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  1. Blockbuster trade ideas

    1. New England Robert Kraft trades Tom Brady to the Los Angeles Rams for three 1st round draft picks, three 2nd round draft picks, and a conditional 6th. Why New England Robert Kraft would do it: It's no secret Brady is aging, and New England's history of trading/abandoning veterans on the precipice of decline is well documented (Seymour, Cassel, Vrabel, etc.). No player is immune to the Patriot Way of dealing fan favorite players for their business related schemes, and Brady is no exception. Robert Kraft -- fed up with defending his city's star icon from scrutiny -- says he's had enough. He finally realizes Tom Brady is ruining the integrity of the game. This knowledge reaches Brady's ears from his informants, culminating into a death threat against Kraft. One day, Kraft accidentally sits down on a whoopee cushion, only to realize it's a deflated football with an attached death threat from someone claiming to be "the Deflator." Kraft rushes to his cellphone to notify the police, only to find the phone's destroyed! He bolts out into the hallway, immediately bumping into Tom Brady. Brady smiles, then says, "Hello, Mr. Kraft. You understand I'm playing until I'm 60, right?" Brady turns his back on Kraft and slowly gallivants down the hall, strutting his hips, abandoning a grief-stricken Kraft. Kraft falls to his knees, thinking, "I've created a monster! I'll be dead before he retires!" To protect himself, Kraft trades Brady, but Kraft can't help but get the feeling, while he sleeps alone at night, that he's being watched... Why Los Angeles would do it: "I just want to feel like a winner." ~Jeff Fisher
  2. Hard count a chidlish play?

    I'm glad this guy wasn't around when Peyton was with the Colts! He'd be writing to the Indy columns every week!
  3. Brady to Appeal....

    Yea it's funny because you have Pat fans saying that if they could do it all over again, they would. They'd gladly lose draft picks and money if it meant winning a Superbowl every year!
  4. Brady to Appeal....

    Which is why it frustrates me when people mention us, like we're a bunch of crybabies for losing. I had a feeling this would happen. I thought us getting blown out would cause people NOT to think we're crybabies, since it wouldn't have impacted the result anyways, but nope, ironically, people still think we're crybabies. I try not to read the appeal deflategate comments. One out of every 15 comments is about the Colts. It's better than what it was, but still people are throwing it around.
  5. Brady to Appeal....

    I really hate when people drag the Colts into the mud over all this. Listen, our team had concerns about the condition of the footballs, and Grigson heard from the Ravens there was cause for concern, so when we noticed it during our game, we did our obligation by reporting it. That's it. It doesn't matter who won or lost. If there is cause for concern regarding the integrity of the game, it needs to be reported. This is no longer about the Colts. It hasn't been for a long time now. Whether Goodell and Brady want to keep pushing this is now in their court, not ours. I don't want to hear anything about the Colts.
  6. The reasons Osweiller chose Houston

    He should say, "I left because I love the state of Texas, and its fans, and the great weather, and... Ahh who am I kidding. I'm not running for President, I just want your money!"
  7. Brady to Appeal....

    Then that is Brady's strategy then - just like everything the Pats do, he has found a loophole - he will appeal constantly and while the appeal is being heard, the NFL must allow him to play. He will drag this on until he retires. Maybe Gronk was right. Perhaps Brady won't miss any games this season after all.
  8. NFL Uniforms rated by fans for likability

    I never knew this forum supported animated .gif's. Now if I could just find a coffee shop open at 12:00am...
  9. I'm so glad we got Joe Philbin then. He was a key acquisition for the o-line, and knowing that we got him, I can understand why the Colts went with several o-linemen in this year's draft. Even if some are projects, if anyone can coach them up, it's Joe.
  10. Oh crap, they're on to me.
  11. From what I read, he has sleep apnea, so that may have scared teams away from him. Another story I read that may or may not have been a joke is a fairly popular one, but if true, makes him a chronic liar. They say one of his Oakland coaches was suspicious he wasn't watching tape like he was supposed to. Russell kept denying it, saying he was watching the tapes. As a test, the coach gave him a blank tape, but didn't tell Russell it was blank. The next day, he asked Russell if the tape was helpful. Russell said yes. The coaches and their inner circles are so secretive about player evaluations, so we may never know the full truth what is keeping teams away from Russell until he's maybe 50 years old and writes an autobiography, or something. Or Lane Kiffin goes on another frustrated tangent about Russell.
  12. True, Jerry Jones laughs at everything. In the draft rooms, he's literally laughing at something at every moment.
  13. It's pretty sad that when I read "pads" the first thing I thought was they were being disciplined for using iPad's in practice. Oops, I meant Microsoft surface tablets. Sorry NFL, don't come after me.
  14. Rams sign former Pats 1st Round DT Dominique Easly

    Why do I feel like this is just a Hard Knocks publicity stunt. Interesting it's for a one-year contract, hmm... It's like the Rams are purposely going out of their way to yell, "Here we are, and we're relevant again!"
  15. This is coming from the same team who failed to put up a single point at home in the playoffs against Kansas City. Way to represent your division, Houston.

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