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  1. Has anybody here actually watched Delvin Breaux play? He gets exposed on a weekly basis. He had a horrendous first year in the NFL. He was a cheap starter for a team that couldn't have afforded better if they wanted to. (Saints were in one of the worst cap situations of all time when they signed him.) If he's on a cheap deal and being shopped by New Orleans, that's a huge red flag. Would be ironic if he joined the Colts though, because I've always kind of thought of him as the second coming of Jason David.
  2. Both are better athletes then they are football players. I don't see the upside in cutting either one, unless somebody just absolutely plays their way onto the roster. I know it was more the exception than the rule, but Dorsett did make some nice plays at times last year. TJ Green, ahhhh not so much. I do think he could be a solid contributor on special teams though.
  3. He also may or may not have a drinking problem that derailed his career as a GM. I'm all for second chances though, and I agree that he would be a great asset to the scouting department.
  4. ESPN and Jon Gruden loved the D'Joun Smith pick a couple of years ago and look at how awesome that turned out.
  5. If Adrian Peterson's price keeps going down I wouldn't mind having two 30+ year old running backs and Turbin pound the rock.
  6. I could see Richard Sherman having a career arc similar to Nmadi Asomugha's if he ever leaves Seattle. I've always thought Sherman was a great athlete who benefits from being in the right system with great players all around him. I wonder about his ability to be able to lineup against the Antonio Brown's, Dez Bryant's and Odell Beckham's of the world and hold his own one versus one.
  7. Exactly! Every NFL fans knows there is no game day experience quite like the Jaguars stadium. Those tarps in the upper deck where fans would normally sit sure cause a ruckus and create an intimidating home field advantage.
  8. I actually like most of the moves that Ballard has made so far, but that has a lot to do with Grigson not being able to build a team with any depth whatsoever. I've been in enough arguments with people on here about how wrong they are on player evaluation that there is no point anymore. I literally had people telling me I was a terrible person because I said I would rather have Incognito than Jonathon Martin on my team. I was heavily against Herremans, Cole, Andre Johnson but it doesn't matter now. You have countless people here who act like they're the second coming of Lombardi, Polian or Mel Kiper that voicing opinions on players isn't really attractive to me anymore.
  9. This thread is about 2 years too late.
  10. Other than Sheard everyone he has signed could be solid depth players but they also won't kill the cap if they don't make the team. I think everything is going according to plan. The draft is such a crap shoot that it would be a bad strategy imo to bank solely on the draft for building depth.
  11. I don't think he realizes that about half of his audience just walked out of the door with him. Especially on a stupid publicity stunt like this. He has some funny tweets from time to time but a majority of his twitter account is just recycled jokes. I think he tweets "testing positive for intelligence" at least once a day. His standup wasn't bad for an amatuer but no where near what it takes to sell places out all over the country. Best of luck to him, but idk that attaching your wagon to a site that caters to frat dudes and drunk college guys is he best career move...
  12. I expect that, defensively, most of the free agent signings on the defensive side of the ball will be much like Grigson's first off-season with the team where he signed low-risk, high-reward no name players. It's all speculation at this point but I don't see Ballard schilling out big dollars to players who don't have a hybrid skill set.
  13. Judging by Kansas City's history in FA over the past four years, I think this statement is right o the money. Other than Jeremy Maclin I can't think of a big name free agent they've signed recently. With all of the Colts holes, I think this may also be the best approach moving forward. The real interesting aspect of this to me is whether or not Pagano stays and how much will Balard be willing to spend on players who fit into a lame duck coach's scheme. If he starts signing players that Dave Toub likes then maybe that's a tell.
  14. I know he's getting up there in age, so maybe it's dementia, but Bill Polian suffers from a worse case of revisionist history than that guy in your fantasy league who spends every off-season crying about how he would have won it all if only he had "drafted David Johnson over Adrian Peterson and Zeke Elliot over Frank Gore!". Polian has changed his story so many times when it comes to his Colts tenure. He "almost" drafted TJ Yates late, which would have solved the QB problem that season. (Supposedly, according to him.) He "only drafted Jerry Hughes because he was the last player on the board with a first round grade", then the story became "he should have went with Roger Saffold instead.", then back to Jerry Hughes is a great player and nobody knows that like him, because he drafted him! As an employee at ESPN he ranked Donald Brown and Antoine Bethea as 2 of the top 5 free agents in their draft class. Now I guess the story is that he wanted Dalton over Castanzo. I would have loved to see the whole world's reaction if he would have used a first round pick on a QB who would have started one season out of five with the team. Polian was a great GM, but man just it let go, you lost your job because you drafted players like a monkey throwing darts a draft board for the last few seasons. There were plenty of QB's out there who could have "won 6 or 7" games that season, they went 2-14 because their back-up plan was signing a 40 year old QB, two weeks before the season started, and hoping he could take the reigns despite spending all off-season writing country songs.
  15. Doyle, Turbin, Butler and Walden (if the price is right or contract is very team friendly) One thing to be optimistic about is that the Colts will have a ton of cap room and they aren't losing very much on field production. Now will the current regime be able to capitalize on it? I have my doubts, but the opportunity is there.

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