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  1. A Statistical look at the Colts

    Houston has never had a trashy O. They have needed a better QB to get the over the hump. They have consistently been one of the top rushing offenses in the league. A down year they are still in the top half of the league more often than not they were in the top 10. Ever heard of Arian Foster? If you look I bet they were also in the top half for time of possession on a regular basis too. Houston's D has never been consistently left out on the field. I remember a time on the board when opinion wasn't presented as fact. We didn't get this misinformation because links were provided to support opinion. Here's a link if you care to see just how wrong you are. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/rushing-yards-per-game?date=2013-02-03
  2. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    You might need to settle down a bit I was trying to be polite. That was lost on you. The idea to take the most important position on the OL which has been our most stable position and replace that player with a guy we can't block his way on the field. Well it's not a good idea. Clark to LT isn't smart It's really not viable. Why you'd think it is nearly as perplexing as why you want Haeg back inside. He's shown not to have the anchor for full time duty inside. These ideas are bad. I have never said anything but Mewhort when healthy isn't just the best G but the only one on the roster. I have been calling for a G for 2 years. I never said Clark was bad. I'm not so sure about some reading comprehension. I said we need Clark to find a spot. He may have at G. It would be welcome news if Haeg and Clark can handle the right side that leaves us with that same hole at G. I know Vuj needs upgraded and Mewhort looks questionable at best. Kelly being back getting the right calls and organizing the OL will help the line too. We need Clark to own a spot on the OL.
  3. Offensive Line is Offensive

    The injury to Kelly had a lot to do with our problems. Then trying to turn Haeg into a G despite the film clearly showing he didn't have the anchor to play inside full time. That set us back but if Schwenke was healthy that may not have been a huge problem. We reallly never saw him play but the Titans were quick to reclaim him. Clark's move from starting RT to being behind Vuj Good and Haeg was the big shocker. We had zero sacks last night in Kelly's second game back. Castonzo has settled down. Haeg had another solid game at RT after looking shaky. Clark played well for his first start at RG. Maybe that will be his spot. We need him to help the OL somewhere. The last thing we need is another top 100 pick to bust. The future doesn't look good for Mewhort. As a result we are going to be in the market for a starting G. Unless we get lucky and find someone turning over the bottom of the roster. We need Clark and Haeg to hold down the right side. We don't want to be in the position of needing to find 2 starting G's and a RT. We really need Clark to figure it out at any position, I think we will see Kelly continue to make the OL better. He will get the reads right and make the right calls. That's no knock on Bond. The kid played better than we could've hoped.
  4. Offensive Line is Offensive

    Haeg is a T not a G. He doesn't have the anchor to play inside full time. Why do we need to see that again? This is Haeg!s second solid game at RT since stepping in this season. It wouldn't surprise me if he settles in there. Good I'm not so sure he's comibg back this year I hear the board saying he will be back but I have yet to see a link. Good had a solid game week 1 at RT. He hasn't been great out there in his career I don't think he automatically gets the RT job back if he returns
  5. Injuries

    There are many worse things happening everyday to people who are much more vulnerable than pro athletes. It's interesting that injuries to pro athletes is the thing that has you so upset.
  6. Why don't you think Doyle is a #1 TE?
  7. Robert turbin just broke his arm.

    I don't see a FA coming in. I think we go with who we have maybe we call Pope if he's available Matt Jones is on the roster so if they aren't comfortable making Mack #2. We have Jones waiting to go in his place. He has starting experience. Ballard wants to see the young guys play. I think we see more Mack myself but I'm curious if we carry 4 RB's still. Will we bring Marcus Murphy up from the PS? He's a scat back 190lbs but was an effective PR for a year and a half in NO. He averages over 9 yards per PR for his career with a td. Bray has never been better than 8.3. I'm not a huge fan of Quan. I like his toughness and blocking as a WR more than his return skills. I don't think he's explosive. The KR tonight if he has that extra gear that goes all the way back. I've been dying for a dangerous returner. I thought it might be JoJo until the fumbles
  8. Time to look to next season

    You think we lost this game because we lack the talent to compete? You don't think Doyle is a NFL caliber TE? We have the talent to beat Tenn I am not sure what you saw to make you think otherwise. We should have beat them on the road with a patchwork OL and a back up QB. The biggest problem with this team is our coaches don't hold players accountable. Doyle should have been on the bench. Hey fumble jump offsides, take penalties no worries guys. I have coached Pop Warner teams that are more disciplined. Then the 3 blind mice don't put the talent on the field and/or get them the ball. All we here is how Mack will see more touches. Mack had 2 touches is that a season low? TY didn't have a 2nd half target. That can't happen. The D is a joke Monachino is the punchline. We sit in zone or off coverage and give up 1st downs every week. We still don't get George in at ILB The only guy on the roster with the speed to play sideline to sideline. He can close the corner vs the run and is better in coverage than both starters but we don't play him week after week. We know it here's a quote about George from our DC: Monachino said. “He’s shown that he can be a three-down inside linebacker, and those guys are hard to find. He’s athletic and he’s explosive enough that he can cover, but not at all scared to go down and taken on the G in the run game." We need more talent but we aren't losing games because of it right now. We are losing games we should win because our coaches aren't talented.
  9. Doyle did everything in his power to give this game away. If I were the coach I would have sat him down. He killed 3 drives and put us behind the chains on the last one. He hasn't played well of late I know he had the family issue. We needed him tonight. This game was ours to win. So tired of beating ourselves.
  10. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    How do you figure they are all better than us? We probably should've won this game on the road with a back up QB a patch work OL while being led by the 3 stooges. If that were true the other teams were just better this would be much easier to deal with. We beat ourselves Moncrief drops a TD and Doyle ends what 4 second half drives himself. Our coaches don't get Mack more touches and they continue to refuse to play George at ILB. Morrison can't run or cover and Bostic isn't much better. This game didn't leave me feeling like the Titans were better than us. We handed them the game by drops and fumbles on O and more terrible play calling and trying the same nonsense at ILB on D. Our DC is terrible we give up more 3rd and longs and don't even try to put the speec on the field to defend the middle of the field.
  11. Mack 2 carries

    I could not agree more. Monachino is not a DC. We draft press corners but we play zone or off coverage. Morrison doesn't have the speed to shut down the corner vs the run and he can't cover anyone Bostic isn't much better. George has sideline to sideline speed and is better in coverage but the guy never sees the field. How is that? The O we don't get the ball to Mack at all 2 touches. TY doesn't have a target in the second half. I know we didn't get a ton of plays BC Doyle was busy giving the ball away. A fumble and 2 drops on 3rd down and he's still on the field to almost have a second fumble. The decisions made by these clowns week in and week out are pathetic.
  12. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    The problem tonight was Doyle he had 2 drops on 3rd down then a fumble and a second near fumble that put us behind the sticks. The guy killed almost every drive. I think Jacoby has to stay in bounds and fight for the first down. Moncrief needs to catch the ball. No of that has to do with Jacoby's presence. The play calling changes in the second half. We didn't get Mack involved the entire game and TY didn't see a second half target. I don't see the deer in headlights. He's made mistakes but the moment doesn't look to big not IMO
  13. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    I don't get that from Jacoby. The play calling has changed for both sides in the second half. We don't often win those adjustments. The problem tonight was Doyle he had 2 drops on 3rd down then a fumble and a second near fumble that but us behind the sticks. The guy killed almost every drive. I think Jacoby has to stay in bounds and fight for the first down. Moncrief needs to catch the ball. No of that has to do with Jacoby's presence. The other guys have to do their jobs too.