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  1. This reminds me of the time I went to Bill Belichick's page several years ago and saw this:
  2. We would have had our Adrian Peterson is Mike Hart didn't get injured. Yea, that's right, legends never die.
  3. Good, I need a long snapper with a cool name for my Madden team. Let's see, I've got Fortunato, Lynche, Ochocinco, Savage, Angerer, Watt, Quick, Jammer, Slaughter, Strong, and Gore.
  4. I feel like Cutler should retire. I know he has diabetes and I can tell by his face he doesn't like to be out there (okay, maybe he's secretly as giddy as a school kid inside). Also, I hate Googling Jay Cutler and bringing up, you know... Jay Cutler. One has got to go.
  5. We seem to have a need at CB high on our draft board, from what I've read. Sherman is also age 28, which fits Ballard's apparent trend of recent signing's (excluding Butler), so it wouldn't be completely unusual for the Colts to pursue him. It would take probably a 1st rounder though, but if we're using that on a CB anyways, for an age 28 player, maybe it wouldn't be too crazy.
  6. My favorite part of that game was when Trent Richardson was trying to do too much in one play, and ended up fumbling. The announcer even was like, "You have to know when to get down and recognize a dead play." After that, I'm pretty sure Trent was benched the entire game, and for some reason we ended up winning...
  7. I'm glad he's behind a green screen so we can put his face on everything.
  8. I said mediocre, because right now we have no clue if what he's doing is going to pay off. We haven't even seen our draft yet.
  9. I know how to answer this: GIVE LUCK MORE CONTROL! But I digress.
  10. I care, because I enjoy seeing the Pats suffer.
  11. Who is that girl anyways? For some reason she's getting attention on Yahoo.
  12. I will say, I was a little concerned when Grigson walked in looking like a Mafioso with his sunglasses, gold watch, chewing gum... I just had a gut feeling he was bad news and not a likable guy.
  13. I blame Trent Richardson. HB was one of the missing pieces to our Superbowl recipe, and he didn't do squat. That guy set our franchise back. All he needed to work on was being mediocre, but the only thing he worked on was the buffet line.
  14. I think you mean cog, but I get what you're saying :D.
  15. Darn, why couldn't Tom Brady be caught doing this?

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