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  1. Hankins Released

    Luck himself is being rebuilt though.
  2. The only thing that changed today is that we went from probably rebuilding to full blown rebuilding.
  3. They have had the payment plan for the last couple of years but I do believe they did move the dates up. I think the NFL now requires all teams to offer the payment plan.
  4. It makes sense now why they seemed to be pushing season ticket sales harder this year. They moved that townhall way up before the draft compared to last year when they had it and they got Luck to record that interview so they could show just how great things were.
  5. Winning early made Grigson think he magically rebuilt the team in 1 season. He ignored the fact that the division was terrible and that’s where most of their wins came from. Ballard won’t have that problem since the division is much improved. He can build the team the correct way. The only problem is how long the fanbase will live with a rebuild.
  6. His approach to free agency and the draft is that we are in the midst of a full rebuild. He doesn’t have to say it but his actions say it for him. This will make a lot of fans unhappy that we are rebuilding again in such a short period of time. Half of our 22 starters will be rookies.
  7. No, don’t do that. Everyone on this board expects the Colts to win next year with a team full of rookies.
  8. The key word here is expect. A QB with that pick was never in play.
  9. We will have a team full of rookies. I still don’t expect us to really compete next year. We should definitely be able to set a good foundation though.
  10. Ballard could also think that there’s a 50-50 chance that Luck may not play or may not be 100% if he does play so why bother spending on high priced free agents.
  11. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    No, just every free agent that we didn’t sign.
  12. Ballard’s asking Luck to take a pay cut as we speak.
  13. CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    Cheaper maybe. Ballard seems to like cheap.
  14. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    Maybe he can get roughly the same money that Ballard is offering with another team but end up in a better situation.
  15. Long rebuild ahead

    Ballard’s building on a faulty foundation though.