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    Moved to East Texas in 2001 from Alexandria. Born and Raised a Colts fan. Currently a Criminal Justice Major at ETBU.
  1. Henry Anderson

    I wonder how having a solid NT next to him will affect his pass rushing ability. I don't disagree with you at all, but perhaps with some added pass rush help from the LBs, and now Hank sucking up blockers, it may help him in that department.
  2. Hey Colts fans

    Honestly, I was born and raised in Indiana from 91-02, and grew up a huge Favre fan. Loved watching him. I probably never would have gotten an interest in football if not for Favre.
  3. Pat McAfee retiring from the NFL

    Breaks my heart that the Boomstick is calling it quits, but I sure did love his time here, and his antics. Major blow to the team, in my opinion, but in the name of his health, I understand.
  4. Hughes Sheppard trade/free agency

    I agree. While I think Orakpo would be a great addition, the money just isn't there. I would much rather spend on the O-line, and D-line. I wouldn't mind spending money on a younger up-and-coming rusher. Give someone a prove yourself contract and let them do it.