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  1. Thought I read a recent DUI was making him more likely an UDFA.
  2. There are so many RB's it's possible I have him confused with a different player. I read somewhere a recent DUI was going to push him to the tail end of the draft or more likely an UDFA.
  3. Here are a couple of names that I would look at as UDFA's: Aaron Jones UTEP,Matt Breida Georgia Southern. Breida had a down year after explosive So. and Jr years.
  4. Haeg could add weight get stronger but I think to anchor inside it would take away from his real strength his mobility. I am not sure he has the frame to add a lot of weight. I think Haeg is a T. Good needs to do more than stunt/blitz recognition. He has trouble with more athletic players and his weight has been an issue. I don't want to count on Good. I would like to have an OL that keeps Luck clean. I want there to be depth so when a couple of guys get banged up we aren't running players like Blythe out. I think to do that without question we need to bring in a G. That guy to me is Johnson. He can kick out to tackle in a jam.
  5. I think we steal Foster at 15 if he's there. The kid was a top 5 talent and the best prospect at ILB since Kuechly just a few weeks ago. There's been a lot that's if things happen but the tape has not changed. I think we go Reddick and maybe even Harris at 15. Conley is solid but not special.
  6. I know but he's not going In the second now He's going to fall a round or 2 unless he did something totally crazy. We have three 4th round picks My bad not a clear post
  7. I should have used a complete sentence. I realize he was projected higher as was Lewis. Ballard has a history of giving second chances. Those three 4th round picks could catch some unexpectedly talented players.
  8. We are a RG away from being in good shape. Good can't handle stunts and Haeg doesn't have the anchor to play inside full time. I think Johnson is the guy we should target.
  9. Melvin and Morris if the season started today is who I think we run out at CB2 CB3 They aren't that far off what we have at ILB. Bostic/Morrison and Spence/Jackson aren't going to the pro bowl anytime soon. IMO MLB is the weakest of the group. I don't think Conley is that much if any better than guys like Auwzie and White. We could trade back in the 2nd and get Wilson who was once talked about in the 1st. Tankersly is projected all over the place late 2nd- 4th as is Witherspoon and Lewis. If I could get Lewis and Tankersly in the 3&4 or Sutton and Witherspoon sign me up.
  10. That shuttle times say he should move better laterally. I still want to watch him but I like the kid if we don't get a MLB the first 2 days.
  11. I like McGill too I thought he would and should have seen more time last season. I am not sure why that didn't happen. It will be interesting to see how playing time looks this year w/Grig's gone.
  12. Langford when healthy our best pass rushing D Lineman if not the best overall. That being said we should bring him in if the price is right. After Langford Anderson Hankins and Ridgeway the D Line is wide open. We want to be cutting guys other teams sign.
  13. You are right look at who is still on the board Auwzie White Wilson King Tankersly stop Moreau Witherspoon Lewis Tabbor Sutton Griffin somewhere day 2 ends H. Wilson Douglas Myrick Elder Allen Curter Kazee Langley Stribling. We should be able to get a solid CB at 48. I would take Reddick at 15. We need a playmaker on D. Conley is solid but Auwzie or White are a lateral moves. There's not a huge drop to Tankersly.
  14. Let me know what you see. I have only seen the Senior Bowl. I remember him having a nice game vs OSU too. For a guy who wasn't athletic he had a great combine. He was top's in bench press 27x. The surprising times 1st short shuttle 4.13 3rd 60 yard shuttle 11.58 7th vertical 34.5 9th 3 cone and 12th broad jump. His 40 time was not so impressive 4.75. Blair Brown was just ahead of Davis on the SPRAQ at #6. Duke Riley was 14th. A couple of guys who didn't fair so well McMillan 34 and Anzalone 52. I've never been excited about Anzalone. He'd be a steal if he was able to do something he's never done. I do like Riley. SPARQ isn't the end all but here it is. https://3sigmaathlete.com/rankings/lb/

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