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  1. Marshawn Lynch puts hands on a ref (Merge)

    I thought the NFL announced that he was suspended one game. I saw it on NFL Network last night.
  2. I don't like who the Mets have in mind for manager. Kevin Long? Why? Manny Acta is also on their list of potential managers. I don't know enough about Acta but I would prefer him over Long. Come to think of it, I am not sure who would excite me as manager. Maybe I would like a former Met who I believe has never been a manager -- Joe McEwing. He was mostly a utility guy but he is among my favorite Mets players. @Luck is Good I see he was a coach with your team. Please share with me/us your thoughts on Joe as a coach. Thanks.
  3. @NorthernBlue Who do you want to hire as the new manager? I was a bit surprised they let Dusty Baker go. You can't win by changing managers/coaches so frequently.
  4. They don't play today. They play next Thursday against Oregon St. Stanford should win that game. I am waiting for the game against Washington. That won't be easy.
  5. I've been ready since August.
  6. I can't recall exactly but RG3 had a great year, as did Luck. I thought Luck should have won it but I am a homer. ;)
  7. Stanford players don't win the Heisman. If any Cardinal was going to win it, it would have been McCaffrey because everyone knew who he was and he had the stats and the highlights to show for it. Several Stanford players have finished second: Luck (twice, I think), Elway, and Toby Gerhart as well as McCaffrey. I would love it if Bryce Love would win it but there are too many other players in contention for it.
  8. No, he would have a zero average (.000) and you would have no average. The two are different. Anyway, back to the topic, this is absurd. Anyone who knows football would love to have a healthy Luck at QB. He is not overrated.
  9. Crazy Saints Fan

    I agree with that ^^^. (Good post for the Random Stuff Thread too)
  10. Is Bryce Love better than McCaffrey? I don't know about that but this writer seems to think so. This writer Ben Natan is excellent. I like to read his articles about NFL prospects.
  11. I think it is USC now. A few years ago I would have said Oregon. Cal is Stanford's long time rival, but Cal has not been good for a while now.
  12. Crazy Saints Fan

    Ha. She is clearly a hoarder and most likely had obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Imagine the state of her home!

    Well said (written), as usual. His comment to Lucky Colts Fan (LCF) is a great example of that. He (KC) criticized others for making spelling and grammatical errors. LCF pointed out where he made those same errors. Instead of admitting that he was wrong, he ignored the point and called LCF a name. As you wrote earlier, resorting to name-calling is the first sign that someone has lost an argument.
  14. During the broadcast, someone said that he is in the last year of his contract with the Cubs. I believe he would be re-signed.
  15. Has Jake pitched his last game for the Cubs?