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  1. His agent already trying to drive up that price lol
  2. You talking about Robert Mathis?
  3. Fournette isn't the cause for the jags success. I don't see a drop off at all when TJ Yeldon replaces him.
  4. I though you were just bullshipping us, now I know you are.
  5. We’re not doing the Star Wars stuff again

    I think the above illustrates why the colts shouldn't spend the 3 pick on a rb.
  6. Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    The poll should be between Chubb, Fitzpatrick, or trade down.
  7. The Browns aren't going to sign a 34yr old QB instead of selecting a top prospect at the position. Why would Cousins sign with Cleveland?
  8. We’re not doing the Star Wars stuff again

    Because using a #3 pick on defense makes it easier.
  9. Todd Haley

    Not coming here, but he's a good OC.
  10. Steelers did lose Bell couple yrs ago. They didn't lose much with DeAngelo Williams.
  11. With that legendary combo of joe Addai and that journeyman guy
  12. .....and people believe John Dorsey will fail to recognize this?
  13. Rank The Colts IN AFC South

    Unfortunately, the Texans also get JJ watt and whitney mercilus back