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  1. I'll join you, but I'll make sure to have a some weights tied around me!
  2. Not be all down and negative, but we literally might lose to the browns... Especially if the hold luck back now
  3. I agree with you! Thats all that matters ;)
  4. I personally think he will probably be cut next year or the following.. Unless he some how becomes good.. I really hope he becomes a great player for us. Hope he learns a lot more in the next few weeks and can start and help out or defense!
  5. Because they are trying really hard to do their very best and to show what they can do....!!!
  6. Well I miss curtis painter Nah I'm just playing!
  7. Hopefully there will be updates and play by play mostly with updates on here.. Can't watch the game on tv
  8. Id rather have the higher draft pick then have a better record and still not make the playoffs.
  9. 2nd on the depth chart so he must be doing some good things.. But it is the colts defense so its not that hard to be 2nd string
  10. I swear, this is just the 1st depth chart so it really doesn't mean a whole lot but we know the majority on who's going to start anyways... But they could just be putting them behind people so they see the chart and make thwm work harder for the spot
  11. Quincy Wilson 3rd string??? Though he was doing a good job... Hooker should be starting with butler... And hopefully the switching of mewhort works and helps the online become better.
  12. Brady is a system qb because he even admitted he was.. So "no colonel sanders, you're wrong"
  13. I would agree with this.. Just imagine how many picks we could get with the #1 overall pick.. Especially with the qbs coming out this year.. Teams will trade everything and anything to get that that pick I would think
  14. Two autographed rookie Peyton manning cards. Marvin Harrison autographed card. Edgerrin James autograph card. Marshal fall autograph card. Reggie Wayne autograph card. Dante moncrief autograph card. Try Hilton autograph card. That's just my colts auto cards.. I have a lot more other autograph players from different teams like aj green and von miller demarious Thomas and more! All from eBay!! Besides my Peyton autos, got those signed through the mail!!

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