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  1. Won't be surprised at all if Ballard decides on him over tolzein
  2. A fourth round pick doesn't go too the practice squad
  3. I pretty well stick too here and the colts app... I don't really listen to dakitch because I disagree with him alot
  4. Gotta have something too talk about?
  5. Definetly a true thing....
  6. Preseason can't get here soon enough!
  7. The thing with the fake punt is the game wasn't riding on It, it was an attempt to gain momentum so I think the other weigh far heavier
  8. A #1 defense and a top 5 offense? Man it would be hard to get us stopped especially rolling into lucks prime
  9. There's 6 ILB on the roster right now. While there's no super stars they are all here too compete.
  10. Possibly not to us fans but to the rest of the NFL most likely
  11. I thought we had an excellent draft, some things I might have changed but that's okay. I think we straight stole hooker and Wilson though, really really thankful for the run on runny quarterbacks . Some intriguing later picks. I think Banner is a beast of a man and could possibly be a starting RT for us if castanzo doesn't get resigned or gets passed up on the depth chart by Clark (who is a marvel of a human as well). But right now as a immediate impact in the later it's a hard choice between Marlon Mack and Anthony Walker JR. After watching every game I could find on mack and listening and reading scouts reports on him I'm very high on him. I think his game is much more than being a speed back. He has the build I want at RB at 5'11 and 215. He's very fluid as a runner and has the go gear. He's got good balance and very good vision. I wish his decision making process was quicker but that will come with time. The knock on him is that he dances in the back field but I think that's mistaken for his bouncing out ability. Though we don't want someone constantly bouncing out of his run lane if the lane is plugged I'd rather see them try to make something out of nothing VS running straight into the guy for no gain and he's not low enough and powerful enough like gore to get the 1 or 2 yards every time. I think his play will be very balanced with the ability to take it to the house at any hand off. Plus his ability to run from all different formations is a very nice thing to have. He's elusive, slippery, near stop on a dime cuts, and he's got enough power to break away from a DB. I don't think he's going too immediately start taking alot of reps from gore but as the season progresses I can see him taking more and more of a load off of gore. The case with Anthony will be a curious one. We have a TON of depth at MLB and I think we have a run stopper in Morrison. It's kind of a toss up at both MLB positions and talent will definetly end up getting cut. Most of you know this but I'll say it anyways Walker was looked to possibly be a 2nd too 3rd round pick before this year. He had good speed, side line too sideline ability, and he could cover. However after building up muscle it started limiting his ability on the field and is a big reason he fell to the 5th. If our strength and conditioning coaches can get him to build the right muscles and increase his flexibility it could be huge. He's got a coaches mind set and understands the game and is more than a see ball get ball player. At 6'1 and 238 he's got good size for the position and very similar to Hasson Reddick (though lacking the speed). What I think is going to play into his favour heavily is it seems like the coaches are already getting very high on him, from the sounds of it he's taking leadership in the huddle and is in command of the defense. While I wouldn't be surprised if he got sent to the practice squad (assuming he'd clear waivers) I wouldn't be surprised if he climbs the depth chart very quickly. After typing this all up I think Mack might be nudging high than walker for me but I really really hope these guys do well. Who's some of your sleeper picks or udfa?
  12. Hey I understand... the limit for a picture to be uploaded on here is stupid...
  13. Dang, really liked him and looked forward too seeing this year
  14. Was he released?
  15. I still think there would be a pretty good chance Tyler Varga leads a lawsuit against the colts doctors. He's a bright kid and they wanted him to take medicine that could lead to long term affects. If he didn't have friends in that field it could have ended up bad for him

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