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  1. Surge89

    We're #32!!!

    I disagree. No matter how good defenses are luck account for a tremendous amount of offensive pressure and he will have a reinforced oline this time. Mariota and Bortles couldn't hope to keep up with Luck. There's a reason why Tennessee was a whopping boy for all this years. The only worry is Houston. Whom still has to prove they can beat a Luck led team with Watson. I'd say 4 to 5 wins is to be expected if Luck is healthy. And then on top of that we play the Jets Bills and Dolphins. That's already 8 high percentage games and we match up well with Seattle. Bengals and Skins both will be worried when they play us.... That's 11 already. Are we going to go out and blowout NE and Philly? No. But our schedule isn't all that good and we have the best QB in our division when healthy. Even when Luck was gimping through the season he owned our division. I don't expect that to change.
  2. Surge89

    We're #32!!!

    Agreed. This talk of 8 and 8 being our hopeful floor is rediculous. With Luck we are at minimum a 10 win team. Our division just doesn't have the fire power to keep up with a healthy luck save maybe Houston.
  3. Surge89

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    Shortened your quote for the sake of the thread. Always love to hear your perspective! I'll say that I was initially underwhelmed with taking a guard in the top 10 but after seeing 4 guards go over corners and pass rushers I was glad we took Nelson. On the third day I was thrilled. Lots of value and players who can provide a higher tier of depth which is what this team needs badly. But that leaves the second day. And let me first say that these opinions are just shaped on what I have watched on these guys through my draft process so take with a grain of salt lol. Anyways, boy did I have my share of complaints on the second day. Unlike you I loved the Leonard pick and don't see him a reach at all. Also unlike you I despise the Smith pick and not only see it as a reach but a comical reach with Connor Williams still on the board. Not only did I have Smith a whole round lower (and I loved this guard class...) But there were some especially talented corners still available. I find it funny that people aren't mentioning the positional value when it comes to this pick. We took a guard and reached for him when there were edge rushers, corners, linebackers and right tackles still on the board... The last 2 picks of the second round are equally as bad as the Smith pick. Next year there will be a plethora of edge talent defensive tackle talent. There was no reason to reach for needs here when there was value at right tackle, receiver, runningback and linebacker. Take what the draft gives you instead of reaching for need. Just by position these picks are extremely short sighted and have utter dissappointment from me. As far as the prospects go I loved Turay before the draft. But in no shape or form did I see an oft injured high upside unrefined edge rusher as a second round pick. Bad value is bad value here. And Lewis is even worse. Basham has a better shot and making an impact then Lewis does. All in all the draft was ok. It could have been way better. But I expect that next year when we are drafting another set of edge rushers there will be some wondering why we drafted 2 in one of the weakest edge classes in the past 5 years...
  4. Surge89

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    I'll play. All pending good health. Mack has over 1000yards TY has over 1700yards Hooker has more than 10 INT Our sack numbers jump to top 15 in league Luck is sacked less than 15 times Eric Ebron has more than 10 TDs
  5. Surge89

    Baker Mayfield

    SW... Mayfield is not Manziel... Not even close. And Mayfield got drunk one night... He never did it again. Acting like these 2 players are even in the same stratosphere is rediculous. And leadership is a big part of the QB spot and Mayfield has that. The kid has been constantly second guessed and has constantly proved everyone wrong.
  6. Disclaimer for your disclaimer: no worries I just value your opinion is all. I'm more than willing to give Ballard a benefit no of the doubt but I'll say this. I didn't agree with most. Day one I was initially dissappointed/unimpressed but after the day was over I was extremely happy with the pick. In no way shape or form did I think so many guards were going in the first and over good corner and decent edge talent. Day 2 was just ugh. I too liked the Leonard pick but the Smith pick was just meh to me. Turay I was high on before the draft but not in the 2nd. I can't get behind that pick I've watched enough of him to know I just wouldn't have taken him that high. I'm actually ok with the Lewis pick as a player. But in terms of the roster I think he's a redundant pick with little to no value. Day 3 is the best one for me. I like Franklin alot and I like Fountain. Cain was another kid I watched that has tons of potential hard not to like. I haven't watched Wilkins or Hines alot so I can't comment and I have nothing on Adams. All in all I'm torn on this draft. Did we get better? Yea I think we did especially on oline. But I think we failed to capitalize on the actual best part of this draft which was limebackers and corners. And I believe there was a much better combination of picks out there for us. For this season I think it will be a decent draft especially if it keeps Luck upright but in the bigger picture I think we wasted a year here in getting Luck a complete team. Our lack of movement in free agency is probably the biggest inhibitor here. But again it's a wait and see.
  7. Exactly the reason why I didnt understand taking edge guys this year and missing out on the linebackers corners and running backs. It's water under the bridge now but it seems near sighted the approach we took in this draft.
  8. So bud what was your opinion of this draft by Ballard? I appreciate your insight during the draft process and you seem to watch just as much of these kids as I do so I'd like to know your opinion. Maybe a breakdown by pick?
  9. Surge89

    Baker Mayfield

    Lol @ Mayfield being Manziel 2.0. take the time to actually find out about the kid before spouting off nonsense. Also this is the best move the Browns have made in more than a decade. Darnold and Allen would have taken them no where.
  10. So in a lackluster edge class we take 2 project edge rushers in the 2nd round?... And somehow have neglected our MLB spot... I'm just so confused with these decisions. To me we have not taken advantage of the strength of this draft but hey what do I know...
  11. Surge89

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    So... We have like 15 defensive lineman... (Sarcasm) and a bare linebacker Corp that is going to feature Leonard... I'm fine with Leonard but we need more athelticm desperately at linebacker. Unless we trade back into the 3rd the pickings will be slim in the 4th.
  12. I'll gladly admit I was one of the detractors last night as far as the Nelson pick. But after the draft I can whole heartedly say taking Nelson was the best thing we could've done. No way could I have predicted that the NFL would take 4 guards over corners and edge rushers. That is flat out insane and kudos to Ballard for doing the homework and knowing his chances of getting a good guard we're very slim in the 2nd.
  13. Surge89

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Give me Landry and Williams and this draft is gonna be killer. Jackson Oliver and Guice there as well??? No way this can be messed up.
  14. Surge89

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Good point! Boy color me surprised that guards were taken over the edge and corners. No way I could have seen that happening.
  15. Surge89

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    My goodness Penny this high