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  2. Cuncel da saeson
  3. True, it's not like hockey. I'd take a next year 3. Save some cash on a bad season and also increase chances of number 1 pick.
  4. ESPN is nice but the fantasy football sub on reddit is a great content aggregate with live discussions
  6. The Chargers were historically unlucky last year, but there is data suggesting we are always in the bottom half of the league in terms of games missed by starters, the one year we were in the average was when Luck missed half the year.
  7. Saturday morning. The only rain we had was while showering/pregaming before the Rathskeller on Friday. We hung by the pool and it was sunny, took showers and met up to drink in a room and it was pouring sideways outside, we got to the Rathskeller (which I didn't realize the beer garden was outside) and it was all cleared up. Worked out great.
  8. The Falcons would have won and there would be zero negative impact on NE's legacy. /thread
  9. Handlebar was a huge highlight, thank you @Nadine for recommending!
  10. I am DEAD today lol, but it was a great time. I'm glad I got to show everyone was Indy was all about. They all had a great time too. My fiancee sent us some bubbly at St Elmos which was awesome and we got to see Peyton's private room in the basement next to the wine cellar. For the most part a relatively cheap weekend split between 12 guys. We had $13 tickets in the 600 level with an insane view of the field out the window into downtown. Howl at the Moon we paid 160 bucks between us and they gave us $80 back in credit to spend at the bar, Tastings wine bar was half price bottles so thats another 12 bucks for 3 glasses of wine each plus cheese board, the beers were like 2.50-3 dollars everywhere. I probably spent more money on bathroom attendants from the rate I was going in and out.
  11. Insane weekend. Friday - Primanti Bros, RAM Brewery, Liquor Store with a bank vault in the basement, hung out at hotel pool, Rathskeller, Tiki Bob's (for a quick shot), Howl at the Moon, Pizza place next door Saturday - Jack's Donuts, Handlebar (including St Joe's and Metazoa Brewery), Tow Yard Brewery, hotel pool, 1933 Lounge, Yard House, Wild Beaver, Tin Roof, Brothers/Kilroy's (group got split up), back to Howl at the Moon Sunday - Yolk, Touchdown Town, Colts/Lions, Tastings, St. Elmo's (we got a private room and tour!), Nicky Blaine's, Tiki Bob's (admittedly the only place I didn't like because it was just absurd even on a Sunday night). Awesome time!
  12. This was heartbreaking to read. I can't imagine the pain you are going through. I know you probably don't believe in the power of prayer right now but we will still provide it. There are peaks and valleys, and with some time hopefully will bring you some healing. Your loved ones are no longer in pain, so we take that burden on ourselves which is one way to look at it, they are also looking down fondly on you. These next few days, weeks, months will be very tough, but the forum is here for you so don't hesitate to reach out to it. Sean
  13. Nice! I am excited to see them at the Rathskeller. I heard the mustard for pretzel's is insane too. One thing I just noticed was Nicky Blaine's cigar bar. I think it's a perfect spot to end the weekend. I left a message asking if NFL jerseys are ok since we are going from the game to St. Elmo's and then there after. Hopefully they are cool, if not we can change.
  14. Also wanted to add this was literally Luck's worst professional outing of his career. Extremely low bar to replicate by his standards.
  15. The one thing they should be doing is trading Richardson for a pick, he's gonna be making a ton of money this year and will leave in FA anyway so get something now before you lose him for nothing.

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