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  1. 85-22

    We just moved them.
  2. 85-22

  3. I don't think we are too far off

    We've stayed close to first place because the division sucks and we barely beat 2 winless teams. All of the teams in the division are close to first place. On paper we’re slightly improved but still a ways to go.
  4. I don't think we are too far off

    It depends what your definition of far off is. Are we far off from winning the division? No, but I think we’re far off from being a 1 or 2 seed and having a bye week in the postseason.
  5. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    There are still plenty of seats available for this Sunday's game. I just got an email from the Colts trying to get me to buy more tickets. I still think trotting Luck out there yesterday was part marketing.
  6. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    Didn't think of that one! It could very well be true.
  7. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    Whether or not someone saw all of his passes irrelevant. What we were allowed to see was what the organization wanted us and the media to see to get the fan base back excited. His words resonated more to me than watching him toss a couple of passes.
  8. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    Luck's presser didn't really sound like he was on the cusp of playing. He said he was playing this season. He could play in the final game and fulfil that.
  9. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    He also said back in April that he was going to play the entire season.
  10. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    I think they had him suit up and toss a few passes for the media and the fans to see and when the media left and the cameras were off he fell to the ground writhing in pain. Food and beer sales are down so they had to something, right? Ha!
  11. Chuck - Where is the line?

    The team overall is not a good team. I don't see how anyone can say we have an easy schedule when the team is not very good. You say the 49ers are weak but all of their games have been close and they nearly beat the Seahawks who in turn beat the crap out of the Colts. The Colts barely beat the worst team in the league for their only win. I don't think that anyone really expects Luck to come back and play like he's in mid season form. Also, I never said Irsay would give up on the season. I said that Pagano shouldn't get a free pass if we win the because the division is so bad. We could go 7-9 and win the division and would that warrant keeping Pagano?
  12. Luck will be practicing this week (merge)

    They get to attend the media portion at the beginning of practice which lasts about 30 minutes.
  13. Chuck - Where is the line?

    Normally I wouldn't advocate firing him during the season but I'm afraid the Titans will again come to our rescue and get us to 8-8 and save Chuck's job.
  14. Luck will be practicing this week (merge)

    When the local media says that they saw him practicing then I'll believe it.
  15. Vontae Davis

    Ha! Vontae plays poorly in his first game after a lengthy injury and people say give him time because he's rusty but think Andrew will walk right in after not playing or practicing for 10 months and play like he's Superman.