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  1. Or is he going to be a complientary back? I'm a huge Mack fan and can not for the life of me understand why we don't run more stretch plays and counters with him. My guess is we do not retain Gore this coming year so do we target a higher profile back in the draft? I think Barkley is a beast but I can't see us spending that early of a pick on him. A back that's been my favorite for awhile is Nick Chubb. I think with his prior Knee injury it could push him into the second. There are tons of other great backs in this class but should we target another?
  2. Quincy Wilson played well

    Covering a 6'5 WR in the snow is no easy task even with a back up back up QB
  3. The 2 point conversion penalty

    Talk about a sentence I'd never expect to make me laugh so hard
  4. Pretty incredible stat on the Colts run defense

    Holy crap. I figured tenesee had 100 on us. We can't get to the qb or stop a pass but we can finally stop the run. How are we ranking in run defense?
  5. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    Didn't get to watch the game today how did he do?
  6. Worst special teams mistake

    A udfa cb that at one point I had high hopes for
  7. Eric Swoope to stay on IR

    I believe this is his first year of really any injury correct? Last year was the first year he got any playing time (outside of the very last game of 2014 season?) And was behind Allen and Doyle but when given opportunities he did make plays. This year was supposed to be his year to really start getting it but par for the Colts this year he goes on IR from a knee scope. I personally like the guy and I think he's got the speed and athletism to do well and if given the chance next season I think he could be worth the time invested. However I predict alot of roster turnover this year and not sure he will make the cut.
  8. Eric Swoope to stay on IR Never did see any post about this if there is then my bad. I was really curious on how his development was going to continue this year. I thought he might have been able to establish himself as a solid compliment to Doyle. Still have high hopes for him but will he still be on the roster next year?
  9. 5 blown leads

    I don't know how this coaching staff gets retained at the end of this season.....
  10. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    We will see what's wrong with Melvin, we could see Wilson next week
  11. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    He doesn't suck though. During playing time he has played really well
  12. To talk about Barkley, I believe he can be a better back than zeke. He's got everything to be a star and I think going to the right team he could put up YUGE numbers.... but this whole topic is about as big of a waste of time as us thinking about getting Cmack last year. The amount of threads on the subject were ridiculous and it was the same thing with zeke 2 years ago. People are going to get all heated up about it but come draft time they aren't sitting there for us. My guess is one of three things. If we are in the top 5 for picks he will get taken before us, or there will be a run on QB's and we will trade back with a team and get more picks, or continuing with the line of thinking of a run on QB's a defensive blue chip or stud o-line men will fall into our lap and both are more important than a RB. Plus personally if Chubb last until the 2nd I'll take him but this is gonna be a pretty well stacked RB draft this year.
  13. First Game

  14. A Torn Labrum Illustration (Ljuck's Injury)

    Well that was unprovoked..... lol
  15. Thinking of Gavin this Bye Week.....

    I doubt I'll ever change my avatar. It would have been nice getting some more insightful and thought out post from him during this messy season