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  1. Denver, they have a winning record vs the Pats.
  2. The Broncos probably won't make the playoffs. The Seahawks and 49ers are in the NFC, we won't face them in the playoffs. We need to beat the top AFC teams in the playoffs in the SB. You know who they are? Pats, Steelers, and Raiders. Not random at all.
  3. Sorry for your loss, and I hope your new kitty brings you as much joy as your old one!
  4. I appreciate this post. It's actually a better argument against anything I said than what CrazyColt has written.
  5. This makes me really sad since I was born in 87. Only two times since I was born.
  6. I'm sure the 70s didn't help out lol.
  7. I'm willing to give up a couple years to have a chance at a superbowl yes. Right now, it's 0%. I'd at least like to have a 25-50% in a couple years. The funny thing is, this isn't about Pagano with you, it's about me trashing someone associated with the Colts. You literally comment on any post that trashes a member of the Colts (whether it be a player or Coach), just because you are so defensive and a huge Colts optimist. I could be the Coach of the Colts next year, go 8-8 the next 3 years, and you'd defend me on these boards and say I never had a losing season just because I would of been a member of the Colts and had your loyalty. That's what it's about, you defend anyone and everyone associated with the Colts, whether it's warranted or not.
  8. Toub, Harbaugh, Gruden, McDaniels. David Shaw. You are also trying to ask if a rookie coach can beat Belichick and the Pats in 1 year when Pagano had 5 years to do it, which isn't fair.
  9. You're trolling me because you're repeatedly stating a fact that doesn't matter. His regular season record won't help us at all to win in the playoffs or make the SB. Beating the Pats, Steelers, and Raiders will. Your argument holds no water.
  10. Now I think you're trolling me. His record means nothing when we can't beat the Pats, Steelers, and Raiders. Show me where Pagano has beat them and I'll take you seriously. Until then, we have no shot. That is a fact that is irrelevant. The real fact is he gets destroyed by the teams who matter, the teams who we have to beat to get to the SB. Talk to me again when Pagano has a competitive game vs the Pats. Talk to me again when we beat the Steelers or Raiders. Pagano can take his winning record and shove it, because he can't beat anyone who matters. The AFC Championship game was the one time in 5 years he had a favorable schedule in the playoffs. He then went on to get annihilated by the Pats. Add the Steelers and Raiders and you have an impossible scenario to make the SB. Again, his record means nothing when he loses to the PATS, STEELERS and RAIDERS EVERY TIME.
  11. A SB is completely over the rainbow right now. We can't even beat the Pats, Steelers, or Raiders. We'll never have the shot. Like I said, my pessimism is based on statistical facts of the last 5 years vs these teams that are the top 3 teams in the AFC, your optimism is based on some possibility that Pagano could improve, despite heavy evidence suggesting otherwise. Based on your optimism, the Browns had the best draft, they could make the SB this year. You need to come up with some better facts than Paganos winning record (most vs irrelevant teams), to get taken seriously around here. All that matters is he gets annihilated by the teams who do matter. End of story.
  12. I guess this is the difference between us. You rely on the possibility that something can happen, despite when evidence points to the contrary. I take evidence and put it together to come to a conclusion. 1 or 2 years I'd agree we don't know. 5 years is a big enough sample size for me to know as well as other people. We aren't even blowing out teams like the Jaguars, we struggle vs everyone it seems. I'm happy for you that you have an optimistic disposition that allows you to be positive no matter what happens, but you also won't get taken very seriously when you ignore evidence that points to the contrary as time goes by. I'm not changing my stance on this subject unless Pagano does something like get us to the AFC Championship game or better this year. Lets hope for the best this year. I'm done talking about this, because it's upsetting me that he's still coach lol.
  13. My handful of games aren't random. I specifically picked those 3 teams because they are the best in the AFC. The 3 teams that will keep us from getting to the SB every year. If Pagano can't beat them, then we have no chance at making the SB. There's no possible pairing that will let us avoid the Pats, Steelers, and Raiders. See where I'm getting at? The Broncos are irrelevant now because they aren't a playoff team anymore. We aren't facing them in the playoffs because they won't make it. They won't be an easy out for us anymore. The Packers are even more irrelevant because they are in the NFC. Chuck may be able to beat the Packers, but that won't help come playoff time unless we face them in the SB. It seems like you are happy just to make the playoffs and have the possibility of making the SB. You really aren't considering how outmatched we are by the AFC elite and how poor we've done vs them. I'm looking at the probability of making the SB. Can it happen? Will it happen one day? 5 years of stats say Pagano has 0 chance of getting us there. I base things off probability, not a possibility. The NFL isn't a slot machine where you can put your last dollar in and win a million dollars. It's a cutthroat league that's a skill sport, player and coach wise. Pagano has shown he doesn't have the skill, and I want a chance at a SB while Luck is here, not just making a playoff appearance, making squeaking out a game, and getting destroyed by the Pats, Steelers, or Raiders every year. Might be your cup of tea, but it's not mine.
  14. The facts don't lie, you are right. Pagano is winless against the Pats, Steelers, and I believe the Raiders with Derek Carr as QB. That's all that matters. We can't get to the SB without beating those teams. If he can't do it, there's no need for him to remain here. Beating a bunch of scrub teams to make your record better does nothing when you are winless vs the top 3 threats in the AFC.
  15. BINGO! We have to replace Pagano next season. Biggest need is a new HC. No matter how we build the team, it won't matter until we get a new head coach. Rip the band-aid off, take our lumps and get someone that has the ability to get us to the SB and win it. Don't want to be an 8-8 team or a one and done team in the playoffs every year for the rest of Luck's career.

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