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  1. Oh man, that headline... At first I thought Luck was contemplating retirement! I knew he liked reading books, but they're not worth retiring over!
  2. I remember that season. The issue I'm pretty sure that led up to the decision was we were playing in Buffalo week 16; therefore, we knew it would be snowing (and it did), so we had to wrestle with whether it was worth playing a meaningless snowy weather game. Furthermore, during week 15, we gave up a special teams TD, and statistically, a team that gives up a special teams TD will go on to lose the game, and I believe that was the catalyst that led coaching (or ownership) to pull the plug on the 16-0 season. At first I was kind of indifferent on the decision, but looking back, it sucks having to constantly ask, "What if?"
  3. Colts will go 16-0. New England goes 0-16. You heard it here, folks.
  4. Every season someone says the Jags or Titans will do well or that it will be their "comeback season" or something, and they NEVER end up doing well.
  5. Well then again, the Browns have had like, what, 30 chances?
  6. Do you think it's possible he gets cut, or is that impossible given his contract?
  7. My phone will vibrate constantly with alerts. Not sure if that's a good thing or not...
  8. You guys know what this means, right?... Howard Mudd reads our forum. Now which one of you is Howard Mudd?
  9. And we tell him to shine Jack Doyle's shoes. That will get Allen motivated!
  10. I think the high cardio is a reason some of these players fizzle out when they make it to New England, because they're too acclimated to their former teams. From what I've read, it's intense.
  11. What will be a rude awakening for Allen is the difference in cardio. Belichick always prides his team on intense cardio, which is a reason they do so well in the 4th Q, are less susceptible to injuries, and were able to outlast the Falcons. I hope Allen enjoys counting all those miles, cause they're going to pile up, fast.
  12. Even I had a better career, because I didn't cost the Colts money or a draft pick.
  13. He's made a lot of mistakes. He's signed Ochocinco, Albert Haynesworth, Tim Tebow, Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne, that Olympian sprinter guy, and probably so many others... all of them did jack squat. I swear half the time I think he makes these signings so his team can draw headlines because they always need to be on's home page.
  14. Which means it must be true.

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