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  1. LOL Eli looks so sad when Peyton takes his chips.
  2. Yea, I was going to say that too, because Tony Dungy sure as hell doesn't. He is the most non-bias nicest guy ever, and I can tell he lets Rodney push him around because of it.
  3. I've begun a franchise mode on all-pro difficulty as the Houston Texans with Johnny Manziel at QB, Usain Bolt at WR, and Trent Richardson at RB. I'm starting all three. My advisors don't recommend this, but I say what could possibly go wrong?
  4. Something I just thought of for franchise mode: When Jim Irsay passes on football ownership to one of his daughters, that could be a video game first is playing as a female owner. At least I think I read something about Irsay wanting to do that. EA would need to create a female character owner model for just that occasion. I read that the Colts were the first team to also use cheerleaders, so this would seem appropriate to be the first with a female owner.
  5. I'm looking around and I don't see anything about SB teams, although I guess there's the ultimate team mode where you can collect player cards and form your own team. Maybe I can unlock a feature like that later, although I doubt it. I'm going to do what Tony Dungy recommended on an NFL article and use him at WR and clear out Bolt's side of the field to try and get 1-on-1 single match-ups. He can have an entire field to himself while I overload the other half of the field with my other receivers. I guess I could try him at kick/punt return, too, although I should make his carrying bad, because the guy has never been trained to hold a football in his life, so I'd have to tell him to protect the ball before every hit.
  6. The create a player mode works well, too. I'm going to create Usain Bolt and add him into my franchise mode. He will have max speed, agility, and acceleration, but will be bad at anything else with a high injury risk. I can't imagine that guy taking a hit and bouncing back, lol.
  7. I dug into free agency. These were the names that stuck out: Dri Archer Devin Hester Steven Jackson Johnny Manziel Trent Richardson Josh Scobee Mike Vick Wes Welker Charlie Whitehurst Lot of resurrection career possibilities with these guys! Trent Richardson though had an 80'ish ball carrier vision, which was clearly wrong, so I used the edit player feature. I think 38 sounds about right. Strangely, I can't find Curtis Painter. I'm trying to find out if he retired, but nothing seems official. Last I heard he was released from the Giants. Was hoping to make him my starter.
  8. Yea, first thing I'm doing is checking out the free agency market in the game and see who's there. I'm also curious if Trent Richardson's there. I'm going to start a career mode with him, lol. I love taking awful players and building them from the ground up.
  9. I'm a die-hard Colts fan, but I tend to play as other teams for some reason. Maybe it's to just see what makes that team tick, but I figure I already know everything about the Colts, so I like to mix it up. I was actually thinking about playing as the Cleveland Browns and trying a ton of QB trickery with RGIII paired with Terrelle Pryor, or I may even ditch RGIII altogether and run a franchise mode trying to revive Terrelle Pryor's career as a QB. Either way, both QB's are insanely fast, and speed translates pretty well in Madden, so it should be fun. If they have Tim Tebow or Peyton Manning as free agents, I'll also try signing them for lulz.
  10. You don't need to find Grigson. Grigson will find you!
  11. Could you tell Grigson to hire Peyton as an assistant head coach? k thx.
  12. I'm just saying for Peyton there's a reason he held his long consecutive played game record for as long as he did. He knew how to avoid taking hits with quick releases and knowing when to go down -- two characteristics Luck needs to emphasis this season. I suppose if it's the playoffs, he can take those risks, but in regular season, I want to see him go down more.
  13. That's why we overhauled the o-line almost exclusively during the draft, and I imagine the coaches taught Luck how to properly slide. Keep in mind that hit he took in Denver didn't have to happen -- if that was Peyton, he would have known to take a seat and live to fight on another play, but hearing from Luck's teammates, that's just not the way Luck is.
  14. I remember an article a years ago making a point of of the Patriots abusing this a lot. For several consecutive weeks they listed Brady on the injury report, yet he would ALWAYS play. It got to be comical, and it was suggested the Patriots were doing this on purpose to get teams second-guessing them, or to just annoy the hell out of them or Goodell. I've seen them still do this on occasion with Brady, but I think they tapered down on a bit than they used to.
  15. Then the secret to drafting gems is we need to find a draft pick who takes drugs but is NOT a Johnny Manziel party animal. For fun, I tried looking for anything nasty online about Dak Prescott and the best I could find was him and some friends getting physically assaulted by random strangers, and even then, despite Prescott getting the brunt of most of the attacks, he didn't fight back and refused to press charges. This guy is cleaner than Mr. Clean.

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