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  1. Chuck Presser -- Media Pressure Growing

    Which is why Luck will play when he's ready and won't just sit the season. Everybody involved with the Colts needs to have some confidence he can return to form, to at least do some planning. If he's still injured or out of shape, then he sits. But he's not sitting if he can play.
  2. TY toss the line under the bus

    You could have said those exact words after nearly every game the past 3 years.
  3. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Brissett is a nice QB, but teams will be looking to draft their starting QB and not giving the Colts a high round pick instead. Brissett can be a stop gap, but teams give late round draft picks for stop gaps or sign them to mid level contracts once their current contract expires. Brissett may gain value as he plays more, and then might command more, but right now I don't see him being considered a franchise QB where another team would pay much.
  4. Jacoby Brissett and His Future

    I believe I said "part" of the reason. The coaches, the WRs, and the QB are all to blame for the offenses problems when ever it struggles. Its more than the coaches and Grigson's oline, which is the typical argument going on 5 years now. So you don't blame Brissett at all? Why is that? Brissett displays characteristics of many young QBs. When snaps get more significant as the game wears on, the stress shows. Don't get the impression that my failure to champion a former third string QB and a third round pick from NC State as the next franchise QB, means I don't like what he has done and can't get even better.
  5. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    He presents current events as being the result of some sort of master plan created by Ballard in April. Like the recent cortisone shot is some excuse to shelve Luck. I think Luck got a shot because his shoulder was sore, and wouldn't have gotten a shot if his shoulder wasn't sore. He also presents theory that Ballard thinks Brissett is a franchise QB, and traded for him and is playing him to showcase that to the league. The problem with that is Cowherd thinks that Ballard is the only person in the world who was able to judge Brissett when he was in NE, and that no other GM knew this big secret of Brissett being a franchise QB, and had to be showcased by Ballard before they could figure it out. Its not some big master plan. Events unfold as they happen. It might work out the way Cowherd says, but its not because Ballard schemed the whole thing back in April and knew so much more about a third string QB on another team than the rest of the league knew. Its another theory rooted in the love of his own intellect...where Ballard is presented as being so much smarter as a method to validate the hateful comments he continuously made against Grigson. Its a common error. A lot of people interpret current events in ways that support previous comments and persistent opinions so they can continue to believe they were right.
  6. Keep the pick or trade down?

    I've said this in past years and it still rings true. Unless the next Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis, or Dwight Freeney is sitting there when we pick early in round 1, trade the pick. No other single player is going to have enough impact over what the impact of having several more good players will have.
  7. Jacoby Brissett and His Future

    He's a good backup and should be retained in that capacity. I think part of the offense's problems in the 2nd half is that he gets rattled under stress and his performance tails off. Unlike Luck who probably performs better as the game wears on and each snap grows in significance. Its something Brissett will have to show before a team will provide a decent draft pick for him, so let him mature in a backup role. He's proven to be a nice backup, especially since he seems to play well early.
  8. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    Just because 32 GMs know he has a longer wind up than Juan Marichal (google that for you youngsters) and think he sucks in general, not to mention he'll turn off off a big portion of the fan base, doesn't mean they colluded. It simply means they each have common sense.
  9. But Luck never based his career on PEDs, so he's wrong.
  10. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Not sure I understand the accusations of Irsay lying. Did he know Andrew's shoulder was going to be sore this week? It must be a conspiracy.
  11. The Ghost

    Sealed the loss? The defense held them to a FG and we were still in the lead. I think TY's disappearance and Brissett's poorer play as the game wore on (a bit of a pattern here) had more to do with the loss. (as well as the typical coaching issues). I wouldn't blame the offense's inability to move the ball on Doyle's fumble or Moncrief's dropped TD.
  12. The Ghost

    Hmmm. So Doyle fumbles once so he has a bad game? I thought he had a touchdown and a couple of first down receptions. One drop I remember was a horrible throw, and the other was a good play by the DB who had a hand on it when he caught it. BTW, I wouldn't say Moncrief had a bad game because he dropped a TD. It happens. As far as TY, he runs hot and cold. Never quite good enough to beat a double team regularly. Not easy to do, but doesn't seem to ever be able to do it.
  13. Mack 2 carries

    Apparently, he's worth a #4 or #3 WR.
  14. Time to look to next season

    This seems to be an ongoing problem, throughout the NFL. Lots of disappointment in the level of play leading to very few consistently good teams, and then coaches/GMs getting replaced on a frequent basis. Perhaps the game is changing in ways that management is unaware of. I know that I find games themselves to be less interesting. Too many penalties, maybe too many rules, poor execution, inaccurate throws, missed assignments.. It seems as if there is an overall drop in the level of competence throughout the league that makes games more frustrating to watch and therefore less interesting. Maybe too much passing? Too many incomplete passes...boring. The frustration expressed towards the Colts is nothing different than what's going on with the NFL in far as the level of play....where I don't think a change of coach or "the next season" will have much impact. JMO
  15. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    I'd rather see him on IR than to watch him struggle like he was.