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  1. Williams is good but that oline is terrible about 80% of the time lol
  2. lol what? You say watch his tape yet if you watch him against ND and Oklahoma he did nothing but break tackles and go forward.... And against Oklahoma he had literally no help as his QB and oline were awful that day. Draftbreakdown has both on YouTube if you are wondering.
  3. I'd be so happy... lol
  4. Interesting I like though. I'm not the biggest Barnett fan I like a couple of others better for example McKinley. But I can see the reasoning and would be fully on board. I know I'm gonna sound like a broken record to you lol but I really want an ILB with the first. Cunningham or Reddick would be perfect for me but I digress lol... I haven't watched Anzalone yet but by your description sounds like my kind of guy. Will definitely look into him. You see Conley as being the best DB available hmm. I'm wondering if there's going to be a surprise run on receivers that pushes a couple of talented corners down. What do you think? I love the Evans pick I just don't think he will be given just consideration due to Green being on the roster. Would love to be pleasantly surprised here. As always thanks for a couple of names for me too look into. Always appreciated.
  5. Don't take it too personal... I don't like the prospect and I very well may be wrong... I don't think it's insulting to his talent as you can tell by the number he put up. When you see his "highlights" (not even his full tape) you see the usual he gets a clean edge and uses his straight speed very rarely having to use agility to create a 2nd level option. In the NFL it doesn't work that way. He will rarely be given the edge he will have to work for it and I just don't think he has enough to get that done. I watch plenty FYI. It's a fun hobby of mine. But as I said before if (big if) we do draft him I hope you are a 1000000% correct and I'm so wrong I hold my head in shame :-)
  6. ...Dalvin regardless of where he's taken (I'm not high on him and see him as a 2nd rounder maybe even 3rd) will struggle in the NFL. He doesn't pass block well enough to be a reliable 3rd down option and he won't have the space to run traditional runs nor does he have the agility to create said space. He will eventually become a gadget player in my estimation where if he can get the perfect layout he can use his long speed. That's not even mentioning the lack of functional strength to hold the ball and his fumbling issues... If we take him I will be severely disappointed and hope and pray that I'm so wrong that I can hold my head in shame for the next decade as he tears it up in an Indy uniform.
  7. One of those rare times I disagree with you :-). If you watch his tape he has a tendency to be swallowed. I also believe he has some conditioning issues as his drive seems to fade if he plays a higher percentage of snaps. While he has flashes of brilliance it can be underwhelming when the next 3 or 4 snaps he gets pancaked into the ground.
  8. If he's at 11 or 13 I'd consider giving up some picks or players to get him...
  9. Who do you think is a potential trade partner? I don't really see anyone who would take the bite except maybe Miami... lol... sorry couldn't resist.
  10. If Foster drops to us I might cry... Adams also... My wife already knows how elated I would be... She is hoping they get drafted early lol... And yes there is no way in h e double hockey sticks Hooker makes it past the first 10 kid is special. As for the others... You don't see Taco or Cunningham as value at 14/15? To me of course Cunningham would be an awesome pick. He is a 3 down ILB who has everything you want in the mind. He needs tackling work and maybe some strength conditioning but those are fixable. We could use an athlete in the middle of our defense... Something we haven't had in what 5 years? On the other hand I wouldn't mind an olineman. Just wouldn't prefer.
  11. Bell will get his deal when he learns to actually be on the field and not have off season mess ups. My personal opinion but I think he needs to keep away from the "rap" hobby. It can only lead to trouble or bad publicity because anything you say in those songs will be used against you... If he could just focus on football only his ceiling is just unthinkable. Sadly I don't think we will ever see it.
  12. I'd take him and Julio in a heartbeat... Just because I'm pretty sure I could play QB at the NFL level if these 2 were my receivers lol... To think if Mark Sanchez had Julio on one side and AB on the other
  13. It actually isn't that great of a movie tbh just went along with the premise lol.
  14. Commodore 64... your bringing up memories now lol If I remember right that was when FIFA started like 94? maybe 95? I was huge into soccer then before playing football. Those FIFA games were just soooo terrible lol.
  15. It's actually funny you ask. I really don't know the appeal as an actual game as I don't play often but everyone in my household does... Coincidentally when I play it's because I'm stressed at the job or whatever and jump on and break all the rules for my own personal satisfaction lol... For me its an amusing stress reliever. Ever seen the movie The Purge? I imagine it's something like that where there is a way to curb your less than desirable tendencies lol. I'm actually not much of a sports game guy. I'd rather play in real life. I dabble in JRPG's and such

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