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  1. Sorry I missed my picks guys turns out I have epilepsy, I had my first seizure over the weekend and have been running to Drs getting tests the past few days
  2. I see a lot of Blaine Gabbert in Josh Allen
  3. The Hakenburg shines strong with Allen. Big Arm QBs who are inaccurate and make just as many terrible throws as his pretty ones.
  4. 0% chance that happens he's the 4th or 5th best QB in this draft let alone the best since Luck.....
  5. Would have gone Edmunds but can't complain
  6. I've seen him in the 3-4th so who knows like I said if he does I love this draft.
  7. I don't think St. Brown lasts until the 4th but if so I'm into this draft for sure.
  8. We'd be able to find a trade partner but assuming we couldn't Tremaine Edmunds.
  9. Marvin easily, and to the people saying TY would have better numbers with better weapons around him aren't thinking about how Hilton also wouldn't get as many targets. After Wayne emerged for the Colts Marvin never got more than 150 targets after averaging over 170 the 3 years before and 112 catches, and that was before the 2004 rules changes making it easier to throw. This year the only games TY had a big day he got over 10 targets he wouldn't get that as much with a "Wayne" across from him.
  10. Who starts next to Hankins in the 4-3 ?

    I bet Big Al starts and we rotate in Ridgeway and Anderson on passing plays.
  11. Big Al clogs up the middle in the run game just as well and probably even better the past few seasons. At best it would be a expensive marginal upgrade to the strongest part of our team.
  12. So we'd have Hankins, Poe, Richardson and Ridgeway? That's too much going to DTs, combined with Hankins we'd have likely 25-30 million dollars invested between 3 DTs
  13. No player will be perfect, I was just saying I think his 3 cone time had more to do with taking too many steps than his actual burst/bend. I trained for the 3 cone in HS and was able to shave .3 seconds off my time and I'm far from an athlete haha.
  14. I think it was more of a technique thing that had to due with his poor 3 cone from looking at him on film he looks thickly built and has a low center of gravity IMO.
  15. Both years he did play a full season he had 8 and 14.5 sacks, he was disappointing because of the injuries and suspension not his play.