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  1. Statement from Jim Irsay

    Free speech isn't protected in the private sector. The owners are simply attempting to protect their bottom line.
  2. Statement from Jim Irsay

    I believe he was asking what social injustices were being covered up by the govt. you simply gave
  3. Pre-Game Shows Are Now Pathetic To Watch

    Mike and Mike can't get off the air fast enough.
  4. Lots of mediocre teams. Very few games got me excited last season.
  5. Props to the coaches

    Reggie pretty much said the same thing on espn radio. When asked what the biggest difference between Manning and Luck is, Reggie responded "OC".
  6. Beth Mowins

    Go Browns?
  7. Beth Mowins

    Chuck and Bob gone after the season? Two birds with one stone if you ask me
  8. Props to the coaches

    Giving Luck a top notch OC would pay dividends immediately. Look at what guys like Jim bob cooter, ken Whisenhut and Adam gase have done is recent years.
  9. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    Browns haven't been a road favorite since 2012. Good times in Coltsville.
  10. Props to the coaches

    So your saying Manning masked the coaching defincies of guys like Tom Moore and Howard Mudd?
  11. Odds On Which Coach Gets Axed First in 2017

    You would be,the only one not surprised.
  12. Props to the coaches

    Considering the talent around him and the coaching, what Andrew has done is more impressive than what Manning did early in his career.
  13. Props to the coaches

    .....or hiring the wrong people
  14. Jacoby Brissett & Philip Dorsett

    3 catches for 68 yards and left with a knee injury, yep, that sounds like dorsett.