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  1. Same name as a NY Rangers blogger, got confused.
  2. Rangers, the kings of closing out games when leading after 2, now dropped a 7th straight home game last night after blowing a one goal lead to the Islanders. 2 PPGs given up, including one late. The backup goalie has been reassigned to Hartford so Henrik will be back on the California road trip this weekend and the lead's best road team will have a chance to increase it as they try to clinch the 1st wildcard spot. Meanwhile, Boston is giving away their playoff spot to Toronto. Would be hilarious if they got eliminated on the last game of the season. I was in Boston that day two years ago and loved every second of that.
  3. Not as many fights anymore, you need one every now and then for a spark but the stats are against enforcers. The Rangers for example throw out a fourth line of speed which has led to increased scoring since speed beats heavy hitting. I didn't get into hockey until like 5 years ago but now I can't get enough. It's truly a special sport. WWE is still athletic but it's definitely not as good. Vince just totaled his Bentley two days ago like quarter mile from my office lol
  4. True. I don't think of it like that. Here in the tristate area we have 2 teams for every sport (3 for hockey) and prices are crazy for most of them minus primetime Jet games later in the season and now that the Islanders moved to Brooklyn from Long Island it's cheap to go there too. We just got a second NY MLS team a couple years ago as well.
  5. Anyone see Crosby's goal of the year candidate last night? split four defenders and scored one handed. Insane.
  6. Maybe Indy will be the next expansion after Vegas.
  7. It's not officially the Leafs for Washington but I don't see TB or NYI catching them. I would be very happy with the Rangers hanging onto the WC1 spot, and it's almost guaranteed at this point. We aren't catching WAS, CBJ, or PIT and TOR, TB, and NYI aren't catching us. We will be the 4th seed in the Atlantic bracket but currently have a better record than Montreal, Ottawa, and Boston. We won't have to worry about seeing a metro team until the ECF either. We also have the most road wins in the league and aren't as good at home so if Henrik comes back healthy, along with the depth of returning Girardi and Klein on D perhaps we can make a run.
  8. I should have caught up to the thread before commenting, but I figured I'd throw in the additional stats that give him 16 yards per catch. You and NCF are top posters though so I agree w you both.
  9. he had 33 catches including a 64 yarder against the Jags.
  10. I think he has the potential, he doubled his numbers thanks to Moncrief's injury but still did not completely step up in his absence the way you'd want a first round pick too. Kelvin Benjamin was picked around the same time the year before and had a stronger start to his career although injuries, both his and Cam's, have hurt him lately. Guys like Jordan Matthews, Davante Adams, Allen Robinson, and Jarvis Landry who were second round picks the year before have all been outperforming him as well. I'm actually comparing the 2014 and 2015 WR drafts in the first couple rounds. 2014 also had Watkins, Evans, OBJ, and Cooks in the first round as well vs. 2015 which had Cooper, Kevin White, Davante Parker, Nelson Agholor, and Brashad Perriman all before Dorsett. 2014 was a monster year.
  11. Thanks, this is what I have been saying. Except he did have a nice stretch with Moncrief out last year to prove himself and he had one big play in London and that was it.
  12. Or just be realistic and find a balance between position of need and BPA like Brown or Collins who were both available.
  13. Correct, he is not a star. Thank you for agreeing with me. Shouldn't have drafted him in the first.
  14. He's had plenty of chances, especially with Moncrief injured last year, and he basically got one home run touchdown against the Jags. He can still contribute but he's a total first round bust.
  15. He might still be decent but for a first round pick after 2 seasons he obviously wasn't worth his draft position.

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