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  1. I'm not going to say that Ballard got lucky, but every single pick was projected to go higher than what they did, by a considerable amount. Or maybe picking 15th in the round makes a difference over picking 25th...ya think.
  2. Mack fumbles. Hunt is complete. Not sure about Foreman
  3. Kareem Hunt off the board
  4. Good Point. Rivers looks more like a fast LB than a bendy edge.
  5. I'm not surprised could see that myself on the limited highlights ESPN just showed. Rivers looks fast, but engages upright and less agile than Basham, not to mention less powerful.
  6. Basham looks more agile at 270 than does Rivers at 245. I wanted Rivers going into the round, but Basham looks much better, IMO.
  7. Basham was on my list but thought his size would mean he played SAM. Never looked closely enough at him but those highlights shows he has bend and recovery agility. Dam fine pick, IMO.
  8. Now get Anthony Walker, Kareem Hunt, and a nickel CB in the 4th and we are set. Or trade up and get Rivers. Basham is stout enough to play SAM
  9. Oh wow. Basham looks VERY athletic. This might be the steal of the draft.
  10. I think Balt is sending a message to Big Ben. You better retire soon
  11. Wow. Baltimore gets Humphrey, Bowser, Wormley, and Williams.
  12. Balt picks ahead of us. They took Bowser so Rivers should be safe with them. And Rivers shouldn't be a good fit for the Jets.
  13. Baltimore having a great draft. All defense and value.

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