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  1. Whoaaaaaaa watch it bud, I attend school in Lebanon.. Its a great little town.... In southern Illinois. Yeah I know wrong lebanon!
  2. Jets select TE DURHAM SMYTHE - NOTRE DAME. @danlhart87 is up
  3. A.J. Wentland McKendree 6-4 240 4.85 I go to school with him. He is a good guy! Works harder than anybody I know. I also went to high school with him. Hopefully he makes it to the NFL so I a can say I know someone that is in it!
  4. The jets select DL DEANGELO BROWN - LOUISVILLE @21isSuperman is up
  5. I'm coping what chad said, I dont really kniw guys this low in he draft rounds. So the Colts select Michael Roberts, TE, Toledo. @SaturdayAllDay is on the clock
  6. Colts select LB KENDELL BECKWITH - LSU. @SaturdayAllDay and the ravens are up
  7. Yeah sorry hold on! Seeing who got pick that the list isn't updated yet
  8. Colts select, S, MARCUS MAYE - FLORIDA @NFLfan is on the clock
  9. Was going to get foreman but got picked right before me. So I'll just go with RB KAREEM HUNT - TOLEDO. Dont know if he will last till he colts next pick so I'm not taking a chance. @PrincetonTiger is on the clock
  10. Dangit! I was trying to get foreman haha! I was hoping he would have lasted to my pick
  11. Their getting marshawn lynch, so I dont think I would go that way with foreman
  12. Jets select Eddie Jackson, Alabama, S @gozer is up
  13. @danlhart87 is up on the clock with pats

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