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  1. Basically, she wants him to get off his fat butt and make her some money.
  2. It looks like the vast majority on the Yahoo comments on this similar article agree with Irsay's approach, which shocks me that none of them are ridiculing us, since so many Yahoo people seem to be Patriot lovers.
  3. All the Colts fans would be cheering Pagano for taking a knee, and he would be like, "Why is everyone celebrating?"
  4. That would be funny if Pagano took a knee.
  5. That's a good point. Irsay being the proud father and man that he is, might be directing any blame away from his daughters, but of course I'm purely speculating here.
  6. We won't get blown out though. That rarely happens. We're always in it until the 4th Q, or like last week, we're in it for three quarters and lose it in the 4th Q. Take your pick. The Colts like to give their fans heart attacks by playing with our emotions.
  7. If true, it reaffirms the point we shouldn't have taken a WR in the 1st round if Luck isn't taking advantage of Dorsett's skills. To put things in perspective, Peyton would drive to Ohio for several hours just to practice with Anthony Gonzalez, and Gonzalez was a 1st round pick. Dungy tells this story a lot. (@ 1:44) I'm disappointed we're not seeing similar chemistry between Luck and Dorsett.
  8. Well at this point, yea, it may as well be, but that wasn't my original intention, lol.
  9. I wear it as a badge of honor, reminding me of the glory days, at this point. I'll take it down once he's fired, lol.
  10. I wouldn't wish death on anybody. Now injury, on the other hand...?
  11. I'm just saying it's expensive bringing in cake, and now that I set a precedent for it, I feel bad about quitting, but it simply has to be done. We'll still do birthdays, but yea, instead, I'll bring donuts -- much cheaper.
  12. Reminds me of my 66-yr old co-worker who says every year she's going to retire, but doesn't. I keep bringing in a cake for her birthday, thinking it will be her last year, and it never is. I'm done bringing cake.
  13. We also have to consider if we count Bruce Arians internship as the head coach as part of Pagano's resume. In my opinion, that year doesn't count towards Pagano's successes. Bruce Arians made Pagano look good.
  14. lol I could see that, yea. Maybe all of the Pats will win a participation trophy when they lose in the Superbowl.
  15. But we have so many injuries at WR! I say we sign a WR in the 1st round and a TE in the 2nd, and trade back up into the 1st for a HB... or another WR. Actually, just sign all the WR's. We're bound to hit on one of them.

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