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  1. You know, it's funny though. If it was the New England Patriots in this situation (not that they ever would be), they would indeed probably throw it and prove all the conservative minds wrong. These coaches sometimes over-think themselves. If it's short, QB sneak it. To contain the blitz, throw screens. When ahead, run the ball. Do a trick play here and there to keep the defense honest. When the Colts were ahead, Luck tried throwing it for some bone-headed reason to the flats and it cost us. We should have pounded the rock, and we didn't, especially since Gore was doing so well. Keep it simple!
  2. Considering it took Brock until I believe the 4th quarter of New England's game for Houston to actually snap the ball in New England territory... Yea, Brock is garbage. It's funny, analysts talk about Luck being over-rated, but why aren't they talking about Brock!?
  3. What I find funny is when WR's and CB's always look around at the refs on nearly every single catch and pass deflection, looking for a flag. It's like they just assume the refs are reaching for that laundry now.
  4. Yea, Gore should have had 100yds today, but Luck threw a bone-headed INT, and then Luck had a bone-headed fumble TD returned on us. It's like the Colts coaching staff enjoy watching their fans squirm, so they wanted to make the game more exciting. I'm getting tired of it. It's been a long time since I've seen the Colts get off to a great early start, then hold onto that lead. Once they were doing that, they found themselves in a situation they've rarely been in, and we saw what happened as a result.
  5. Don't worry, we have Cam Newton now! Do you remember that time when... Err, how about that time when... Well anyways, he's the MVP, so he's the face of the NFL now... unless you count Colin Kaepernick.
  6. Kind of like blaming a baby for the fact it's candy got stolen. Guys, these teams are stealing our candy -- we need to punch back!
  7. Oh no doubt, I've been saying this from day one during the Peyton vs. Brady debates of old. It's an unfair comparison because it's technically Peyton vs. Brady (w/ Belichick). Peyton had to work with Jim Caldwell as a head coach.
  8. At one point, the camera zoomed in on a lone Houston woman in the stands. I think she was crying a bit based on her makeup. Yea, pretty bad low. I hope Houston fires someone after this.
  9. Hell, at this point, the entire Houston Texans team may as well get into a scuffle and try to force an injury on New England to say they did something.
  10. I think they're just wanting to get out of here at this point. Even they know they've lost, especially after that stupid unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
  11. Yea, this has shutout written all over it. That 4th down pass was awful.
  12. I see Brock Osweiler is making that paycheck... He's getting outplayed by a 3rd string QB. Let that sink in.
  13. Maybe the Texans will actually run a play on the Patriots side of the field, lulz.
  14. Yea this game is over. I'm done. Once again, nice job by the Texans representing our division (sarcasm). Maybe they'll score 3 pts in the playoffs and improve on their 0 pts against Kansas City.

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