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  1. Norwell, Fulton, Hitchens, and Lawerence would be my highest priorities. I bet only 2 of those make it here but even if the 2 are Hitchens and Fulton I still feel like it would be a successful offseason.
  2. 2018 NFL MEME Post Season special edition!

    Ugh I'm in literal pain after this one lol please put more!
  3. Key has a ton of flags. I don't know if he can ever convince anyone to take him high. He's a crazy good player though.
  4. I don't think it's likely either. In fact with Eberflus in play I fully expect Chubb to be the pick unless he tests horribly at the combine.
  5. Yes I know we aren't talking about Haley but him and Mcdaniels run E&P. Both have a knack of utilizing what they have and if Mcdaniels has Barkley I'm pretty sure you are going to see the same stuff you see in Pitt. So my point is if Mcdaniels is given a franchise back he is most likely not going to waste him in a RBBC he will probably use him like Haley does Bell...
  6. Please do me a favor and ignore my posts if you can't understand the concepts I'm conveying. Or don't, that's your prerogative but at the very least can you address me as St. Surge when you do? I'd very much appreciate it.
  7. I do think Chubb is our guy but to say for sure we are going to be RBBC is a stretch. Haley runs am identical system to Mcdaniels and he found plenty of use with Bell. In fact if we were to pick up Barkley I'd imagine that's the offense we would see except with less of the stupid Haley gadget plays and more balance. Barkley could make our offense a better version of Pitts and that's pretty dang good.
  8. Couple of things here. 1. This isn't a comparison between the other candidates. If you want to know what my preference was I wanted Shurmur or Toub but my guys weren't even considered. And the reason I wanted them is because frankly Toub has a resume that can compare with Mcdaniels without red flags and tons of deep connections within the NFL. And Shurmur seems to be an exceptional offensive mind like Mcdaniels but without the experience but also no red flags. 2. I was actually a Chuck supporter. He had faults but he also did right, where alot of coaches get wrong. Plus he had a valuable trait in teaching DBs. His downfall was his inability to get a staff that masked his weaknesses and a somewhat dated philosophy on football. 3. In regards to your first statement. Yes I imagine we will have a scandal of some sort soon. His biggest issue in Denver for me wasn't his personality issues (fixable) nor his Xs and Os (outstanding) it was that he was connected to illegal video taping there and he wasn't even there 2 years to settle in. I just think it's amusing how this forum has been holier than thou for the past 10 years (think back to Walden and his headbuts or the constant deflate gate b.s. and etc.) And now all of a sudden we gloss over the one guy who's been either directly (once) or indirectly (too many to count) involved with scandals of the past 10 years. Like I said I have some excitement because I know the guy can coach but he is a far cry from Dungy. And that was one of the few things about Dungy I liked was that he valued the game. I'll say this though I'm more impressed with Ballard here in his preparation of this moment. Truly impressive.
  9. So how long until we have a video taping scandal or deflated footballs? I'd say around 2 years? Don't get me wrong I think he can be a good coach and I have mild excitement for the future, but he has a very checkered past. And that checkered past is with and without Belichek.
  10. Usually it's the normal thing to do when your top candidate has a strong suitor. It gives the employer options and would be a smart business decision. Then again this is all moot if Mcdaniels is coming here regardless. Who knows
  11. Vrabel is intriguing but I just don't think his time is now especially when we need to win now with Luck being 28. We just don't have the time to nurture Vrabel into the coach he can be.
  12. I've stayed away from this subject but I'll say this. I'm indifferent with Mcdaniels I think he's a good OC and possibly could ignite the offense in Indy but it will forever bother me that the horseshoe would have a man who coincidentally has been around most of the recent cheating scandles of the past decade... So for me... this recent Titans news isn't exactly a bad thing. Bring in Shurmur and Toub now.
  13. With the recent news of Mcdaniels wanting Mike Eberflus im now full board with Chubb. Seems like a match made on heaven. And I'm huge in Barkley.
  14. Grigson's New Low

    I think his point is this forum has about 20 football minds that are significantly better than what he could hope for and somehow he is a former Exec of the year. It's mind boggling lol.