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  1. I will keep it. I have Mama as a 5th round guy anyway, and the other pick I was looking at (Jalen Myrick) was taken by Superman without me realizing it. Kinda hidden in the comments lol. Also have Mama ranked above Harlow, so it's the correct decision. Thanks a lot!
  2. I appreciate that, will look at the top prospects left and decide.
  3. Would of liked to looked at the choices 100%, but I won't make a fuss in the 6th round. Most people are getting autoed anyway now lol.
  4. I've been disconnected until now due to a snowstorm. I apologize for holding the draft process up (even in the 6th round). Wish it would of happened earlier.
  5. No, that was Papa.
  6. Top of the 6th me matey!
  7. I can sit or stand for awhile, it's just not seeing results that makes me go crazy. So if I'm sitting and not doing anything, it drives me crazy. If I'm moving in a vehicle while sitting, it's fine, because I'm moving. Nothing is a bigger motivator than seeing results.
  8. I used to go on cross country road trips with friends when playing the pokemon trading card game. Colorado to Utah was hard enough, but when we went from Colorado to St. Louis, that took a toll on us mentally, driving so far.
  10. Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET?
  11. There are a few decent mid-round guards that i wouldn't mind getting for real besides the obvious one in Lamp. Where they are going actually matches up favorably with our draft picks. The Jags, not so much, lol. It would either be a reach or they get snagged before my pick.
  12. Yeah, Bucky fell to me in the 3rd, so I nabbed him. Probably the only spot where I would of got value. I think you did just fine.
  13. Jvan has been picking guards with all 7 of his teams in every round, so I've been avoiding reaching for one even though they are a need. Really glad I traded for Humphries now with the way the O-Lineman went fast.

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