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  1. The Importance of Malik Hooker

    How many championships did Seattle go to riding on their D? Which was mainly based around a cover 3. That's what we are switching too.
  2. In another trade down with like buffalo then yea absolutely. But at 6 likely not personally
  3. Here is my crazy..bold prediction:

    Likely the greatest response to one of these threads
  4. If be okay moving hairston outside
  5. Wait and see stradigy

    Having a misspelled word in your title is a bold move on a forum...
  6. Nick Chubb is my dude. He's been second to Cmack for my favorite college back in the past few years. Pairing him with mack..... Oh my lord
  7. Bjorn vs Chubb

    I wouldn't even be mad with Nelson. He's a beast among men out there
  8. 31 other teams fell for him and his agents bluff. Can't really blame grigs on that.
  9. NFL Combine

    You must be an absolute blast at parties
  10. How good was Nate Hairston?

    Thought Chris Harris stuck with playing outside? Vontae went like a year and a half without allowing one they are just talking about Nickle though. I believe pff grades some positions much better than others. CB I don't think they do well. They aren't taking into account when a player has another locked down in coverage and a QB never throws their way. I would rather have a cornerback completely taking a player out of play then getting thrown at but having pdf