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  1. Good luck. Mets lost 6-3 to the Marlins.
  2. They're all great. Process of elimination: Payton, Jackson, Sanders That leaves Emmitt Smith.
  3. The Mets won all three games against the Giants this past weekend. They started their West Coast trip getting swept in 4 games against the Dodgers and looking bad in all four. The Dodgers look almost unbeatable. They swept a really good Rockies team this weekend and have won 10 in a row. The Dodgers and the Astros are the best teams in baseball heading into July. Let's see if that continues. Baseball has a very long season and anything can happen. In the NL Central, no one is running away with anything. The Cubs and the Cards have more than ample time to return to their winning ways and capture the division. Good luck.
  4. Yes, they can bring him back. The Mets have had players that have been called up and sent back several times this year.
  5. This guy does not look happy. Perhaps he doesn't want to go to Canada?
  6. Lol. That is what came to mind when I read that.
  7. Wow. I had not heard about that. Thanks. Yeah, that shows that Phil was not serious about moving Porzingis.
  8. That is what I thought. He would be crazy to trade Porzingis. I don't follow the NBA much but I follow sports. They like Porzingis here in NY.
  9. Did he trade Porzingis? I heard he was listening to offers.
  10. Did the Knicks draft another Frédéric Weis? Phil loves these foreign-born players. I never heard of this guy. He may be good but was he the best player available?
  11. Thanks. So it was not the first. My bad.
  12. Was that before 1972? According to the article, a company in Ft. Wayne created a video game in 1972. Perhaps it was not the first?? Quote: Although Magnavox in Fort Wayne has since become solely a government and industrial products manufacturer, one last notable consumer item was developed in Fort Wayne - the video game. In 1972, four years before Atari and Intellivision came along, Magnavox produced the Odyssey home-video game. Odyssey was something of a cross between a traditional board game and an electronic game. This first video had chips, clue cards, score pads and TV screen overlays, as well as electronic memory cards and control paddles. This game was followed in 1979 by the Odyssey II, which couldn't compete with newer games and was withdrawn from the market in 1983.
  13. Quote: A final technological innovation associated with Fort Wayne is the hand- held calculator. The Bowmar Instrument Corp. was formed in Fort Wayne in 1951 by Edward and Joan White. He earlier had been head of the electron-mechanical section of the Farnsworth Television Co. At first a one-employee operation in a barn loft at Smith Field, the company grew to 30 employees by 1953, and by 1957 had expanded to occupy the site of today's operation on Bluffton Road. In 1971, the company introduced the first hand-held calculator called the "Bowmar Brain." The technology developed at Bowmar, which included the familiar red "LED" (low energy diode) readouts, enabled American business to regain from the Japanese the lead in calculator electronics.
  14. Meaning you? Nah, I was not trying to do that...

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