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  1. Oh my god, you've got to be kidding. So let me this straight: Bills: Lose their best WR to retirement after trading away Sammy Watkins. Dolphins: Lose their star QB to injury. Jets: Are basically going to give up on the season for the 1st overall pick. Hmm, which team in that division does that leave us with that's the clear winner in all this?...
  2. I'd be fine with trading him. We could use either o-line help, or someone on defense, or I'd even be fine with a mid-round draft pick. Right now we have some promising WR's, and our WR corp is all still young, including Hilton. We need to offload some of this baggage, because there's only so many pass plays to go around.
  3. Exactly. Even if it's not technically cheating, they find loopholes to exploit, including in free agency, or in-game, like against the Ravens when the Patriots lined up weird players as eligible receivers.
  4. JJ Watt. He plays against our o-line twice a year (with our backup of our backup center), and against young QB's in Blake Bortles and Marcus Mariota. It's obvious to me. I don't see how he isn't, unless it's a devastating injury.
  5. Of course they'll go away. Belichick isn't immortal, just like Emperor Palpatine isn't immortal. Eventually, we'll be discussing how bad they are, just like the days of Oakland running all over them in Tecmo Superbowl.
  6. Looking at Rotoworld and so far not a single update on Trent Richardson, other than his domestic violence incident at Walmart back in February.
  7. Wow, those Chiefs sure are taking their sweet time signing him! Maybe it's because Trent looks like this:
  8. Legacy, no, but their team's situation, yes. I remember by the halftime seeing the lop-sided score and thinking to myself, "Wow, this is not the same Tom Brady and Patriots team of old. There will probably be retirement questions posed after this season." Well, there certainly were retirement questions... how long will he continue to play at a high level, his love for avocado ice cream, etc.
  9. Forget that!... Jacksonville beat New England! Jacksonville's going to win the Superbowl!
  10. I bet college kicker NFL prospects are depressed seeing Aguayo. Aguayo probably hurt their draft positions. It will be a long time before a team takes another chance at a kicker so high again. There had to be a trigger for it. Is Aguayo going through some type of stressful situation that's causing him to be distracted? Of course we may never know as that's really none of our business.
  11. Wow, so the Pats are 2-0 and we haven't even started the season!
  12. That's a really big typo to use six periods instead of six question marks! You about gave me a heart attack!
  13. lulz, they have 5 trophies on the tail of the plane. What a way to rub it in.
  14. Nah he's just trolling
  15. I didn't think it was odd at all. He clearly seems bored and tired by the game. I'm surprised he didn't retire in highschool if he hates it that much.

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