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    Moved to East Texas in 2001 from Alexandria. Born and Raised a Colts fan. Currently a Criminal Justice Major at ETBU.
  1. Honestly, I was born and raised in Indiana from 91-02, and grew up a huge Favre fan. Loved watching him. I probably never would have gotten an interest in football if not for Favre.
  2. Breaks my heart that the Boomstick is calling it quits, but I sure did love his time here, and his antics. Major blow to the team, in my opinion, but in the name of his health, I understand.
  3. Why have I never seen this thread? I'm interested in seeing what happens with Father Gabriel. Is the Talking Dead worth watching by the way?
  4. I agree. While I think Orakpo would be a great addition, the money just isn't there. I would much rather spend on the O-line, and D-line. I wouldn't mind spending money on a younger up-and-coming rusher. Give someone a prove yourself contract and let them do it.

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