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  1. The Colts record not only depends on how well they play, it also depends on the other teams in the division. Sooner or later the other teams will break through. If the Texans can get mediocre QB play with that defense they will be tough. Outside of playing the Colts the Titans have been pretty good. Coughlin doesn't put up with a bunch of crap so who knows what the Jags will do.
  2. Nothing's been said other than there's no timetable for his return.
  3. Seahawks play was poorly executed more than it was a bad call. If Wilson puts that pass in the correct spot, it's a TD and everyone thinks Carroll is a genius. The fake whatever was just plain stupid especially against the Patriots. They're too disciplined to fall for that.
  4. He's done. A cervical fusion doesn't go well with his hard hitting style of play. If he does manage to come back, it will probably be short-lived.
  5. It's hard to afford both a top D and top O these days.
  6. This article pretty much says the same but shows him with a boot on his right leg while sitting in a golf cart. Does anyone know if this is a recent photo?
  7. Anyone who can stay healthy.
  8. Book smart - yes. Football smart - no.
  9. Work ethic is not an issue. Luck is more physically gifted than Manning ever was but I don't Luck is close to having Manning cerebrals.
  10. Yes but so many Colts fans echoed that sentiment.
  11. Big and lazy.
  12. Might as well get rid of him now.
  13. Hope you're not basing this on the draft.
  14. No, a lot of people make a business decision to whiff on Fournette rather than get trucked over.
  15. I already have images in my head of Hooker whiffing on Fournette.

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