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  1. Throwing Tomatoes Bad. LOL!
  2. I'm so tired of all the Titans garbage. We'll sweep both of those games I'm pretty certain of that. My doubt level is like zero.
  3. Kevin Bowen @KBowenColts Some names that impressed Chris Ballard this spring: -S: Butler, Farley -CB: Milton -RB: Turbin, Crossan -WR: Moncrief, Rogers
  4. For Gods sake it's a mini camp practice. And just about everybody else cancelled it. Nitpicking every little issue I see.
  5. Looks like Ferguson has a little bit better odds now that Michael is on IR.
  6. Moncrief, Aiken, Dorsett, Rogers are a decent group. None of these guys we are bringing in are any more than Camp Fodder. Maybe a couple have potential. I say bring in more DB competition.
  7. Article on Stampede Blue says Harvey Binford has run 4.22 forty before. Harvey Binford spent time in the Arena League after college before he was signed by the Green Bay Packers for training camp last year. This offseason, he spent several weeks with the Arizona Cardinals in their offseason program before he was cut shortly after the draft. He has good speed, and that was what caused him to play football in college - people timed him as running a 4.22 40 and then encouraged him to play football.
  8. Or it could be that we don't think all the extra bodies at the position are necessary. How bout that?
  9. We sure keep bringing in a bunch of WR. Not sure why
  10. I don't know about that all the way. I don't think he'll make the team most likely just because of all the backs we have. Mack, Turbin, Gore, Michael are all better than him. I just doubt he'll beat any of them. I think some of his issues last year were related to being a rookie. Also think Chud didn't use him properly in different cases. He's got good enough ability to be a Shane Vereen type. I think we'll see a different and probably better player than he was in 2016. But at the end of the day I think the backs he's competing with are better players. I could see him making the team if somebody got injured and he has a strong preseason though. He's also got special teams value. We'll see when the games begin!
  11. You can take advantage of Macks home run ability in the passing game. Get him out on some angle routes and other stuff. Turn a 5 yard route into a 30-40 yard gain. Run after catch bro! I'm sure they've been working hard maximizing his receiving skills.
  12. I see Ferguson has added some muscle in the offseason just looking at some of the pictures.
  13. I think Ferguson will have to really kill it in the preseason to make the team. My gut says they have plans to use Mack as the receiving back. Pretty sure they'll be giving Mack a couple carries on top of that. A little more than what Fergusons role was last yer. I think one of Crossan or Ferguson are set for the practice squad.
  14. I have this gut feeling Christine Michael is going to start showing some of the talent he has. Not sure how his role is going to play out. Talented enough to be the 2nd RB, but could end being the 3rd or the 4th. Who knows, we'll see I guess.
  15. Quincy Wilson Starting To Come Along: The first-team reps for Wilson haven’t been all his during OTAs and minicamp, but Monachino is seeing some strides in the rookie. “He’s in better shape, and he’s starting to show the talent that we looked at when we drafted him. He’s a great kid, first of all. He wouldn’t say ‘boo’ even if it was something scary, and the guys love him. Our players, all they care about it is can the guy line up out there on the widest receiver and stay attached to him in coverage, and this kid can. I think we’re in great shape with Quincy. I love the guy. I think he’s going to be a good player in this league.” Wilson should compete with veteran Rashaan Melvin for the starting job opposite Vontae Davis this year.

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