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  1. With the 6th pick in the NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select 6'8 345 running back from South Sydney...
  2. FalseStart

    Double chubble

    NFL network had Hines on... 70 catches, punt returner, fastest 40 among RBs, well spoken.., if we go Chubb... he would be a nice addition. Teammates with Chubb in college and pros
  3. FalseStart

    Double chubble

    I like John Kelly. Mark Walton and Nyheim Hines later in the draft... No RBs until 4th...unless Guice at 36/37.
  4. Pick 49 and 53 not good. Please rethink. Top RB, WR, DT or Another OT
  5. 1. Cle- Darnold 2. NYG- Barkley 3. NYJ- Mayfield 4. Cle- Fitzpatrick 5. Den- Allen 6. Buffalo- Rosen 7. TB- Chubb 8. Chi- Nelson 9. SF- Edmunds 10. Oak- Smith
  6. FalseStart

    Almost Final Mock Draft

    Not sure where you got the 65...is that Buffalo's 56? I'd have get me a DT or two somewhere in there...
  7. 1 - Saquon Barkley 2 - Sam Darnold 3 - Baker Mayfield 4 - Bradley Chubb 5 - Josh Allen 6 - Trade
  8. Say we trade #6 to Buffalo for #12, #22, then following this scenario (#37, #49 for #17...). There would be 3 picks in RD1 w/ #36 in round two available... net picks still 4 through rounds 1-2. Probably won't happen...didn't see any topics on trading back-up. Thought I would pose the idea...interesting views by all. #12: Edmunds, James, Smith, Landry, etc... #17: McGlinchey, Ridley, Guice, Hurst, etc... #22: Hernandez, Daniels, Sutton, Evans, etc... #36: Moore, Harrison, O'Neil, Smith G, etc...
  9. If there is a specific player at pick 17, would you trade pick 37 and pick 49 to move up? If so, who would that player be? ~950pts. = 950pts.
  10. Nothing wrong with it...but there are better players in positions of need at the top of the 2nd. Price in the 3rd. Absolutely. Top of the second. Nope. IMO
  11. Smith is the only pick I agree with... Price is Mewhort 2.0... late 2nd or 3rd rounder...I like the trade with Chicago scenario.
  12. A nice running game helps Luck just as much as O-Line improvement... Grap two top O-Line prospects in the second-third...
  13. In a perfect world, this is my best case draft scenario: Colts send #6, #67, #140 to the Bills for #12, #22, #53, #56 12. Smith Georgia LB 22. Sutton SMU WR 36. O'Neil PITT OT 37. Harrison BAMA S 49. Smith Auburn G 53. Hand BAMA DT 56. Jackson LSU CB 104. Brown Virginia DT 178. John Kelly Tennessee RB 221. Trey Quinn SMU WR
  14. Round1 (Colts Stay at #6) A. Chubb DE B. Barkley RB C. Nelson G D. Smith LB E. Fitzpatrick CB Round 2 (Any 3 of these w/o being redundant positions...unless O-Line) A. Miller OT B. Sutton WR C. O.Neil OT D. Guice RB E. Hernandez G F. Harrison S G. Washington WR H. Hand DT I. Smith G J. Moore WR K. Oliver CB L. Jones II RB M. Nwosu OLB N. Okoronkwo DE