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  1. And they got a guy who is a game changer. Some who takes the ball away. We didn't have any defensive game changers. Now we do. Everyone should be cheering.
  2. He can tackle. There's a part in every DB profile for this years draft that says "Needs to be a better tackler". He can get better. You guys are making it seem like he was the worst tackler in the draft. And with the Titans drafting Davis, you should be jumping up and down that they have a guy who can neutralize him. Hooker takes the ball away better than any player drafted in the last 10 years probably. And he SCORES when he takes it away. When he saves our CBs from being burned by the likes of Will Fuller, don't try and hop on the bandwagon.
  3. Only on the Colts forum can you get a guy that literally every credible analyst says is the next Ed Reed at 15 and people still complain. Do people really not realize how good Hooker was last season? He had most of Ohio States pick 6's.
  4. But why would people be complaining about not drafting Allen when his injury concerns are more severe than Hookers? The guy has arthritic shoulders. And the difference with Hooker and Green is light years. 1 year starter but he had elite production at his position unlike Green who didn't do anything of note at 2 years at FS. Hooker is on another level and light years ahead of Green as a safety. His tackling is raw but he's a FS. I don't think he was asked to play in the box that much, and probably wasn't coached up to tackle soundly. That coachable though. Malik is a top 10 talent that fell to 15. He's the steal of the entire first round IMO. Colts got a blue chip talent.
  5. I was at work watching the draft. Explain to me what happened in this topic lol? I come on expecting to see everyone going nuts and dubbing Ballard the new messiah of drafting and instead people are complaining. How is this even possible?
  6. Lol at all the people throwing hissy fits because the Colts passed on Foster. As expected, people really thought because of Ballards history with Peters and Hill in KC that the Colts were just going to draft a team full of knuckleheads. Get over yourselves.
  7. In the PR/statement to the police? Because from what I understand from his publicly released statement all he said was "I did not commit a crime". You're going to have to show me a source. Becausr if he did in fact have some type of intimate contact with her but he claimed not to, then that's a real problem.
  8. This is another detail I'm confused about. I've heard Conley said he didn't touch her at all, the friend say nothing happened between them, and then Conley release a statement where he didn't specify as to whether or not they had sex or not. Not sure what the truth is there.
  9. I actually didn't make that connection. I see most of what the guy is reporting as suspect, but him following her into the bathroom would be consistent with the PR.
  10. It's possible. But most of those guys are people probably overrated by the media. We'll find out by Saturday though.
  11. Also, the PR states that the unamed black female did not want to give a statement to the police. Yet she answers the phone and spills the beans to this guy? Also how did he get the numbers of any of these people? He said he called the names of everyone on the PR. That's a serious leak of information then because the contacts and full names were admitted on the publicly released PR. I'm pretty sure Conley and his people would have told everyone not to say anything unless it's to the police. Who is this guy and how is he doing the polices job? How did he get them to admit stuff that was left out of the report? I'm calling nonsense on that story.
  12. Because after the first 4 rounds or so, that's when projecting how high guys are ranked by teams gets tricky. That's when you start to see names you've never heard of get called and other guys inexplicably drop. A good example is 2015 when the Colts needed a safety. There was a guy who played at Virginia named Anthony Harris. Most mocks had him going 2nd-3rd round and he was ranked the 4th-5th best safety or something like that. Ended up going completely undrafted.
  13. Read through that and it seems to contradict the police report. In the PR Myles says nothing happened between Conley and the girl and there is no mention of **** sex.
  14. Stitches posted this earlier. It's one of the witnesses in the room claiming nothing even happened between Conley and the girl. @jvan1973
  15. No. But he didn't say that they Didn't in his released statement. And the original story (which we don't know how truthful it is) seems to be that someone (either the other witnesses or Conley) told police that nothing happened. I'll have to go back and look at the PR though.

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