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  1. It was questionable, but not this horrible call it's been made out to be. Rolling Wilson out and making him a threat to run would have been the best option imo. The Falcons just screwed up the whole 2nd half. I can't nail that down to one play.
  2. New mascot. I say the colts get a white horse named Jimbo and the young lady who rides him out wears nothing but chaps.
  3. Just because he injured his knee does not mean he was rushed back. He also blew out his knee in HS.
  4. I've heard Luck now has an artificial right arm.
  5. I think people are critical of the Seahawks because of the result. Throwing on 2nd and goal is fairly common in the NFL. Wilson didn't have to throw a pick.
  6. His perfectly fine knee wasn't completely healed last time?
  7. The colts were down 6 with a minute to go in the 3rd.
  8. You mean Monachino?
  9. When asked about it as the press conference he seemed to be confused to even why there was a question about it. A mensa member he is not.
  10. Yeah, I didn't expect them to be top 10 either.
  11. Having Whalen out there when he hadn't practiced all week compounds the stupidity.
  12. The colts were 10th in time of possession.
  13. I'm happy to say I thought the refs blew that call.
  14. Pagano. The other plays weren't that bad really,
  15. The defense's problem wasn't the offense. Their problem was they sucked.

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