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  1. I thought they were just going to do it for one pick, so I thought it was great, until one pick became two, then three... I would have preferred they substitute the orangutan for a cute pony, but I digress.
  2. Jerry Jones is pulling out what little hair he has left.
  3. You give that bum (no pung intended), 5th round money. Sounds like a spoiled brat to me. This is going to set a dangerous precedent if young players think they can get away with this. I hate football players who obsess over their draft spots. Yea, they get paid more, but at the end of the day, you could be a Jeff Saturday (undrafted) or a Tom Brady (6th round) and make great money if you prove you love the game and play at a high level. I hope we don't have a bunch of young players pretending to suffer concussions in their final game so they can collect easy paychecks. There's nothing stopping these young players from retiring a few years later once they've cashed in on a few million. We're seeing it a lot more often nowadays.
  4. Grigson sitting on his couch, eating popcorn, thinking, "Finally Ballard went offense. Took him long enough. Now where is the WR?"
  5. lol we have the final two picks in the 4th round.
  6. omg, he's like the Jolly Green Giant, minus the green.
  7. I'm in the know, but I don't think.
  8. I knew that GM comment was a smokescreen. The Texans are in desperation mode. You don't trade up in the 1st round if you're "content" with Tom Savage. Nah, the truth is they think Savage is garbage. Anyways, QB's need a year to develop, so if they're thinking about starting him, they're screwed, and if they start Savage, they're screwed.
  9. This guy doesn't seem very good as a 1st rounder to me... "Raw and still learning nuances of the position." "Just one year of experience." Uhh, if all it takes is one year of experience to make it to the NFL, I should have made it my New Year's Resolution. What exactly are you guys seeing in this pick?
  10. Well considering we lost to a Texans team led by a benched/injured JJ Watt and Brock "Trade Me" Osweiler, they could put Curtis Painter in at QB and beat us.
  11. Uh oh, hitting a woman. That's basically the worst thing you can do. Drugs you can enter rehab for, but hitting a woman? He's finished.
  12. If I were in the NFL, they'd be saying, "Did you know this kid played Ping Pong?"
  13. More importantly, I wonder... if the Falcons had won the Superbowl, would Aaron Hernandez still have committed suicide?
  14. Trent Richardson -- The Colts just made the mistake of showing him the buffet line.
  15. Well if it was Tom Brady, I'd be up in arms about it, but since it's Eli, I guess I'm fine with it. Come get me, Pats fans! You can't catch me!

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