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  1. You are wrong Frederick Martin and Smith are 1st rounders and Chaz Green is a 3rd.
  2. FYI Every starter on the Cowboys OL was drafted the first 2 days. There are 3 first rounders except Collins. We all know that Collins isn't a typical UDFA. I don't want to see an early pick used on the OL this year. There is so much talent to be had on D and our's needs as much as we can get. The only offense I wanted to see from the draft this year was Hunt or McNichols day 3. I'd be ok with bringing in Hop or Boom as an UDFA and going all D. I'm sick of not being able to stop anyone. We don't really know what Ballard is thinking at RG or RT. Unless he's decided that the answers are on the roster. We are probably looking at OL in the first 2 days. I don't want to use 15 on a G. OL has to be the top priority. I want to watch Luck play for a few more years at least. We have to be able to run the ball too. If that means using early picks on the OL then that's what we have to do. If we can't protect Luck the D doesn't matter. I will question why we didn't address it in FA. I won't question fixing it.
  3. What different direction would you want to go in at WR? He is 6'2 221lbs runs a 4.3 40. You looking for smaller slower what? Who are you bringing in on a cheaper deal better than Moncrief? You do realize you are talking about a 23 year old kid who's on a rookie deal right? Through the draft how high of a pick would you need to use to get a WR like Moncrief? Does any of that make sense? He has not shown himself to be irreplaceable has anyone except maybe Andrew? This thread has shown itself to be replaceable.
  4. My thought is how much bigger than 6'2 221lbs would you like him to be? Are we talking about the same guy? He wears #10. I see posts saying he doesn't have speed he is not this he is not that. It's crazy. He lost a year because of injuries that happens to the best of them. This is the kid who ripped the lid off the combine at 20 yrs old. He had one of the best combines ever period. Questioning his size speed athletic ability is ridiculous. I have not looked for sure but I bet if you go back and look at games he and Luck have started together the last 2 years he's averaging nearly a td a game. As fsr as the Jeffries rumor I say if a player is available that could make the team better and we aren't interested there's a problem. I don't think that has anything to do with Moncrief nor do I think signing Aiken says anything about him. We are rumored to be in the QB market Moncrief is only 23 years old come on his best football is still in front of him. Moncrief was not extending after the lost season he had last year. I think good teams keep their good players I expect Moncrief to get a new contract. Ballard looking at bringing some size at WR says that no ones job on this team is safe. There is going to be competiton at every position. Players like Moncrief will welcome competition. Ballard wants others teams watching and signing players we cut. He has already told everyone what he's trying to do. Now he just doing it.
  5. I don't disagree I read somewhere his size and injury history pushed him down. I didn't see anything about his size I've been lazy haven't compared numbers or RAS any of that stuff. The eye ball test says he can play. I'd have no problem going Davis. We can't start Morrison. I really like Awuzie in the 2nd I think Joe Mathis and Rudy Ford are really being overlooked. This could be a good year to have 3 fourth rounders Ford ran a 4.3 40 plays S and the slot and takes care of PR KR duty.
  6. I think Foster and Reddick go in the first McMillan and Davis in the 2nd with Cunningham somewhere in between If we don't get one of those guys then I am looking for Riley early day 3. He may go in the 3rd. That's about it at ILB. We need to get one of the 5. Beckwith and Walker would be better than nothing. Munson is a sleeper I think could surprise. There is an obvious gap in talent after Riley.
  7. I think it's his Achilles he ruptured Krunk I'd feel better about a torn ACL. I still would not draft him the first 2 days not with the CB's that will be there. It sucks Jones was a top CB and one of my favorites in this draft. I liked him at 15. You don't know what you are getting with Jones. Dr. Mark Schwartz provided some bad news calling a ruptured Achilles tendon a career-threatening injury. “Of those who did return back, the average length of recovery was almost 11 months Schwartz said. “[Of] those who did get back, there was a decrease . . . in their ability to perform on the field. So this is a significant injury to a player in the NFL. There have been guys to come back but a 1/3 don't and no RB had made it back.
  8. OL is fine I'm just not doing it at 15 We need a playmaker on D.
  9. It means he has never played.a down in the NFL. There are a lot of guys that have not lived up to projections, I''m not saying he was going to be a bust but it's not like he's a proven NFL CB. Then add the Achilles injury to the mix. No one knows how he returns from that injury. He's too much of a risk for us. We don't have that luxury with our roster. We need players that will help this year especially the first 2 days.
  10. I'm not that high on Peppers. I think we need to get 2CB from this class. Walker could pan out but if it wasn't for his 2015 season he might go undrafted. Witherspoon and Jerome I like and Willis if no one falls i.e. McKinley Harris
  11. I don't think we can afford to take Jones with a 3rd. We didn't even know if he could play Sunday ball before the Achilles. We need help this year. An OL from WKU at 15 not this draft. I know he's looked good. I think we go Reddick Edge Or CB unless someone falls to 15. Hankins wants too much money and no one wants to sign him Those are not good signs. Pass I love Hodges have wanted to sign him since FA began
  12. I don't want to see Hankins signed for all that money. He has no market. He is looking at a prove it deal which really means no team thinks he's an impact player. I would be cautious with Jones too. He has yet to show anything in the NFL. An Achilles is a bad injury. This class is deep we can find help in the 4/5 rounds and we need to. Let someone else red shirt Jones. Lewis I'd digging for the scoop We can't touch him until we know the deal. Lewis and Jones were 2 of my favorites in this draft. It's really to bad for Jones I feel for him. Lewis is just stupid. I've seen my fair share of crazy never be charged with DV because I don't put my hands on women
  13. This is a smart way to reconstruct a roster. Guys like Simon Sheard Spence etc will help this team. We needed more help at LB than any draft could provide. That's about Grig's no one else. There are very few 3 down ILB in this draft. The signing of Spence gives us a guy who can cover and play ST's. He may save some wear and tear on Geathers at ILB too. It will be interesting to see. We have more options than yesterday. We are no longer in spot we have to take an ILB the first 2 days unless we like how the board falls. The only spot I see that has to be hit in the draft is CB. This is the perfect draft to get a couple of CB's. We will of course get an Edge too. Thess signings are to create competition and cover glaring weaknesses before the draft. Ballard has said all along you get your foundation pieces in the draft. Anyone expecting splash signings wasn't paying attention. I hope will still bring in Hodges and McDouglan in FA. That's the 2 guys I have been wanting to see. A CB would not hurt my feelings either. I think bringing Butler back might be enough in Ballards mind on the back end before the draft. This draft is full of DB's. It will not be the pass rushers that slide very much. They will push some quality guys at other positions down the board. If we only had some extra day 3 picks I think there will be real quality to be had early day 3.
  14. I realize that I was trying to have some fun with posts from other threads. According to PFF we signed the 2 best Edge defenders to change teams. https://www.profootballfocus.com/pro-ranking-the-10-best-edge-defenders-set-to-hit-free-agency/
  15. We need 5 new starters: NT we need a big block eating run stuffer. Both OLB's and an ILB. The starters on the outside are gone and Morrison needs to be replaced. The back end Adams is gone. Looking at the roster of the 5 new starters 3 could be on the roster Sheard Simon and Butler. I think they will see challenges especially at Edge and CB. I expect to see early picks used on those positions. The 2 spots we don't have an answer are NT and ILB. We add an early down run stuffing block eating NT in the draft. There are a few I like Big Stevie in the 5tn. ILB I am hoping we sign a FA. There is not a lot of day 1 help in the draft. I think it is risky not to bring in a guy. Give me Hodges. We still look in the draft but we aren't married to it. I think we should look at McDouglan in FA too. He's a young guy who can play both S spots. The D could be improved this year. If Ballard is committed to that side of the ball in the draft. we could add some much need talent.

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