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  1. He's the new Jeff Fisher. Lol
  2. Those rumors come out when winning isn't involved and last season seemed to be the boiling point.
  3. Wasn't there a rumor going around last season that Chuck is soft on players and doesn't hold players accountable. A tiger can't change his stripes. Now if he were to stop using Chuckisms and cliches then maybe I'd believe he has changed.
  4. Sounds like the same news said in a different way.
  5. Titans came to rescue our season 2 years In a row to get us to 8-8. I think the Titans get over the hump this year and beat the Colts in at least one game this season.
  6. It's a difficult balance to writing objectively about a team while also employed by that team. JMV seems to think that Bowen ruffled some feathers on 56th St.
  7. Luck's gonna get killed if he plays week 1.
  8. If they score a TD without Luck then you should go nuts!
  9. I'm speaking purely from a business standpoint. Tickets were sold out well before we knew Manning wasn't going to play and the season ticket waitlist was well over 10000. The games were all sold out but the stadium was far from full that season. The following season there was no waitlist. My point is that a healthy waitlist bodes well for the team and the ticket market is not strong like it was when Manning was here and the team was consistently winning.
  10. There has been virtually no waiting for tickets since Manning left and that has to be a concern.
  11. It's Luck's own fault. He had no business throwing an 80 yard TD on his first play from scrimmage in his first NFL preseason game. LOL!
  12. Im a Colts fans and I'm salty over deflate gate.
  13. JMV has really good sources.
  14. I think Irsay controls how much info is put out there. GMs and coaches have changed but how coy they are with injuries has not changed.
  15. We don't know exact what he is throwing. They only said he has begun a throwing program. He may only be throwing tennis balls.

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