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  1. Bryant needs a new agent. If he did this without his agents knowledge then that is an even bigger issue. Bryant hasn't played football in over a year and this year can't get any simple production out of a stacked offense and you are demanding a trade? Who in their right mind would give any type of equity for a suspended, disgruntled, rusty player on the end of a rookie contract? Plus receivers who leave PIT in bad graces usually don't perform elsewhere. (See Santonio, Wallace, etc.)
  2. This is Marlon Macks world

    IMO you start Mack and give more than 20 carries, as he has proved he is a playmaker. (And if the shoulder is a concern then at least give him 20 “touches”). He needs to be given an opportunity to show if he can take over a game and be a lead back. The shelf life for RBs are way too small and prolonging us discovering this information with using old tattered Gore is a waste of time and a waste of carries on Gore, as Gore has a shelf life too and we may need those precious carries he has left for later in the season. Kareem Hunt looks like an MVP candidate right now because Reid trusted him and said we get the playmaker out on the field. We have an opportunity to do the same. I think it is extremely counterproductive to immediately label him a “change of pace” back just because he fills in the role nicely when he hasn’t even been given an opportunity to show that he can or can’t be a main back. Put him in there and see if he can change the game. If he can’t then we move him back to the change up role, but you’ve got to at least give your playmakers a chance to show what they can do. jmo
  3. Should Costanzo move to guard?

    I'll just say if we are content with letting Luck throw bombs all day we are always going to have injury issues with him. And we've tried the heavily invested Offense before. And we only got one superbowl in return. I'd like to try something different this time around.
  4. Should Costanzo move to guard?

    Here is the counter argument. Luck is being paid as an elite QB and expected to play at that level no? Then he should be able to elevate the offensive unit around him. That makes an "average" line more than enough. And IMO this line is exactly that, Average. But if you give Luck a defense that allows him to score 20 a game and win, then you'll see Luck not taking so many hits trying to hit the home run every play. Just a thought, but IMO if we land a stud ILB, CB and OLB in this next draft the NFL better watch out.
  5. Hooker on pace for over 10 ints.

    And he will probably leave those 2 Jax games with 4 INT's .
  6. Rashaan Melvin and Secondary

    Yall's meaningless debate aside, I'll call out Philbin in a heartbeat. I really don't care how reputable he is but here in Indy he has been asking for a ton of athleticism from guys that really don't have said athleticism. I need to take the time to actually do a breakdown, but I've gone through the sacks of Luck's career and while, yes definitely there is bad (really bad) oline play I can account for around 20-25% of the sacks in Lucks career directly attributed to bad blocking scheme. (granted not all of those were coached by Philbin)
  7. I've been complaining about the complexity of our assignments for 2 years now... I don't understand why we have guards pulling over as much as 3 gaps.. It frustrates me. Make it simpler if your line is under performing.
  8. I really question Pagano and our staff

    I highly doubt that if we come out slinging it in the 2nd half and we lost everyone here would be praising Pagano. In fact I bet that everyone would be calling for his head. He protected his backup QB and kept the clock running. That is literally how you win games when you have a lead. I'm no Pagano supporter by any means but this is the time when we are 2 TD's up on a weaker team that you give the oline boys and RB's a chance to man up and close the game out. You protect your backup QB and have real game time experience to improve the run game. I had little issue with the call for a conservative approach. I do have issue that the oline and RB's didn't rise up to the challenge to put someone away. You are supposed to rise up to the situation. I think some people forget this is a backup here not Luck. Just think if he goes out there and throws 3 picks like Kizer did last week and the boo birds start howling. Yea not the situation I want my young promising backup QB to be in.
  9. AFUn Game

    I think if the Steelers had dropped Arians sooner for Haley I'd say they go to more than just 2 superbowls. I'd bet they'd be a dynasty now in the middle of a retool and Ben wouldn't have so much damage done to his body.
  10. AFUn Game

    Tony Dungy was average. Bill may have drafted a couple of players for the defense but his defense were always top heavy with very underwhelming depth behind the starters. Which is why they'd get outclassed every game because the starters can't play every single snap. Also doesn't help that of the players you mention, one was a one dimensional rotation player (well Freeney should have been as he was useless unless it was third down), and another made of glass.
  11. I just wanna see players being played where they are even remotely close to being put in a position to succeed. That's all I ask. And I'm almost a 100% positive this coaching staff cannot do that.
  12. Week One Colts vs. Rams Prediction Thread

    I meant the media. Of course the forum will be in the perpetual circle of doom and gloom and outrageous claims. That should be expected.
  13. Week One Colts vs. Rams Prediction Thread

    Hooker takes one to the house. Mack scores 2. Tolzein scores one. Gore scores one. Rams get and early and a late TD. 35-14 Colts everyone over reacts and claims Indy is the super bowl favorites when Luck comes back. :-)
  14. Best Offense and best defense

    Offense: Steelers Defense: Texans
  15. I'd cry tears of joy if Williams is in an Indy uniform next season...