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  1. Dungy said that after every poor defensive performance lol
  2. I don't see Philbin getting kicked up to HC, but judging coaches solely on their won/loss is a mistake.
  3. Contend for the afc south
  4. Both are horrible, but Dane is far worse. He can't even make me crack a smile
  5. I expect him to be healthy. The coaching staff, mainly Chuck, has to get a clue and do a better job of protecting the franchise QB. It shouldn't take five years and a shoulder injury for him to figure this out, but here we are.
  6. I'm worried about the offense. It's the main reason #12 isn't throwing the ball right now.
  7. He shouldn't have kept Coby either
  8. No way. He won't be ready until 2020.
  9. "We could do worse." What a splendid endorsement!
  10. That's not assuming a lot. Chuck is just a guy.....easily replaceable guy. There is a chance the colts hire someone who isn't much of an improvement, but I think the chances of hiring someone worse is pretty slim. Chuck wasn't the best choice this year and he won't be the best choice next year.
  11. Amen
  12. Brady rips into Edelman every other game for a drop. Doesn't seem to help.
  13. Dwayne has been repeating that quote since his rookie year.
  14. did you not read the link?
  15. Just because a team makes the playoffs doesn't mean the coach is worth keeping.

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