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  1. I could care less about the "fairness" but man the mind games would be so entertaining in a 2 possession overtime that is sudden death afterwards. The first team to score would they go PA (and play it safe?) Or go for 2 and force the other team to sweat it out to score twice. I for one would love the dramatic ends!
  2. For all of those saying 4 seasons away and what not can I ask why? We have a very talented D-Line with Hankins, Anderson, Ridgeway, Langford at the core. I'm hard pressed to find 10 better combos in the AFC. We have a very talented backfield with Hooker, Butler, Davis, Wilson, Geathers. Again hard pressed to find 10 better combos. The linebacker core is definitely the weak spot but with Sheard and Simon we could see a huge significant boost. Lets wait and see
  3. Eh... that is pushing it... badly. Peyton was a choker but he could truly do things that would leave you in awe. If I can see more of games like that KC game from Luck then I can start jumping on. Until then I'm fine with Luck and his abilities I'm glad to have him :). (as an aside) Imo also Manning had an even worse team than Luck had in his final 3 or 4 years with the Colts. Grigson was bad but man the end of the Polian era was... really really awful.
  4. Most excited to see is definitely Hooker. I hope he becomes what I really think he can be and showed. Most intriguing prospect is Walker. He's everything you look for in an ILB but leaves a lot to be desired. It'll be very interesting too see what kind of player the coaches can mold out of what he has.
  5. Malik Jefferson in a Colts uni?!? Please don't get me excited this early... I need time to simmer
  6. I like that Walker is "sticky". If he gets you in his mits he rarely let's go. But man does he need to use that big body of his more. He comes in soft as if he's second guessing his tackle so he never really comes in with authority.
  7. It comes from repeated media rhetoric that some ill informed/not so great scout said one day and everyone and their mother decided to repeat it about the kid. Nonsense if you actually watch the player.
  8. Aw I love this kid. He needs to get a good strength and conditioning regimen as he doesn't have functional strength and I think it's more attributed to an ill advised workout and eating routine. And if we can somehow send him to Pit and let him learn some patience from Bell he could be a monster :-). Unfinished definitely but the potential is something to smile for.
  9. Its true Watson does have flaws but I feel like his performances under the lights hold at least a little weight :-) Yea Tenn first pick is really underwhelming. But then again he may be the key to unlocking Marriotta so who knows? Agree on the RB but gotta admit Leonard is a way better offensive pick than the QBs that were available and he actually compliments the rest of the team.
  10. Did we say the organization purposely attack these players? No we didn't but it is a disgraceful not very well thought act that takes away from a moment for these kids. Inagine yourself as a parent waiting to see your child's name called and instead of any coverage on your sons amazing 2-4 years of play it's just a camera fixed on a monkey and someone making fun of it. I'd be irate.
  11. I'm the offender here huh? The one supporting the actual event and not the people enjoying the circus that has nothing to do with the NFL. Yea it's totally these young kids fault for a couple of organizations making their most important day a sideshow for their own publicity. Lol always trying to blame the victims in this society is ridiculous.
  12. And? Somehow both of these are acceptable? Dumb arguement for a disgraceful act. These kids have literally poured their lives into this. They may not be first round picks but they are joining the NFL a feat not many people can achieve in their lifetime.
  13. What a big eye roll. Get over your self and your everyone is against Indy mentality. I actually completely agree with Mayock that the use of the Zoo is a big ol fat middle finger to the kid being drafted. Biggest day of this young mans life and people are paying more attention to damn zoo than the prospect. The air time should be for the players and their special moment of entering the NFL something they have been working on for a large portion of their lives.
  14. Lol ok. Keep repeating that in your head while I keep repeating him intercepting Ben and Brady.
  15. Thats not what his number say. So you must question is it that he's too fast or is it his opponents are just too slow?

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