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  1. Cam Newton Superbowl Drinking Game

    Unless I overlooked anything, I think I only had to take two shots the entire game on two rushing 1st down conversions. Cam wasn't in a position to do any smiling or dancing. Thank you, Denver defense!
  2. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

    I don't agree with Deion Sanders much, but this time I do: Great video. Deion is absolutely right. Cam Newton is currently the face of the NFL because he won MVP. You can't be an MVP, hipping and hollering when you're winning, then acting all butt hurt when you're losing.
  3. Their star franchise WR (Andre Johnson) left to join their biggest rival (thankfully for Texan fans, he didn't do squat for us). Meanwhile, their former head coach wins a Superbowl in his FIRST season with a new team using Peyton Manning, of all people. Meanwhile, while it's true the Texans made it to the playoffs, they got absolutely embarrassed at home in their wildcard game, with a score of 0-30.   I can't think of a bigger face palm to a team's season than all of that.
  4. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

      Yea, I'd say. I like how near the end of the game, when the Carolina defense didn't make a play, we caught him falling down on the sideline and rolling onto his face. I swear I thought he was going to cry, like a child who wasn't getting what he wanted at a grocery store.
  5. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

      Dude, you said the same thing about the Marshawn Lynche retirement! Don't give me that crap. How about I act unprofessional to you right now and name call you? Oh, but don't hate me for it, because everyone acts different, right?   These are paid professionals who represent millions of fans aspiring to become future generations of athletes. QB's need to be good role models. It always rubs me the wrong way when QB's, like Tom, and now Cam, act disrespectful to the sport.
  6. Marshawn Lynch retires

      Yea, it's about respect. He had to announce it during the big game? Really? Glad this bum is retiring.
  7. Marshawn Lynch retires

    I find it ironic he announces his retirement during the Superbowl, whereas Peyton does the respectable thing and refuses to base his decision on emotion and knows the Superbowl is about his teammates. Peyton was confronted about the "last rodeo" question twice after the game and he said the exact same thing and wouldn't budge on his status.
  8. Goddell says: 2 personal fouls and you're out?

      Well now that's some dangerous thinking. Best stick to your work.
  9. Mcafee sets world record

      As long as we don't have him doing both with no backup, lol.
  10. Jemel Singleton new colts RB coach

      For someone who doesn't know who he is, you sure know a lot. Are you Mike Silver and gave him a phone call and had lunch together?
  11. Hilton's epic TD rec from Derek Carr.

      As I understood it when I created the thread, it was a "catch that got called back." I had assumed it was for offsides, or something ticky tack, especially considering the NFL posted it on their website (I mean really, how often does the NFL post Pro Bowl videos of incomplete passes?). Like many others, I didn't watch the Pro Bowl in its entirety, but I did watch highlights. The NFL replay didn't show a good angle of the incompletion, TY did his celebratory pose, everyone was being congratulated on the sidelines, and even the announcers were convinced it was a catch, with Jon Gruden saying it was "one of the greatest throws in Pro Bowl history." Can you blame me? So yea, now that we've had more information on the subject, I'll eat my crow and say this topic probably shouldn't have been created, but it's still a remarkable feat of skill from Carr, his precision, and Hilton's speed. Considering it's about Hilton and it's practically the off-season for the Colts, someone else would have posted it anyways.
  12. Is it an indictment on the Colts that......

      Not only that, for a long time, we didn't have a good special teams either. I remember for the season we reached the Superbowl, our special teams was so bad I'd hold my breath on every return. Sure enough, Devin Hester returns the opening kickoff for a TD in the Superbowl (the only time ever in Superbowl history). People who didn't know the Colts were surprised. I wasn't. Typical Colts.   When I read there would be special adjustments to special teams, such as no more wedge blocking and a shorter field, I was ecstatic. Roger Goodell saved us.
  13. I can think of only one man responsible for starting this...   And after all this time, he still wants to "feel" like a winner.
  14. Me and a buddy are attempting this - the Cam Newton Superbowl drinking game, and you're all invited! Take one shot if Cam Newton (on-camera) does the following:   - Performs a Superman dive, or otherwise attempts to hurdle someone. - Does a Superman celebration pose. - Kisses his arm. - Points in a random direction. - Has a rushing play converting for a 1st down. - Gives a ball to a fan. - Appears in an Oiko's commercial, or any other commercial. - Smiles/laughs on the sidelines. - Dances on the sidelines. If he smiles/laughs while doing it, you know what that means...   Take two shots if Cam Newton: - Wins the Superbowl. - Says he's going to Disney World.   Dear god, Denver defense, help me...
  15. Cam Newton

    Cam Newton is WAY too reckless in how he plays the game. It makes me sick every time he does his so-called "Superman Dive." The only thing super about it is how super susceptible he is to injury.

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