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  1. So who is to blame for the coaching? Is it chud, our online coach or pAgs? *
  2. It may have been my imagination but it seemed throughout the game that their defenders were almost always laying the wood on anyone on our team with the all and also swarming to the ball carrier. It just seemed like we would make a catch and some guy would dive in like a homing missile and take our carrier out while our guys looked like cannon balls shot out of a civil war artillery piece and seemed to miss their guys. Also it just seemed like their guys were always in a good position to make the tackle. Again our guy would make a catch and it almost always seemed like a defender was right next to them and tackling them almost instantly. They also just seemed way more fast and intense than our guys. My question other than did anyone else feel this way is, if so what is the main cause? Is it our coaches especially our HC or our defensive coordinator or is it our lack of talent? I feel it's coaching because it wasn't just the first teamers it seemed like the whole team was running in honey. Opinions??? *
  3. Them dang allergies must be all around the country because I too am having watery eyes just like the rest of you guys. What the heck is going on?? *
  4. Before everyone goes off on me for making another manning vs anyone thread, let me first say that I am sick of these threads too. I'm not asking who is better I am just asking based on two different things who ends up with the better career. The first criteria is statistics. Do you guys see luck breaking most of mannings passing records someday? I know he's right up there with him as far as the start of his career but manning ended up putting up silly numbers later in his career. I see luck putting up 35 td and around 15 int consistently in his career give or take a few td or int. My next criteria is super bowl wins. We all know manning should have won at least one or two more superbowls with the colts. If Ballard can build a good team and defense behind luck I don't see why he can't win one or two. So yah, that's basically my opinion. I think luck is an amazing player but I see him just coming up short being the once in a lifetime player that manning was. What do you guys think?
  5. In my gods honest opinion after watching Peyton for so many years and rooting for him I would probably say he's the greatest I've ever seen. After playing against him and feeling like we have to score every freaking time we touch the ball and every time we punted I felt like we missed out on a big opportunity, this is a feeling I've never ever felt towards another quarterback no matter if it was Bree's or Brady. I was always worried what manning would do or that he would come back and destroy Us. Luckily we have had pretty good luck against him no pun intended. After having felt that feeling I would say without a doubt he's the best I've ever seen. The way the man knows the game down to the every detail is almost cyborg like. He's basically a football rain main lol. Didn't his mom take pictures of outfits so he knew what matched a wile back ago lol. Anyways, a lot of the other greats the Brady's, montanas etc have all had great defenses and manning won more with crap than anyone else and it's not even close. I wish the rest of the country watched colts games every week like we do and then it would be no doubt who the goat is. *
  6. Really? Wow. Is there somewhere to look all this up? *
  7. Nothing??? Lol *
  8. I keep seeing people posting something with RAS on it and it has a numerical value to all their pro day and combine stats. My question is who had the highest RAS total at different positions? I'm kinda confused because for instance the hooker pick, it said he was no where near the top of the players picked at that position based on RAS. Is that based on all the guys in college that tested from his position or is that everyone in the NFL at that position? Also what running back had the best RAS this year?? *
  9. I know you guys won't believe me lol. But last night I had a dream that I was a football plAyer, ( i guess I was me, I dunno) and I kept getting interception after interception. It was like the ball and players were in slow motion and I was super fast. I can't recall ever dreaming about playing football, I never played organize football, and I didn't know the draft was today. Maybe I was psychically predicting the future lol. I don't believe in any of that mojo but what if lol. *
  10. Bump this thread in a year or two but I'm not exactly feeling this pick. I think we should of went corner or pass rush, or even guard. I dunno about using a first round pick on a guy who's only starred for a year. *
  11. So if the prove it guys end up playing really really well which we hope they do won't they end up too expensive for us? Wouldn't it have been a better strategy to bet on yourself and your scouting and give them a multi year contract? It's almost like a double edge sword. You have two outcomes and both suck. One they play really good and are too expensive, two they play horrible and we are left with another horrible defense. If they play good or bad your kinda screwed either way and back to where you started *
  12. In case I didn't explain my self correctly I'm only talking about our free agents and let's keep it to starters, or guys predicted to start to make it easier. *
  13. I was thinking of us finally building that monster and I'm pretty satisfied with what Ballard has done so far. I think we are a year away from being stacked if we draft right this year and we don't lose anyone big in free agency. Thats the reason for my question. Who might we lose next season to free agency? I know this is really early to talk about I'm just curious. Off the top of your heads do you guys know of anyone who will be a free agent after this year? *
  14. After reading all of your guys responses let's make it happen!!! Especially if it's low risk one year and our other guy just got arrested. Open the bank for seems to me a no brainer. *
  15. Nope we didn't have either lol *

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