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  1. If the news I received made the story sound fishy, then yes, I would.
  2. Using a late pick on him won't alter the legal process.
  3. Kinda hard not to take responsibility when it's on tape.
  4. Just because guy writes it on his site doesn't mean it's true.
  5. Never seen the movie...or I don't remember it. At first glance I thought it was nick nolte from north Dallas forty lol.
  6. Damn near every great story I have came after midnight. But the wearing of the halo is all the rage online.
  7. Did he really do something so stupid? A young man invited a woman to his room. Get the pitchforks!
  8. The poor roster doesnt excuse the bone headed decisions, the lack of discipline, mediocre coaching hires, etc...
  9. Don't think a "bell cow" is needed in today's game.
  10. other than the rotator cuff surgery what shoulder issues has he had?
  11. Is it me or does it seem like more people are torn about Mixon but are giving a thumbs down to Foster?
  12. They want to reward him for that performance in the NFC championship game. He was the Saints MVP

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