8 totally shoots that down, and I must not have known they won a game). Good grief man. And I'll leave the Kizer thing to that poster if they wish to get into that.
  10. Giants and Browns Lose Again

    I swear this person is a robot.
  11. NFL Memes just destroyed everybody with the latest JJ Watt meme. It's against the rules to post it here but...yeah.

  12. Giants and Browns Lose Again

    Rivers is in concussion protocol. I wouldn't blame him for pulling a Carson Palmer right freaking now if he wants to win a ring before it's over (which can't be long?).
  13. New England (- 7.5) at Denver (11-12-17)

    I'm not feeling the Steelers at all. I did feel good about some of the upset specials but the Jags, Chargers, and Bills yesterday aren't beating NE. The Bills were just as clueless yesterday. That was the game I had on between the Jags/Chargers. The Bills gave it to the Saints by biting on 3 screen passes every drive, then not wrapping when they still could have tackled the guy before the sticks.