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  1. I appreciate that, but I don't feel any better. They aren't going to publicly say Luck is a bad QB or anything negative about him. I'm giving Luck the benefit of the doubt because he has played hurt and want to see him healthy for now. If he takes a little while to fully recover, I'm fine with that. If he's fully healthy and dominates like 2014 with a slightly better defense now, then everything will be great and I'll eat crow about Luck. If he is fully healthy and continues to get off to slow starts though, then I'm not watching until either Pagano, Chud, or both get fired. Not going through another year of this. Hopefully Luck is still as good as he was in 2014, and will continue to improve. If so, we have a shot at a SB down the road, if not, then we may be one of the pack for the forseeable future.
  2. If you aren't capable of doing your job, then your boss shouldn't put you in the position to do it in the first place. These guys aren't qualified to do the job. This is Grigson's fault for the most part. He put us in a terrible spot defensive-wise. The players are going to play whether they do good or bad, they are getting paid and probably having fun while doing it. It's a dream for them. Grigson was supposed to put us in a position to win, and 5 years of drafting very poorly on defense made him fail to do that. They may have to start at some point, but so many at once is impossible to overcome. It should of never been as bad as it was.
  3. Basically what I'm saying is the defense is so bad, that you can't possibly blame them for losing based on their talent level. Most of these guys are career backups or depth guys, they shouldn't be starting full games and full seasons like they have. When you start over half the defense with guys like these, what do you expect? Did you really expect the defense to be great or even average? I seriously doubt it. Luck and this offense for the most part are average to solid starters. They have to pick up the slack, and they weren't even doing that most of the time. Early on in games, we were behind a large majority of the time. That's putting even more pressure on an already terrible defense. You can say the defense does that to Luck as well. Well, the defense just isn't talented enough, Andrew Luck and the offense is. They have to pull their weight, and they are the only ones capable of it. Maybe if the rookies and FA's work out it'll be different this year, but if Luck continues to get off to slow starts, it still won't make a difference, especially against elite opponents. Yes, the playbook choices by chud are horrible, but even that doesn't excuse struggling vs weaker opponents. We need to fix the slow starts above anything else.
  4. That goes back to coaching, as you said. The coaching and playbook is so poor, that Pagano and Chud gets just as much out of Hasselback and Tolzien as they do Luck. When you limit Luck's abilities (and he's hurt), then you are basically allowing any QB that fits Chud's playbook to play just as well as Luck. Get rid of Chud, and you get rid of the main problem, lack of playcalling freedom for Luck.
  5. I agree football is a team sport, but nobody controls a team and leads it like the QB. On most teams, that's your leader, that's the person that has the most impact. Not every player is created equal and you know that. I can get behind Pagano and Chud screwing it up for Luck, but if the QB struggles, the team struggles. That's just how it is, and it's why we were 8-8. It's probably Luck's floor, but we still need to do better with him early on.
  6. I mentioned the defense because people always blame it, wasn't meant especially towards you. I also addressed Hilton and Doyle above in another post (which is ridiculous blaming those 2). The O-Line maybe, but Luck also is notorious for holding on to the ball too long. It was also much better the final 7 games, so it's almost half the season they fixed it.
  7. As far as Hilton goes, he did nothing but produce as the leagues leading receiver. The only part he didn't do well in was TDs. Doyle was overshadowed by Allen, and unrightfully so. The coaching I agree with, but Luck has to have some freedom at QB. He never audibles like Peyton or anything like that. If Luck has no freedom to call plays by now, the problem is a lot deeper than we think at QB. It either means Chud won't let him call plays, there's a lack of trust going on, or Luck isn't capable of it this far into his career, which would be a huge problem.
  8. I'll explain my position here as people here seem to have your viewpoint. The ONLY person you can attribute the slow starts to is Luck. You can't logically place it on a defense that was so devoid of talent that any team in the NFL could score at will against it. That defense just stunk. You couldn't expect it to hold opponent's offenses to any reasonable amount of points. The offense has to step up in that type of situation to make up for the defenses deficiencies. That is up to Andrew Luck. He's the most talented player on the offense and the leader of the offense. It's not fair, but it is what it is. Luckily, the defense should be much better this year, and we have a defensive minded coach to coach it up. I just can't blame it on the defense when they are literal trash. They never had a chance. Luck has to step up like Drew Brees does on the Saints, fair or not.
  9. I'm saying if we continue to get off to the slow starts that we were in most weeks, we will never beat teams like the Raiders, Steelers, and Pats and make the SB. Not sure why this is so hard to understand. Sometimes stats don't tell the whole story, and without knowing about the slow starts, you would think Luck dominated when it simply wasn't the case. We were behind a high majority of the time last year. Yes, two years ago he was hurt. Does it really matter if he's hurt though? Even in 2014, when Luck threw 40 tds, he got destroyed by the Pats. The team has to be much better. He isn't Peyton where he can carry them to the SB. If he can, he's shown no sign of it yet against the Pats or even the Raiders or Steelers for that matter.
  10. I like the long response. That's what we are going to have to do to get to the SB, a solid team and a solid defense. The only problem I have is he shouldn't have to be flawless to win every game, and it seems he has to be. I don't know if the team is that bad, or that's just on Luck. In any case, it'll take a great defense and better playcalling (as you said) to get us to the SB. What's going on now isn't working. This year's improvements on both sides of the ball is a start, but it likely won't be enough this year. Ballard has to give Luck what Manning didn't have, a top defense. Reason being, I don't think Luck has the talent Manning has and the ability to carry a team like him either.
  11. Then what was in your opinion? The slow starts were a big part of it, because it put extra pressure on the defense, and not scoring points is on Luck (the leader of the team). If you want to argue it's coaching, that's fine. Just make sure to make it your argument. Luck's play was not sufficient enough to reach the SB, that theory is debunked by how the Raiders were destroying us until Carr got injured. I think we were down by 3 TDs. If the Steelers and Pats are even better, then we have no chance of beating them if we start slow. If you want to argue that we can make the playoffs with Luck playing how he is, I'll agree with you, we can't beat the elite AFC teams though and make the SB. We couldn't even do it when Luck was at his highest point thus far in 2014, so there's no way we can do it with the way things currently are.
  12. I agree, that will be a big one to watch this season. Will test our resolve.
  13. Probably, but the slow starts are still unacceptable. Also, the defense doesn't keep the offense from scoring either, so it's not like we're in a Saints situation where Brees puts up points and the defense gives it away. We just weren't putting up many points early, and it was putting an already bad defense in a tough spot. We will find out this year with all the new additions in the Draft and Free Agency whether it was a lack of talent and Pagano didn't deserve the criticism he got, or if the Coaching is just horrible and Pagano and Chud need to be shown the door. It's one or the other, no in-between. We'll find out by the end of the season.
  14. There's two sides to it. The overall stats and metrics say he did well, the slow starts say otherwise. Despite the overall performance of Luck, if we continue to start games the way we did last year with Luck, we won't beat the elite teams, and that's hard to argue. Remember, I said as far as SB chances go, we'd be toast.
  15. Hahaha fair enough! I'm an impatient person I guess.

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