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  1. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    Yah you have a good point! Does anyone know why they decided to part ways with banner so quickly?
  2. Stop Blaming Pagano

    Well he did have two really good seasons with Denver after we let him go and broke the TD record. It wasn't his injury that ended him it was Father Time.
  3. A random question

    Thanks a lot for explaining that to me. It totally makes sense. I never thought about it that way.
  4. A random question

    I had to lol at the guy who said please don't give this staff any more bad ideas hahahah. Thanks for answering my questions guys. I've always wondered about little rules in sports many people don't think of. I've always wondered in baseball if there is a league mandate that fields have to be a certain length? Like could a decent hitting team make their field 350 feet to center field or something silly like that to allow more hr and maybe bring in more fans because their players put up ungodly numbers? Or it could go the opposite direction. Could a good pitching team make the field 480feet to the center field wall? ,
  5. A random question

    So can the qb line up as far back as he wanted? So theoretically can he line up 15 yards behind the center?
  6. A random question

    This is kind of a silly question and I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask it but anyways with our quarterbacks always getting hammered because of the o line I was wondering is there a certain distance that qb has to be from the center in order for the ball to be snapped? I was just wondering if our qb move back 2 or 3 yards bAck from where he gets it in shotgun that might give him half a second longer to throw the ball lol. I mean it's not much further than where he would throw it if he was in shotgun and did a 5 step drop. I'm sure they do what they do for a reason I was just wondering if there was a rule in place. Also, is there a rule saying how many receivers a play can have at one time going out for a pass? Like could a team take out a linemen and put an extra receiver on the field?
  7. Chud or pep?

    Now that we have some hindsight, if you ran the colts and had to pick your poison (you cannot choose other!) which guy would you rather have as our offensive coordinator the rest of the season? Basically I'm just wondering who you guys think was the better,more creative play caller?
  8. Marlon Mack: Can someone explain this?

    Yah I don't think it's because Mack is hesitating or gore is out playing him. I think it's because they are in the backfield as soon as he touches the ball. I guess the theory that the defense keys on him because they know it's going to be handed to him holds weight.
  9. Marlon Mack: Can someone explain this?

    I was wondering why it seems like Mack is always hit in the backfield basically as soon as he touches the ball. Watching the game I was starting to wonder what he did to make all the o line hate him so much and not block for him. This offense is so boring and predictable. A coaching change cannot come fast enough for me.
  10. Hopefully we make a coaching change at the end of the year and if we do (we better) what type of coach would you prefer? I'm going to make three categories and just for arguments sake we are going to say they have one main attribute. The first coach is a motivator. I would categorize chuck as this type. It's a coach that the guys enjoy playing for and is a rah rah type. Coach number 2 is a strategist. I would put belichick in this category. This type of coach is the type who game plans really well and makes good adjustments. Coach number 3 is a teacher. He is really good at making players progress into better players especially rookies. I know everyone will want a mixture of these but just for arguments sake your choice has mostly one of the above areas of expertise. Which type would you choose to be the new coach for the colts next year based on our team makeup and our needs? I think I would go with a good strategist but a good teacher wouldn't be bad either since our team is so young. Btw guys I know this whole thing is kinda goofy but I'm bored and there isn't much to talk about especially positive things happening this year for the colts so I figured I would ask this lol. I'm interested in what you guys prefer.
  11. Hahahhaahhshhaa. Sad but probably true lol.
  12. Wow so it's not just our perspective. We really are a super injured team. I think it would be smart for mr.irsay to invest in some new type of playing surface. I think the turf we play on is killing our guys. Just my theory.
  13. Our best defensive player?

    Bwahahahahaha. Sad but true!!!
  14. Our best defensive player?

    I was thinking about what holes we need to fill next year and how our defense stacks up compared to our defenses of the past and I started wondering who is the MVP of our defense? If you would of asked me last year I would of probably said our best player was vontae which is extremely sad but it is what it is. With him playing horrible and supposedly injured all year long I'm not sure who our best defensive player is anymore. Just for fun let's have 3 categories defensive player currently playing (so take away the guys who are on IR or out all season like hooker) player period injured or not ......and most important player period (not necessarily the best player but can be, but basically the straw that stirs the drink). Who would you say these 3 guys are on our defense this year??
  15. I dunno if we are drafting injury prone players, our turf is causing guys to get hurt or what but it seems like we have a disproportionate amount of injuries compared to everyone else around the league. More than likely it just seems that way because I follow the colts closer than I do the entire NFL combined but it just always seems many of our guys are always getting hurt. With vontae out all year and all the other injuries that have happened it makes me wonder what's going on? I used to think we had bad trainers but we got a new one and the injuries keep piling up so I don't think it's that. Does anyone know of any stats that show how many players or better yet starters miss significant time for each team? This season has been an absolute disaster. I'm not sure how much worse it could realistically get. If someone was making a movie on our team and it was fictional I would about to the point where I would start criticizing the writers for making it seem too dramatic and far fetched. The only thing is, this is really happening lol.