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  1. The word is LA offered the 27th and 28th pick to the Pacers, along with forward Julius Randle or guard Jordan Clarkson, in exchange for George. I want the guy gone too but there is no way I trade him to the Lakers. I would keep him and let him walk before giving the Lakers his Bird rights. Personally I was growing tired of PG and his whining during the season.
  2. That's the thing that could happen is McGregor gets frustrated and pulls some MMA moves. I heard there are some very harsh penalties in the contract if that happens. McGregor knows the deal. This is going to be more like a WWF match than anything else. Connor will get his biggest pay day I'm sure. Those who think he has a punchers chance don't know much about boxing. Floyd can fight a real boxer in a phone both and roll every punch never getting hit cleanly. He's not catching one from McGregor. This has been done before Too Tall Jones comes to mind.
  3. Connor is not a professional boxer and being tough isn't going to help him. This isn't going to be competitive. Floyd will carve him up and never get hit. Boxing is skilled sport. I wouldn't spend money on it will be a one sided snoozer.
  4. We have brought in Mark Jackson Jalen Rose Chris Mullin Perkins McKey among others We aren't landing a top 20 guy in FA but we can bring in quality pieces by trade or signing
  5. Jermaine O'Neil was 7x all star Brad Miller made an All Star team and Detlef Shcremp did as well Jermaine and Miller came in via trades I don't remember how we acquired Detlef. West I don't think made one not sure. Those are the only Pacers I can remember not drafted by the team that were All Stars. We never really hit the bottlom. The only top 5 picks I can remember are Smits Tisdale and The Rifleman. The only other top 10 pick I recall is McCloud. You have to go back to the 80's for those. PG was selected 10th even Reggie was outside the top 10 at 11th. I think regardless what happens with PG we are going to compete for a playoff spot this year. We make finish just short but we aren't tanking. I wouldn't want to you play to win with what you have always Things would be very different if PG had made the All NBA team We could have given him the super max. I don't think he would've walked away from $70M. I really think that's what fueled this. I would be tempted to put a team together that could compete and see if he makes the All NBA team next year. We pushed Cleveland this season. I saw a mock draft day trade that had us bringing in Wes Matthews with the 18th and a player or 2 before all this. That would help get us in the top 4. Then make him leave 70M on the table. He made All NBA 2013 2014 2016. The only time he didn't was 2015 due to injury. Then he was left off this year despite career highs in points and FG%. That doesn't sit right with me for a couple reasons. The biggest being it gives the media too much power. They select the All NBA team and essentially decide we couldn't pay PG. Anyone who follows basketball knew what was riding on that selection.
  6. Mack looks fast in that 25 jersey can't wait to see him carrying the ball.
  7. Mitchel can't stay healthy. He's never made it out of camp. The dimond in the rough at CB could be Milton Ballard singled him out as a guy who impresed him at OTA's. Other members of the staff already has talked about him making a big jump from last season too. I was hopeful Milton would take a big step this off season. UDFA last year ran a 4.35 40. He killed it on ST's at Tech. He had like 7 blocked kicks. He also returned both punts and kickoffs. The ST's experience should help his cause. I think he might win the start in the slot. If you haven't checked out Ballards comments they are worth a look. Things didn't sound so good for Dorsett. Yes it was OTA's but still. A few other guys he mentioned off the top of my head Butler at S Farley Wilson, TY, Moncrief , Rogers, and Swoope There were others. Milton and Ferguson jumped out at me. Ferguson was surprising as bad as he looked last year. I can't wait until we get in pads.
  8. LA might want to act if PG stays then makes the all NBA team next year. He should have this year IMO Then we can pay him 70'M more than any team. That's a lot of money to walk away from They won't come off #2 I don't think
  9. PG had it leaked that he is signing with the Lakers when he hits FA next season. We aren't getting equal value in return. We will be lucky to find a partner who's willing to rent him for a year. The idea of a big haul of players and picks just isn't realistic. We may have to keep him around and hope he makes an all NBA team. I kind of think that might be what this is about If he made it this year He would have qualified by making in 2/3 years. He made it last year but Lebron and Kwahi 1st team Durant and Antetokounmpo 2nd team and Butler and Green 3rd team were selected. I'm sure he was upset. He has a right to be in my obviously biased opinion. I thought he'd make it. The system gives the media too much influence I think. It cost him 70M. I could see him feeling like he's not contending or getting recognized. He's been stewing for a month. Who knows but I don't think we get a happy ending here.
  10. I'm thinking that has to do with us having so many players on D. We are 4 deep at every position. We know Gore Turbin and Mack are on the roster. Ferguson Crossan and Pope fight for the last spot. I don't think it's an issue. RB is a plug and play position. There will be help there if we need it after cuts. Look for the Seahawks cuts. Did you see their RB's? Lacy Rawls Prosise Collins Davis Carsons that's all I can remember but there are a bunch more
  11. Morrison isn't great vs the run unless it is right at him. I don't see how he's on the roster with the talk of wanting guys who can cover and run. He does neither well. I thought for sure we were taking Robinson CB with that pick. I think Philly still might part ways with Kendericks. I read they can't trade him because he will still count 5M toward this seasons cap as crazy as it sounds the article said a post 6/1 cut.
  12. Someone else already mentioned this we should try Portland They have 3 first round picks no cap space and a contract with Crabbee I'm sure they are rethinking. Maybe we can work something out. They rent PG for a year maybe it's a perfect storm and being on the west coast helps them resign him. We have to get rid of the guy.
  13. I like Connor and don't think much of Mayersther as a person. Floyd is a great fighter. You don't just jump in the ring with the best boxer of his era with zero boxing experience.. He has zero chance of winning and will be lucky to land a clean shot.
  14. I think we go with 6 CB's Ballard has singled Milton out. I think he is on the roster. If Geathers is a go it could be at Green's expense. TJ is in trouble with Farley currently ahead of him. I don't see Morrison making the team. Dude can't move. McGill I have in. Who's returning KO's? I think we go 4 RB's Pope v Crossan for that spot. The PS Jhaustin Thomas and T Smith
  15. I'm not trying to be argumentative I don't think Pat is aa easy to replace but that's me. I really wanted to know who you thought it was if not Pat. The only player I can think of that we lost that I would like to see back is McAffe.

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