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  1. Colts will be on FOX for 2nd game vs Titans

    You didn't say that, but the only logical reason you would root for a team to win at this point is if you think they will win the SB. Either they are a contending team or have a shot to make the playoffs, or you are out of the playoffs and are playing for draft position. I literally have no idea what you are thinking when you cheer for the Colts to win and you don't think they can make the SB. That is completely contradictory. If you don't think they will make the SB (and you know good and well they won't without Luck, whether you admit it or not), then you should be rooting to lose for draft position. I don't know what you are thinking, but it literally makes no sense. This team is a bunch of losers without Luck, and the record says so. That won't change this year. We need better players, winning meaningless games won't help that. You can call that a loser's mentality all you want, I call it wanting to win a SB before Luck retires rather than getting some temporary joy in the next few weeks that will actually be harmful months from now.
  2. Colts will be on FOX for 2nd game vs Titans

    You are correct, I don't care about any of these players and their jobs. The good ones will be retained and the bad ones will be let go. Ballard is not dumb. Also, if you haven't noticed, this team is full of losers. They are playing like a bunch of losers. Their record at 3-7 says they are losers. So either you are delusional enough to think we can win the SB still without Luck (otherwise there is no point to winning if you can't win it all), or you just want to win some games for some temporary satisfaction and enjoyment and sacrifice the future. So yes, all I care about is a high draft pick and Luck being 100% next year, because there is nothing else to care about. This year is a lost cause. For us, the year is merely meaningless entertainment now, and that's what I care about at this point, my own interest in this team.
  3. Colts will be on FOX for 2nd game vs Titans

    Why in the world are you hoping to win? We are 3-7, Luck is on IR, and we aren't making the playoffs. Even if we did by some miracle, we aren't accomplishing anything in the playoffs except a 1st round loss and a lower draft pick. You are smarter than this Krunk.
  4. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    An anesthesiologist yes, I would trust, because they are taught certain guidelines and procedures in college, and it is very consistent between every one of them. A GM or a coach is different. Not all are created equal. Some coaches have trouble with the offense or defense or have other weaknesses while others are well rounded. It's obvious Pagano has trouble coaching offenses. GM's are responsible for the cap, drafting players, and signing FA's. Drafting players is an inexact science. Most use very different techniques and end up being failures at it. The players are also different every year, and GM's aren't consistently good like an anesthesiologist that does the same thing with the knowledge he learns. A GM's success is random to a degree and somewhat luck based depending on if his draft picks and FA's hit. I wouldn't depend on an anesthesiologist that is depending on Luck to help a patient. You are fully trusting a GM and Coach at every turn that are making a lot of luck based decisions, and especially a coach that is poorly offensively minded. We may not be better than them, but that's not our job. Their job is to be better than 31 other coaches and GM's. Pagano definitely isn't that, and it's too early to grade Ballard and put that 100% trust into him for me yet. I'm human and so he, so I will question his decisions at times.
  5. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    No, I'm bashing you because your opinion isn't based on any substance, rather just the fact that we should be positive about Pagano and the Colts because they are our team. That's not a good enough reason by itself. Honesty is the best policy. That has been true since the beginning of time and it's true on this forum. This team is not good right now, the coach, the players, the coordinators, nothing. I don't like a picture of deception being painted over this forum that it is, even if the intent is to paint a positive light over it. I'd rather address the issues the team has, and discuss ways to improve it.
  6. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    Well, not bringing in a new coach with a whole system is a guarantee things will not get better. Keep being happy with those pointless 11-5 seasons though. In your world, just getting to the playoffs and losing is good enough, and it's gotten so bad that you are defending 8-8 records and now a 3-7 record. Aren't you going to brag about Pagano never having a losing season? Oh wait, you can't lol! Don't worry, once Pagano is gone at the end of the year, you'll be telling everyone why he's bad just like you do with Grigson since you'll no longer be obligated to defend him. The Colts loyalty will be gone. You just defend him because he's a Colt and you try to make light of every situation. Well, there's no light at the end of this tunnel for Pagano. Just a high draft pick and a new beginning for us, and you'll have to deal with that from the majority of posters while you're on here, and this is a very soft website compared to most others.
  7. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    The bolded is scary. If your boss gave you a paycut for whatever reason, would you be okay with it? You need to make a decision based on what you think is right, not depend on others to make decisions for you. I understand we have no say in the final decision, but you are allowed to make a decision and don't have to be a company fan. If it's something you like, like it because you genuinely like it, not because you feel forced as a fan out of loyalty. If you disagree with something, that's fine too. You aren't going to get a whipping from Irsay because you disagree with a decision of his. Great men question things, they are the ones that are most successful. Those are the minority that end up with the jobs in the first place that you agree with all the time. You are allowed to question decisions. Everyone is human.
  8. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    We could all die tomorrow at random and very few would care, but that doesn't mean he can't vent his emotions in this thread. That's what this particular thread is for. The majority know that bringing back Pagano is the worst case scenario.
  9. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    That would be well deserved and a big wake up call to Irsay then. I don't think it comes to that though.
  10. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    Yep, I'm 30 now, and this has made tune out. I'm enjoying daily and yearly fantasy football a lot more because it gives me a sense of control and it's a lot more fun. Also gives me a chance to make money off individual success rather than watch helplessly as a fan and do nothing. Fantasy sports was the best thing that happened to the sports industry IMO.
  11. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    I would be done with the team until Pagano goes. I'm already only tolerating it because I understand what a top 5-10 draft pick will do for our team and I'm giving Ballard the benefit of the doubt right now that he can turn around the team with some time. Unfortunately, besides Hooker, the draft class is looking worse and worse, and even Simon can't stay healthy now. Yes though, if Pagano stays, I will just follow the Broncos as I live in Colorado, and check up on the Colts to see how the young players are doing. I'd be very confident Luck and the team wouldn't be going anywhere with Pagano there. Not wasting my time on the same song and dance with Pagano there hoping he defeats the Steelers and Pats. Football is a game of skill, not hope and luck.
  12. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    The NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" league. Unless you are retired and have created a legacy for yourself, then that will be hung over your head the longer you miss time. Luck has missed a little over a year in playing time. He's really only had one great year in 2014. That was the only year he was top 5. If he's truly top 5, then he'll return to that form assuming he is 100% at the beginning of next season. If not, then he has been passed by the new wave of QB's. For our sake, lets hope he is fully recovered and he reverts back to old form. Until then though, this is a "what have you done for me lately" league, and we can't assume that Luck would of beaten the Steelers or Pats even if he was healthy. Now we have to contend with DeShaun Watson starting next year as well in the division.
  13. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    What I'm saying is, if no major media outlet didn't report on Luck visiting Dr. James Andrews, then it didn't happen. Players less important than Luck get reported on visiting him all the time, and Luck and the Colts are under extreme scrutiny right now.
  14. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    Judging by the fact that everything gets reported and leaked these days, and something like a big player like Luck seeing Dr Andrews (the top orthropedic surgeon in the world today) happening would be a huge deal, if it didn't get reported, then it didn't happen. There's no way that could be kept a secret. Not in today's world of social media.
  15. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    I realize this, but what's also overlooked is that we were behind or started slow in the majority of those games. 11 of those 16 games, we scored 3 or less points in the 1st quarter. It was absolutely brutal in the beginning of games.