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  1. Yeah, but Reggie was 34 or 35 and coming off of knee reconstruction. He was done, and TY's contract was uncertain. Gotta look beyond the immediate next season. As far as the thread, if the players are mad at Pagano for not standing up to Ballard for making practices more physical, it sounds like the team is a bunch of babies. Or trained to be babies by Pagano.
  2. What's going on at RT? I thought Clark looked good late last year but now he's competing with no names. Is he showing up late for work or something?
  3. The need was definitely there. The only WR on the roster worth anything was TY, and he had contract issues. We had just lost 45-9 in the AFCCG because the Pats kept getting the ball with a short field because we went 3 and out so often. Fans typically blamed the defense. Not too many saw it, but WR was as much a need as any other position that draft.
  4. Its only been 2 preseason games and some key starters aren't playing.
  5. There is no way that Grigson would have drafted Werner, Djoun, and Green without Pagano saying they would be good players. They were all specifically suited to Pagano's 3-4 defense and he definitely had a lot to say about it. Everybody can miss evaluates, but those guys flaming out has as much to do with Pagano as Grigson.
  6. I meant BEFORE. I guess the NFL doesn't consider the conduct of retirees to be harmful to its image. OJ was retired under an old contract. Wonder if the current NFLPA contract addresses post retirement conduct.
  7. I didn't know this. Just curious, if Zeke can be suspended without game pay for something he did AFTER being employed by the NFL, can a retired NFL player have his pension suspended if he's ever caught in a he-said she-said situation AFTER his employment by the NFL? Hmmm.
  8. That's actually true. The entire point of the first amendment is precisely to protect speech that may be unpopular or offensive. You don't need an Amendment to protect speech everyone likes. Protected from government harassment. Employers can set whatever policy they want to within reason. Back to football......
  9. And this is the entire problem I have with his personality, and how the NFL seems to be trending. I don't think he should use his visibility as a player...which is provided by the popularity of his employer's promote a cause. If he has something to say, say it on his own time, regardless of what the message is. This alone would discourage me from employing someone in a visible position, because I would never know when he would use his on air screen time for personal gain. The idea that he's unsigned because of the content of his message is not correct, IMO. The likable players are the ones who consistently stick to business when on camera, for the most part.
  10. I also wonder if this isn't a roster management issue beyond just his talent/skill level. Perhaps the play calling WR pattern will be shortened to save Luck's shoulder, and Dorsett is viewed as even less than a fit then.
  11. This is why it is always difficult for me to pass judgment on a person. I've not walked in their shoes. I want to be as gender neutral as possible. If these reports are true, she seems like she may have a bullying personality. There are ways to bully someone other than by violence...other threats. If someone is getting bullied repeatedly by nonviolent means, maybe the perp feels the only way to stop it is by giving a physical beat down. That doesn't mean its not a crime and is justified, but it's not the same thing as if she was a kind woman who was trapped in a submissive relationship.
  12. Reminding people that Darius Butler was once a 2nd round pick who got waived and was then signed by the Colts. He's been a very nice versatile player. If Green can play some quality backup CB and backup S I see no problem with having committed a 2nd round pick for him. And I thought it was a very bad pick at the time by Grigson.
  13. He seems inexpensive to keep at this point.
  14. As a continuation of another thread, which player are you interested in seeing succeed the most this preseason and upcoming season? For me its Terrell Basham. I think if he succeeds like I think he can, we can have a dynamic player off of the edge. Secondarily, I'm interested in seeing more of TJ Green at CB. If this can be a lemon turned lemonade situation, it will greatly benefit the Dbackfield. I'm also interested in seeing if Hooker, Moncrief, and Dorsett are as fragile as they seem to be. If so, that would be a big setback for the team.
  15. Coaches tend to harbor pet peeves and the mistake of fielding a punt at the 5 is maybe just something that irks him more than other mistakes. Even remembers it specifically during the presser.

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