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  1. Not a total bust. I meant he might end up playing like the 36th or 46th best player and not the 6th best. I guess I still get nervous about taking any player so high when a trade back to 11 or 12 is my comfort zone.
  2. Look at Ryan Jensen. Its easier to have a mid round G play better than his drafted position than a LB, IMO. I think Chubb has bust potential to not live up to hype.
  3. I don't want Chubb or Nelson at #6. I'd rather trade out again, but if I had to pick at 6, today I'd pick Edmunds.
  4. WalterFootball is saying that the Dolphins are ready to move on from Tannehill and have been linked to Baker Mayfield. I don't know what "linked" means, but Mayfield might be a target with Pick #6 to the Dolphins. Moving up 5 spots wouldn't be so expensive as to deter them from doing it. They have pick 11, one ahead of the Bills.
  5. Excellent point. Because that small window included 2 players who's talent exceeds their positional value and a DE with a 7.37 3 cone. Being at 6 allows us to select someone of a better talent/value balance.
  6. Hankins Released

    That's another way of saying that Anderson, Ridgeway, and Woods and maybe Stewart are capable of doing what the Colts were going to ask Hankins to do. We have an abundance of slow heavy DTs and not enough quick UTs.
  7. I want SS James, CB Ward, or LB Edmunds. I think they are the rangy dynamic defensive playmakers we are looking for. I don't like Chubb's 3 cone time. I'm probably being picky about that. I'd love to have one of those three and another 2nd and 4th from either Miami, Buffalo, or Arizona over Chubb. McGlinchey would look good at RT if Arizona throws in another good pick.
  8. Yes. Its a great draft to get a developmental guy while your bridge QB plays the next 2 years.
  9. I don't know if a few weeks mattered, but I think both teams needed to do this before draft day. They needed to be in position to execute their strategy (the Jets need a QB and we don't need the third best player in the draft) before something happens that might change things significantly. Too many possible trade-ups from various teams for the Jets to risk, and the NYG are sitting there at #2 to hog all of the trade offers on draft day and that would be bad for us.
  10. The 2nd Rounders

    We've moved down to #6. Our pick wont command two firsts anymore. If Buffalo is desperate, maybe we'll get both, but nothing else. Most likely we'd get #12, a 2nd and a 4th or maybe a 3rd.
  11. The 2nd Rounders

    Yes. Unlike most spots, the roster NEEDS a WR. We couldn't field an offense as of today. Except for WR and Corner, all other spots are filled and they simply need upgrading.
  12. Buffalo will trade up to 1 or 2, IMO.
  13. I really, really, hope they do take Mayfield. Then Buffalo will come calling for Josh Allen to make sure Miami or Arizona does move up higher. Edit: I had a euphoria induced brain fart. I still believe that Buffalo will trade with NYG.
  14. Oh wow. Great move. I'm over there talking about Hankins and this is by far the bigger deal. Love it L-O-V-E I-T. Best news we could have had this FA season.
  15. Hankins Released

    So Ballard was sort of planning ahead when he made the deal. He may not have been all-in on Hankins to begin with. Hankins was signed late last FA season IIRC