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  1. Colts Inactives

    This coaching staff with there inactive and position changes kills me
  2. How can I lister to the game?

    Iheart radio and 97.1
  3. Mo Allie-Cox signed to practice squad

    @DaveA1102 you totally called it
  4. Colts Inactives

    I really wish I could watch the game...
  5. Interesting topic

    His agent denounced the notion and rumors. Everything has been fan based with no legitiment reporter saying it
  6. Joe Haeg

    Consistency kills.... some games he looks like all pro others he looks like a practice squad player....
  7. Quincy Wilson. Great Playing, Bad Luck??

    Spot on man, he's right there in a WR hip pocket. But just in again his play as he progresses, we could have a stud
  8. Malik hooker's first int

    Wilson also surprised the back out of me from what I saw. Even the TD he had scored on him He was draped all over the WR and was in a perfect spot to break up just a bigger kudos the the WR
  9. I've spoken prematurely on it being fixed... however the d-line hasn't seemed to be able to trap air in a bag let alone trap a run in the past 4 years so it was very nice to see some plays made. I also didn't mean I won't watcha game until they do better I was talking about the rams game.
  10. A very very well written write up, almost as good as @Superman I didn't watch the game and I refuse to until the Colts progress more and win some games, but it's great to hear one of our biggest weaknesses has been addressed
  11. Send In Your Questions

    Michael - North Salem why was there such a hold back on Stephen Morris? He clearly outshined Scott tolzein and they seemed to decrease his playing time as he played better.
  12. Tarell Basham

    I stand corrected, I only saw 9 sacks when I was looking at numbers
  13. Tarell Basham

    Just my opinion here, but it seems more like we took him as a project. He was far from being a polished player in college. Never had a double digit sack year. However he has really good physical attributes and I think that is what ultimately got him into the third round. I don't expect much from him this year, but with Mathis as his coach he could very well come on very strong. To the OP, it's very hard to compare him to Tim Williams. Tim was thought of as being a 1st round draft pick. He fell for multiple reasons. Believed he couldn't learn a play book, a system player and drugs. Just because they were drafted in the same round, it's like comparing apples to oranges between the 2 kids.
  14. RB Matt Jones

    The comparison didn't come out of my mouth. However Joe had a good rookie year and a good second year but he did decline heavily. I agree we likely wouldnt have acheived a superbowl with out him. But he nearly had as many yards in his first two season then he did the last 4 years and only had the 2 1k seasons. It may not have been as extreme of a drop off but a drop off none the less.
  15. RB Matt Jones

    FWIW my buddy is a die hard skins fan and this was his take "matt jones was like equivalent to Joseph addai he had a badass rookie year and then fell off. horrible ever since. power back that use to bulldoze linebackers. to a guy that dances in the backfield and doesn't cut up field well. poor vision. but he might get better. not not crazy about him."