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  1. Kap or Ballard should see what The Raiders want for EJ Manuel. *
  2. I know we had a freak show at the combine, but you guys also need to realize that his size is going to be an obstacle for him playing CB. Bigger CBs are hard to come by. So far the most successful "big" CB is Sherman at 6'3" but he also plays in a zone scheme that masks his flaws, and self admittedly doesn't guard small receivers well. The next best is Trumaine Johnson but he's not exactly a shutdown CB. If Green was 6'1" I'd see it but at 6'3" in a press man scheme, the chances are very low he'll be good at CB. He'll have the same flaws the Sherman has and then some because he's just not as talented as Sherman. Plus a safety-to-CB move is much harder than the reverse. I can't really think of a recent player who has made that switch and been successful. That's not to say that means if X player was a bad safety but played well when he moved to CB,then Green can do it. Then I'd be a hypocrite. What I'm saying is there isn't even a trend of data to follow to make some sort of accurate assertion of why this could work. He's a bigger guy, he wasn't good at safety, didn't have good college tape, struggles in coverage, making a rare change, and is on his 3rd position change in 4 years. There's like zero logical reason to think this even MIGHT work. *
  3. Richard Sherman was a WR until his senior year at Stanford. He was a good athlete that didn't find his niche until he got into the league and earned it. We should give TJ the same chance and hope he makes the most of it instead of completely dismissing him after one year. Again. An exception to the rule is not THE rule. Doesn't really matter who did what in the past. Case by case basis. Green is not Sherman. He is not Landon Collins. Dorsett is not Reggie Wayne. Etc... There's nothing wrong with optimism and saying you hope he gets better. But if you're going to defend him it has to be more than just mentioning his measureables for the 100th time, or providing some example of a player that was an exception to the rule for the 1,000th time. That's always my whole issue when we talk about disappointing players. I don't mind if someone else sees it different then me. But I get tired of hearing the same arguments for every player and everyone thinking the Colts are the special team that's going to all the exception to the rules. *
  4. Have you watched him? I think Bo is very impressive. He's very powerful and has underrated speed and agility. Henry has been good in limited action as well. Yeah I've seen him play. Nothing special IMO. He's every Alabama RB ever. Big and powerful but sneaky fast. I don't see anything that separates him from his other counterparts. In another 2 years people people will be talking about how big and fast another RB is. Probably that kid Najee Harris who just committed to them. *
  5. OK, two problems.... First, the list I posted from --- is from none other than..... TODD MCSHAY and Victor is the top ranted INSIDE linebacker. Second, the list you posted is just toprated linebackers, and almost by definition that means mostly OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS. That's why Victor is not on this list. But McShaw currently has Victor with a low to mid 2nd round grade and currently his top rated INSIDE backer. Fair enough. It probably depends on how he comes back from injury. It was just a broken leg, but you never know. I still think Cameron Smith is the top ILB though. *
  6. A lot of people thought Blake Bortles could be coached up too... *
  7. TJ Green played SS for the Colts last year, starting in Week 1 when he started alongside Mike Adams. He is a SS. And no one ever called Green a top player at any position, so why would you pass up drafting Hooker, regardless what you think of Green? That goes counter to what Chris Ballard said he would do: Green had practically zero bearing on drafting Hooker. One, he plays a different position, and two, Ballard telegraphed his draft strategy months in advance. He was drafted to play FS though I'm sure. Geathers was drafted to play SS. But Geathers was injured and Butler was a better FS so that forced him to SS. Green is a FS forced into a SS role because of team needs. But I remember Grigson saying at the post draft conference that they drafted him to play free, or something along those lines. All I'm saying is that if Green was the top tier FS he was drafted to be, you probably don't have to draft Hooker. Can't really think of a team with 2 elite FS. *
  8. Green is a strong safety. Ballard drafted a free safety and two corners, and kept Butler as a free safety, because he doesn't believe Green can play strong safety? I think not. He drafted Hooker because he fell in his lap, plain and simple. Whether Green has a future or not should not have a bearing on whether you draft Hooker -- a consensus top 10 player in this year's draft, and I'm being conservative. Green is not a SS. At least that's not what he was drafted (by Grigson albeit) to be. He was drafted to be a FS from day 1. Geathers was the SS when Green arrived. Also let's not forget that he is second on that depth chart at SS under Farley. A healthy Geathers, and he's probably 3rd. He was probably put at SS once they realized he doesn't have the skill set (or everything that Hooker has) to play FS. And you don't draft top players at their positions if you already have one (young and healthy) on your roster. You draft Malik Hookers, Fournette, Solomon Thomas, when you don't have top 10 guys at those positions already. Hooker was a steal and top 10 player that unexpectedly fell but if we had A top FS already there, it might have been different. *
  9. Ok, so why not give him one last chance at CB if he's probably on his way out the door anyway? This is the perfect time of year to try it and see if he can find a spot on the 53. If it works out, good for the Colts, we're happy. If it doesn't work out, he gets cut in favor of a better player, we're happy. Because you usually have to be good at either CB or safety first before being moved to the other position. Butler is a good example. Excelled as a slot CB first, then moved to FS. However it's harder for a safety to convert to a CB. CB isn't going to be easier for him. At his size, it'll actually be harder. *
  10. Yes he did, but the problem was tracking the ball in the air and sticking with the receiver as the ball arrives. It's not with mirroring the receiver and staying close in coverage, it's competing once the ball is on the way. And that's a big deal, but it's a different question from just 'can he cover.' Antonio Morrison absolutely can't cover, period. TJ Green needs to do a better job when the ball is in the air, and then he'll have a chance. Anyone want to know who PFF's worst rated safety in coverage was in 2015? I'm guessing Landon Collins because I've heard that argument a million times in this board. "But Collins was bad his 1st year too and everyone wanted him ". It's beating a dead horse. *
  11. I get it, you think he's trash and will never be able to play in the NFL. I choose to hold out hope for the raw but talented player with insane physical attributes. Also, you're wrong. He's plenty talented. What's lacking is skill and refinement. And thankfully, skill and refinement can be gained over time. Wrong. I don't think he'll ever be able to play safety or CB at a high level in the NFL. His destiny is special teams. I think Ballard probably thinks the same because he drafted Malik Hooker #15 overall, and also 2 CBs in the draft. Not to mention they re-signed Butler to play FS (not knowing they'd get Hooker). You don't make those moves if you think Green has a future. Specifically the Hooker pick. By contrast, he clearly believes in the O-line. Granted he went BPA, but he only drafted Banner and didn't bring in any high profile OL in FA. I think Pagano (who was apparently jumping on the table to draft him) just has a soft spot for Green. *
  12. I'm not looking at the numbers too much. None of those guys are in the running to start IMO. There's Wilson but he wasn't mentioned in this article. I care more about development in camp and technique. Wilson still needs to work on his technique with finding the ball in the air. *
  13. I'd rather give the coaches the benefit of the doubt and assume they see something that makes them think Green can play some corner, than assume that someone just had a random thought and ran with it. Green actually has the physical attributes to play any secondary position; TY does NOT have the physical attributes to play RB, so the analogy doesn't work. Unfortunately physical attributes is all he has, which is the issue. He doesn't have the talent however. Talent>Physical attributes. I think the coaches see what everyone else sees , which is that he's big and fast. Unfortunately that will be the story that defines him. *
  14. I 100% agree. He can't even play the position he was drafted to play, but they're already moving him around. This screams "Well he's not good at this so let's see if he's good at that". If he can't cover people from a FS position, IDK why any sane coach would put him one-on-one with someone. And I swear if I hear one more person say "He's 6'3", 211, and runs a 4.4" I'm going to lose my mind. We get it!!!!Hes big and fast, but up to this point it hasn't done a damn thing for him. *
  15. This article makes it sound like the Bills weren't actually the aggressors in either trade. The Rams wanted Watkins, and the Eagles wanted Darby. I think, if we approached them with an offer, we could probably make this happen. Matthews isn't really a deep threat, and their two and three are probably Zay Jones and Anquan Boldin. That's three solid possession receivers with zero deep speed. I'd send them Dorsett for Ragland and a 4th if that's the case. They probably want to dump Ragland anyways. If not then just give us a 3rd. They've got 2 firsts next year so they've got plenty of capital. *

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