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  1. Costanzo our best lineman? seriously?
  2. I agree go D but I could honestly see them taking another ol man if the right one fell still a few good guards available. Would like billings even if isnt going to be a 3 down lineman be good rotaional with Parry. Scooby may be promising not sure how everyone feels about Alex Collins but may be an option. Few others I have heard sound promising.
  3. Hey apparently I am the only one who hasn't heard of this guy if its a good pick up hey great. I agree keep Luck healthy. I will continue to pray for a defense in the future lol. So it sounds like most are predicting him sliding i at right guard is that right?
  4. Ok I admit I have never heard of this guy. That being said I am not crying or bi.... but I just wanted to point out an observation for some reason we always seem to pass over name players on the board who could contribute immediately for wait for it and the Colts with the blank blank pick of the draft select Bob the water cooler guy. I DONT GET IT. Shouldn't we be picking some of these guys up as UDFA's?
  5. I really hope billings is there when we pick
  6. 12-15
  7. Definitely Faulk or Dickerson
  8. Philbin and Grigs at Michigan State pro day to see the Jacks (Conklin and Allen)

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