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  1. Hankins Released

    Good to see you on the board again. I miss your draft breakdowns from years past. One of the few things that really pulled me into the board lol.
  2. Give me Edmunds. Chubb and Nelson won't be there. No need to live in fantasy land. Also it could be really tempting to trade down again to 8-11 and still be able to leave this draft with Roquan Smith or Edmunds. Where we are picking very well could be the run on DBs. James, Fitzpatrick, Ward will be the premiums that we really dont need. Could be an excellent 2nd trade back spot. And land our future linebacker leader.
  3. I actually like L. Jackson. He has potential, but I feel for him he will be a product of his environment more so than Baker. He desperately needs a team who will not only be patient but also has a great offensive minded staff.
  4. The 2nd Rounders

    My targets are: Less likely: Connor Williams, Derrius Guice, Will Hernandez More likely: Price, Evans, Baker, Jefferson I love the 2nd round value for linebackers. I just think it's time to build that unit.
  5. That's my point. His issues are more pertaining to his acceptance of failure. He's got drive like no other and is a team leader. But can be emotional which is a double edged sword. Those comparing him to Manziel know nothing about him and are just reading articles and watching draft shows. And I hate him... Texas fan here... had to endure 4 years of him kicking our butt...
  6. Everyone has been regurgitating this nonstop most likely media drivel. Mayfield has issues but imo his floor is higher than Manziels ceiling. Manziel was never going to succeed in the NFL. Mayfield if he gets the right support system. Could be the next Drew Brees.
  7. Zach Banner Released

    If I may ask could you share how it happened? Was it sports? I had a funny encounter no where near as sever as yours but I was playing indoor soccer and a Centerback with about 60lbs on me rushed me like a linebacker. Out for a day and a half lol. Wife swears up and down I was telling her math problems in my sleep... funny thing was I had a vivid dream to that I was developing some type of new networking algorithm that I was going to sell to Cisco and make millions...
  8. I'd take Roquan at 12 in a heartbeat. Of course if Edmunds isn't there. And at 22 I'd take Hernandez or Vander Esch. Having Smith at the Will and Vander Esch at the MLB is my dream... the only better dream would be Edmunds and Smith with Smith having some type of miraculous fall to 22... Lol. And late in the 2nd (another part of the Bills trade) we take Jefferson or Baker and have our 3 linebackers for the next 5 to 10 years.
  9. Under the RadaR!

    Exactly. Right now our linebackers wouldn't make most practice squads. And it's been that way for about a decade now. I'd really like for that to change.
  10. Under the RadaR!

    Personally I don't want any linebackers from free agency. This draft is rich in linebackers and the value is insane from low 1st round to high third round linebackers. We need to focus on oline and maybe DB. I would love if we devote the top half of our draft to an elite linebacking Corp. The Bills moving up to 12 is literally the best thing that could have happened to us. Using the Bills as a trade partner puts us in great position to get Smith or Edmunds while also getting Vander Esch and Jefferson. Even Baker, Leonard, Griffin and Evans are options. If we can land 2 of these guys the defense improves dramatically. And we still have other 2nd rounders to devote to someone like Guice, Hernandez, Price, or Connor Williams.
  11. Are you saying you take Davenport and Landry over Chubb? So you'd take a guy who couldn't beat 2nd division college tackles and a guy who doesn't even fit our scheme over a guy who produced against top level talent and fits our scheme? How does that make any sense? I agree on Edmunds though. I think he can truly be special.
  12. This would make me soooo happy. Plus Guice could be taken in the 2nd with Baker and/or Jefferson. Technically with these 2 trades we could nab both linebackers and an additional guard like price after taking Guice. What a draft haul that would be.... honestly the best way to maximize value this year with so few blue chip players available. The thought of an improved oline and run game for Luck plus our linebackers getting a huge increase in athleticism... salivating.
  13. I don't mind getting a little childish and immature with someone like you. I embrace it actually.
  14. Lol no just I'm not going to let you go on and on like you have been on the rest of the board because you disagree. Panties in your mouth much?
  15. Yes your "ridiculous" comment. You attempt to mock my comment by a snarky Ditka joke when apparently you don't know how the draft trading system works in the first place. Next year's first tends to be treated as a second this year and has an estimated value. But either way your snarky and failed attempt at humor was needless and "ridiculous". This is a football forum where people will share ideas about the team they enjoy. If your main purpose is to be all high and mighty insulting every post you think is trash then you need to find a better hobby.