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  1. The score was close ...

    Their first team offense minus the QB also gave us a touchdown!
  2. I don't think they are taking us for granted per se. They don't want to speculate on anything which is fine, but this leads to everyone else speculating. It is kind of ridiculous in my opinion not give some sort of time table. Doesn't everyone know that all these time tables are subject to change? Do we even know if Luck is throwing a football yet? I know he said he was throwing but didn't say what he was throwing. As for your question, yes, I will watch whether Luck plays or not.
  3. I wish we played the Colts

    We both can make it there. I'd be happy with that...how about you?
  4. Great post, but I think "My" might turn into every Peyton supporters case for being the GOAT or even "proof" for Peyton.
  5. 2018 biggest needs

    The Broncos were a top AFC team when we beat them. Beating quality teams should always matter.
  6. 2018 biggest needs

    I think this is the definition of random. The Broncos won a Super Bowl after we beat them, but we can't count them because they aren't relevant now? We beat the Seahawks and 49ers too when they both were top NFC teams. As for the original topic, CB and LB, both inside and outside! I think Ballard will also draft OL or DL every year too.
  7. My only brush with an athlete was before the 2008 draft and I was flying back (after Christmas) to Ontario, California where I lived at the time and saw Dustin Keller. I'm a big Purdue fan and recognized him and congratulated him on winning their bowl game and I think he won the MVP of the game award too. He was too polite and called me sir (I'm 46 (so 37 then) now but still feel young at heart and sir seems like something I call someone, not being called it...LOL) He was going to California to prepare for the draft and I wished him luck and we boarded our planes.
  8. Jimmy Raye has been let go

    and his daughters!
  9. Ted Monachino - Defensive Changes

    He seemed pretty optimistic about TJ Green too.
  10. Simon at ILB?

    I don't think Mingo is even close to being strong enough for ILB, unless if its a passing down where his athleticism would come into play. I was asking more for first and second down plays.
  11. Simon at ILB?

    Venturi mentioned on the radio he thought Simon's best position might be ILB. Since it seems we have some OLB's now and potential draft picks there what are the chances Simon gets some snaps at ILB?
  12. Does Ballard Have the Eye for Talent?

    Not signing anyone is not investing or trying. That is my point. You said originally he didn't ever invest anything to fixing the OL. Not true, even by your standards of trying or investing.
  13. Does Ballard Have the Eye for Talent?

    I think any signing is trying, it is investing something to try to get a return. I'm not saying he did enough, not even close obviously. But he did do something every off season to address the OL. I just wish it would have worked out much better.
  14. Does Ballard Have the Eye for Talent?

    We did not get an additional pick for Allen, just moved up a couple rounds. Hmmmmm, I thought he invested every year in the OL. Granted it didn't work out very well but that doesn't mean he didn't try. Sorry this revisionist history just got to me on this post and a lot of people do it not just you. If it didn't work out then Grigson didn't try to fix it. Satele, Cherilus, Thomas, Holmes, Thornton, Mewhort, Herremans, and Good he invested in to fix the OL. Boy that's a list of some bad OL, bad luck OL, and some promise in there. But Grigson did try to fix the OL, he just wasn't capable.
  15. Colts Sign Margus Hunt 2 year deal

    That has to be close to the league lead.