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  1. But the 3 All-pro players on their line were all drafted on th first day (Smith, Fedricks, and Martin).
  2. Yeah I think guys will stop working out at pro-days. If you kill it at the combine then just do interviews at your pro-day. This is ridiculous. This is like the 3rd injury to a some what high profile draft pick this offseason after the combine. Imagine putting out great tape, killing it at the combine, and then getting injured at a non-mandatory work out right before you're supposed to get drafted.
  3. Having Garrett ranked under Thomas as well as certain other rankings makes me think that you purposely went against the status quo just for the sake of being controversial. Mahomes number 1? McCaffery number 1? Mike Williams at 4?
  4. Noted. 4.56 is like a standard RB time. But Cook and Mcaffrey ran in the 4.4's and Fournette at 240 ran a 4.5 flat iirc. I don't think Kamara will go as high as people are saying. I have him low 2nd-high 3rd. Size might also be a concern. 6'0" is the new standard at RB (Gurley, Gordon, Elliot, Johnson, Howard all 6'0" or greater) and he's only 5'10" 214. Has some knee injuries as well.
  5. But he also looked the best in the LB conversion drills that they do for a lot of edge players. Had no problem changing direction or droop in space. On tape he's got advanced hand usage and pass rush moves too. I don't care what the tests say. I know he can be good at the next level.
  6. People seem to forget that there's a 90 man roster for awhile. Signings like this will happen. But I disagree that Streeter isn't a threat to Dorsett. He's got more experience and is a proven 3rd receiver. He was underrated in Oakland IMO. If Phil didn't rise to occasion last year when Moncrief went out and Chud said they needed him to step up, I don't see what will change this year.
  7. I like his list. He's right about Kamara. The guy only ran a 4.65 which isn't good for someone who's supposed to be "electric". 4.65 is pedestrian. I like that he's high on Hill as I've been watching him more. Underrated and I think he can get better in the pass game. I want the Colts to draft him in the 4th. His ceiling is very high.
  8. Depends on who is still on the board but I'd probably be happy. Lamp is one of the surest things in this draft. Day 1 starter at RG. If Mewhort or someone gets injured he can play LG, center, and possibly RT. He makes Luck and the run game better.
  9. Yup. But Davis' medical is probably better than Foster's so I'd be okay with him.
  10. Most of those aren't on him though. Most of the guys had clean medicals coming out of college or from the other teams they came from.
  11. Interesting. I think given that scenario I'd take a healthy Wilson or Humphrey and bet that Davis' medical would push him to the 2nd.
  12. But what's the order of importance? Do you take Humphrey over Reddick? Wilson or Davis?
  13. It sounds like from the article and the posts here that Jarrad Davis is the safest pick at ILB. If we're not sold on Foster or Reddick (or they're gone) I'd trade down and take Davis. Or take Raekwon McMillan round 2 who is underrated. But taking any ILB round 1, you'd have to question how you feel about the CBs. What if Humphrey is still on the board? How high do you take Quincy Wilson?
  14. It doesn't matter if Aiken is a different type of receiver. They'll give snaps to whoever performs best. If Aiken comes in and starts playing better then he'll get Dorsett's snaps. Maybe even Moncrief's. I think this may be Dorsett's last season on the Colts though.

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