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  1. Which makes it all the more unbelievable why we didn't make the playoffs last year when a team who had an injured defensive MVP and their starting QB getting benched got there...
  2. We need one for Trent Richardson. Hopefully, the prison allows interviews.
  3. Wow, Trent Richardson at a Wal-Mart. The jokes just write themselves. I guess I won't need to keep tabs on Trent Richardson's Rotoworld link anymore.
  4. He can join Aaron Hernandez in prison and the two can reminisce about the Patriot Way.
  5. Yea, this storytelling about Brady's career should wait after he's done. For all we know, he might go Aaron Hernandez on someone and commit murder.
  6. It includes the battle to overcome Deflategate? The irony is they still haven't overcome it and never will, because Tom Brady didn't want to give up his cellphone.
  7. Hi

    I like how they get weirder and weirder the deeper you get down the list. My fav:
  8. GRIGSON: "The Colts didn't win the Superbowl, but I sure did! 20 million, baby!"
  9. Here's a possibility: Maybe Tom Brady just misplaced it, and it wasn't until after the press announced he lost it that he found it somewhere. Brady -- to save himself the embarrassment -- figures it's better to pretend it's lost and leave it at that. That would be pretty embarrassing if Brady were to announce, "Oh, durr, I found it in the corner of my gym bag! Sorry, guys! LOL!"
  10. Unless we also lost the truck.
  11. Oh god, the Browns are presumably in trade talks with Garoppolo? Why am I not surprised. Yup, here comes a 1st rounder!
  12. Nah, they'll somehow get a 1st for him because it only takes one team to pull the trigger.
  13. If I were the Jets, I'd rather take my chances with another QB for a lot cheaper. Jay Cutler is overpriced.
  14. Yea, but God is a Patriot's fan, and father time probably reports to God.
  15. And with the Colts 1st pick of the 2017 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts select... ::Grigson from home on the couch:: GRIGSON: "Go WR! Please let it be another WR!"

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