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  1. Stampede Blue @StampedeBlue Expect Colts to be "very active" in signings after draft, 53-man cutdown 4/24/2017, 1:25:28 PM
  2. I can see Manusky being interested in Davis as well for the Redskins. He wants to get somebody like Navarro Bowman or Patrick Willis like he had in San Francisco.
  3. Oh I figured they were or would be. The Colts have been very quiet about most of the top athletes save a couple of them. And I think this has been on purpose.
  4. I'll jump for joy if we can end up with Malik between the 1st and 2nd round. Malik McDowell is ready to wreck havoc in the NFL
  5. I dont believe we sign Howard either Colt 449
  6. Nate Irvin and Sio Moore had this same upside you speak of and both their bags got packed. E. Jackson is still here. I dont see how Spence and Bostic pose bigger threats.
  7. Jackson doesnt run a 5.1. He doesn't have to be shelved or protected on passing downs. He can stay on the field for all 3 downs. Jackson runs a 4.5. Ballard spoke of the backers in today's passing league needing to be able to play all 3 downs.
  8. More experienced players like whom? And what is their resume other than bouncing around the league? Sio Moore and Nate Irving had more experience than anything Ballards brought in so far. Jackson beat out both of them. Experience is sometimes over rated.
  9. Seems like a faster version of Morrison. Came out of UF running 4.61. Hits just as hard. Ballard keeps bringing in guys that can run. If we also spend a high pick on a fast ILB I'm trying to see how Morrison stays around.
  10. Falcons | Atlanta eyeing a move up in the draft Fri Apr 21, 02:09 PM Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff believes there will be opportunities to move up from the 31st overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's D. Orlando Ledbetter, Atlanta has heavily scouted pass rushers. Missouri DE Charles Harris or Tennessee DE Derek Barnett are among those pass rushers who could be available in the 20s.
  11. Pagano loves players from florida universities or the state of florida. Another florida addition to the roster.
  12. I have to retract a little bit reading through some article. Coaches and team mates spoke well of him heading into the 2016 season according to this article. Teammates, coaches say hype for Michigan State's Malik McDowell is justified Another article after the season: Malik McDowell reflects on a difficult season at Michigan State as he prepares for the NFL McDowell is now in South Florida, where he's training in preparation for the NFL combine, which starts in late February. Along with training for that, McDowell said he's also focused on getting healthy, which he wasn't at any point this season. This season featured a slew of injuries, McDowell said, from his ribs and chest to his shoulder. The ailments went far beyond the typical wear and tear of a season, he said, and were made worse by the constant pressure he faced. "It felt like I was taking on more double teams, triple teams," McDowell said. "It was a hard year for me this year, a hard year for the team overall." Despite all that, McDowell claims he didn't get frustrated with his year. "You can't really get frustrated," McDowell said. "I couldn't really be mad. It was up to us to win and to lose. There isn't anybody to really be mad at. You can't say I was really frustrated, I was more like 'We need to get it together.'" Those injuries and added attention helped keep him to 34 tackles, seven tackles for loss and a sack in nine games in 2016. That, in turn, led most media mock drafts to slot him somewhere in the middle of the first round. And to notion that there was discord between him and others in the Michigan State football building throughout the season, McDowell says that's not true. "You can ask my teammates or coaches, I didn't have any problems with anybody," McDowell said. McDowell's season ended a three-year run in which one of the most celebrated recruits of the Mark Dantonio era largely lived up to his billing, at least in physical capabilities. He played as a true freshman, then started as a sophomore alongside three future NFL defensive linemen in establishing himself as a future first-rounder.
  13. Probably. I think they are definitely doing their homework regarding the perceived issues here or there which I relate to maturity. I mean lets face it the guy is 20 years old. With all that's being said about him I feel like if it was all snake oil we'd have heard at least one of his coaches come out to clear his name, but I haven't seen that yet. Hopefully his issues are something they feel can be over come because he's a hell of a ball player. I'm not sure what the specific sticking points are but I don't think I'm ready to buy it being his willingness to accept coaching or his football intelligence. I mean the guy plays every single position on the defensive line. That alone requires the will to learn each spot and the rules that make the position work. I didn't see much on film to say he had major issues with his effort. I don't know of any significant off the field issues either.

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