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  1. Thanks. He looks like the frontrunner. I don't think he pitched against the Mets or perhaps I missed the game(s) he pitched.
  2. Mets acquired Jose Bautista. I am not sure I like the move. I like acquiring young players. Bautista is at the end of his career. Mets lost 5-1 today to the Marlins. DeGrom goes tomorrow for the Mets. Hopefully we get the rubber game.
  3. Not sure. I have not watched enough baseball this year to answer this fully. If the Mets give deGrom some runs, he may be a candidate for the Cy Young award. He is pitching very well. He is 4-0 with an ERA of .175.
  4. The Vikings could use a guard, but I want no part of Richie Incognito. I cannot root for that guy.
  5. You seem pretty pumped up for the rest of your team's season.
  6. Four straight wins for the Mets. 2-0 win over the Marlins today. We need to win the next two games because we play the Brew Crew next weekend in Milwaukee.
  7. I will give you Lugo or Matz. If you offer some top prospects, I may consider trading Familia. But not Thor or deGrom.
  8. Well if you get Machado and a pitcher, the Cubs will be hard to beat. On Friday, this sports radio host who is a Yankees fan said the Mets should trade deGrom and Syndergaard. There is no way we do that.
  9. They sure are. Why would a team give up on a young guy of his age? The Orioles could afford him. Does he have Boras as an agent?
  10. The Cubs will have to give up a top prospect.
  11. Cubbies fans, what do you think about the possibility of acquiring Manny Machado? The rumors are out there that the Cubs have strong interest. Are you ready to get rid of A. Russell?
  12. Mets sweep the Diamondbacks, winning today 4-1.
  13. The Mets won in walk off fashion last night. They got a 2-run homer in the 8th to tie and won in the bottom of the 9th on a sacrifice fly. That was the first time since mid-April that they had won 2 in a row. That is over a month! Hope the wins continue. They have Syndergaard pitching today against Clay Buchholz. Good luck to your teams too.
  14. We got no rain at all. The Mets won 3-1 with a dominant pitching performance by Jacob deGrom. He had 13 Ks. Injuries seem to bite some teams. The Mets lost Juan Legares, their best defensive outfielder who also was hitting well. He is out for the year after tearing ligaments in his foot in the last game against the Jays earlier this week.
  15. At CitiField, Mets lead 2-0 over Dbacks. No rain so far. If it rains, we are under cover. We are sitting right behind Jay Bruce who just made a nice catch to end the top of the second.