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  1. Not just a Colts fan, he was a huge fan of Joseph Addai's Colts
  2. I laughed
  3. He says he will be
  4. My brother is a Jets fan and loves the pick
  5. Had my heart set on Allen, but good pick Ballard.
  6. No way not after the way this is shaking out
  7. Please keep updating as picks come in, watching Rangers/Sens
  8. Yea, we will have time to kill during the day so definitely Jack's donuts one morning, Primanti bros for lunch one day, plus all the other bars I've been to and other ones we will discover.
  9. Yes I haven't been to Winners Circle OTB but my cousin swears by it so I plan on going, it's probably best to go Saturday during the day when there are horse races? We are definitely doing St. Elmo's, but may do it after the game on Sunday. Not everyone can stay Fri-Mon (some will fly out Sun morning) but those who stay for the game we can get the sunday price fix menu. I'm already making everyone fly out (half of us would have to travel anyway, and it's still cheaper than doing NYC) so I don't want to force everyone to go to St. Elmos when it's not price fix, we may just do 1933 lounge friday or saturday then the smaller group who stayed the extra day for the game can do st. elmos Howl at the Moon I went with my fiance and we had an awesome time, $3 beers, great music, we are definitely doing that too. Anything else I'm missing?
  10. Thank you, Yea I'm looking into probably just more of a pub crawl thing so we can hit up a lot of spots, rather than do tours. As I recall there are so many places in downtown, plus places like Yard House that have so many taps, the guys are just going to want to drink as many beers as possible, but I wanted to find one brewery to check out.
  11. You'd have to move closer to NYC. In CT we have NBC Sports (where my bro and cousin work), YES Network, WWE, Jerry Springer/Maury/Wilkos all broadcast out of my area, then if you're in NYC that's the hub and there is a ton of media companies there.
  12. Oh I bet, I've never been in the summer before, we stayed in November for the homecoming game this past season and it wasn't crowded anywhere really aside from 1933 bar after the game, although my fiance and I don't stay out late. Howl at the Moon was pretty alive that night, we stayed out semi late there one night.
  13. Thank you, I plan on being with like ten to fifteen guys, only three of us have been to Indy so I'm trying to impress them.
  14. Thank you! Do you know of the best brewery in downtown Indy? Or do you know a couple of them?
  15. FYI @Gramzhas been busy she will be back

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