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  1. Its sad that the players didn't like him. Of course, if it becomes fashionable in certain social circles to publicly not like someone, then more people will say they don't like someone than maybe what is true.....just to be fashionable within their circle. Which is why decision making on players is what a GM should be judged for. This stuff leaked to the media about Grigson being a jerk, Wayne did that too.....something about saying Hi in a hallway.....Grigson being arrogant towards the media......might be a way for the circle to maintain its echo chamber. So far, what percentage of players have said they didn't like Grigson? About 2%? It seems like the vast majority of players, including those cut by him, don't seem to have anything publicly bad to say.
  2. Indeed, I was focused on the comment about him being the lowest cog in the machine, so to speak. That occurred when Pat was merely average/above average. Anything that occurred after that conversation doesn't mean Grigson's specific opinion of him being the lowest cog still applied. Grigson may have just didn't not wanted to spend the kind of money that was eventually spent on a punter.
  3. I think people who work for "praise" maybe lack satisfaction in other parts of there life, maybe family or socially, so their career may be a bigger part of their identity and happiness then people like me...who go to work for a paycheck and not to form personal relationships. Nothing wrong with either, but it seems Grigson was the cold hearted business analyst who treated players like pieces of meat and who didn't relate well to the more gregarious and warm hearted types of employees. A successful manager needs to be able to relate to both types. Both praise and criticism may be taken differently depending upon the person being spoken to. I'm sure I wouldn't like what he said if he said it to me. But I also think I would have gotten over it 5 years later. As a general rule, beware of managers who want to praise you, shake your hand, constantly tell you how important you are. They may be simply trying to provide you with the emotional satisfaction of "meaning and significance" to the organization.... ...instead of giving you a raise. Its a popular tactic to keep people happy without actually paying them. Me...I'll take the money and skip the sweet talk, thanks.
  4. I don't know the current status of DA's contract and how it impacts NE, but I believe it was fairly front loaded by Grigson, paying him a lot last season. Not knowing the specifics, I don't think the cap hit to NE would impact any decision to cut him.
  5. Well, if he was an all-pro at the time, then saying he was the lowest cog on the team wouldn't be accurate. Pat was an average to above average punter at the time. Grigson was jerk for saying those words, but not really for thinking them. I understand how personalities fit into management of OTHERS. Myself, I work for a paycheck, not praise. So if said to me, I would take those comments as a sign I wasn't going to get paid or would be worried about my future employment, but personally they would mean very little. As you said, its cut-throat, a business; so to me the money is what matters, or the potential lack thereof, not the words. But Pat's a comedian, a character, and artsy fartsy guy. Emotions and feelings probably are an issue more than if he was a cold-hearted analytical type. He probably holds a grudge for a long time too.
  6. As others have said, McAfee wasn't an all pro punter back when Grigson made those comments. Saying what Grigs said was not a nice way to say it, but he wasn't saying it to an all pro. Pat became an excellent punter the year after the comments were made. Just being factual.
  7. He should have let both walk back when they were UFA, signed Doyle to be number #1 then sign a blocking TE. Looking back, the Fleener and Allen picks, the first picks of the second and third round the year we drafted Andrew, did not produce like they should have.
  8. No, it was not a dig on Pagano. The question is why now, this offseason, after having two or three with the Colts before, did Moncrief have the hardest practice of his life. What is the significance? Why does this tweet matter? The HC is the same guy who held the previous less than toughest practices of his life. Maybe it was the humidity. Maybe he's trying harder during a contract year. Or maybe people simply think a new GM changes everything for the better, when it really doesn't.
  9. This isn't surprising news. That contract he got last spring was probably the worst decision Grigson ever made.
  10. Why now? Did we get a new HC in the offseason too?
  11. Its what happens when you don't have unlimited resources and have to work within a budget. Other priorities, salary cap, draft position, and the quality of the graduating class all impact decisions; which is why all teams have holes in their rosters each year. KC had a good overall roster because they have a less than elite QB with terrible WRs. Gotta make trade offs and hope you pick the right ones to get to the championship. Fortunately for us, the Colts have gone farther than KC has in the past few years.
  12. Big deal. He was a UDFA who got cut by his original team and also by the Browns.
  13. I thought our road uni's were already color-rush.
  14. Hooker B+ Wilson A Basham A+ Banner C Mack C+ Stewart C+ Hairston A+ Walker A+
  15. Great, 2 CBs an ILB. now just sign Basham and it the needs will be filled. Then move on to the luxury picks.

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