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  1. Grigson's Gaffes

    Best Available

    One kid I really like that is still available is Richie James. He's a wide receiver from Mid Tenn St. I've watched a majority of the games that he has played over the last two years. He was smooth going through his drills at the combine too. James isn't the biggest WR out there but he is incredibly productive and he is a phenomenal athlete. I'm not saying that he is the next Antonio Brown by any means but if you watch him play you can see that they're from the same type of mold.
  2. So what you're saying is.... Your analysis based on reading blogs/mock drafts/maybe watching one game a week > Scouts who watch film, evaluate players year round and actually know what they're looking at. Yeah, right. Hard to deem an opinion on a player credible or insightful when you miss his age by 5 years. We won't know anything until this guys get on the field, this team needs NFL talent up and down the roster, whether that talent is on the field for the first play of every game or not is irrelevant.
  3. Grigson's Gaffes

    Mason Rudolph

    If Luke Faulk has a long NFL career I'll be shocked. The kid was too inconsistent last season and I don't think he has elite arm strength. If a coach drafts him in the first round they're signing their own pink slip.
  4. Grigson's Gaffes

    Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)

    The narrative seems to be that Blake Bortles played well today. No he didn't. He just didn't play bad. If I'm Jacksonville this game solidifies my desires to find a new QB for next season. He's not a guy you can win big games with. On another note, has a team ever had an easier path than the Patriots have this season?
  5. Baylor football is an absolute dumpster fire. Even with all the issues that they had, there's no excuse for a team like Baylor to lose at home to teams like UT-San Antonio or Liberty. If Rhule is the next head coach my days as a season ticket holder are over.
  6. Grigson's Gaffes

    What if ballard constructed a "Super Staff"

    More like "Super Mediocre Staff" amirite?! A guy who hasn't been the strength and conditioning coach on a staff in a 17 years... A twice failed offensive coordinator A third year defensive coordinator whose unit's all got consistently worse year after year And a head coach who is 11-17 and couldn't last two full seasons in his only gig... Yeah, that's exactly what this team needs!!
  7. Grigson's Gaffes

    Stampede Blue: Theory that Ballard knows his coach already

    Brad Kaaya is a high ceiling QB prospect who left school too early. If Luck comes back healthy then Brissett may have trade value. Either way, there is little downside to signing a once highly touted QB prospect who has practice squad eligibility. Especially when you consider that Indianapolis paid Scott Tolzien to take up a roster spot for the whole season.
  8. How would the NFL ever replace him?
  9. Grigson's Gaffes

    Who would coach us if pagano is fired??

    Unfortunately I think your prediction is spot on, unless this season turns into a nightmare reminiscent of 2011 and the Colts end up with a top 5 pick, which they're able to trade to a QB needy team for a boatload of picks...That could jump start the process. I still to this day can't believe Irsay green lighted the spending spree Grigson went on for former Eagles and Andre Johnson. It's still unfathomable that a man in that position could spend that much money and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Trent Cole, man. Even I knew that was going to be a terrible signing from the get go. Don't get me started on Todd Herremans.
  10. Grigson's Gaffes

    Who would coach us if pagano is fired??

    Does anyone think Pagano gets a job as a HC in the league again if he gets fired here? Grigson will most assuredly never have his own team again. Pretty telling if, at a time when he could have hired anyone in the league, Irsay hired two unknowns who never even landed similar positions again, no?
  11. Grigson's Gaffes

    Delvin Breaux Being Shopped

    Has anybody here actually watched Delvin Breaux play? He gets exposed on a weekly basis. He had a horrendous first year in the NFL. He was a cheap starter for a team that couldn't have afforded better if they wanted to. (Saints were in one of the worst cap situations of all time when they signed him.) If he's on a cheap deal and being shopped by New Orleans, that's a huge red flag. Would be ironic if he joined the Colts though, because I've always kind of thought of him as the second coming of Jason David.
  12. Grigson's Gaffes

    Two Surprising 53-Man Roster Cuts Before Week One

    Both are better athletes then they are football players. I don't see the upside in cutting either one, unless somebody just absolutely plays their way onto the roster. I know it was more the exception than the rule, but Dorsett did make some nice plays at times last year. TJ Green, ahhhh not so much. I do think he could be a solid contributor on special teams though.
  13. Wrong. If he was drafted, he would be allowed to hold out and re-enter the draft next year. Hence why his agent threatened to do it. It was the only small slice of leverage that he had.