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  1. Patriots players aren't known for choking
  2. greed Does anyone really need say more on the subject than the above 5 letter word?
  3. Hey Ruksak,


    Nice to see you leaving your commentary in threads again. I was going to respond to your post in the NFL ratings topic, but it was closed for obvious reasons. 


    I always find your take on things intriguing because you know how to frame your argument & back it up even if I might have a different perspective on it. 


    You're smart, speak your mind, sarcastic [a plus BTW], & you don't care about being popular or flipping over the apple cart when necessary. Welcome back! 


    Just like Bogie, I like you because you tell me what you think, why you think it, & you make no apologies for it. A rare quality in modern day society. I respect that. 

    1. ruksak


      Had to take time for an old friend here  :thmup:


      I really want to get back to loving football, but I'm struggling to with all the changes in the NFL atmosphere. So many things about the state of the game have utterly turned me off. Most of you know that i'm no casual fan, and even I, after nearly forty years of being a fan, have stepped away from following football. 


      I still lurk here, and hopefully someday I can embrace the game as I once did. Take it easy SW1. You're a good dude. You haven't heard the last of me. 

    2. southwest1


      Good. I'm glad to hear that you aren't going away anytime soon. I respect you because you know how to stand your ground, you don't care if others think an argument you are making is flawed in their eyes, & really all you wanna do is compel people to defend their positions in a dignified manner. 


      I admire individuals that aren't intimidated, don't concern themselves with always having to be right, & they know when to pick their battles & when to let pointless stuff go. 


      Yes, I will admit that NFL games don't contain the shine & luster they once did for me either probably because of the league's over commercialization of it's product & some protests that take away from just enjoying a football game. Sure, players have a right to voice their frustrations over unnecessary treatment of citizens by authority figures absolutely. However, can't we just enjoy a game for it's own sake once in awhile? 


      No need to reply back. I just hope you are doing Okay ruksak. Never lose your twisted sense of humor BTW. One of your best assets in this crazy world of ours. :hat:

  4. I watched a team get away with cheating during a national championship game. I watched as the rules changed and softened the violence of football to a state of quasi-flag football because "we" want to pretend that we didn't understand that getting whacked in the head causes brain damage. I saw the working mans staple, Monday Night Football, get ripped from the free airwaves by frickin' Disney. Mickey Mouse had the money to take that from the underclass masses. I see uniforms changing every year, every game, and this is purely driven by jersey sales. Marketing this product too aggressively has changed the game and the experience for fans, as this is no longer a game. This NFL is merely a product on the shelf next to HD TV's and laptops. I listened to Rashaad Mendenhal and Adrian Peterson compare playing in the NFL to .....slavery. Now I see these piece of garbage BLACK millionaires promoting the idea that black people cannot get ahead in America while contemplating whether or not to buy a Ferrari or a Lambo. Listen up, America. You are NOT a victim. You are responsible for your own life and the choices made therein. You may find comparable societies across the world, but you will find no society more fair than that of America. Collin Kaepernick was raised well and he went to college, he made good choices. The people Kaepernick wants to paint as victims were raised by trash to act like trash and live like trash..... and Collin wants to sit out the anthem as a means of spotlighting how these trashy people are somehow victims of a nefarious systematic racist construct? If you want to sit out a song in protest, take a damn knee when you hear someone playing Kanye West or Lil Wayne. Rubes. Y'all deserve the festering ghettos you murder each other in. Promote your peoples shortcomings to a funky beat. Nice. Victims. Right........ If there's too many cops in your neighborhood for your liking, that means there's a LOT of crime in your neighborhood. Move. It's America. Move. I hear stories from the Depression era of how men walked hundreds of miles to the next state, leaving their families behind so they could find work, and these helpless "victims" can't move to a better location? Pick up your free Obama-phone and find a job, any job, somewhere else. If a cop pulls you over, don't run. Don't smart off. Do your duty as a citizen and allow the officer to do his job. It's not his/her fault you live in a crime-ridden filth pit.
  5. Watching petulant multimillionaires who have tasted the best of what American opportunity can offer anyone, of ANY race, protesting how unfair American life is ..............? Reason #27 why I stopped watching NFL football after 39 years of rabid fandom. @#$&ing suck
  6. Just for a bit of clarification; Is that pic of Davis from when he was alive or......?
  7. Is it September yet?

    1. 100GFB


      No but my Forward observers said it 4 clicks away!

    2. Synthetic


      Fortunately nope. I dread aging in birthdays.

    3. Jules


      I like May and June. Pretty months.

  8. I like this, tremendously. He's been the modern day Barry Sanders @ WR, in terms of epic talent marooned on a island of incompetence. This dude wants a SB bad, more than a few million bones. That's impressive.
  9. OK, I see what you mean now with some of them. Not so much the Willis/Costner thing. But a thread like this demands pics.
  10. Get yo eyes checked. Kevin Costner and Bruce Willis? Really? Most of these are ridiculous. Also, pics or get the fudge out.
  11. ahhh...gramz, you is a knucklehead :highfive:
  12. You must, you absolutely must. It's that good. It's one of those films that follows you through your day, causing you to think about it for some time after watching. When you hear the term "great acting", The Wrestler is exactly what that term is referring to. Mickey Rourke put on a performance for the ages, thoroughly convincing the viewer that they are drawn into a fly-on-the-wall voyeuristic journey into a profoundly troubled soul. I don't mean to oversell it, but it was literally the best acting performance I've ever seen, bar-none, by a long shot. It should be noted, and it's not something I noticed until spending years watching kids movies with my daughter and her friends/cousins. Disney movies often give a retelling of both historical and mythical tragedies of quite terrible profundity. These are stories of death, famine, and horror passed down through the ages, candy-sprinkled and family friendly tales of trauma. Read this, you will fall out of your chair in coiling repulsion and simultaneous laughter. The article doesn't even get into the Disney retellings of Pocahontas, Joan of Arc, Mulan, which all tell tales of genocide, ethnic cleansing and just plain 'ol horror.
  13. One Hour Photo was far more brilliant than many people are willing to credit it. Disturbing films typically deliver their payload via over-the-top gore and/or violence. OHP accomplished a variety of tension and disturbance through the awkwardness of dealing with the mentally disturbed. People want the "bad guy" the be a beast, a monster, one that ostensively threatens those around them. When we encounter a nice guy, kind and outwardly grandparent-esque, begin to waive red-flags of mental disturbance, it's far more impactful upon our sense of judgement. Another issue I thought OHP did well was to assault our sense of privacy. The film removed our curtains so everyone could see into our lives, our most intimate moments were drug into the streets for all to see. To SW1; I read your reviews often and mean to comment more. I also mean to post my own thoughts here more than I do. I can tell we'd be the most annoying pair in the room come movie time, as I too simply cannot watch a movie without discussing it in length, good or bad. PS: Have you reviewed The Wrestler yet? If not, do it. If you haven't seen it, watch it. I was shocked at how good this film is. I despise pro wrestling, but the filmmaker worked pure magic in this film about a pro wrestler that doesn't make the viewer feel like the film is about wrestling.
  14. Some great music from Hank the 3rd as well. That family is a great example of what the proliferation of prescription medication abuse and alcoholism can do to the American family.

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