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  1. He's told the story multiple times now. It's being egged on over and over again, because it's popular to hate on Ryan Grigson, so he's playing to the crowd and they're eating it up. I'm definitely over it already. If what Pat is saying is true, I don't blame him one bit for disliking Grigson and wanting everyone to know why. To hear him tell it, Grigson treated other people poorly as well, but he hasn't gone into detail about any of that. But it's definitely played out, IMO. Played out? Yes. But it's good to hear the players side of it so that we as fans know the true story. And judging from the Twitter reactions from other players the day he got fired, this isn't hard to believe. However, I think only the fans are in mind when he makes statements like this. It's not like this is a new thing. A bunch of guys "open " up about other players, coaches, etc... after they leave a team or the game itself. We've heard how some of Gruden's players feel about him. We heard from Vikings players how they felt about Leslie Frazier. We've heard how Bucs players felt about Greg Schiano. So I don't really think Pat is egging this on because it's popular to hate on Grigson. I think he's egging this one because he knows fans hated Grigson, but he did too. But now like many other former players, he's a liberty to explain WHY. If anything this helps rationalize the disdain for Grigson instead of it looking like just an angry fanbase who unfairly hated a guy because he didn't deliver. This kind of information (if true) puts to bed the idea that Grigson wasn't as bad as WE as fans made it seem. If anything it shows that it was far worse than we thought. I think he's trying to educate fans and put us in the loop which I can respect. Wayne did the same thing, although not as much. *
  2. I don't think it's meant to be taken literally. 2-3 translates 5-6 in reality. Those guys are probably -Luck -Hilton -Kelly -Doyle -Vinateiri -Castonzo *
  3. Loads of competition at every spot now. QB might be the only spot without competition but that's to be expected. This might be the most eager I've ever been to see the final depth chart. *
  4. Yeah we still had Gore at the time. So the only thing that probably changes is that we don't take a RB this year. Which means we probably take a TE instead of Mack. Possibly Jake Butt. *
  5. I can't really buy what they're selling. Every player ever has some arbitrary stats that make them sound good. You often here stuff like "this guy is the 3rd WR in NFL history to have 3 consecutive games with at least 100 yards receiving, no drops, and at least 1 TD for 20 or more yards". The whole PFF tidbit about tackling efficiency is sketchy. They have weird metrics and tackles are a shady stats anyways. I'm not saying I don't like Spence, I'm just saying the piece is a hard sell. *
  6. Too many injuries but I expect similar this year. I expect Hooker, Wilson, and possibly Walker to start. Basham and Mack should be rotational guys but get a bunch of snaps. The Colts also need a bunch of rookies to play tbh. Like Superman said, we had the oldest roster in the NFL. We should have a good 80% of our snaps come from rookies and 2nd year players. *
  7. I think you'd have to believe that Bostic (if healthy) has way higher upside than Morrison or E.Jackson who ended the season as starters. So that could be part of the reasoning. But it's early and could also be nothing. Right now I see Bostic and Walker or Morrison and Walker as your starting ILB combo. Bostic is fighting for a roster spot though. *
  8. I agree we need some depth, but I like the future with Ridgeway, Anderson and Hankins. I believe they can be a pretty dang good starting group. Yeah I'm looking to see what type of leap Ridgeway makes. Ideally I'd start him over Langford. Anderson at DE, Hankins at NT, and Ridgeway at DT. But that's assuming Ridgeway makes the leap and Anderson gets back to his rookie form. If not then DL is a need. But even if they decided to play Hankins at DT, I think Vita Vea would be a hell of a NT for us. *
  9. I'll hold off on my excitement for now. Around this time last year we were hearing similar things about Josh Ferguson. Now I think Mack is a way better player and I liked the pick, but I'll wait until at least pre-season. *
  10. Keeping my eye on Malik Jefferson and Azeem Victor. We've got a mixed bag at ILB right now. Even if Walker is the future we need someone to play next to him. I'd also watch the D-Line class. I wanted Loutelei before he decided to go back and still do. Regardless of where we play Hankins, we'll need a D-Lineman. *
  11. Forever the Browns. At least now we know who we're eventually trading Dorsett too. *
  12. I know this topic got off track but If were talking about players, CB, D-Line, and ILB are the biggest needs next year. Vontae will probably be gone and I'm not willing to say Wilson and Hairston are your future starters. Wilson is one though. If we're talking needs in general, HC is probably a need. *
  13. A- sounds about right. And Barnwell seems to be one of the few analysts who actually has a clear understanding of the Colts as he understands how Grigson set us back and how it's his fault Luck hasn't reached his potential. I think an A- is accurate. The Colts took the most strides on defense in one Ballard offseason than they took all 5 years of Grigson's reign. He also got rid of a very bad contract with Allen and got a 4th in return. He also completely changed the culture by cutting under achieving veterans like Jackson, Cole, and Jones while also bringing in a bunch of young competition. He avoided bringing in old guys past their prime, which was a big issue. IMO it's easily the 2nd best offseason of any team in the NFL. They didn't just get new players, they got better as an organization. Ballard was the best offseason acquisition IMO *
  14. @ColtsBlueFL I understand but I don't see why they don't move towards a more WCO type passing game. Luck would dissect any defense if he ran the type of system Brady does. He accels at what he's doing now and we know he's got the arm talent to sling it downfield, but it's taking its toll on him. 3 diff OC's and we've had the same problem. I think the HC is the problem then. But I don't anticipate Pagano being here much longer anyways. Bottom line is something has got to change. *
  15. It's a shame for sure. And unlike Howell, Geathers is actually a good player who's flashed big play potential. However I can't help but be reminded that we still could've drafted Collins in the first and perhaps wouldn't be having this issue. *

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