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  1. I know you guys won't believe me lol. But last night I had a dream that I was a football plAyer, ( i guess I was me, I dunno) and I kept getting interception after interception. It was like the ball and players were in slow motion and I was super fast. I can't recall ever dreaming about playing football, I never played organize football, and I didn't know the draft was today. Maybe I was psychically predicting the future lol. I don't believe in any of that mojo but what if lol. *
  2. Bump this thread in a year or two but I'm not exactly feeling this pick. I think we should of went corner or pass rush, or even guard. I dunno about using a first round pick on a guy who's only starred for a year. *
  3. So if the prove it guys end up playing really really well which we hope they do won't they end up too expensive for us? Wouldn't it have been a better strategy to bet on yourself and your scouting and give them a multi year contract? It's almost like a double edge sword. You have two outcomes and both suck. One they play really good and are too expensive, two they play horrible and we are left with another horrible defense. If they play good or bad your kinda screwed either way and back to where you started *
  4. In case I didn't explain my self correctly I'm only talking about our free agents and let's keep it to starters, or guys predicted to start to make it easier. *
  5. I was thinking of us finally building that monster and I'm pretty satisfied with what Ballard has done so far. I think we are a year away from being stacked if we draft right this year and we don't lose anyone big in free agency. Thats the reason for my question. Who might we lose next season to free agency? I know this is really early to talk about I'm just curious. Off the top of your heads do you guys know of anyone who will be a free agent after this year? *
  6. After reading all of your guys responses let's make it happen!!! Especially if it's low risk one year and our other guy just got arrested. Open the bank for seems to me a no brainer. *
  7. Nope we didn't have either lol *
  8. I'm far from an expert and intricacies of how a 3-4 defense works or any other defense for that matter but I was looking at his stats especially his tackles and they seem extremely small. I've heard his role is to occupy blockers but if that's the case doesn't that make it pretty darn hard to judge exactly how effective he is on the field? I didn't check how his stats compare to other players at his position so maybe there is a huge difference but from what I saw wasn't exactly mind blowing. I'm probably wrong that's why I'm asking you experts on here *
  9. Can it be confirmed that irsay is even alive at this point? Has he ever remained quiet this long? Someone needs to kick in his door to make sure the dude hasn't kicked the bucket. *
  10. Why do you guys think he would be a better gm than a coach?? He knows nothing about putting together together a roster and payroll and stuff like that but he knows the X's and O's probably better than anyone. I mean the time he was injured and wore the headset to help Painter probably gave him more experience in wearing a headset and coaching than he has experience running a team as an executive. To me I just think of all the things I want my head coach to do and wether he can do that. Does Peyton know every freaking detail of the NFL from the X's and O's to to the favorite snack foods of all the men who cut the grass on the fields he knows it all. Can he motivate people to play for him?? I believe so. He has shown he can get into someone's rear end if they screw up but he isn't a hot head either. I don't think you can find anyone in the NFL who is more respected than #18. So yes, he can manage the games and game plan with the best of them....I would def say better than our current coach, and I think he can motivAte our guys to play to the best of their abilities. I cannot think of 2 more important attributes for a head coach than those 2 I listed above. *
  11. Without a shadow of a doubt if I could Hire anyone to coach the colts it would be the greatest colt ever Peyton. Before this last week I wouldn't have even entertained this idea because I would of considered it too far fetched but with all the recent talk about Peyton possibly becoming our next gm I think it could possible happen. I know it's still highly improbable but man if we could have him coach our team I think he would lead us to the promised land. I know a lot of former great players fizzled out as coaches but I think a lot of those guys weren't great players because of their brains but because they were super athletes. Peyton as you know is probably one of the most cerebral players in NFL history. Could you imagine him and luck breaking down a defense together?? It would be a thing of beauty. I think he would be a great motivator too because you have to respect the man for what he has done and I think that will make players play for him. Also , look at all the great players he has helped with the manning academy he runs every year. I think he would be a phenomenal coach. *
  12. My favorite part is the end where he's pumping both hands in the air hahahaha. Oh and another funny Thing during the game I dunno if anyone noticed was the fat guy falling down after the Rodgers catch on the sideline hahahaha. I rewinded it like 6x to see that over and over again lol. *
  13. Does anyone have a gif of him running down the sidelines pumping his fist(I guess that's what you call it lol)? In a season that totally disappointed it was one of my favorite things that happened this year. I dunno he just looked extremely goofy running down the field full speed pumping his fist like we won the super bowl. Luck is such a goofy guy but he's our goofy guy and I wouldn't change him except for some of his decision on field but that's a different matter. What did you guys think? Did it make you chuckle like it made me? I like seeing some fire and excitement from our qb. We need more of it. *
  14. We are chokers. Every chance we get to make the playoffs we lose. Watch we will win big next week. This team has absolutely no heart. *
  15. To me this goes to show the greatness that is peyton manning. Most experts who don't already believe he is the greatest ever, always say his one knock is his lack of super bowl wins and playoff losses. Well, this stat shows that no one did more with far less than the sheriff. Many people say Brady is the best ever and I don't want to make this a Brady v manning debate so I'm sorry for this......but I really think Peyton would of won at least 2 or 3 more rings if he had belichick and the pats defense especially from around 2002 to 2006 or so. You add those hypothetical rings with all his stats and no doubt he is the greatest to play the game in my opinion. *

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