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  1. Wayne Gallman James Conner Jamaal Williams That's the order for me
  2. A B A A N/A not big on the options enough to take one C C B B
  3. I'm projecting foster too fall much much farther, possibly down to the third. I believe it's tim Williams that has trouble with the playbook supposedly. With fosters injury not healing the way it was predicted, failing a drug test, getting sent home early from the combine due to an altercation things are not looking for him. I really liked him at 15 all the way until alot of stuff came out this week and I'm thinking 2nd round.
  4. I'm sorry, it's reported interest and I believe the colts were at Oklahoma's pro day. I may have misinterpreted or remembered wrong.
  5. I think it was made relatively clear he's not off ours, we've met with him and Ballard said no one is off the board yet
  6. I am really really warming up to Conley at 15. He will likely be one of the best prospects on the board and is in a major position of need
  7. So back during the 15 draft a buddy and I went to the bdubs in Avon because the colts were hosting a "draft party", I say it because the only colts related thing there was 2 cheerleaders, and we were the only 2 repping colts gear. There were all sorts of people lining up to get there pictures taken with the two girls and my buddy and I really didn't have any interest in it and were focused on the draft. Well things die down some and next thing we know we have these two good looking Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders standing at our table wanting us to come take a picture with them since we were the only ones with colts jerseys on. Well little did they know that asking us that opened up the door to my buddy and I flirting with them the rest of the night .I tried and tried and tried to get ones number saying things like "you know I think your phone took a better picture then mine your gunna have to text it too me" but she saw through all the lines it probably didn't help my cause that she had a couple years on me but I tried like hell anyways and still have the pictures lol. It's not a crazy story but a funny one that will always stick out too me
  8. I appreciate that. I guess I'm talking about this specific mock draft at taking a RB in the 4th. I have absolutely no idea when the colts will take one and wouldn't even be mad at cmac at 15 since I think he's going to be such an impactful player. 2 different style backs between Turbin and Gallman. The hard thing comparing the 2 in asking who would we want is we know what Turbin can do we have no idea about gallman can do but I agree to your point. If we didn't have Turbin I would want Conner instead. This new update for Samsung messed my auto correct up bad and corrected it like 10 times and missed that one but when I saw the correction I decided it was worth keeping it like that
  9. Rereading my quote to you It was very snide looking but I didn't mean it that way so I'm sorry on that. Here's the thing about the guys that jump off the screen, they are usually the ones that will be taken higher and were looking at the 4th round. Looking at gallman he's had good steady production playing in a higher cin France and he may not flash every time he touches the ball but he has definetly shown enough for me to be comfortable taking him later and having him sir behind gore. My problem with the small school backs is they really have to jump out. I can't remember who said it, but if you show somebody tape of a smaller school kid without them knowing who too look at and they don't jump out within the first couple plays there not worth looking to much into. The 2 late round running backs *not including mixon because who knows what round he will go* that have shown me flashes so far are James Conner and Wayne Gallman. I have come nowhere near watching as much tape on running backs as I'd like to so if you have more suggestions outside of guys like Marlon Mack, Jamaal Williams, Perrine, Kareem hunt, Brian Hill and other forum favorite and early RB. But here's the reason gallman nudges out Conner for Me, we already have a short yardage back in Turbin and IMO a short yardage back is probably the easiest RB to get there almost a dime a dozen. Gallman is a balanced 3 down back that is missing on this roster and a back the colts have been missing for a long time. I'm not big on RBBC. I think it can show your hand way to easily. If he spent the year behind turbin and gore getting snaps here and there I think he could be our bell cow for 2018 but this is just my opinion.
  10. So he's a balanced back / a one cut back? There's more than power back and scat back running backs. A balanced back is kinda what we need for a zbs
  11. I think he's be a better back then hunt or williams
  12. I do like gallman in the 4th. I think he's a good fit for us and is going to be a good all around back
  13. Haters will say it's photoshopped
  14. I was just curious if your sole reason was that running backs arent worth a first. Im not gunna argue that we need defense I was just curious where you were coming from.

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