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  1. Watching him run makes me think of Edge back in the stretch play days... He's gonna be good I think. And the best part? Andrew Luck tends to make players around him look better than they already are. Count me as excited.
  2. Polian picked the players that would fit his coach's needs. Like any good GM... that's why I give Polian more credit because the players Dungy wanted (to replicate that TB defense btw) didn't grow on trees and Polian still found adequate enough players to fill a dated scheme and won with it... I'm not overlooking that Tampa defense but Wyche was the guy who drafted the core of that defense. Dungy just facilitated... You are acting like I'm saying he's the worst coach on earth. He's a good coach and he can facilitate. He's just no where near the pedigree of the greatest coach's. Its not disrespect... I'll even say that Dungy was the best coach Manning had in Indy. But it stops there. "People who know the game in and out" as you say probably wouldnt take Dungy over any of these coach's mentioned and probably more.
  3. The main issue I had with Dungy is anywhere he was the team was a one sided powerhouse. The other side a train wreck... And it was a constant with him depending on what players were given to him from the regime prior. To me that is a huge error in the coach not being able to create and just being able to facilitate. I have no idea how you can ignore the greatness of BB. Yes it may diminish Brady a little but there is no denying that the next best coach in his era isn't even close to him. He's easily 4 or 5 levels ahead.
  4. Yea, I know none of my fellow Colts fans agree with me. That's fine but I don't put him anywhere near that level and if you take off the blue glasses logic points to the same conclusion. He was voted in because of his historical aspect and contributions to the NFL. Not his great coaching ability.
  5. So having Arians as his QB coach is comparable to having Walsh and Noll... cmon... So Dungy gets credit for drafting a bunch of players that were there before him and building that team? Hmm Wyche did nothing... even though he was there before Dungy?... lol. Dungy brought the players together yes and he gave the team a direction. But what players did he draft? What system did he develop? The cover 2 existed already just no one sat their MLB so far deep because no one had a versatile enough MLB that could play Safety. Never once said Dungy was a bad coach. But to put him in the same breath as the others is laughable. Lord I'm talking coaching. I know both QB's had great players. Both are all time greats. Get back on track. Brady was lucky. He is for sure an all time great but to replicate the circumstances of his career is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In no way am I saying it was all luck. But he was given a very fortunate pair of lemons and he made the best dang lemonade anyone could ever make from them. And the lemonade is the testament to how good of a player he is. Your last paragraph. Exactly why I said org. And not coach. BB was a good enough coach that he listened to his peers (one of his best traits btw it makes him well rounded as a coach with no ego) and the rest is history.
  6. I respect you and your opinion. I find you to be a respectable Pats fan here, but to have Dungy even remotely in the same zip code as Lombardi, Noll, Madden, Walsh and Johnson is laughable. I may be biased but imo Dungy was a terrible non-imaginative mind in Indy. He kept trying to recreate a defense that had utter perfection of assembled players in Tampa that was impossible to recreate. He will be forever be known as the first African-american coach to win a superbowl and he was a decent coach (which I guess is enough to put him in the Hall for historical purposes?...), but to put him in the same echelon as those other men is a disservice to those other coach's who were revolutionary in their own right. I didn't like Polian too much, but I'm a 100% positive you give Polian a coach with some actual ideas and I think the team is a totally different team that competes with NE until now and not just on the coattails of Manning. Polian did have an eye for talent but the types of players Dungy wanted did not exist and the scheme he ran was useless unless you found those rare players... Manning did not have anywhere close to the same level of coaching that any of those QB's had. When you start comparing great QB's every single one of them have a revolutionary coach tied to their name who either reinvented the game (Walsh) or developed coaching strategies ahead of their time (Lombardi, Belichek). Manning won't have that. So you are saying that BB with no Brady who has been the only coach in his era to actually understand how to manipulate the cap with both draft and free agency wouldn't find any success or at least less than Brady who was a backup QB and a 6th rounder who most likely would have never been given the opportunity on any other team? lol... cmon now.. There is almost 0% chance that Brady has any success anywhere else but NE. He literally has the luck of the gods to fall into the lap of an org who not only gave him the chance but also gave him a coach who let him grow into the player he turned out to be, an all time great. No other coach is going to let that happen not in today's free agency driven market. Lets ask this. Put Mora on the Pats when Brady was drafted. Does Brady even make the roster? If he does, does he still make it when Mora is fired and the next big QB is sitting on the podium for a new GM/HC to take? yea doubt it, not when you don't have preexisting pedigree like Manning had @ Tenn.
  7. I'll just put my biased opinion here and let everyone take what they will. Statistics and Hardware I believe easily make Brady and Manning the best that have ever played. If you disagree with that then I'm not sure any type of logical discussion will ever entertain you. But what sets these 2 apart at the top is the circumstances of their careers. Brady was put in utter perfection of a scenario for a gifted QB which he took to the moon and back. While Manning was in a nightmare of a scenario in which he too carried the distance. While Brady enjoyed a complete and deep team his first 6 years Manning had lopsided teams with no depth. When Manning had received his decent defenses his oline was in shambles. Brady had fortresses for olines until the late 2010 and on seasons. By the time Brady faced team adversity he was already a groomed hall of famer. By the time Manning was a groomed hall of famer he was carrying a bunch of no name receivers and a terrible defense to a Superbowl where he lost one of his best defensive players... then injured and on a different team... Completely different circumstances with identical results. Which imo gives Manning the nod. My last point to this pointless argument would be this. Manning is the only elite QB in history to not have a revolutionary coach behind him.
  8. I remember watching that 04 season thinking I'm not sure I'll ever see a better QB play the game like this guy can... Then in 09 the Miami game happened. Utter perfection. In fact that season was just an amazing display of his ability. Aged shell of a mediocre defense, no name receivers, an average at best offensive line? Doesn't matter still carries them to a title.
  9. If my son wanted to play then yes I would support him fully. I would advise him of the concerns and issues related continually until he was in high school where he can actually make his own decision. I would not encourage it though. Sadly more than 70 percent of the young men who play football is largely due to the idolization of the game and the "manhood status" it's given. As far as risk is concerned every sport and activity has risks. Hell swapping jobs or venturing to be an entrepreneur while you have a family at home is one of the biggest risks in our society that can have long term irreversible consequences. You can't teach children to love in fear of those risks. But to be knowledgeable of them. I have daughters. They both enjoy and love soccer but alas my cousin who played soccer until college can't even walk properly due to a knee dislocation that just sort of just unluckily happened... nothing can save you from these things. Its called life.
  10. I laughed way way too hard at this...
  11. Ridgeway is gonna surprise a lot of people. A year of NFL training and a year of NFL level defense with first round talent? Yea he's definitely got the stage for a performance.
  12. I could care less about the "fairness" but man the mind games would be so entertaining in a 2 possession overtime that is sudden death afterwards. The first team to score would they go PA (and play it safe?) Or go for 2 and force the other team to sweat it out to score twice. I for one would love the dramatic ends!
  13. For all of those saying 4 seasons away and what not can I ask why? We have a very talented D-Line with Hankins, Anderson, Ridgeway, Langford at the core. I'm hard pressed to find 10 better combos in the AFC. We have a very talented backfield with Hooker, Butler, Davis, Wilson, Geathers. Again hard pressed to find 10 better combos. The linebacker core is definitely the weak spot but with Sheard and Simon we could see a huge significant boost. Lets wait and see
  14. Eh... that is pushing it... badly. Peyton was a choker but he could truly do things that would leave you in awe. If I can see more of games like that KC game from Luck then I can start jumping on. Until then I'm fine with Luck and his abilities I'm glad to have him :). (as an aside) Imo also Manning had an even worse team than Luck had in his final 3 or 4 years with the Colts. Grigson was bad but man the end of the Polian era was... really really awful.
  15. Most excited to see is definitely Hooker. I hope he becomes what I really think he can be and showed. Most intriguing prospect is Walker. He's everything you look for in an ILB but leaves a lot to be desired. It'll be very interesting too see what kind of player the coaches can mold out of what he has.

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