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  1. Mack at 100%

    No it wasn't Reggie runs a drag Garcon and Clark look like they are running a post and a crosser the LG steps up but his man drops in coverage then he goes to try and block when Manning tucks it
  2. Maurice Hurst

    Maybe in round 2 if he slips, but if we stay in a 3-4 our D-line is good. He doesn't have the length to play DE in a 3-4 and if we move to a 4-3 Hankins can give a good rush from the middle, he got 7 sacks in 2014 for the Giants. If we trade down I hope it's to target someone like Roquan Smith and maybe Billy Price or Marucs Davenport.
  3. Offensive Line

    Well if probowls are the be all end all Tarik Glenn didn't make one until his 8th season. Weird I thought guys don't improve that late in their careers. Costanzo is easily in the top half of starting LTs in the league.
  4. In a heartbeat I'd do it, guys fall in the draft all the time we could get an OL like Orlando Brown, Connor Williams who know McGlinchey or Nelson could fall that far. DeCastro was getting talked up just like Nelson is and he went 24th. Then there are tons of pass rushers after Chubb and Key I would be happy with Marcus Davenport, Cleinin Ferrell, Harold Landry in Rd 1. Roquan Smith would be great at 21 or Rashaan Evans. That's 11 guys who would all hit needs and with how many QBs are going to go plus Barkley and Fitzpatrick we'll get 2 good prospects in Rd1 maybe even a stud if someone slides and have 3 picks in the second round.
  5. Really Love This Mack Kid.

    I would say I'd like us to use him like the Saints do Kamara, but they can't just turn him into a weapon like him.
  6. If they did trade down with the Jets I would take him at #6 unless Chubb or Fitzpatrick fell. Last season RBs had 69 catches for 718 yards and TEs had 63 catches for 747 and that's with the Buffalo blizzard game where nobody threw the ball. Indy needs to be able to defend better against receiving TEs and RBs or QBs will always have quick easy dump-off passes against us.
  7. Offensive Line

    AC gave up all of 6 sacks during the season, the same amount as Whitworth and Villanueva both ProBowlers, and was a good run blocker. He played well and is always available we're not going to get a better LT any time soon.
  8. He would only be the 9th highest paid ILB but if you include 4-3 OLBs which are very similar then his contract isn't nearly as high. I'd prefer to trade down and draft Smith, but with the huge amount of space the Colts have if he's their BPA then money shouldn't stop them.
  9. Offensive Line

    AC played lights out because he's a good LT, the amount of flack he gets for nothing is insane......He played better because of rumors of him getting traded? He played great after the trade deadline so that doesn't make sense. All season he only gave up 6 sacks and Briss never would throw the ball away, and he's one of the best run blockers in the NFL.
  10. As far as the "positional value goes" ILBs especially in a 3-4 are still very important and play more or less every down. Bostic played 85% of our snaps this season, Shazier until he got hurt played 100%, 4-3 guys like Bobby Wagner, Lavonte David or Kwon Alexander play every snap so it's still a very important position.
  11. Lavonte David or Ryan Shazier would be my NFL comparisons. If we don't take him at 3 but he's still sitting there at say 15-16 I would love to trade up and get him, he could be the leader for our D for years.
  12. KC coaches

    But his ST units have always always been one of if not the best in the NFL. He's been around the league long enough has a good reputation and his units are always one of the best I think he would be a great hire. Reid or Nagy blew this game by only giving Hunt 4 carries in the 2nd half with the lead, nah why would they wanna chew the clock with their very good HB? Reid did that a lot in Philly so I bet he was the one calling the plays.
  13. Caged Animal

    This season again the division was garbage because of the injuries last year was the first year it was average. I don't think the team was as bad as the record especially with Luck. But the team has never shown improvements in the same areas that have always been horrible, outside of Luck, TY and 2-3 others he hasn't been able to develop players most have had their best year in Indy year 1 then regressed, the D has never been able to stop a TE or running back on a pass and of course refusing to go to a quicker passing game. Not all of that is Pagano's fault the OC calls the plays but after seeing Luck get hit the most almost every year you'd think he would make a point of it to one of the 3 OCs during his time.Grigs and injuries handicapped him but he couldn't adjust when things didn't go just right. And for Green Bay there's a reason McCarthy is on the hot seat even with his SB and going 7-9 with Rodgers missing most 9 games, he's made enough questionable moves and hasn't had the success with the best QB in the league. There are Pagano haters who will blame him for everything I'm not trying to do that but we can/need to find a better HC. If it wouldn't have been a PR nightmare we should have stayed with Arians as the HC after his interim stint IMO.
  14. Caged Animal

    To be fair he really was 2-2 in year 1 and was "given" 6 wins a season the next 2 years by playing in the AFCS while it was brutal. All of our problems weren't on Chuck but he was certainly not a good HC.