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  1. Rest in peace, Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory. From Comedian Lewis Black on Twitter: "First Dick Gregory and then Jerry Lewis. The Yin and the Yang of Comedy. I guess after this week even God was desperate for a laugh."
  2. The Bills need some WRs.
  3. Just terrible. The NCAA . They rarely make decisions in favor of the players.
  4. After Tyson, boxing has been boring. There was Roy Jones and there is Mayweather in lower ranks, but the heavyweight division had been the best. Tyson was exciting. I don't think I have watched a boxing match after 1988 or so. I never watched too much but when Tyson had a fight, people wanted to see it. There is a NY sports talk show host called Tony Page. He is a boxing journalist. He often has people associated with boxing on his show. One of his guests said that Tyson's downfall was partly due to firing Kevin Rooney, his trainer.
  5. Betting on anything is not good. In the end, you will lose more than you win. Oh well. I just recall people on the radio and TV thought there was no way Pacquiao loses.
  6. Who did you think would win?
  7. My name is not Jared, you know. Even when I have played the lottery which is maybe once or twice a year, I never check to see if I won anything. Gambling is a bad habit that I would never want to get involved in. Btw, who did you think was going to win that Pacquiao (spelling?) vs. the Australian guy (I think he was Australian)? Almost everyone said Pacquiao. You see what happened. Unless Mayweather knocks McGregor out, there is no telling what the outcome will be. Boxing is corrupt.
  8. When this was first announced, almost everyone, including myself, believed that Mayweather was a lock to win this match. I am not so sure anymore. Given everything going on in the country lately, if I was a betting person, I would bet McGregor. I don't base this on any knowledge of boxing, of which I am not a fan. It is just a feeling I have.
  9. Are we thinking of the same person. Renee Rivera is a catcher. You're welcome.
  10. Ok. I think I will pick the Reds. They had All-Stars and Gold Glove winners at nearly every position and some went on to be enshrined in the Baseal HoF -- Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez. Pete Rose is definitely HoF worthy. They had other great players like Davey Concepcion. They had a HoF manager in Sparky Anderson. However, I don't know their pitchers. I need people like @Jay Kirk and @BrentMc11 to tell me what they think. The Mets may have had the best pitching amongst those teams but they have only one Hall of Fame player, the late Gary Carter.
  11. The 2017 Dodgers. You've asked this question before, no? It is not the Mets or Cubs; so we can eliminate them. I can't recall many of the Tigers. Was that the team with Lou Whittaker and Alan Trammell? Was Sparky Anderson the manager? I will say that Reds team or the 1994 Yankees. The 2017 Dodgers may knock all of those teams out of the park if they win the World Series.
  12. I'll go with a Vikings player, DE Danielle Hunter. Hunter had 12.5 sacks in 2016 as a rotational player off the bench. He will be a starter this year. I expect him to be even better. He is only 22. The sky is the limit for him.
  13. He must be from Princeton, Evansville or went to school in Indiana. There is no more loyal Hoosier than you. I was speaking to my neighbor of 10 years a couple of weeks ago. He told me that he grew up in Indiana -- a city called Hobart. He is a very nice guy.
  14. He will have some awesome punts at times. But at other times, he will punt poorly. McAfee was consistently good.
  15. He is only "like a better Vick"??? Wow. It is so absurd that I don't think that deserves a response.

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