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  1. I think you are right about Anderson. I went back and looked at what where he was through 8 games his rookie year He ranked 8th among 3-4 DE's with 22 accumulated sacks hits or hurries. He spent some time as the 3 tech a spot he admittedly he didn't feel as comfortable at rushing the passer. I am interested to see how Stewart adjusts to Sunday football. It's going to be a big jump in talent. He will obviously need time to adjust to playing vs that level of talent week in and week out. I have a feeling he's going to flash early and often rushing the QB. It may not be long before we see a front of Hankins-DT Stewart-NT Anderson-DE. There are some other guys I want to get a look at Ridgeway in year 2, Magnus in an apartment odd front, and McGill. I thought McGill should've saw more time last year. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Grigson gone. There were the whispers that he liked to mess where he had no business messing.
  2. I think you are right about Anderson's health being a key for our run D. I'm not so sure he's going to have that kind of impact on passing downs. Langford is the best defensive lineman at getting after the QB.
  3. Here is my top 5: 1. Hankins NT it all starts up front. 2. Simon OLB I think this kid is going to surprise some people. 3. Wilson CB. The best corner Vontae has had across from in Indy 4. Spence ILB the best ILB on the roster He should benefit from #1. 5. Hooker FS a true center fielder with ridiculous range. If he's ready for camp he could easily climb to 2nd on this list. He will make life easier on our CB's. I hope to be sliding Hodges on the list very soon. .
  4. I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised with Wilson. We were fortunate to get him at 46. He is the best player Davis has had opposite of him in Indy. I think Wilson is going to be solid right out of the gate. I like his willingness in run support too. There will be bumps but I don't think we are getting torched to start the season. Hooker's speed will protect us over the top. We start the year vs Rams Cards and Browns. That should allow us some time to settle in. The thing that could really hurt the secondary is Geathers health. If he can't go that's a problem especially vs the run . It will impact ILB vs the pass. I think we will be fine at OLB. Sheard and Simon have done well with pressures and sacks taking snap count into consideration. I like Simon he could have a break out year with an increased snap count and playing exclusively at OLB. If we get something from Basham that would really help. Having Langford back should provide better pressure from DL too. It's not where we want it but the pass rush will be improved. ILB is what has me concerned too. I'd love to see us sign Hodges. If not I think we are looking at Spence and Jackson starting. Jackson I expect to build off of last year. I don't think Morrison has a lot to offer because of his inability to move. Rhodes looked descent inTB last preseason he could surprise. Bostic hasn't played in a full year. Spence should be solid but his injury history is troublesome. Walker has some work to do if he's going to be part of the solution. He's not a solid tackler he missed 19 last year and before everyone talks about the extra weight. He'd missed 34 the two years prior. This group should benefit from improvements in front of them. I think the D can get on the same bag and come together in the preseason. That's provided everyone is there. They are going to be pretty good. Just how good depends on the health of Geathers. He does so many things for us on D. His loss would not only hurt the back end but it would impact what we do inside on passing downs. I think we could be in the upper half of the league with a healthy Geathers
  5. What makes you think anyone is trading a star player for Moncrief? That's not happening you might be able to get a guy with all the tools who hasn't put it all together yet
  6. I think we have that in Wilson. There was a time back before everyone started running around in their underwear. Wilson was one of the guys at the top of the CB rankings. His combine numbers mirrored Peters. I think he had the best short shuttle among all CB's. I feel like we landed 2 1st rounders. When ithe dust settles we could have the best press corner in the class. Davis and Wilson will be able to get into people with Hooker over the top. I want to see them on the field. Can Hairston challenge in the slot? I am not interested in an aging vet. I'd really like to see the staff develop a guy we carried over Milton.has 4.3 speed and is an asset on special teams. Ballard will be watching for sure. I think we stay young regardless.
  7. I would hope if there was a chance Luck might not be ready to go Ballard would not be content with Tolzien, Morris and Walker. I think we would have pulled the trigger earlier on a RB too.
  8. He should stay far far away from Arizona. Marijuana is a felony there. Oregon wouldn't be to bad but their neighbors to the north have them beat when it comes to the marijuana industry. They have tours in Seattle that take you from seed to the store. The state was generating 20 M a month in revenue this time last year.
  9. I think Ballard might and you aren't going to be happy but he might like Melvin. He's 6'2 195lbs fits the profile. He could be fine with letting the young guys take a run at Butler and Morris for the slot. I'm guessing he has a pretty good feel for Milton. They drafted his teammate White last year. He has seen his share of Yellow Jacket tape. When I look at CB. I see pretty good blend. Davis and Butler are guys with a lot of experience. Melvin and Morris have seen action over 3-4 years in the league. Then a couple of guys in their 2nd year with the team Milton and Mitchel. Then add in the drafted rookies Wilson and Hairston with a handful of UDFA's CB group started with Davis one of if not our best player on D. That alone put it heads and shoulders above the LB's. We spend two draft picks there, one being a early day 2 pick and land a guy who could've went in the 1st IMO. CB has been handled differently but I don't think it's been neglected. I dont have a problem if Melvin wins the #4 or #5 CB job. Davis and Wilson will start. Someone is going to win the slot job. It would be nice to see a return on Milton. I think Hairston is a keeper. I don't think we add anything unless there's an injury or a guy Ballard has marked pops free. Ballard wants to go young and isn't afraid to roll w/young guys You nailed it Supe you aren't comfortable with the hold overs Melvin Morris Milton and Mitchel. All M's....look at that. The LB's were addressed in FA so it feels more certain in what we are getting. We had nothing at ILB and close to nothing at OLB. We certainly didn't have a guy who should be starting Sunday's. We had to add starters at all 4 LB's spots. We had to sign FA's We could end up with out a carry over at either group from last year. That's how bad it was. I can't say how happy I am we brought Hodges in. I hope we sign him. We would be looking pretty good on paper if we did. Sheard Simon Hodges and Spence is not too shabby.
  10. Walker was the Mike at NW. The son of a coach turned coach on field. He has all the intangibles you look for at Mike. I never thought he was drafted to be anything but the Mike. He isn't the athlete I want at Will even at 238lbs. I think we go with guys who can move at both spots. I think Walker is the day 3 guy most likely to make an early splash in part because he has an open path to the field. Hairston is a guy who could earn early time. The slot is wide open. I think he's more ready than his 2 years experience would lead you to believe. I'm not anxious to see Butler back in that role. I'm not sure what his role will be after adding Hooker. Mack and Stewart I expect to contribute but they are looking at being part of a rotation. I hope that Clark is far enough along to hold down RT. That would mean Banner comes a long slow taking time to reshape his body. Simon isn't a draft pick but I think he's looking at a break out season. He hits double digits and leads the team in sacks.
  11. Ballard has said Haeg is primarily a G. The trick for him is to improve his anchor without losing his quickness. It's entirely possible that he's been able to do that this offseason. I hope he has for Luck's sake. Haeg will be one of the first names I check when we weigh everyone in here in a few weeks. Walker will be a close second. In a perfect world by next season Clark has approached his ceiling takes over LT and Banner controls his weight steps in at RT. This year I think we are looking at AC Mewhort Kelly Haeg Clark to begin the season. We could have a surprise on the right side. RG is the biggest question to me. I thought we might have the Dorian Johnson fall right in our lap. I would've looked hard at moving up to grab him.
  12. Weeds legal in AK and 2 of the 3 states I spend the most time in Washington Oregon and home Indiana. Of course Indiana is the place that it's illegal. I don't notice any difference in day to day life. The legalization of marijuana is a huge money maker for the state. Washington state topped 1 billion dollars of pot sold since legalizing and its generating over 20 M in revenue for the state monthly. The NFL can do as they wish just as you can when it comes to testing. No one has to agree. They test for nicotine to work at hospitals among other places out here.
  13. We keep cleaning up the roster. I'm not surprised Blythe is gone He's a hard working kid I wish him the best I think he's always going to have trouble anchoring even at C. I like what I have read about the 2 OL Muir and Wylie. I keep seeing we need help at T. I feel like it's G where we are thin. Here is a good piece on Wylie https://www.google.com/amp/amp.profootballweekly.com/articles/2017/04/20/591b2dc7bdd344a3ba6a2eab677dabb1/
  14. We don't need the top D in the conference. I love Hankins attitude It's possible but it would take a lot of ifs breaking our way. We just need a solid D that can get off the field and create our share of turnovers. If we can get that we will be battling for the playoffs again. It's exciting to have young guys we hope to see improve rather than old guys we hope to find the fountain of youth. Our LB's will determine our fate. To say the cupboards were left bare would be an understatement. Every LB we drafted from 2012-2016 is out of the league except Morrison who may make that a 100% this preseason. I think we are solid on DL. The addition of Hankins should really give that unit a boost. I think we get a surprise from a guy like Hunt or McGill add in the return of Anderson and Langford. The fix at NT should make this group the strength many thought it was last year. We have good young pieces in Hankins Anderson Ridgeway potentially Stewart. I'm high on the back end. Davis claims to be healthy and in a contact year. I think Melvin is a solid CB and Wilson will be a very good press CB maybe the best scheme fit in this class. Hooker's range playing centerfield should allow us to get up in WR's this year. We should make plays back there. Geathers health will be important. I think we have 3 guys to be excited about moving forward in Wilson Hooker and Geathers. The OLB's I think will hold up vs the run. The question is still where will the pass rush come from. The answer hopefully is everywhere. We aren't going to have a big dog pushing 20 sacks. We will need contributions from everyone. I see Sheard being what we expect. I think Simon could surprise. We need Basham to be a quick study and help from guys behind them, The biggest question mark of the D is at ILB. I think Spence and Jackson are our best 2 ILB's today. We have Bostic who hasn't played in a year coming in off a foot injury. Walker a rookie coming off a disappointing season. Rhodes needed a year to adjust. I think he could surprise. Morrison was not impressive last season. This group is by far the biggest question mark. If Bostic can help and Walker is the steal some think he is we could be really good. We could just as easily be looking for help here as teams cut to 53. The D is moving in the right direction. This is the first off season in some time it didn't feel like a complete afterthought. We knew one off season wasn't going to fix everything. We added some good pieces in FA and the draft now lets see what Monachina can do with them.
  15. I was talking about Chuck's choice of words saying every spot in the secondary is wide open. The secondary's job is to cover. It's clear if you start for this team in 2017 you will earn it.

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