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  1. I would honestly love Nelson and Hernandez with the first two picks. However, I'd want no more than 3 O-Lineman in the draft unless we acquired more picks. Love the 4 guys you did get though.
  2. The cap will carry over, so I'm actually not too worried about the FA situation now that this trade has happened. We can build through the draft this year, carry over the cap some, and go for it next year in FA when we add an additional draft that also has an extra 2nd rounder as well. We'll be fine.
  3. Was this on classic or difficult? As a mock drafting lover I was just curious?
  4. I think we will honestly go Nelson if he available. We missed out on O-Line in FA, so it's time to build through the draft. Even with our extra 2nds, there's no guarantee that Hernandez or Wynn will fall at G, so I think Ballard's preference is to take Nelson at 6 if he can get him. Ballard has said he likes to build the trenches, and there is no one better in this year's draft to do that with than Nelson. The next choice would be Chubb, IMO. If both are gone, then I could see us going Tremaine Edmunds, though I don't know Ballard's personal opinion of him. Fitzpatrick I don't see as he is more of a FS and we have Hooker there, Barkley probably won't fall and he isn't a great option. I'll say one of the 3 I mentioned in that order of Nelson, Chubb, or Edmunds, or we trade down again.
  5. Only problem I have with Leonard is if he is enough of a pass rusher for a 2nd round pick? I wouldn't mind the 3rd round, but he's not the best pass rusher IMO. He's fantastic at tackling though.
  6. Edmunds, Vander Esch and Jewell. Get it done Ballard!
  7. Relax

    I only remember FreeneyFan on here being upset, everyone else had positive feedback. This was a good day today, considering how things have started in FA. At least we learned of Ballard's plans and got some nice picks for basically free. This was a great day as a Colts fan and gives hope and something to look forward to.
  8. Relax

    I honestly think only one person was upset with the trade today. Not sure why you telling people to take a break and relax?
  9. I think he means with no big names signed in FA. Just prior big names, and guys that develop into big names that are drafted by Ballard. He likes to build through the draft, so to speak.
  10. Lets reflect

    Nice post. I agree especially with the bolded paragraph. Lets destroy this draft!
  11. I think the trade is a 10/10 for the mere possibility that Ballard traded down from 3 to 6 and we could still get Nelson or Chubb who we wanted at 3. If that happens, we got three 2nd rounders for free and the biggest steal of the draft. That possibility makes this trade lopsided and a 10 in my opinion.
  12. jshipp. I understand that, but lets not talk about FA in this thread. Ballard pulled off something really good here. Lets be happy about it and discuss FA in the other thread. Don't want you to get torn up here, we should be happy right now. We'll worry about FA as the days go by.
  13. Looked at a Jets forum, and they are furious! Well done Ballard! That's how you know you've done your job!
  14. We can get Edmunds, Ward, Roquan Smith, Fitzpatrick, trade down again. We are in good shape even if they both go.
  15. Agreed, I'm man enough to admit I overreacted, and I'm giving Ballard the full benefit of the doubt for this year without another complaint (until he takes guys in the draft I don't like lol).