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  1. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    I'm Bipolar, and that is exactly my attitude at most times. Something is either the best thing ever or the worst thing ever. I would guess Doyle has bipolar.
  2. I said in the exact post you quoted, I don't think you are real old, going to guess 46. So I didn't say that.
  3. You can be 40-45 for now, but soon enough you'll be 53 and I'll be right MUAHAHAHA!!
  4. Ah, I see. Yeah, that's pretty rough. Unfortunately, that can come with the territory. Hopefully you stay as healthy as possible from now on. Thank you for your service in the military as well, that can't be said enough, and should be said more today.
  5. Finally Found out How McDaniels Has Grown Since Denver

    Great article. Love to read this about McDaniels, and I have full confidence he will lead us to a SB before Luck retires. Already had confidence in his play-calling ability, but now I have more confidence in him as a coach, and now a leader as well to bring this team together as a unit to the promised land. Looks like McDaniels has matured and found himself. Great hire by Ballard, and I hope for the best for many seasons to come!
  6. Sorry about that, I've been very fortunate in my life. No aches or pains, no injuries. I'm 30 though, so it'll catch up to me down the road.
  7. I'm guessing a bit higher than I should probably because this is the best Colts site online and the people on here are much better than the majority of Colts fans elsewhere, so I'm assuming they are slightly more mature. I can also tell most of the young ones as well on here. Sorry for making you feel old, lol.
  8. I think Dan's career was wasted potential in the sense that he couldn't win a SB. He's easily the greatest QB to never win a SB and it isn't close. The good news is people realize how great he was, so he still shined considering that he never won the big one. Peyton underperformed as well on the Colts. I will always be upset we couldn't put a better team around him to compete with the Pats more.
  9. I know you've been a cop for awhile and have a solid job in law enforcement, to do that you have to work there for a long time. I also know you are a solid poster. However, I don't think you are real old. Going to guess 46.
  10. Fair enough. I'm not 100% right on everybody.
  11. I still don't have a definitive read on Luck. I don't know if he's 2014 Luck where he absolutely can dominate games and take us to the SB when healthy and has a team around him, or 2014 RGIII where he just falls behind in games and plays "captain comeback" when the defense plays the prevent. He's done both roles in his career and I'm not sure which is the true Andrew Luck. I'm going to guess the former because that was before the year he originally got hurt in that game Vs the Broncos. Hopefully he returns to that 2014 form with McDaniels coaching him.
  12. You are superman's buddy, who is NCF's friend in real life, and I know he's 60. So I'm going to guess you are at least 50. I'll guess 53?
  13. I would guess you are around 40-45. You don't seem extremely young, but you don't seem like an old-timer either. I haven't seen you post much or reveal your age. I'm also not going to cheat and look, because it's no fun to do that.
  14. It took a herculian effort from Dan Marino to earn his HOF career in an era where passers like him weren't common like today's passing first game. There was literally nothing else he could do and the reason he never won a SB was solely on the faults of his coaches and poor talent around him. So while he made the best of a bad situation, his career was absolutely wasted in Mia, and he would of been a multiple time SB winner with average talent around him. He's the ultimate proof one player can't win a championship.
  15. Some have revealed it on here in posts and others in stuff as simple as their username. I've been on here since 2014, so I've figured out everyone's age by posts or just by asking. It's also easy to figure out the rest just by how they post. Most have revealed it at one time or another though in the last 3, almost 4 years.