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  1. No it really doesn't matter what Ballard thinks because Nixon and his politics don't matter much too football just kidding lol
  2. I was talking more submit it too you and then when all have submitted you post it as 1 thread. Just thinking out loud of course lol
  3. Absolutely. We should copy and paste it too you in PM that way they aren't changed after reading other "scouts" opinions?
  4. Dat dat tiss
  5. I'm down. I love breaking down players but it can be difficult to do at times. But things have finally slowed down for me somewhat so until planting gets real heavy I'll be good.
  6. And you think the organization cares whether or not working someone out pisses you off?? The roster is made up of 90 players after the draft so we have to sign players too keep it up too 90 and you want competition in slim positions. IMO this was not a strong free agency pool at all. Most of the defensive players out right now are not great, don't fit our scheme, want too much money, don't want too be here, or we've spoken too them and we couldn't come to an agreement. You got entirely too worked up for someone who wouldn't cost alot. You know they work more than one person out a day Right? You also know there isn't a limit on free agents we can get as well Right? Just on how much we can pay them.
  7. This is what pisses me off. How many defensive players have been signed? 5 or 6? There's been 3 offensive signings (pretty much all depth so far) and a punter.... you have too add depth to both sides of the ball and he's been heavy on the defensive side obviously. It's comments like this that make it hard to stay so active on this forum. Like did you even think about any of the past signings or did you just see were bringing in someone too work out who plays on offense and get * off? Smh
  8. Voice over when possible... not big on seeing faces on YouTube personally is why
  9. Mehhhh not a big deal too me honestly. Wasn't to crazy about spending that much money on a DT who has along of questions. Know one thing now and it's that Ballard isn't the closer grigson was
  10. I've thought long and hard about doing this, the only problem is my editing skills aren't there and people get tired of hearing 1 person talk all the time
  11. Pretty awesome how even though Patty Mac retired yes still gonna be a huge fan of the colts
  12. I think a brick would come out of me
  13. If I remember correctly from watching tevaun smith this past year Iowa is a very run heavy team and the passing especially to the tight ends doesn't happen very often. I could see him being pretty raw at catching and running routes but I imagain he's a polished blocker *I haven't watched any film at all on him I'm basing it kinda how they run there offense* I wouldn't be mad about a TE in the 4th
  14. Dang I did like the kerricane

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