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  1. You are giving Embid too much credit or Gronk not enough. Gronk has one something and is one of the best TE of his generation if not in the history of the league.
  2. I think Nate should look playing those 2 together a little more. It's a back breaker to play solid D for 24 seconds force a missed shot then give up an offensive rebound. You have to finish those stops in the playoffs when possessions get fewer. I was a fan of getting Poythress on a 2 way deal. He was a McDonalds All American heading to UK then a knee as a Jr derailed him. He shot 40% from 3 while averaging 20 & 9 last season for the Mad Ants. He was an All Star and All Rookie. He could be a nice piece off the bench. The opportunity is there for him.
  3. We give up too many second chance points and at the worst times. We have to rebound the ball.
  4. Who really cares about OKC besides the fans? I don't think our locker room is obsessed with PG. As you said we are off to a good start. this game doesn't change that We are 2-0 vs Cle, 1-1 vs Tor, 0-1 vs Bos(w/o Dipo) Those are the teams we need to be focused on. Our next game vs Detroit is a much more important game. They are slumping and we are the back end of a back to back for them.. That sets up well for us. I think everyone will be happy if we can go 5-1 on this home stand. It would have been nice to get PG in front of a packed house. There's no doubt we wanted to win but it wasn't an important game. The players have had their fill of PG and I'm sure will be glad to have this behind them.
  5. If we just sign one guy I'd sign Norwell We have the money give him the 4yr 45M + he's going to be looking for He's the Panthers best all around blocker and he brings a nastiness that would really help our OL. I would love to see Ballard clean up the OL in FA like he did the DL this year The health of Mewhort will be a big factor in what we do. We should be looking for at least one G. We have the cap space to address what Ballard deems necessary like adding a proven WR. That looks to be a deep FA pool. If we could snatch Shaquil Barrett from the Broncos that'd be something. I think he is a RFA. The draft I'd look for that disruptive edge. If he's not there I'm looking to trade down. I'd like to see another defensive centered draft with a RB added somewhere late day 2 or day 3. Royce Freeman would be a guy I keep an eye on. I'm anxious to see how Ballard plays it in FA. As you said that'll impact the draft I don't see us drafting a G or a RB in the top 5 We are set up to have an eventful off-season. Let the man work.
  6. We finally had a full house too It would have been nice to win but in the grand scheme of things not a big deal. OKC is Western Conference team and a pretty good one. You'd think the team would be glad to have this game done. They thought they were tired of PG last year. We need to refocus and get this divisional game with Detroit. We need that one It would suck to have this home stand end on a 2 game skid
  7. It hurt us when we went to the bench for sure Those 3 were a collective -20 on the night although all 3 shot it 50% or better. I thought we could make up ground when the starters rested too. We have to get more from Turner shooting 27% from the field for 8 points is not getting it done. Then Adams dominated on the other end. The guy had 9 offensive rebounds himself. We let OKC have 17 as a team. That's way too many 17 times we got the stop but didn't get the ball. We made things tough on ourselves. I hate to whine about the refs but the 24 to 6 free throw difference didn't help. I have been a Pacer fan long enough to know that's part of the deal but +18 in ft attempts. That's a big difference and at home no less
  8. He doesn't get any love on either end. You hit the nail on the head tonight it was rebounding that was our undoing. They got too many second chance baskets. It frustrating to watch us get the stop but not the board. The box score says turnovers were even but it felt we turned it over more maybe just more in bad spots. We didn't get a shot up down 3 that was tough. It was one of those games that felt like we did more to lose than they did to win. Those are hard to swallow. If you told me their big 3 scored 34 points I'd have bet a lot of money that we'd have won the game. Hopefully we can put PG in the rear view and get on with the season now. I'm with Dipo tired of hearing about the guy and the trade. We need to finish our home stand off vs a slumping Pistons team. That's a much more important game.
  9. I'm not counting anyone out. I said I think TJ fits what we do. It's easy to see the upside Ike and a healthy Sumner have. I watched a good bit of Xavier and as athletic and explosive as Sumner can be when healthy his shot needs work. The kid is a 6'6 PG I get rolling the dice and hope it works out. Second round projects don't have a huge success rate. It wouldve been nice to get a rookie who could contribute. I know its greedy considering the team we put together but it would have been cool to get Anunoby. At least for me being a huge IU fan. I thought he might be the selection. There was lottery talk for him so the value seemed good and our 3 wanted out.. I know hindsight is 20/20 but he's looking good for Toronto. I assure you I'm cool with how things played out.
  10. I disagree with a couple of the grades. What do Sabonis and Bogy have to do to get A's? Sabonis is hitting 75% ft's, 55% fg's and 45% from deep while averaging 12pts and 8.5 boards. He stepped in when Myles was hurt then seamlessly went back to his role when he returned. He has exceeded all expectations. Bogy has been Vic's Robin the first 1/3 of the season. He stepped in became our second leading scorer and has shown an all around game most didn't believe he had. He's shooting 86% ft's 49% fgs and 42% from 3. He's close to 90/50/40 and there aren't a lot of guys that can stroke it like that. He's played timely D and hit big shots. He's a big part of our success. I can get with the other grades I might ding Myles until he's consistently our second best player. I think most expected more from him this season and I still think are still going to get that guy. Injuries are part of the game can't really grade on a curve for them. I would grade the other guys. Their roles have been established barring injury they aren't getting more minutes. Joey Buckets has played pretty well when called on. It helps they haven't asked to play a lot as the 1. Al has been solid and TJ has been hit or miss. Wilkins has been as you'd expect. Thats my two cents. The thing that jumps out is we don't have our second best player all the way back and we still have an important rotational piece coming back. The current NBA power rankings have us sitting 7th. Houston GS SA Cavs Celtics and Raptors are the teams ahead of us.
  11. I think Leaf can be a solid guy off the bench. He can get up and down the floor score the ball and has 3pt range. He should fit what we do. It would have been nice if Brooks slide 2 more spots. The PAC 12 POY and he was the 3rd Duck off the board. He'starting for Memphis It's hard to complain with the team we put together.
  12. Abunoby is the guy I was hoping we'd take in the draft when he was there. Mainly because he was a Hoosier but he was good value. He was projected as a lottery pick before the injury. He's looking like a steal for the Raptors 51% fg 43% from deep we knew he could defend. The draft was the low point of the offseason IMO. As you said Leaf needs to get stronger but he looks like he can score. I was hoping for a guy that could help now. I don't think Sumner has a future the kid can't shoot. Hopefully Ike will develop. I'm not complaining most rookies don't give you much anymore. The front office more then made up for it bringing in Dipo Sabonis Bogy CoJo and DC.
  13. It's his back but this is the book on him unfortunately because he's a great player when he's on the floor
  14. I didn't see much of him outside of the playoffs last year in the NBA I remembered him from watching International ball. He was very good for Croatia I thought it strange it didn't translate more to the NBA. I wanted to see what he could do with us. Needless to say he has done very well with his opportunity.
  15. I really liked Bogy signing. He's more than a 3pts shooter. He has a high bball IQ and is a well rounded player. He's a scorer with a good mid range game, and is sneaky Euro good in the post. He can finish with both hands around the basket and yes is deadly from deep. This is the first place he's had the opportunity to show his game. He led all scorers at the Olympics with 25.3 ppg. He has a career high of 44 while with the Nets. The GR3 injury I think helped him providing the chance to get comfortable and opportunity to be more than a specialist. He's thought of a defensive liability but that's not the case. It was his D that led to Dipo's big 3 vs the Bulls and again tonight when Denver went for the win Bogy kept Barton in front of him forcing a fade away with a hand in the face.