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  1. Yes. Absolutely! Lying about being raped is reprehensible. She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if in fact she made false accusations of rape.
  2. American Football Conference

    Don't let folks stop you from posting here. Just use the "report" feature to flag his posts. You must have left out a zero. She had closer to 20,000 posts. She exhibited certain tendencies that you have not shown.
  3. The team that came to mind when you originally asked the question was the Dodgers of the 1950s with Snyder, Campanella, Newcombe, etc. They went to the World Series four out of five years from 1952 through 1956. They did not win the pennant in 1954, but I could not find whether they made the NLCS that year. I can't believe I forgot about the Braves. They were a thorn on the Mets' side for years!
  4. I had not realized that there was an early signing period. Do you know why that was instituted? Signing Day (Feb. 6th, I believe) used to be big. The early signing period probably takes away from the importance of Signing Day, as many of the recruits will have already signed.
  5. Her age or looks is not the issue. Do men send these pics to women they respect and want a relationship with? That would turn most women off. I would immediately cease contact with the guy. No one knows that this has not happened to the other women there. If that happened to me, I probably would not report it, especially if I am still working at the place. The reason I may not believe her is because she accused so many guys of misconduct. I can't understand why so many would put their careers at risk by sending these pics/videos. It is hard to believe.
  6. First, the article does not say that she did not report this before she was fired. Perhaps she was fired because she was complaining about how she was being treated. What if she felt uncomfortable working with the guys that she accused and told her boss this. The NFLN would no longer need her services if she refused to work with some of the guys (those she accused). I am not saying that is what happened, but we cannot assume that she "waits to report this until she was fired". Second, many people will not report such allegations because they want to keep their jobs and/or they don't want to create any problems. As noted in most of the preceding comments here, the accusers are not believed. So, why report the accusations and risk being shunned and/or fired if you won't be believed anyway. Also, people (colleagues) don't like those who "snitch", especially if doing so leads to others losing their jobs. That being said, the allegations do seem hard to believe. Can folks be that dumb as to send naked pics and videos and risk their reputation and their jobs!! I hear that this happens all the time, but I don't get it. SMH... I will reserve judgment until I have more facts. Until then, it is all speculation.
  7. Maybe. The Yankees will be even more scary than they already are if they trade for Machado from the Orioles. Rumor has it that they might acquire him. That is a bit too much offense.
  8. I read that the Nats were interested in Jake.
  9. This appears to be commonplace, unfortunately. Every day there are more reports/accusations of misconduct or harassment from many areas of work world, not only in sports or television. Those names are not nearly as "big" as others who have been accused.
  10. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    I would like to see Philip Rivers go to the SB. So, my favorite match-up for the SuperbOwl is Vikings-Chargers. Of course I want the Vikes to win it all, but I would not mind seeing the Lions representing the NFC. They have never won anything. I would hate to see Brady and the Pats win at US Bank Stadium (Vikings stadium). As long as the Pats, Packers or Cowboys are not in it, I can enjoy the SB. As I write that, The Dolphins intercept Brady.
  11. Looks like UK's recruiting class is shaping out to be a good one. It is currently ranked in the top 25. Stanford's class currently is not even top 50. I expect we will get more commits before National Signing Day.
  12. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    As I was writing that post, I wondered if anyone would write that it works out well for the Vikes... I never like to see anyone getting hurt, but I seriously like Wentz. (He did grow up a Vikings fan, as did Larry Fitzgerald .) He is a great person, a good leader. I love his competitiveness. And he is always happy, smiling...until yesterday, when he was walking to the locker room. That look on his face said it all. I hope he will be okay.
  13. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    I hope he wins it. I was rooting for the kid. He is a great kid, great leader, and was having a fantastic year. This sucks for him and Eagles fans.
  14. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    Same here. I really like the kid. Hope he does not miss any time beyond this game.
  15. A Stanford player finished second once again in the Heisman voting. Bryce Love was the runner up to the Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield who was outstanding this year. Congrats to Mayfield. Congrats to the other candidates for their great seasons. What do people think about Mayfield's prospects for the NFL? I love his competitiveness and he seems to have that "It". Some say he reminds them of Manziel and he will fail. I don't see that. What do folks here think?