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  1. Houstons owner racist comments??

    You don't have be an old loon to mix up word/metaphors, etc... older people just tend to do it.
  2. Houstons owner racist comments??

    Did you or did you not say "the repercussions are deserved"? I didn't twist anything
  3. Houstons owner racist comments??

    You stated the repercussions are deserved. Part of the repercussions are his being labeled a racist by some.....and you endorsed it. Follow along.
  4. Houstons owner racist comments??

    The guy is 80 yrs old.....they tend to get things mixed up. My buddies dad called Taken 2 with Liam Neeson "Tekken 2 with Leslie Nielsen". That would be a very different movie.
  5. Houstons owner racist comments??

    So the resprecussions of being labeled a racist are deserved because an old man used a commonly used phrase. I'm sure he regrets not looking around the room, to gauge each individual's past, and censoring himself of anything that might offend anyone. Unfortunately, you and this kind of thinking is part of the problem.
  6. Houstons owner racist comments??

    I will go for the barbecue
  7. Houstons owner racist comments??

    People have used that phrase forever. And yes, in reference to white people. but hey, if wanna make a "bet" about a man you have never met and brand him a racist, that's your prerogative.
  8. Houstons owner racist comments??

    I have heard members of the media use the same phrase about the same topic and nobody was outraged.
  9. Houstons owner racist comments??

    Yes, and that isn't one of them. His problem is he's old as dirt and used "prison" instead of "asylum". But let's not look at the character and life of the man, let's burn him at the stake and declare him a racist.
  10. Houstons owner racist comments??

    It's a commonly used phrase and people are playing stupid so they can fake outrage.
  11. Houstons owner racist comments??

    He claims he was referring the league front office, not the players.
  12. Marcell Dareus traded to Jacksonville

    NFL contracts typically don't have guarantees past yr 3
  13. Twitter Action on TY

    It doesn't take much for fans to turn against a player. Jack Doyle had a couple poor games and he was suddenly a bum.
  14. Is it possible?

    Chuckles and "great mind" don't go together.
  15. You just can't play scared.

    Wouldn't go that far yet