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  1. Which makes it all the more disappointing how bad Trent Richardson was, but I digress. Come to think of it, I was saying those exact same words when we had Richardson. Why couldn't you have been OKAY Trent!? Why!? WHHHHHHY!?
  2. My favorite past-time is visiting Boston news websites and saying "Brady cheats" in the comments. Gets them every time.
  3. Was he stressed out off the field as much as he was on it? I hope he wasn't reciting that "crown 'em" speech every day before bed.
  4. My dream job: Become a 1st-3rd round rated QB. Sit on bench. Retire w/ $1 million.
  5. I assume he over-trained. As someone who's dealt with several lower back injuries, they never seem to get 100% better. When you wear down that disc, it's gone, and it's not like you have a second back like you do an arm. He's going to feel this one for a long time, especially as he trains. One thing is for certain, he probably won't be doing these for a while, if ever:
  6. Considering even Archie Manning is in commercials now, I strongly believe Peyton is not done doing commercials. He might do some ads where he is jokingly preparing for the season, and Eli has to tell him, "Uhh, you're retired, bro." And Manning is like, "Can I unretire?" I can just see a comedy routine like that, knowing Peyton's sense of humor, or maybe he will bring out the moustache and pretend he's a college kid being drafted. Peyton can take it in so many directions.
  7. Reading all those names fills me with pride. Thinking back on those names, I feel ticked we only won a single Superbowl during the Manning era. It really speaks volumes about how awful Jim Caldwell was.
  8. Them trading Trent Richardson for a 1st round draft pick was the best news they ever got. Too bad the pick resulted in...
  9. The theory is, to Brady, it's not about winning the appeal/suspension/ruling. It's about dragging out the process, and if he can do that, the NFL has to let him play while the ruling is heard. If he can do this for about two more years, he probably feels he can retire, and at that point he could care less. Just like everything the Pats do, Brady has found a loophole, and he's going to exploit it.
  10. Hey you jerk, you stole my joke!
  11. Wow, this article is insanely detailed! Can you imagine if this guy's boss came up to him and said, "Hey, Matt, write me an article on Moncrief." He's like, "Sure thing, boss!" Then Matt hands him this article and the boss is like, "Damnit Matt, I can't understand a single thing this says! People aren't going to read this! Put Kim Kardashian in it!"
  12. lol it's rules like this why soccer fans point to why our version of football is inferior when even our own fans and referees can't figure out what the rules are. You know it's sad too when the NFL rulebook is probably the size of the Holy Bible.
  13. When I was 24, I looked like this: I'm still pushing that tire to this day.
  14. When I read the topic title, it reminded me of those "Florida Man" headline stories where Florida people do the most dumbest things. Then I remembered Denard Robinson plays for Jackonville and, well... now it all makes sense.
  15. Don't tell me we lost Bob Sanders again. I haven't seen that guy on the field since, what, 1999?

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