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  1. So how are some of these guys doing? Anyone outside of duron studs?
  2. Well I reckon I'm in the minority here but I love listening to his pod cast and find them hilarious. It may be old for us to hear because we have been hearing it for sometime but the national media not as much. IMO he's trying to continue to build his reputation as funny and witty and that's fine because he's basing his money and livelihood on it now so if it's got people talking and more people listening to his show then go him. I don't think that question was especially suited for pat though...
  3. I would like to see Morris take over for tolzien personally, everything else I pretty well agree with
  4. @Kyle replying with a cartman meme? Isn't that messed up man?
  5. @TKnight24 you da real MVP
  6. He's one of my sleeper for sure. Hopefully he regains his mobility and speed from prior years
  7. I'm hoping Wilson comes out balling
  8. You know it's the slow time of year when the entire forum is trying to decipher some number Irsay put on Twitter that's why I enjoy being on here so much
  9. Won't be surprised at all if Ballard decides on him over tolzein
  10. A fourth round pick doesn't go too the practice squad
  11. I pretty well stick too here and the colts app... I don't really listen to dakitch because I disagree with him alot
  12. Gotta have something too talk about?
  13. Definetly a true thing....
  14. Preseason can't get here soon enough!
  15. The thing with the fake punt is the game wasn't riding on It, it was an attempt to gain momentum so I think the other weigh far heavier

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