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  1. Hankins Released

    Signing all these free agents with all of this money that we have...
  2. Hankins Released

    Not like we are spending it anyways lol
  3. What in the hell is Ballard doing? Terrible decision not to bring him back for that much.. What a joke
  4. In what universe is roquan the best or second best player in the draft?
  5. Impressed

    Rams without a question.. Aquib and Peters.. My god the rams were good already but after this they SHOULD be even better
  6. To over pay for a player that you desperately need is a different story.. Norwell we should have overpaid and done everything to get him.. We desperately need him. Only guy I would have over paid for like that by even more than what he got honestly
  7. Might as well just sign moncreif.. Better than the rest of the wr.
  8. Saying it for weeks

    I hope we sign a big payer or a couple big names just so I can come back here to roast you about how you were wrong and you don't know anything..
  9. Dolphins release Suh

    Or the Indianapolis Colts
  10. I'm here for good now, just got back and didn't have connection. I'll be able to make my selections now.. Sorry for missing out in the dolphins
  11. Sorry about my pick, i m in a total different state and don't have connection. Good pick tho for me
  12. I agree with the stuff you said about the other players.. I don't want them.. Moncreif is better than them, might as well just keep him instead.. I would love to get landry, but not for 15 mil.. If he drops his price then yay grab him asap