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  1. Never to early to talk about the colts future
  2. Saying that our top 3 picks start and pan out to be good pick ups and mack does a good job this year and has potential. If we dont sign Davis next year(just an if) which position do you guys think is our biggest needs of right now? I would have to say cb, ilb, edge, ol, rb would be our biggest needs but which do you guys think is the biggest?
  3. He hasn't been listed yet, but he will be. Probably not as near as what I think he should be either.
  4. The ending of the video "is football a team sport or not". Biggest reason why Peyton only got 1 ring in indy
  5. Like if you are a leader in a category for either rushing yards receiving yards you should at least be in the 30's I think
  6. Lost all credibility when it said "61" Blows my mind how he is only 61? IDC who the player is, if a player leads the league in yards in something they should be higher than this.
  7. Oh my... I forgot they have him. Thats a scary duo
  8. We got a cb and its not awuzie
  9. Its not rb or lb.. Its a cb
  10. .Sydney Jones is gone now
  11. I'm saying lamp goes here probabaly
  12. Dang it, I was hoping the colts would select him. Good pick for Seattle
  13. We get pass rusher, and Jordan lewis in 3rd
  14. I'd go edge player in the second and Jordan lewis in the third.
  15. The colts picked the best player available. Why would you not pick hooker when clearly is was the BPA? He's a FS, not a linebacker. Shpuldnt be that worried about his tackling anyways. As long as our slime and linebackers do their jobs. He won't have to come up and tackle

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