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  1. We're having open tryouts at camp, apparently.
  2. I just find it hard to believe that Pagano has a large role in picking the players. Irsay has looked to replace him over the last 2 seasons and Pagano needs to win now to save his job.
  3. Is Chuck gonna be able to coach all these guys up?
  4. Pass rushers would be difference makers. Unfortunately, the great ones never hit the market.
  5. It does little to no good to sign a bunch of high priced FAs when the team has so many holes to fill. Colts are not 1 or 2 players away from winning it all. I think that lesson was learned in 2014.
  6. At least the players being brought in are relatively young and Ballard may believe that some of them may improve and become fixtures on the team. Unfortunately, I don't see Pagano as a coach that can take mediocre players to the next level.
  7. Maybe Luck can play into his 40s.
  8. He's probably more valuable in NE's than he'd be with other teams.
  9. Well, it really depends on if the season will be make or break for Pagano. Ballard looks to be building a team for the future and not necessarily Super Bowl or bust. Pagano wants to win now to save his job but so far it's looking good for all involved.
  10. Has Reddick jumped up that high? I really liked his combine performance.
  11. Peppers?
  12. A roster chocked full of rookies and retreads?
  13. Look where Ballard came from. He will more than likely not make a big splash in free agency. I'm not sure we will even have a very competitive team next season. I expect us to get our players through the draft and sign some lower level free agents and try to groom them for the future. Ballard is going to be the anti-Grigs and build this team the right way.
  14. Thought we had his replacement.

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