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  1. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    If he addresses the guard positions real good in FA I could see him taking Barkley also
  2. Volin leaked almost that exact same info earlier in the season on or before that Jag game. I dont really see this as a new update. His mentioning of Toub in my opinion is working off the Ballard coach preference rumors when Ballard was hired in Indy.
  3. This isn't making sense. You want somebody who is outside of the box which basically means they won't have very many "accolades", but then you say Pagano didn't make sense because he didn't have any "accolades"? Huh?
  4. And this is coming from the man who banged on the table for John Gruden(an experienced NFL coach) and tried to dismiss every single criticism made against him? But somehow Harbaugh is a problem for you? Did Gruden lose any locker rooms? You don't want the flavor of the month OC, but you want a special teams coach? Not only that but then you go and try to hype up his elite coaching of special teams to build false value. You don't even have a good defense for that. And tell us what would be the difference between Pederson and Nagy? When did Nagy become a flavor of the month? Why is one outside of the box but the other isn't? As if people all over the league are hyping up Matt Nagy. I'm sure if he's an option on the table for Ballard he didn't just pull it out of the back of his behind.
  5. Ross Travis

    Certainly I didn't want him to leave with an injury bro. But football wise I do want him to leave yes.
  6. Ross Travis

    What does that have to do with what I think of him as a player? That's a totally separate issue. Obviously I'm not making fun of his injury. Before the injury he was just an average player. Please expound. Are we not here to talk about football?
  7. Quincy Wilson played well

    Stephen Holder gave Quincy a Thumbs Up from last night Thumbs up >> CBs Quincy Wilson, Kenny Moore: Look, if you’re expecting perfection from this pair, you’re not being fair. It was an up-and-down performance at times, but on the whole, you have to like what this pair has to offer. Wilson, in particular, is showing tremendous growth. Last week, he took on Buffalo’s Kelvin Benjamin in the snow. This week, he covered Denver standout Demaryius Thomas for the game’s duration and acquitted himself nicely. Wilson gave up a key third-down pass in the first quarter after biting on a double move from Thomas. He also was flagged for defensive holding in the second quarter. But the bigger takeaway should be the physicality Wilson showed and the competitive fire with which he plays. That’s something that can take
  8. I sort of wish we would have picked up Alex Collins when the Seahawks let him go. His style is very similar to Gore. Kid is running pretty well for Baltimore right now.
  9. Ross Travis

    Stephen Holder @HolderStephen I'm just kinda skimming through the tape of last night's Colts game. One impression: I really like this Ross Travis… 12/15/2017, 11:18:18 AM
  10. I'd be more okay with Nagy than Toub if we are going with a first time guy. Still got more digging to do though.
  11. Chiefs OC Matt Nagy is making minor changes for huge results Nice article
  12. Ross Travis

    I didn't see the game last night, but I like some of the intangibles Travis has. If he's as good as what it sounds like then that would be a nice trio to have between Travis, Swoope, and Doyle. Still have Mo Ali Cox developing too so it sounds like we might have something to work with next year maybe.
  13. Ross Travis

    A male fleener is a very accurate description. Had me laughing hard!
  14. Ross Travis

    No I don't think Williams is good. He's barely mediocre
  15. Ross Travis

    I wish we'd get rid of that Brandon Williams. Definition of mediocrity