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  1. Hankins Released

    Or the Cowboys interior lineman just aren't any good.
  2. Hankins Released

    I have alrady called Hankins a solid player. Just don't think he warrants the reaction by some on this forum.
  3. Now that's a great a horrible, unintentionally funny way.
  4. Don't see draft day, it's a horrible movie.
  5. Hankins Released

    That's the point. They signed Harrison for big money knowing he played the same position as Hankins. And I'm sure they did that knowing g full well Hankins would leave in free agency.
  6. Hankins Released

    My bad, it was Harrison who they brought in a s a FA agent from the replace Hankins. Point still stands.
  7. Hankins Released

    If he played so well why did the Giants replace him with Kendrick Ellis and then allow Hankins to walk in free ageny? And he wasn't exactly a hot commodity on the free agent market either.
  8. Hankins Released

    You right, i think the Giants moved Hankins to the 3 TECH when they brought Ellis in.
  9. Hankins Released

    Think he was in a 34 at osu. And believe he was in a 34 until the Giants brought spagnola back.
  10. Hankins Released

    Signing expensive impact players is kind of a waste if you don't have a core of difference makers already in place.
  11. Hankins Released

    Cool pic bro
  12. Hankins Released

    Just the biggest name and the highest paid.