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  1. Same thing has happened to me on my cell. I had to close the window and re-open it, as it seemed to freeze the website. However, that circle (picture below) will stop spinning after about 2.5 minutes (I timed it a few times). That feels like an eternity nowadays. I use Chrome and it is the latest version. @Nadine I was signed out of my work computer when I checked today. I am sure you had something to do with it. Thank you!
  2. You once told me that you liked this song. I heard it yesterday and found this live version of it. It is a great song.


    Btw, hope you had a Happy Father's Day with your lovely daughter.



    And how about this one?



    I love 70s music. 

    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      Awesome thank you for rembering and sharing.  We had a great Father's Day together 

      , thanks so much!

  3. Great. Thank you. I will definitely do that. You wonder how many people have not been able to post comments because they are using IE.
  4. I find that the lower case "i" looks like the lower case "L" on the desktop version. It is hard to see that there is a point on top of the "i". They look fine on my cell. Btw, I tried accessing the site from my work computer that uses IE-11. It was terrible. I could not write comments, messages, or give "likes". Worse, I was unable to sign out. So, I am still signed in on my work computer. I will check tomorrow morning if I could sign out. I don't want to be signed in permanently.
  5. Yesterday, you posted a comment in the Baseball thread. Soon after, almost no comments were posted anywhere on the forum for at least another hour. I assumed everyone was having the same issue I was having (see a few posts preceding this one). Did you attempt to post a comment after your post in the Baseball thread?
  6. I use Chrome 67. I also tried my phone's Samsung Internet browser and received the same error messages when I tried to select one of the forums. If I am remembering correctly, this occurred around 4:30 pm to about 7 pm ET on Sunday. Some of the mods were logged in at the time. I wonder if they experienced the same issues. Edit: I checked the first screenshot that I took. The time on there was exactly 4:30. That means that the issues I was having started before that.
  7. @Nadine I wanted to report that today, I was unable to access the forums or personal messages for at least 2 hours. I could sign in but once I tried to select a forum, I received error messages or the format looked completely different (3rd pic). Also that circle (2nd pic) appears very frequently and lasts at least a minute, most of the time a lot longer. I have also received "504 Gateway time-out" messages, but I have seen those in the past. The site also has been significantly slower since the last change. Hopefully some of the these issues can be corrected so that we can continue to enjoy the forum as we always have. Thank you.
  8. Lol. Be nice to Jay. It is Father's Day. Happy and blessed Father's Day to Jay, Gozer and all fathers. You are appreciated!
  9. Should be a good game tonight. I will be watching. You and Jay: --> --> Me:
  10. I did not realize I had come off so critical. My apologies.
  11. Nice summary! There is still lots of time left for the teams in the Central and the West to battle it out for firat place. No amount of time will help the Mets. They are done. Thanks for not mentioning them. Cubs have slowly had a very good season. I agree with PuntersArePeopleToo. You all are too harsh when assessing the Cubs' performance after a loss. They are playing well. There is a lot of baseball left. Enjoy it.
  12. Josh Hader looks like he belongs on the Mets with his long hair. He looks like Robert Gsellman and deGrom with long hair. The Cubs are just a couple of games out of first place. It is a very long season.
  13. I have been asking the same of the Mets since early May. They too got shut out today. Jacob deGrom can't get a win. He has an ERA of 1.55 in 87 innings, 113 Ks, but only has 4 wins. He got a loss today after giving up just 1 run. The Mets hitters are so frustrating.
  14. That will be Gozer and Myles.
  15. Next Sunday night, it will be Cubs and Cardinals on ESPN.
  16. Met have an 8-game losing streak. During that time, the starting pitchers' ERA is just a little over 2 runs. Their lack of offense is the primary reason why they are losing. After 1 inning, there is no score. Yankee pitcher threw 31 pitches in the 1st. Yikes! Despite that Mets failed to score
  17. Sorry about that. Hey CBE, what's your reaction?
  18. The Mets end their home series with the Yankees tonight. Can't wait for the the last out. Lol. The Cubs have a golden chance to gain ground in the division as both the Brewers and the Cards lost. Let's see what happens in their game.
  19. NFLfan

    New NFL Rules Kill The Term "Blue Collar"

    Thanks for sharing. I am sorry to hear that. How old is he? Given his youth, his chances of recovery are probably greater. No need to feel guilty. Your intentions were good. You did not intend for him get hurt. Hopefully he will recover from this and regain his functioning. (No one is 100% but I get what you were saying.) By the way, seizures are neurological too. I was just wondering what the nature of his tremors were.
  20. NFLfan

    New NFL Rules Kill The Term "Blue Collar"

    Sorry to hear that. That second concussion must have been really severe. Are his tremors seizures or something else? All this "blue collar" talk is nonsense. It sounds like someone who derives pleasure from seeing other people getting hurt.
  21. NFLfan

    New NFL Rules Kill The Term "Blue Collar"

    New NFL Rules Kill The Term "Blue Collar" Huh?
  22. I meant to quote you earlier when I wrote this: Are you enjoying it?
  23. These Mets are killing me. DeGrom can't get a win.
  24. I agree. Most of the starters have been pitching well but the hitters and the bullpen don't do their part to win games. Let's see what happens tonight. Enjoy. I will be watching too.