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  1. He's already talking to the Browns GM about it right now. LOL
  2. Well the Browns do need some WRs. Grigs is pretty good at picking WR. LOL. Just messing around.
  3. Stephen Holder @HolderStephen Hankins is at it again. I like his audacity. Colts could use more of it IMO. 5/24/2017, 11:44:39 AM
  4. I'll take him as depth as well.
  5. I would have no problem at all. Me and all my brothers played football growing up. High School and more.
  6. I'm feeling kind of shaky about Clayton. Not sure if we'll have him at all this year. If we do I'm not confident of how much.
  7. My gut says he signs with one of the New York teams. He's from New Jersey and he's visited with all 3 teams from that area. Buffalo, Jets, and now the Giants. Giants are the best situation out of all 3. We'll see
  8. Giants | Gerald Hodges to visit Giants Mon May 22, 10:10 AM Free-agent LB Gerald Hodges (49ers) will visit the New York Giants Tuesday, May 23. Link to story Gerald Hodges player page
  9. It doesn't appear anymore, but I saw a tweet from Hodges where he says "I just want to get what I deserve" and a couple more sentences so I assume the issue is money related. I think he must of deleted the tweet because I can't find it anymore.
  10. One of the things I found interesting with the case and I said this as the draft was taking place. The bouncers from the bar and the owner had vastly different stories than the Girl and her friends. Second, the owner of the bar in question, Fat Daddy's, has also spoken out. Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole reports that the bar owner said the woman involved "repeatedly" hit Brantley in the chest and arms, while a security guard present also said she punched him in the mouth. The GPD incident report says the woman pushed Brantley, who then retaliated with a punch. However, the security guard added that the woman was never knocked unconscious and Brantley did not punch her, only pushed her away. Brantley has maintained from the start that he acted solely in a reactionary manner, pushing the woman away. The GPD report from the incident indicates that two witnesses identified Brantley as punching the woman.
  11. This is what happened before the case was dropped: I was approached by lawyers representing the alleged victim, both yesterday and today," Brantley's attorney, Huntley Johnson, said Tuesday evening. " They indicated to me they were meeting with the State Attorney's Office tomorrow and that they want to settle the case today. I called Mr. Brantley and communicated what they said to me. He told me that under no circumstances were we to offer them money or give them any money. He said no."
  12. I dont think what you're saying is totally what Stephe was implying. I could be wrong.
  13. We run a zone blocking scheme. Chud prefers that. However I dont think we've completely removed the power plays. As a previous poster made in another thread, Mack has played and done well in both schemes. He was in a power scheme before under the previous staff in college until they changed coaches.
  14. I think every back has to make adjustments to how they did things in College versus the pros. Mack really doesnt do too much dancing around in the backfield any way. Some of the runs ive seen him bounce there wasn't really a hole there to begin with but somebody has to write something. We really dont have much to go off of until the games get played to say what his impact will be. I think he's talented enough to do really well. I dont think he will immediately be sending Gore to the bench, but like Stephen said it could end p being a Rhodes\Addai like Tandem as the season moves along if Mack shows what a lot of us think he has. I honestly think all 3 backs will make consistent contribution. However it wouldn't shock me if Mack performed to level that took snaps from Turbin.

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