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  1. This wouldn't be my dream scenario but I wouldn't hate it. We need a real second option and things aren't as peachy in Toronto. What it would take to make it happen would be a big factor.
  2. This is why I wanted Philly. They play no D don't seem to run an offense and make silly mistakes. We handled them easily the last 2x we played this season. I don't care for Embid and think Simmons is overrated We know who the real ROY is. The only team that worried me was the Raptors. They had our number but they crack like an egg in the playoffs. I knew Lebron would be a problem but we had 4 chances to beat him. The sky was the limit if we could've got past Lebron.
  3. akcolt

    New philosophy on WRs?

    How do you figure we are looking for small WR's? Cain and Fountain are both over 6' and 200lbs + as are both UDFA's WR we added Ishmail and Odum There were questions about how much EQ loved the game BC of his effort. As an Irish fan it was easy to see the QB situation frustrated EQ last season
  4. akcolt

    Roster update - Improvement ?

    If Luck is the QB this team could surprise and 500 isn't being optimistic. .Has he ever been under .500? We have all summer to answer questions. We don't have nearly as many as you think. I'll get you caught up. 2. Turbin a top short yardage back in NFL/ good pass blocking. Mack proved he has NFL speed 3. Ryan Grant would disagree w/nearly 100 receptionss. 5. We upgraded the interior of the line camp battle at RT. The line is improved. 6. Woods Ridgeway and last year Stewart was drafted with the switch in mind. We have sub package rushers 7 Sheard is a DE 8. Leonard is the only rookie who I thinks has a shot to start on D. I think our LB's are Goode-M Leonard-W George-S. 10 Our young corners and Desir showed they can play last year We are ok at CB We have added more young fast players to both sides of the ball. You might not know them but that doesn't mean they can't play. The O is going to be better this year. We have better players I think that's obvious. The new coaches with new schemes should make things easier. The biggest question marks we have are the health of Luck and Hooker. Ballard will continue to work between now and September to improve our roster. There will be vets available if we choose to go that way but that's not always the best way
  5. I heard on the radio they want to see him at DE. I thought he'd be a SAM. If the plan is Leonard at Will maybe that has something to do with the decision. He could play either spot but agree with you he might be better at Will. I think Goode will be Mike with Leonard at Will and there will be a fight for SAM. I wouldn't be surprised if George took that spot. He can run and is good enough in coverage to match up vs TE's. He looked good blitzing last season.
  6. I'm not surprised the Rockets and CP3 have a history of coming up short in the playoffs. I'm not sure it matters Steph looked good in his return. If he's good to go the Warriors are winning it IMO.
  7. While watching Hines tape vs the Cuse I stopped the game to see who #4 in orange was. It was Franklin He was in on some plays but the one that got me was him running Hines down to save a TD. He has the speed I've been dying to see from our LB's. I think George has a good shot at the roster He should've seen more time last year IMO. I wouldn't count out Perry either when looking at guys from last year looking to make the roster. He looks like a fit at SAM. He can do more then Morrison there.
  8. That would have been my thought Ballard is comfortable with where we are it. He drafted Q and Hairston last season then brought in K Moore Desir DJ White and Aker. He's fimiliar with DJ and Aker from his time in KC. I think he keeps looking for guy's.that will makes us better. That's a young group I think Desir at 27 in the oldest. I think he's fine going forward with Desir and Q outside and Hairston in the slot.
  9. akcolt

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Here is exactly what Ballard had to say:. On Antonio Morrison’s role in the defense: “He has to be a MIKE-SAM, and really, more of a SAM … because we’ll ask our SAM a lot to hammer things down inside, which he should be really good at, because that’s what he is. He couldn’t play WILL for us.” Even after reading this I'd be surprised if Morrison makes the final 53 man roster. He doesn't have the speed or coverage skills. What do I know I didn't expect him to be there last year. Walker on the other hand if he is back to the guy who could run all over the field making tackles and covering backs. He should be in the mix maybe the SAM Goode at M and Leonard at W. I expect to see a lot of LB's come through this summer like Ballard worked CB last year.
  10. akcolt

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    The season is starting to feel like the Pacers. The big difference should be the media knows we will be much better with Luck. I'm not sure they do and that's fine.
  11. Why would anyone assume the two draft picks are making the team? No one is safe Ballard showed that last season with Banner. Its going to be a fight to make this team at RB period. That's what Ballard wants and preaches. The changes in staff and system make predictions difficult. You'd think that Reich had input on the RB selections so maybe the draft picks have that. If they get outplayed this summer I don't think being a day 3 selection matters. There will be battles all over camp. It should make for a fun summer and a hungry roster.
  12. We didn't play well You can't get out worked on the glass like we did tonight. They had at least 15 offensive rebounds that's too many It's frustrating to lose the way we did in this series The glass and the free throw line killed us in this series.
  13. I know DC shots a high percentage but passing the ball to the 3pt line from the front of the rim drives me crazy
  14. There is another offensive rebound they are going to get 20 at this rate That's so frustrating