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  1. Luck is 92 on the top 100

    I like how McAfee is praising Luck in the video, but we all know Pat wants to stand up in that interview and say, "Hah, I'm gonna be a higher rank than Luck! Suck it, Luck! Punters rule!"
  2. Luck is 92 on the top 100

    With our new QB - Center tandem, they'll be #1 and #2 respectively, while Tom Brady watches them from the couch. I'm assuming this is an ranking?
  3. Our next great pass rusher

    The great thing about hot garbage is it sneaks up on ya.
  4. Bears sign Brian Hoyer

    I'm surprised Cutler still has a job. Most overrated QB in the league. He's also a wuss. Aww you hurt your knee?... Well, JJ Watt played with a torn adductor, abdominal and groin muscles, and he still managed 17.5 sacks, eight passes defended and three forced fumbles. If you can't walk on it, play out of shotgun or snap it to your HB, oh but don't worry, it's only a championship game.
  5. Ryan Leaf's Comment on Johnny Manziel

    You know it's never a good sign when Ryan Leaf says, "You remind me of me!" If Johnny Manziel had been addicted to ice cream instead of alcohol, maybe he'd be a backup QB somewhere.
  6. Your way way way too early Super Bowl predictions?

    Colts and Bears?
  7. Clay Matthews was almost a Colt

    Thank god Trent Richardson wasn't in that draft, otherwise... Oh, wait.
  8. Dolphins totally smoked the first round!

    If we can say the Dolphins "smoked" this pick, can we say Oakland "fell asleep" when they took JaMarcus Russell?
  9. Dolphins totally smoked the first round!

    Wow, I looked her up. She can offer herself to me any day! Wait, what were we talking about again?
  10. Jaguars look scary for the future

    I'm not buying it yet. To look at the reason why, let's look at the Pats. The reason why the Pats are so successful is COACHING. They can take pieces of % and turn them into gold. Here we have Jackonsville with players who are gold and they're turning them to %. I don't care if Jacksonville drafts Jesus Christ, unless Jesus can coach, they're screwed.
  11. Grade the draft!

    No, I think the 1st pick was crucial. I understand we missed a great D-Line player, but Center is a position we have been sorely lacking ever since Jeff Saturday left. We needed a young, experienced, and versatile o-lineman who will hopefully grow with Andrew Luck throughout the entirety of their two careers, similar to what Peyton did with Saturday. We needed o-line help NOW, otherwise we might not have a QB. Andrew Luck was getting killed out there. I'm seriously worried about Luck's long-term prospects when he has internal kinds of injury issues and him saying he's still not 100% yet.
  12. Skip Bayless is quitting ESPN

    So what happens to their segment now that Skip is gone? Do they replace Skip with someone who's equally clueless, or I wonder if they're ditching the segment altogether.
  13. The dream is still alive ladies and gents. Last year, he sent letters to all 32 teams, saying he would do anything, including join the scout team, and work for free. Of course, if he works for free, he won't have enough money to eat, meaning he will lose weight -- smart man.
  14. Skip Bayless is quitting ESPN

    Problem is he's just going to get talking segments on Fox Sports, so I don't see what the big deal is. Forum posters will continue to link to his segments. The only way you can escape Skip Bayless is wait for him to pass away, but we all know he's a demon, so that will take a while.
  15. US Appeals Court Reinstates Brady's Suspension

    Did they ever mention what Brady's defense was that the Appeals Court said, "Makes no sense whatsoever," or no? Maybe we'll never know the full details of what went on in that room. I believe Brady said something along the lines of he buys a new phone a lot, but even so, why destroy his old one/s, especially when he knows the NFL had wanted to see it?

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