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  1. TJ Green released? (Speculation)

    40-50lbs? He could add 20-25 and make the switch Smith Evans Jewell Jefferson etc all check in around 235lbs. D Leonard only weighed 213lbs. His weight isn't the biggest issue with a move to LB it's tackling. That's kind of an important skill for LB's
  2. The first one is a good one You hit some of my favorite players in this mock. Ragnow in the 3rd being one and Leonard after him. Jefferson has the tools to be a star. I'm not sure about taking a RB with our second pick I think we have bigger fish to fry there.
  3. I wouldn't mind grabbing more picks if we stay in the top half Buff is as far back as I'd want to move. The teams behind us to Oak at 10 all have their QB's in place. I think we stay put and take Chubb.
  4. We aren't drafting that many OL. I'm not sure I've seen a recent mock that doesn't have Miller coming of in the 1st. I do like Teller day 3. I think we may still end up with Chubb at 6.
  5. Hankins was 3yrs 27M? That might do it. If Chubb is there at 6 we have the beginning of a nasty pass rush. I really think we make a serious run at him. Ballard is at least somewhat familiar with him and Eberflus knows him well. If he says he's straight and if anyone has that info it's Eberflus then it's a go. I think there's evidence that endorsement has been made. There won't be anyone in the second like this kid or the first for that matter.
  6. Watch it happen Krunk the kids 24 he had sacks in 8 games coming off great play in the post season the year prior. Our DC knows if he straight or not. We mysteriousl cut Hankins. Why? Well well well and to boot he was originally signed as an UDFA by KC in 2015. Wasn't CB there in 2015 hmmm Dallas grabbed him from their PS. This is what I expect from Ballard. He just has to find a number he and Irving like that Dallas doesn't .
  7. There are some that think with our haul of second round picks we are planning to make a move for Cowboys DT David Irving. The 6'7 290 24 yr old DT has made all kinds of splash plays for the Boys the last year and a half. He was leading all DT's with 7 sacks before missing the last 4 games with a lingering concussion(red flag 1). He did this after missing the first 4 games due to a 4 game suspension for performance enhancers(red flag #2). Obviously our new DC is very familiar with Irving. Interestingly our GM was in KC when Irving was signed as an UDFA. The Cowboys grabbed him from the Chiefs PS. This is starting to look like something to me. The Cowboys tendered him with a second rounder. They would have the option to match any contract. In order to land him we'd have to give up our second round pick(2 remaining) and come up with a deal the Cowboys won't match but Irving accepts. He claims to be all in for FA next year. It's not going to be cheap. What was it we were paying Hankins? That cut would make a little more since if Irving came aboard. We aren't finding a DT in the 2nd that would produce 7 sacks in 8 games. Irving may never do that again but he's shown he's capable of being a big time pass rusher. This is the type of move I expect from Ballard let's see if he pulls it off.
  8. We need big games from Bogy and Vic tonight and didn't get it from either