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  1. Sucks a HOF career ends bc he's allergic to his uniform.
  2. We lost Stepan and Raanta for a young talented (and troublesome) defenseman and 7th overall pick. They got better definitely but we got rid of Stepan's contract which is huge so it's a reload/rebuild move for us. We now have 20M+ (before Klein possibly retires) to spend in FA AND two first round picks (for once!) to package in a trade. Possible to trade for Duchene or sign Shattenkirk/resign Brendan Smith now.
  3. Arizona got their Defenseman, Goalie, and Center in like a half hour
  4. anyone following this crazy expansion draft plus trades
  5. Ah ok, my friend and I were talking about how the Jets almost had Matt Ryan and Mariota, and (if he didn't go back for his senior year) Peyton and maybe even Belichek. My friend said how everyone could have had Marino and I said yea and we drafted Elway. I searched Elway on Wikipedia and it said he didn't wanna play for Kush.
  6. RIP, does anybody know if him and Elway ever "reconciled" since he refused to play for him?
  7. Guys have to hope they don't get slightly injured in the last game.
  8. That PFF stat could be misleading as he is under pressure almost all of the time, and could possibly throw more TDs as he gets more time.
  9. Good signing. Similar to the Jets with Brandon Marshall or Emmanuel Sanders to Denver compared to signings like Andre Johnson to the Colts or Hakeem Nicks to the Colts. Until they beat us, I'm not worried about them.
  10. It was tweeted like right after it was announced by either ESPN or the Colts
  11. Clay Travis has the Titans winning the SB, Peter King has Titans as the number 4 team and the Colts as the number 24, despite us having arguably the best offseason and being one 21 point 4th quarter blown lead from the playoffs, on top of the fact Titans haven't beat us in like 3 years. Let them root for the Titans.
  12. I think the artist rendering the colts posted was him with his arm up as he is about to throw the ball.
  13. I am praying this thing doesn't come out like Ronaldo's and becomes a meme.
  14. We had that many camp injuries last year and weren't tackling?
  15. Replace Jackson with McAfee and replace Aiken with with Hankins.

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