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  1. If that happened, I'd do a backflip out of a plane taking off, onto a trampoline, and frontflip back into the plane as it's entering the sky! That's my no1 guy right there!
  2. Thanks NewColtsFan, and thanks for always being a solid poster!
  3. I think that's based on two things from the poster. Impatience that his contract is running out, and his production. When I say production, I mean his stats comparatively speaking to TY Hilton, who is a #1 receiver and an absolute star at WR on our team. Obviously we have no idea how Ballard values him as it's kept quiet until he either gets signed, extended, or becomes a FA, but the longer it takes, the more likely it is he isn't getting signed or extended in people's eyes, despite the fact that Ballard just became the new GM. It's also possible the poster wasn't thinking. Just never know.
  4. I have bipolar depression and it would definitely affect me pretty bad. In my mind, I would be wasting the season watching games if we made an outrageous pick like that. It's like a long term investment that went from 100 to 0 in an hour if it happened. Same thing happened when I learned wrestling was fake, I immediately stopped watching it. Certain movies like superhero movies don't interest me because I can predict them, and anything else I can predict ahead of time is hard for me to get into. It's a mixture of me reading patterns and predicting outcomes, and losing interest in that particular thing once I'm able to do so. Picking an rb or te in the 1st would convince me the defense would stink again and this season is another lost cause. That's why I'm up and down on these boards. Some of my posts can be very intelligent, and some of them make me sound like a 5 year old.
  5. I agree. As long as that that person is answering it like an opinion and everyone realizes it's an opinion, then everything is solid. It gets when people are telling opinions as facts that it starts to head south. You see plenty of both, but it's usually just a lot of debating from my point of view. Some good points of view, and some bad ones, but as long as we all acknowledge these point of views as opinions when they are, then I see nothing wrong with it. I think it just gets out of control when there are rumors, mostly during FA and the draft, and people take it out of context at times, myself included.
  6. I wouldn't call it a flaw at all. In fact, it's the main premise that a sports forum is built around. Trying to put pieces of the puzzle together on certain things and predicting the future. That's how conversation is started a lot of the time in particular and it keeps people engaged. Without people jumping to conclusions with little evidence, it'd just be people reporting facts on twitter and chat on gameday, which wouldn't be a lot of fun by itself.
  7. Player A is Aiken Player B is Moncrief Player C is Dorsett
  8. I'm staying home on draft night for that very reason. If we draft an rb or te in the 1st, I don't want to be antagonized by someone making fun of me and end up in jail. I already wouldn't watch the rest of the draft and would contemplate watching the season this year. O-Line is fine, other than that, we need defense, defense, and more defense.
  9. Most of this is fair enough. I disagree on the the Falcons and Matt Ryan regressing though for a few reasons. 1st.) Julio Jones is far and away better than anyone that the Panthers have. 2nd.) The Falcons have a solid run game with two solid rbs and a balanced offense. Cam had to do everything by himself on the Panthers, Matt Ryan has a team friendly offense he can rely on with many targets. 3rd.) Falcons have a pass rush on defense. When you have that, you always have a chance to stop opposing offenses, and that, combined with the no1 offense, is going to make them win the majority of games. They could lose in the playoffs easy, but Matt Ryan will always get them there, and that's somewhere I'm jealous the Colts aren't at right now, and even Luck can't carry this particular Colts team too at this point.
  10. I think Carr could of easily got the Raiders past the Texans, and given the Pats a good game. Even if you don't believe he could of beat the Pats, you can't deny the way he was playing last year, he probably beats the Texans if healthy. Matt Ryan is behind Luck years-wise, but he caught up playing-wise and probably surpassed him now. He has a better team ( I will admit that), but he also got the Falcons to a SB, and for all intentional purposes, should be a SB champion now. That offense was just so consistently good, that I don't see him being a fluke. He won't make the SB every year, but I bet they at least make the playoffs every year.
  11. 1.) Tom Brady 2.) Aaron Rodgers 3.) Matt Ryan 4.) Derek Carr 5.) Big Ben I have Luck at 7 right now with Brees at 6 just in case anyone is wondering. No one is close to Brady and his career. Even right now, Brady is on par with Rodgers at 39 years old. Rodgers is no2, he has youth, accuracy, doesn't throw INT's and is a very good athlete. He will win a 2nd SB IMO before his career is over. Matt Ryan has broken out in a big way. I don't think he's a fluke like Newton. He's a natural pocket passing QB, that has his weapons (especially Julio) and knows what to do with them. Will be in the running for the SB every year til he retires. Derek Carr is similar to Matt Ryan, and almost on his level already. Very accurate, solid in the pocket, goes through his reads well, and doesn't make many mistakes. Probably wouldn't of beat Brady and the Pats last year, but was robbed of a shot in the playoffs due to injury, and is severely underestimated. Big Ben is always very consistent and can put up big numbers. Depends on Brown and Bell heavily, but gets the job done. His problem is getting past the Patriots, which I don't know if he can do before either Brady retires, or he retires first. Luck is at 7 because he still struggles at some fundamentals. He needs to throw the ball away more, commit less turnovers, stop relying on Hilton so much, and try to go through his progressions more (this should happen with a better line). Most of all, start quicker and score points in the first quarter and stop putting pressure on the defense. Despite all this, Luck is one of the best QBs in the NFL and just needs better coaching and better teammates around him IMO to succeed and hopefully win a SB for us.
  12. I would take Charles Harris over Forrest Lamp. Starting to like him a lot and Ballard has shown interest in him.
  13. and you have no way of saying I'm wrong. I'm merely giving my opinion, and what would seem to make sense based on Pagano's speciality and the fact that Grigson had seemed to get better the last two drafts. You got something better, spit it out. Otherwise, it's a forum board, where a lot of stuff isn't confirmed. Like trying to put together pieces of a puzzle with this team.
  14. I realize that, but I think he was a Pagano crush, and Grigson did him a favor to try and get along after Irsay chastisted both of them.

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