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  1. Pope has some ability but I think he'll end up being handled in a similar way as Todman assuming he makes the team. I could see him beating out Ferguson for that 4th RB spot but he probably won't get used very much other than special teams. Got no problems with him though. Just kind of doing some projecting.
  2. Other than pointing at "hey look at their roster" I see much of nothing to make me feel like we should be swept or even beaten by the Titans. There's no game proof. All there is is "well they could possibly do it". I'm staying confident in my boys until it happens.
  3. You've got to have more proof than that. What is there to say that? Just pointing to a roster?
  4. I think Pope is sitting right about in the same spot as Todman was last year.
  5. Get the "Turnover Machine" a line and a running game he can depend on(hopefully this year) and the turnover machine I'm quite sure is going to show much better numbers. Obviously if you're asking this guy to put the whole team on his back every game the outcome isn't going to be what you'd like. Make sure the guy doesn't feel like he has to force the issue and the knuckle headed stuff should decrease.
  6. Yeah I think Pope brought himself some more time. And I think they must see some type of something in Josh Ferguson for him to still be hanging around. So Crossan had to go. The injury didn't help matters either.
  7. There was nothing wrong with Hairston. Some people just have a need to call somebody awful just because of a love for the word. LOL
  8. He didn't look all that good the couple carries or carry I saw him get. Granted the sample size wasn't too big. Just how I felt
  9. I'm not that big on Mathias Farley. Don't think he's that good so I'm all for TJ beating him out.
  10. IF he can make steady improvements in his coverage I could see him back there with Hooker. Very good athlete.
  11. I liked what I saw from TJ on Sunday. Hope it gets better and better as we go
  12. I don't like the knee scope on Swoope. They said Kendall Langfords knee scope was "Minor" last year and he was handicapped all year long because of that "Minor" procedure.
  13. Ferguson and Mack are hurt. Turbin played very little
  14. On special teams he had no fear. He just saw the seam and hit it. That's the way you're supposed to do it instead of all that dancing around.
  15. I'd love to have him make the squad. The only thing is there is a bit of a crowd at the position. The only way I see it is if we keep 6 WRS. Think it would come down to us deciding between him and Bug Howard. My gut says they'd probably go with the big body. I sat down and studied Jo Jo after we picked him up. I did this before anybody mentioned his name. Half the forum probably didn't even realize he was on the roster. Kid has a lot of heart, leaping ability and a lot of speed. To me he's got TY Hilton type potential in a smaller frame. Or maybe like Jakeem Grant. He's a gamer.

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