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  2. After work, I passed by CitiField.
  3. You should definitely go to a Cubs games. It may be hard to get tickets. When I visited Chicago about 10 years ago, I could not find tickets. Unlike you, I have been to many Mets games in Flushing and some games at Yankee Stadium. It is just now that I have begun to attend football games. I have been to at least 75 baseball games but only about 15 football games -- just 2 Vikes games (because I don't live in MN). Go to a game this year.
  4. It is only a couple of weeks away! Which team's stadium are you nearest to? You have to go to a game this year. I plan to attend a few games.
  5. Noah Syndergaard should be the Opening Day starter for the Mets. Can't wait for real baseball to start. Anyone going to their team's home opener?
  6. We all know he won't be selected at #15. Okay. We hear you. Someone is going to get a good player in Sidney Jones. He is worth the risk in the mid rounds.
  7. Look at how many responses it has gotten.
  8. I don't think it is a silly question at all. It stimulates discussion. Today, on a Vikings site I posed a question that one might describe as "silly". I asked whether we would consider trading Xavier Rhodes to the Saints for their #11 pick, as the Vikes have no first round pick and the draft is deep at the CB position. Also, Xavier is going into his contract year and will command lots of money. The "silly" question generated lots of discussion. At least 75% of us wrote we would not do it, myself included. Drafting Sidney Jones was also a topic today. Coach Zimmer recently said he will draft a CB if one he likes is available. Our fans would be willing to draft Jones in the 3rd or 4th Rd where we have 2 picks/rd. The Colts will have plenty of opportunities to draft a top CB this year.
  9. 1 -- Giants guaranteed money, fewer years ($600,000 guaranteed for 2 years); opportunity to win now; career opportunities in NY/NJ when football career ends 1a -- Browns -- most guaranteed money; opportunity to play, as this is a rebuilding team 3 -- Colts -- save money by being at home; good chance to make playoffs every year. 4 -- 49ers -- not enough money, very little opportunity to win now. But you have an opportunity to play (rebuilding) 5 -- Seahawks -- very little money; no guarantee that you will win. You may not play.
  10. It would not be a good move for the Saints. Why sign Malcolm Butler when Seattle is open to trading a better player (Sherman) who may not command so much to acquire him? Also, the Saints could draft one of the top CBs in this draft at #11. This does not make sense. Maybe the Vikes should trade Xavier Rhodes for that 11th pick... Nah
  11. All charges against Revis were dropped.
  12. The Jets are rebuilding and just Josh McCown today. They will not sign Cutler.
  13. I did not think the game would be close. They were being blown out; so I turned the TV off. Sorry I missed the end. Congrats to the Northwestern Wildcats. Their first time in the tourney and they represented themselves well.
  14. I missed it. Are they looking good?

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