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  1. Bill O'Chinholerien has been doing such a good job of developing QBs that this most certainly is the way to go.
  2. I just heard and I didn't think this was what was going to happen, and certainly not this soon! I wouldn't rule out a return either. This just doesn't seem like it's going to stick. Retiring just like poof? And even if that's the plan the phone could start ringing as soon as there's a problem somewhere like somebody above said. I don't know what the jones for him in the AFC broadcast booth (or the pun intended) has been. Putting guys from 1 conference in another conference's booth has always stunk.
  3. They have to respond to the season they all busted their tails for getting sabotaged. If they don't they'll end up like the 2010 Vikings. I think Del Rio keeps the team together though and they remain very good.
  4. Good...he's a big part of what gets me through the offseason lol!
  5. Luck is the bizzaro Brady. The team sucks so bad and he's clearly not the problem even though he sucks in the end with his team. Brady's team is immaculate and he's clearly not the reason even though he wins in the end with his team. I'd take Luck right now over anybody but I don't have the guts to put it on a list lol! The only guy I might put above Luck is this Aaron Rodgers lookalike who has been winning big games for the Packers for the last 2 years.
  6. I just read that Keenum is a Viking. That's not a bad idea either if his brains aren't fried (but I believe they are). He'll definitely end up playing even if he doesn't so much as take a rep with the starters in practice.
  7. Is Synthetic Bogie?
  8. It takes both, or atleast portions of both. You basically have to have cake and eat it to which people have been trying to accomplish since the beginning of time and failing to do so. Jim McMahon was still pretty good even if he wasn't great. Even crippled up Peyton Manning was good enough in the big games, and so was Brock like it or not. Meanwhile there are alot of GOAT quarterbacks who are short on hardware like Marino, Favre and Young. As for the Colts I still maintain they need the * you don't find on a state sheet.
  9. Every position is an improvement if there's good drafting and free agency. I mean that's just a generic, hollow thing to say. You don't just connect the dots and start winning. If I were the Colts I would draft whatever best player is available at the time. I realize that hasn't always been best for different reasons but there first pick is pretty late by the standards of a team with such little talent. Getting your heart set on 1 position only to draft the 3rd guy in mind while there are guys in other positions you had in mind first might cost you those guys. Besides I think we all know what this team really needs is to learn how to be ready to play football on Sunday again.
  10. What exactly does "voided" mean in NFL contract language? Didn't he hold out and get it? Now it's "voided"?
  11. Nooooooooo lol they guy is more overrated than the other long haired neurotic crybaby on that team.
  12. Hi
  13. It's not a matter of yes or no I want to play. I swear you're a robot.
  14. Just say that their first draft pick is either 14 or 15 though...they better hope Gore has another year in him.
  15. But always on time with the robotic, generic response as if you don't understand the point.

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