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  1. Bills looking at Rob Chudzinski, Mike McCoy

    Man it's crazy how things change on here. I can remember when we got rid of pep how excited everyone was to have a "creative and real offensive coordinator finally calling the plays". I even remember being excited after the Denver game thinking the colts had finally turned the page and would be a very well oiled machine for years to come. Let's just say that never happened. On a side note it seems mAny people want luck to be in a more west coast style system. Can anyone tell me what kind of system Peyton ran during his time in Indy? I remember it being super reliant on play action but I'm not too keen on the different offensive systems.
  2. I will be the first to admit that I am no expert on offensive line and blocking schemes and I rarely follow college football I'm just too busy. Anyways, in the beginning of the year all I heard was people on here saying we should draft mcglinchey and people were saying he was the best o line prospect in a long time. Now all I seem to hear is people saying we should draft Nelson. Who is the better player and what are their strengths? Is one player better at pass blocking or run blocking? Based on our needs, who do you see us drafting and if we decide to trade our pick,how far back could we go back and still get one of the two? Would there be any way we could get both? Thanks in advance!
  3. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    This team is soooo bad. Brisett is not the answer either. I seriously wonder how much worse tolzein would of been.
  4. Is a 4-3 similar to a tampa 2?

    I have absolutely no idea about defensive schemes and I'm probably going to be laughed off the board here but I keep hearing people saying they wish we ran a 4-3. My question is , isn't that what we ran when dungy and then Caldwell were the coaches? The main reason I'm confused is people always said that freeney was good in a 4-3 and couldn't be good in a 3-4 and that's why we got rid of him so I always assumed we ran some type of 4-3 back then. Can someone tell me the main difference in laymans terms as to the differences in those two defenses. Like is one better at stopping the pass or getting to the qb and is one better at stopping the run? I just seem to remember the Tampa 2 being almost like prevent where our dbs played way back to keep the play in front of them. If that's true I def don't want anything close to that. I absolutely despise prevent defense and I think it's lost us a few games during the last few years but I digress.
  5. How many of our recent free agents will be back?

    Bwahahahaha you made me literally lol with the colts aren't dialing from that area code comment hahaha!! Great one!
  6. How many of our recent free agents will be back?

    What about John Simon? Wasn't he playing pretty well until he got injured? Is he on a one year deal too?
  7. How many of our recent free agents will be back?

    What about John Simon? Wasn't he playing pretty well until he got injured? Is he on a one year deal too? Oh yah what about Mingo is he a free agent next year? If so would you guys bring him back?
  8. Colts awards

    Ok since it's been a rough year and not too much good to talk about I figured this might be fun. If we had awards to give out who would get them and why? award 1. Offensive mvp awatd 2: Defensive mvp award 3: Over all MVP award 4: most improved colt. Award 5. Most disappointing colt. So yah let me know what your choices are for each category. I'm not going to lie it's kinda hard lol, it's like picking if you want to die by gunshot, knife wound, drowning or explosion, they all kinda suck lol. I can't really think of one guy on offense and defense that really sticks out. I mean I guess Hilton or doyle would be my MVP but both have cost us games or disappeared. On defense I can't really name a guy who just wreaks havoc consistently. I would prob have said hooker had he played all year long but that didn't happen. I can remember during the manning era it would of been so much easier. On offense it was Peyton no question, and defensively we had 2 or 3 guys each year thst really stood out from the rest like Mathis , freeney, and the BOB. Now it seems we just have a bunch of guys who are avg or below avg but no one that on every play you watch closely because you know he's going to do something important. Could this be why we are horrible, we lack the "team MVP standouts" that we had in the past?
  9. I'm not exactly sure who we signed to one year prove it deals but I think I remember quite a few guys we picked up were for only one year. With some of them playing decent how many of them will be wanting a big pay day next year and price themselves out of our range? I'm not exactly worried about the loss of talent per say I'm more worried about us having more holes we have to fill and won't be able to spend all our resources on our current needs which are o line, o line, o line, pass rush and a good coverage linebacker. Also I know it takes time for a defensive unit to gel and I don't want to see too many new faces that screw up our continuity. Who are our free agents for next year and who if anyone do you see us retaining and how much will it affect our salary cap situation?
  10. I know a lot of people get annoyed seeing the fire chuck threads after a loss but I think many posters myself included, use this forum as a form of therapy and a way to vent their anger. In the long run we are all helpless pedestrians who have no control over how the team does, I guess it just makes some people feel better to have a place to vent their frustrations. If this isn't the place I don't know of anywhere that is better.
  11. Yah you are totally correct. I asked a similar question and people were saying to ban me and stuff like that. I swear some people on here are so hostile to other colts fans I wonder if they actually support another team. We are all colts fans and it's been a horrible year to be a colts fan. It's not like there is exactly a lot to talk about so if you don't like someone's topic don't reply, it's really that simple.
  12. Most disappointing colts in the last 20 yr?

    Quin pitcock really quit the league because of video games? Is there a back story behind this? I have never heard about this before, wow.
  13. Most disappointing colts in the last 20 yr?

    Omg I forgot ugoh and Hakeem nicks lol. As for me mentioning gore I must have not explained myself correctly. I am not saying he is a disappointment, he is amazing. What he's doing at his age is freaking unheard of. What I'm saying is I'm disappointed that we haven't became the offense he and most colts fans thought we would be when he joined. We all thought with luck no one would put 8 in the box against him and that we would finally stop being a one dimensional team. I don't think it's his fault st all, it's the fact luck hasn't played but prob 30% of the games since gore joined the colts and our offensive line has been super bad. Basically, I'm saying from the expectations we all had once we got gore , the whole situation not frank the man or player has been a huge disappointment. I mean at his age I never would of dreamed he could do what he still does. Imagine if he had a good line, i think he could still be a quality rb. I don't see how anyone can deny that honestly.
  14. Someone started a discussion on greatest colts of the last 20 years and it was fun so I wanted to do a top 5 of the most disappointing colts players based strictly on how they were projected to play after being drafted and how well they played their rookie year. I would dang near bet at least 50% will be grigson players even though he only was here what around 1/4 of the last 20 years? Oh and also we can add free agent signings as well based on how they performed on their previous teams and expectations. Here is my list. 1. Trent Richardson I was against it from the go. Not because I thought he was going to be as bad as he ended up being, I'm just not in love with giving a 1rd pick for a RB. 2. Andre Johnson only because I had such high hopes for him. I figured him and luck would be so good together that luck and him would set the world on fire. 3. Dorsett- he was supposedly so fast and a better version of Hilton, pretty much a complete bust while here even though he was probably grossly misused. 4. Jerry Hughes 5. Bjorn - what was grigson even thinking with this pick? HonorAble mention- 1. Tj green. He was supposedly a super athlete and now he's just a super liability. 2. Gore. ...this might ruffle some feathers (it even ruffles mine lol) I hate to do it , I really do but I really thought gore would do better with luck than he has even though luck hasn't been all that healthy and consistent, and our oline has been in shambles. With him consistently facing 8 in the box in SF I figured he would do much better. This isnt all his fault, its more his situation and the hype that I personally had for him and our offense when he joined. I would even bet that he would say he is disappointed on how things have turned out. Afte making my list that my prediction about grigson was even worse than I thought, 80% of my picks were grigson's fault and like I said he had only been here 25% or so of the last 20 years. That is absolutely atrocious.
  15. Top 10 Colts in Past 20 Years

    We should make the opposite list sometime lol, most disappointing colt based on your hopes when they came into the league or after their first season. Who do you guys think belongs in the top 5? I think Grigson will own 3 of the top 5 on most lists lol.