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  1. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    IMO, the Colts have always had Josh McDaniels at the top of their list. Any rumors as Nagy taking the Bears job over the Colts, and any reasons why that happened, seem suspect to me since the Colts are not going to make any job offers until McDaniels says he's unavailable. Of course, McDaniels has no plans to go to the Colts and wants them to struggle a few more years. So what's happening is that BB will go to the Giants, Josh will take over NE, and he's leading-on the Colts in order to get them in a position to have to accept a left over candidate. My friend told me this.
  2. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    Since NYG hasn't hired a HC, perhaps they are waiting for NE to end its playoff run. If the Kraft/Brady thing is real, then maybe BB goes to NYG and Josh takes over NE. It seems eerily silent that both us and NYG haven't announced. I'm thinking maybe our situation will depend on what the Giants do.
  3. The Giants haven't announced a HC yet have they? I thought if BB had a real fallout with the Kraft/Brady thing, NYG would be a landing spot. Two options for Josh is NE or the NYG.
  4. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    Thats good to hear. Reading other posts, if McDaniels has coveted the Colts job and likes the area, those are factors that would give him long term thinking and a willingness to deal with the transition to Carly.
  5. Bills looking at Rob Chudzinski, Mike McCoy

    Its a loss simply sooner than the inevitable. If we get an offensive minded HC, Chud will not be here anyway. I doubt if he would if we got a defensive minded coach.
  6. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    Speaking to the OP, I agree. Now that we got past that, the broader issue of ownership stability comes to mind. Will the Irsay daughters be as well thought of as Jim? When will that hand off take place and what will its impact be? If a HC is looking beyond Luck, as Ballard says he wants the candidate to do, and should be thinking long term, would the Irsay ownership cause a candidate to think twice relative to other options? I'm just trying to process the notion that the Colts job is seen as one of the better ones. I'm not sure I agree that it is as high as many say.
  7. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    I didn't say I prefer Bob Kraft. I like Jim Irsay and hopes that he takes care of himself and whatever issues he is obviously dealing with come to effect him less. He looks to be in pain and I hope that gets corrected. He has a sincere heart and is good for NFL
  8. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    Yes. I agree. I take them at their word that Irsay was not involved in the Nagy interview. I also agree that if the rumors and outward conduct was a big concern to Nagy, he wouldn't have interviewed in the first place. It would have to be so big as to be a deal-killer right off. I don't think anybody thinks its THAT big of an issue. What I am saying is that it matters, while others are saying it doesn't. Irsay's stability is a topic that will enter into a prospective candidates mind, and it may matter less, or more, after the interview than before regardless if he was present. Maybe it prompts more research. Maybe he asks a few more questions around the NFL. Who knows what answers he would get. But he isn't going to ask those types of questions about Bob Kraft. Instability of ownership takes different forms.
  9. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    I'm not sure why this keeps getting missed. If an organization is searching for a candidate, it behooves the organization to put on its best presentation. I'm not sure how a personal appearance by Irsay would help that. Presentation matters come interview time. Its not that complicated. Nor is it a personal shot, or a tear down to say that he does not present himself well or presents a concern to a prospective HC who might have other suitors. Has any public appearance he has made in the last few months/years given you confidence that he won't be led away in handcuffs tomorrow? Yes, yes, yes, anybody can. But compare his outward presentation relative to Bob Kraft and others.
  10. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    Anybody who rambles nonsensical puts themselves in a negative light. I didn't speculate on the reasons because I know addiction. I'm saying that people like the type at ESPN certainly would assume Irsay is stoned. I doubt if Irsay rambled nonsensically and unfocused when he was a 26 year old GM for the Colts. The difference between now and then is going to be evaluated by anybody who wants to be employed by him. THEY will make their own judgments and your opinion of Irsay's condition is of no matter. He has demonstrated with the actions pertaining to last GM/HC combination that his words about not being involved in the process is less than sincere. All of that adds up to a prospective candidate being cautious.
  11. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    Nope, no stigmas here. The most prevalent wrongmindedness in the world is the way people not like me have stigmas against people like me. Your comments about Limbaugh are inappropriate and forging into politics since your implied judgment that blocking his ownership is a universally accepted good thing, which I assume is based upon his politics since that is how he is commonly identified I have been married to an addiction rehab professional for over twenty years. Judging from the comments and political statements that are usually embedded in those comments, there aren't too many on this forum who know more about addiction than I do. And experience is not the same thing as knowledge. The last thing I do is judge the hearts, morals, and kindness of people who are addicted. Its pointless and unfair. If there is any judgement involved, its for the pointless recreational choices people make out of ignorance and arrogance BEFORE they are addicted. Long term use of any addictive substance can have adverse impact on the brain. Painkillers, pot, alcohol, even nicotine. Most people don't see the effects of long term exposure to low volumes of nicotine because the nicotine delivery process, smoking, causes other parts of the body to give out first....MOST of the time. Simply stopping the abuse doesn't totally reverse the brain back to where it was. Some of this is proven by research, others are the consensus of long term professionals. Forget drugs. Even long term exposure to chronic pain can effect cognitive focus and intensity. The older a substance abusing male gets, combined with chronic pain and even the loss of naturally produced testosterone, the more "senile" he can become. I don't need to be lectured that its just me and my stigmas. Whether or not Irsay was ever a substance abuser to any great degree is not known. Whether or not he is in chronic pain is not known. But his presentation adds to the rumors and creates an image of instability. Its more than public speaking. In the job-search process, both the candidate and the organization want to present themselves as "having it all together" more than the next guy. BB is simply a curt public speaker. I assume Nagy took the Bears job because he had a young QB he liked, a roster he liked, a GM he liked...and the fact he was actually offered a job. I assume comfort with the ownership situation had some at least passing thought. Its a component where the Colts will begin to come up short relative to other organizations, if a candidate cares about long term stability.
  12. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    I didn't say anything as dramatic as what you're saying. Basically, when he speaks, he doesn't really do the Colts organization any favors....regardless of the reasons. Ignoring the painful-to watch mannerisms, hardly anybody has complimented him on the content of his words. I believe the term "rambling" is often used. Reputation, football knowledge, employee loyalty and treatment, and overall generosity, all work in his favor. But after he stands up and gives a speech or interview of any kind, I can't imagine someone saying .."YEAH, I want to work with THAT guy!" because of it.
  13. Agreed. That tweet reads like a list of candidates that either were asked or accepted interviews at some point, not that they were actually interviewed.
  14. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    Schwartz yelled and hot-headed himself out of future HC chances when he was with Detroit. It'll be a while before he gets another chance.