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  1. Worst TV Shows!

    Fake reality shows. Duck Dynasty (we get it, you don't like to shave), Hardcore Pawn, anything pretending to depict men working in Alaska. It's all fake, contrived nonsense, and people eat it up like it's a legit documentary program.     
  2. Errrmmmm....the way it did bounce may not be the way he thought it would bounce.    Am I getting my point across yet or......?    Maybe he thought the ball would bounce back, or forward, or up, or left or right? Maybe he thought he could scoop it and run for a huge gain?    Dunno, but I cannot buy-in that he gave up. Sorry, not gonna do it, even though I don't really like his personality much. 
  3.   His effort is impressive. He doesn't hold back, and he fails to dive on a ball (for whatever reason) and now his haters are feasting well tonight. 
  4. This is where I will point out that these guys are professional football players, not professional speakers. Many of them cannot articulate themselves verbally. Cam is one of those people.    I always thought him a punk with his little towel over the head, sitting alone act he would pull in the past when he was losing. But he's earned my respect as a warrior on the field, and a damn good passer.    I honestly feel people here are trying too hard to extrapolate intent form a 4 second snippet of video from the game. 
  5. All we have are our varying opinions. 
  6. You mean the same millions of people that think Eli is jealous of Peyton and secretly wanted his brother to lose due to some warped game of sibling one-ups-manship?    Those same people? Random potatoes who now have a voice thanks to this technological wonder we call social media? Those people?    Yes, Cam is a brat. But that dude is a warrior on the field, and I will never doubt his zeal.
  7. Is it an indictment on the Colts that......

    I typically support Polian. The one knock I give him was his stubbornness to avoid FA and rather choosing UDFA's over proven vets to fill needs.     
  8.     It's a football, guy. They tend to bounce randomly in any direction. We see players diving for loose balls allt he time, only to end up with arms full of air.    Look.... I'm just saying that I don't try to pretend I know he could've gotten that fumble back by diving. I don't pretend he didn't want to put in the effort to win.    You do.    Keep pretending. Tell us about how you won the championship at Polk High.   Anywho... I'm not a huge supporter of Cam. Rather, I've ripped his rear numerous times on this site for his man-child behavior. But I'm not going to second guess his decision (or inability) to not dive on a loose ball.     
  9. He is a terrible speaker. He doesn't articulate his thoughts well at all. But ... he is only a man. We shouldn't be so clumsy in judging his actions after getting his butt kicked for a few hours. 
  10. The ball was in motion. Perhaps, in the .03 seconds he had to contemplate diving, he thought diving would lead him away from the ball?    Perhaps he did consider diving, but in desperation, he wanted to attempt to recover the ball without killing the play. Our own phenom QB does the same thing all the time ... .. trying too hard to keep the play alive.    I do not like these games of "what if" that are played with absolutely no regard to the lightening speed at which things unfold during live action. 
  11. Explain.    Don't just "LMAO" like a teenage girl. 
  12. For cripes sake.....   He didn't say #@!$ about injury. He said his legs were contorted. Allow me to explain what this means to all the fat, lazy loudmouths who cannot be buggered to buy their food from a restaurant without a drive-through.   If your ankle is planted and even just a few degrees in the wrong direction, you cannot leap to the ground without repositioning yourself. These things happen at the speed of lightening.      That's an oblong spheroid (football) which, for anyone that has actually played football, bounces with absolute unpredictability. Cam's legs are planted, he thinks it's going to bounce one way, it went the other way.    Earlier on;   He completes the games longest pass while getting absolutely nuked by a defender with a  free rush. Afraid of injury? Get the hell outta here, plebs.         
  13. Is it an indictment on the Colts that......

    Short answer; Yes.   Long Answer; Yessssssssssssss    
  14. Is it an indictment on the Colts that......

    Wade Phillips has more to do with Denver winning a championship than anyone else. His role is being sorely underplayed, as Bum's son has long been overlooked as the Belichick of defense.    John Elway has proven himself to be an aggressive, effective GM. He didn't waste too much time gambling on UDFA unknowns. He garnered proven vets like Talib, Ware, and Peyton Freaking Manning. Polian got ....uhhh....a guy named Booger once I think?    Free Agency is where it's at. Do like Elway. Go with Plan A, there is no Plan B.   

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