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  1. It is but we need a MLB, WILL, and possibly a SAM. The MLB is really important in a Tampa-2. We don’t have enough picks
  2. The Colts must really like the LB depth in the draft. I’m surprised they haven’t gone after any FA LBs.
  3. I think it’s because of the Owners comments about the national anthem.
  4. From football. He didn’t make it to the NFL but he’s retiring from the game of football in general. That means no CFL, AFL, etc...
  5. Thats really unfortunate. I heard his health was questionable but never expected it was bad enough for him to have to retire.
  6. If Barkley is available

    I think the biggest reason to trade back would be because of how they’ve handled the LB situation. We now need to draft at least two. In a Tampa-2 you need a MLB who can drop back into deep coverage. There’s two guys who can play that position in this draft: Tremaine Edmunds and Leighton Vander-Esch. Both could be gone in the 1st.
  7. Impressed

    I’d go with the Browns. They’ve made some of the best offseason moves they’ve ever made. Landry to pair with Gordon. They got the best bridge QB on the market. Damarious Randall is a good pickup considering their lack of CBs. The Carlos Hyde move was a little questionable for me. I don’t really see what he does for him that Crowell didn’t. Plus it’s a deep RB class even if they pass on Barkley.
  8. He can do better than them smh. But I hope this means they’ll pass on Guice early.
  9. This is the deepest off-ball LB class in recent memory. There are several intriguing prospects. Honestly if this is the route they’re going to go, we might as well trade back and get Smith or Vander-Esch in the 1st round. Or do the Bills trade and get both.
  10. Colts announce 4 rights have been tendered

    I think he made the best out of a bad situation. We probably didn’t have an upgrade on the roster. That’s the only reason I could think he started all those games because numbers and tape don’t lie. Draft in FA is uncertain so it’s probably safer to tender a guy for basically nothing than to cut him now.
  11. Colts announce 4 rights have been tendered

    I’ll be shocked if Vujnovich is on the final 53. He’s arguably the worst player on the roster.
  12. You’re assuming that fans know what patience is. People want everything now. No one wants to believe that it takes years to build a good team. Guess we can tell who all the Grigson supporters were.
  13. Under the RadaR!

    Crowell is signing with the Jets
  14. Maybe this means we can snag Kendrick’s from them.