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  1. Here are PFF's scores: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-refocused-detroit-lions-24-indianapolis-colts-10 Redmond and Banner lead the OL. Unfortunately the play I remember Redmond for was the flag that brought back Pope's 54 yard screen pass. Banner's pass blocking grade is encouraging. Anyone who saw Pope last preseason in Seattle wouldn't have expected anything less from him. McGill Jackson and Basham stood out on D. Hopefully this is the year McGill breaks out. I think Jackson is a starter at ILB by week 1. Basham off to a good start
  2. Ragland was a 2nd rounder. He went around 40th overall. I would like to see us get a late round pick for Parry or whoever the odd man out is on the DL. Every little bit helps.
  3. I'm not sure what you are talking about Gollisay only had 3 catches for 53 yards 2 TDs The first touchdown was not Q getting embarrassed.not even close. He was right thsre could he have got his head around more quickly probably but I'm not sure it would have mattered. The kid made a great catch on a well placed ball. The second TD wasn't even Q on the coverage pretty sure it was Mitchel. He got Mitchel turned around a little. I thought Wilson played a pretty good first game. I think we all want to see more of him. It was the first action of his career
  4. Do you have a link? I couldn't find anything saying that. I saw Kilgore came back and took the starting C job coming back from injury. I read Zuttah had been working with the 2nd and 3rd teams at C & G. Kilgore returned from injury to take his starting C job back. Zuggart didn't have the athletic ability Shanahan likes He wanted to let him go so he could catch on elsewhere.
  5. He has experience at all 3 interior OL spots and was in the Pro Bowl at C last season. Do we know when :Schwenke is expected back? Who are the interior OL that have impressed so much? I thought we should have addressed G this off season. I think we are thin at that spot We have Mewhort and hopefully Haeg has developed a better anchor then he had last year. We have yet to see Haeg this season. Who do we have behind them? Good? I for one don't want to see Good at G again. I don't see the depth on the OL.
  6. You want to start looking for replacements next week based on preseason games? C'mon we went winless with Peyton 3x and made the playoffs all 3 years. Both Super Bowl teams were 1-3 in the preseason. Ballard understands the purpose of the preseason He won't be replacing coach's. The preseason is used to evaluate players. You watch individual match ups. There aren't cuts until after the final preseason game this season. The bottom 1/3 of our roster is well below average better get used to these kind of games. We have 4 CB's that have never played in a NFL game. Then another that has minimal experience. These 5 guys are going to see most of the snaps. How do you think they are going to fare? Outside of a maybe guy or two on the DL players cut from this roster aren't going to play in the NFL. The depth is that bad. Then factor in with Luck out our #2 QB plays opps. #1 D &QB our #3 QB vs opps.#2 QB & D etc. We don't have great back up QB's to begin with. These things are going to be a problem on the scoreboard. The silver lining Vegas left the game on the board and the Lions were only -1 at kickoff. That's pretty easy money.
  7. This years rookies and FA's Players developed from last year's PS Redmond Vujnovich Edwards Mount Rhodes Do we have someone with size and pop to lessen the Geathers blow Williamson Graham? Greene OL depth Muir Cooper Wylie Bond DB's Farley Green Powell's switch ST's Punter KR/PR's Rhodes long snapping? UDFA's Thomas Graham Blackmon New faces standing out I want to see Pope think he starts to take over 4th RB The QB's and Spence are Are they that bad. How does Parry look can we get a late pick for him?
  8. If he can't handle the heat He needs to stay out of the kitchen It sounds like he can't handle the heat. There are plenty of kickers who can. The kid in KC will be looking for work when Santos gets back I am not in favor of using a spot on the PS for a liquored up * * kicker I hear we can get one of them in Canada. I wouldn't be so sure about a 2nd real chance at a roster There are only 32 It's not the eaaiest group to get in. We seem to have a good K taking the load off Vinny every preseason He has no chance at the roster How many other teams are like that? Most teams want experience If you get handed a PK job you better make good.
  9. Of course I want to see how the rookies look. What the deal is at QB? The OL depth. I will be paying close attention to special teams. Changes in the kicking game. What's our plan at SS on early downs? I think we have a couple of guys that might be able to bring some Geathers type size and physicality. I want to see how big of a jump our second year players have made. I hope to see some development from the players we carried on the PS. My focus will be on the OL and the back end of the D. OFFENSE: Redmond Vunjovich from PS Cooper Muir Wylie. QB's DEFENSE Edwards Mount Rhodes Williamson(IR) from PS Thomas Spence Farley Green Graham Powell
  10. You weren't the only one and had Ballard been here Morris may have won the job. That's back when playing better than the guy I'm front of you didn't always mean much.
  11. Anyone watch the EPL opener Love the Gunners it was a struggle but we escaped with all 3 pts. 4-3 over Leicester City and if things couldn't get any better Chelsea is down 3-0 it's not yet half time
  12. El Classico is the name given to any match between football giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. It used to have to be on Spanish soil to be an El Classico but now the term is applied to all matches featuring those two sides. The reasons They hate each other the matches are very intense the fans really go at it and they are today and historically two of the biggest and best clubs in the world. It's Ronaldo vs Messi widely thought of as the 2 best players. It's a little like IU and Purdue used to be Then multiple the intensity I say used to be I don't live in the state anymore. I don't know for sure but it seems to have lost some intensity. I see people hanging out together in red and black even drinking together When I was a kid you were claimed at birth to be for IU or PU. No one kind of liked Purdue or the General You loved or hated them. Fortunately my blanket was crimson and cream.
  13. Tolzien himself has said he's not had a good summer to date. I think we can take his word for it. Like you said we will get to see for ourselves very soon.
  14. Blythe is in LA. It will be interesting to see if we bring someone in. That's a lot of work for Bond if he's the only guy who snaps the ball. If we bring in help I wouldn't expect to see a pure pivot As someone mentioned I too thought Redmond got some experience last season. This is the kind of opportunity that could help someone sneak on the roster. Are you listening Muir?
  15. Hold it are you suggesting maybe we should see him play this season before we cut him? Man are you thinking way outside the box. I want to see how all the 2nd year guys look. Green Clark and Morrison are at the top of my list. Milton was up there too but he's missing a lot of time. It was interesting the thing specifically mentioned to keep an eye on was Green's involvement in the kicking game He returned kick offs at Clemson. Could we see him back there?

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