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  1. Dallas gets the 2018 NFL Draft....

    Oh Man! You mean I can actual drive to the NFL Draft. I'm going to go for Sure as I live only 2 hours from Dallas.
  2. Colts offense vs Jags defense

    I doubt they blitz very much. That front 7 should keep enough pressure on to keep them from having to do that. I see what you're saying though. LOL
  3. Colts offense vs Jags defense

    Chester played. We just didn't throw him the ball. Mack also had a fumbling reputation from college. Just have to play them and see what happens from there. I take it Jones has been doing something right to still be on the team. Hopefully the issues are in the past.
  4. Colts offense vs Jags defense

    I'd do exactly what the Rams did. The Jags have problems with their run defense. Keep working the running game between Gore, Mack, and Matt Jones and the play action pass using different looks and formations. That will help to open up some spacing in between those zones. Take the necessary shots when you have to . That's primarily how I'd approach it.
  5. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    I sorta think Brissett got out of there a bit late as well. Also maybe cut the corner a bit too wide. Water under the bridge at this point.
  6. Mack 2 carries

    Giving Mack only 2 carries against that defense was real stupid and I'm not usually consistently critical of the staff. Just poor.
  7. Time to look to next season

    I'll have to see a bit more, but I actually think Clark could be a decent guard. Made a few mistakes but overall wasn't too bad. Like his run blocking too.
  8. Mack 2 carries

    Both years we went to the Super Bowl we had good balance between the run and the pass. Defense was not all world but their was less opportunity to expose them because the offense performed well enough to give them room to play fresh versus being stuck on the field all day long waiting on the offense to get it's crap together.
  9. 85-22

    If these Jerks can get something out of the offense in the second halves of these games I think that will solve a great deal of the problem. You can start by not having a 21 pass to 7 run ratio when you were gouging them with the run in the first half. If it ain't broke then don't fix it. Modify it some maybe, but don't get away from what is bringing home the bacon baby. Keep it balanced and mix it up. Chud has this thing with trying to be too damn smart. He outsmarts himself a lot.
  10. Time to look to next season

    I still believe the next two games are winnable games. However I've lost faith in us taking advantage of the opportunity. Team is good enough to do it talent wise, but execution wise we continue to bumble at the most inopportune times. It's become a pattern.
  11. I think we are capable of playing man or zone. However I think we need to play more man than zone until we can execute these zones correctly. We keep on busting the coverages. Needs to be simplified even more to where we are only playing so many zone coverages. Just a few of them so that guys can execute them properly. In either case the pass rush needs to get home more often. The other issue to me is if you're wanting to play more man your ILBs need to be able to cover somebody. And the guys we have well...............
  12. It's really frustrating because you can see the type of team we have when it's clicking.
  13. Pagano's Post Titans Game News Conference

    I really don't get what the heck goes through Chuds mind. I thought the first half was awesome. Honestly we should have been up by more points but that was really my only gripe. Chud made some beautiful play calls. And then the second half they decide to put the game in Brissets hands for some dumb reason. Then they cap the stupidity off by not involving Mack barely at all. I just knew in the second half we were going to run Mack down their throats as a change of pace. NOOO they abandoned the run and the few times they attempted to they thought it was better to just keep pounding Gore into run blitzes all day. It was just Bizaare!
  14. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    THUMBS DOWN >> Playcalling: The Colts had great offensive balance in the first half of Monday’s game, and that served to keep the Titans’ defense at bay. With Frank Gore gashing the Tennessee front for six yards per carry, and Marlon Mack ripping off a 22-yard run, the Colts were enjoying consistent success on the ground. The Colts called 17 pass plays and 10 rushes in the first half. Things got more skewed in the second half when the Colts’ play selection was 21 pass plays and seven called runs. The trend toward more called passes gave the Titans a better opportunity to deploy creative blitzes. The Colts’ makeshift offensive line – Le’Raven Clark was playing guard in place of Jack Mewhort – handled it fairly well, but it made life much harder on quarterback Jacoby Brissett, who struggled to find open receivers. This right here is the thing that I'm talking about. The utter lack of balance that we get into in these second halves. In almost every circumstance where we've blown these games you will find our second half numbers look like the above. 21 Passes and 7 runs behind a line that you know was make shift and a young QB. I haven't checked the official numbers of the other games but I know how I feel when I'm watching it unfold. And when we get out of balance it usually always ends up in turnovers, dropped passes and turnovers for the opposition. They have to rein this mess in .
  15. Pagano's Post Titans Game News Conference

    The thing that gets my goat is they will run the same run plays and almost never run the play action off of it. That would actually help the effectiveness of those runs even more.