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  1. 49ers are cleaning up so far. Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster in the 1st. Cleveland did very well too. Garrett and Njoku and a 2018 first round pick.
  2. Worried about the Packers taking Forrest Lamp or Dalvin Cook. They need to upgrade their secondary but could they pass on Cook?
  3. You know your stuff. Please make a prediction on my Vikes (#48)
  4. Did you get that on Twitter too?
  5. Much higher than I expected. The Giants offense will be potent. I thought they would take Lamp or Cook. But this is a very good pick.
  6. No.... That was my pick (Engram) for the Vikings
  7. No spoilers.
  8. Thank goodness Howard did not go to Green Bay. Winston has a major weapon there.
  9. Who do Colts fans want?
  10. Me too. He seems like a good guy. He is a winner.
  11. We have a long ways to go. #48
  12. I think he will have a better career than the WRs. The Colts will get a GREAT player. So many defensive players are dropping. Good luck!
  13. I agree. I am surprised he has yet to be picked.
  14. That is what I was saying earlier. My goodness. John Ross. So many offensive players being selected.

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