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  1. C0LT5

    Top rookie offensive impact player

    I voted for Smith since he is most likely to start.
  2. C0LT5

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    You mean Indy Car package?
  3. I was talking during the OTA period, exactly this time last year.
  4. Being skeptical is fine, my point was last year Andrew looked frail and wasn't throwing anything.
  5. Isn't throwing a weighted ball harder than a football? I think so and think this is the big difference from last year.
  6. C0LT5

    New Rookie and UDFA numbers

    Yep, my bad.......forgot about preseason rules.
  7. C0LT5

    New Rookie and UDFA numbers

    I know, was a round about way of saying the original post was wrong.
  8. C0LT5

    New Rookie and UDFA numbers

    You're in luck then....according to the original post 2 guys will be wearing 42.
  9. Not true at all, we signed Schwenke remember?
  10. C0LT5

    Colts Inactives

    Makes no sense...still won't believe it till I see it. Thx for the source though
  11. C0LT5

    Colts Inactives

    I think the OP assumed Clark was going to guard. I won't believe that till I see it.
  12. C0LT5

    Colts Inactives

    Where did you get the info on Clark @ guard?
  13. C0LT5

    The score was close ...

    Their first team offense minus the QB also gave us a touchdown!
  14. I don't think they are taking us for granted per se. They don't want to speculate on anything which is fine, but this leads to everyone else speculating. It is kind of ridiculous in my opinion not give some sort of time table. Doesn't everyone know that all these time tables are subject to change? Do we even know if Luck is throwing a football yet? I know he said he was throwing but didn't say what he was throwing. As for your question, yes, I will watch whether Luck plays or not.
  15. C0LT5

    I wish we played the Colts

    We both can make it there. I'd be happy with that...how about you?