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  1. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    As a member of the state of Colorado, I can verify that Andrew Luck was in the ski lodge at Aspen. We were both taking ski lessons and Andrew wanted me to do a belly-to-back suplex on him so he'd flip over and ski down the mountain. Unfortunately, he got a lacerated kidney and many other injuries. Then, when I helped him back to the cabin, I dropped him on a pointy rock and that upped the recovery time from 6-9 weeks to 6-9 months. I apologize for being a fan and hanging out with my QB. So come at me! I still got an autographed Colts helmet, that's how great Luck is!
  2. Hilton and Moncrief

    A big part of it is Chud, but it seems like he is expendable, just like every other receiver not named Hilton on this team. He is basically a red zone target, and that's it. He should be much better, and he isn't. Even with Luck, he's very average, and a great combine doesn't make a great football player. This is why, every year come draft time, I say on the forum we should go after great football players, not great athletes. The best football players have the best chance of hitting, and we'll have a better chance long term of hitting on a better overall team. However, that was one of Grigson's better picks, especially in that historic WR class. I'll give him some more time until Luck returns to see if things change.
  3. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    I would go with Wentz. Dak will put up some points, but Peterson may shut down Bryant, and Elliott could be used heavily in this game after being shut down by the Broncos last week. Wentz is doing a very good job throwing the ball. The Giants have a solid pass defense, but Sproles is great in the screen game, Ertz is doing fantastic as a TE right now, and Jeffrey may be a really good WR for them this year. Lot of options for the Eagles, and they protect Wentz well. This is an easy choice IMO.
  4. Hilton and Moncrief

    Moncrief might be the most overrated player on the Colts and this Colts forum. He literally does nothing to stand out except catch td passes. If those passes weren't in the end zone, he'd be a #3-#4 type receiver with the impact he makes. He's done nothing but regress, and if he can't catch td passes anymore with Doyle as the TE, then he has absolutely no use, especially with the playbook Chud runs.
  5. Malik hooker's first int

    Since I've been a Colts fan, Hooker may be the biggest "steal" pick we've ever got. That was pure luck based on how the draft went up to that point. We're very lucky to have him. I'd say 9 times out of 10, he's a top 10 pick.
  6. Jags Attendance Today - Game 2

    Wonder how many were Tennessee fans. I remember reading last year on the Jags forums about how many Denver fans were in their stadium when they played.
  7. Jags Attendance Today - Game 2

    He's busy in the minors lol!
  8. Malik hooker's first int

    Wilson had a good game from what I heard and seen in the first game and preseason. I think he's going to be a star. He really hasn't made any bad mistakes yet from what I've seen.
  9. Malik hooker's first int

    It would make sense that Hooker was out that snap, I was watching on gametracker, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt based on how he's played so far. Geathers and Hooker would crush souls at S. That'd be a lot of fun to watch!
  10. Malik hooker's first int

    That makes sense as he wasn't really on the stat sheet. At least John Simon is playing out of his mind right now. At this point, we just have to get some hits. As long as Basham shows some progress, then he's on track for a 3rd rounder. He's not going to get a ton of playing time right now, and I can understand that. Right now, it's about improving the defense, and the secondary is coming through in this draft.
  11. Malik hooker's first int

    How did Basham do yesterday? I was watching on gametracker and had no live footage of him.
  12. Malik hooker's first int

    That was a nice sack by him! He has potential everywhere IMO. That was a nice gem by Ballard. He has starter potential even right now. Great to have a GM that knows what he is doing. This draft was better defensively IMO, then all of Grigson's put together.
  13. Malik hooker's first int

    It was definitely exciting that the INT was from Hooker, that made me pop, and not much has made me do that so far this year. Like seeing your son do that for the first time in a little league game. Happy for Hooker!
  14. Malik hooker's first int

    Yep, with Vontae coming back it will help, and if Geathers can come back from his neck issues, this secondary may be a force. We still need another CB in next year's draft though. Wilson isn't doing too bad himself either. Can't wait to see a PFF review for the Colts on week 2.
  15. Malik hooker's first int

    I had Hooker as the 2nd best player after Jamal Adams in the entire draft. Haven't seen the Jets first two games, but Hooker is doing very well for himself so far.