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  1. Defenders are not allowed to target a receiver at or below the knees while in the process of establishing possession (making a football move).
  2. I think the next uniform idea for the NFL should be to just make the uniforms out of money. That way........... when we buy their damn jerseys, we'll be buying money and we won't feel so silly.
  3. I tend to agree with Nadine on this. Adding; Our society has gone from sitting around and sharing family photo albums with people they know, to sharing all their high definition private moments with everyone in the world. PS: You can't properly parent with a damn camera in your hand. Put it down.
  4. Good luck to Coby. I thank him for his service. I always liked him, despite his penchant for disappearing at times.
  5. I think they should've wallpapered the forum with images of Peyton Manning as a vampire, or perhaps a werewolf. Something frightening and spooky. Because that would be cool.
  6. aliens
  7. The offensive line could've co-MvP'd that game as well IMO.
  8. I remember him ripping our defense during that ill-fated 05 playoff game.
  9. The concept of Civil Rights is nothing but a toy in the hands of the Millennial generation.
  10. Eccentric
  11. Bob puts a new spin on the whole 'injury prone' terminology, don't cha think?
  12. SW1... how many times do I have to tell you. Proper punctuation is important. This is a cucumber baby; "You either are born with those 2 gifts or not & Manning is just as cool as a cucumber, baby! " Ya see, one little comma and I'm not poking fun at you. Remember this lesson well, sir.
  13. It amazes me that there are people who claim to not like Peyton.
  14. You mean like the cops who were fighting them, but they get to walk away scott free?

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