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  1. In the board rules, it says no selling tickets. I'm not sure if there's a way to sell them through the website and not the forum.
  2. I liked your comment. Err, I mean I don't like your comment? Err, I mean, yay, Gronk is gone for good!? No, that's not what I meant. I wouldn't want to wish injury on anybody...
  3. Including my dog. Seemed nice and innocent as a puppy, then we brought her home from the breeder and she was a total snob. She was quite the con artist, that one was.
  4. To be fair, in the Saints Superbowl, our defense lost that, easily. As I recall, we started the game 14-0 pts, and the game looked like it'd be an easy win, but Drew Brees ended the game with about 30/34 pass completions, and we kept playing a soft cover 2 that gave up the underneath routes, and don't even get me started on the failed onside recovery to start the second half. Peyton's record-setting offense did NOT lose that game for us, even if he did throw that INT near the end, we can't expect him to play perfect. In the separate season with the Jets playoff game, we had Jim Caldwell playing weak on us with the timeout call. Rex Ryan after the game even said he was planning on calling a run play, but the Colts timeout gave Mark Sanchez a chance to talk to Rex Ryan and convince Rex to let him throw the ball. He did, and the rest is history. That was also the same game Peyton threw his arms up in the air; he was clearly frustrated with Caldwell. Then there were the multiple New England playoff games. New England is a legendary team -- possibly the best in NFL history -- so who knows where the Colts would be if they weren't in our way. Both were record-setting teams, but when one has arguably the best coach in NFL history, it's evident which record-setting team has the advantage over the other.
  5. Alas, EA still has glitchy games. Some companies will never learn.
  6. Yea, he will be feeling it for a while. I have a bad back (lower back scoliosis) and even though it's just minor, I feel it quite often. Ironically the worst part is when you're trying to sleep. You really feel it then.
  7. I wonder though when he comes back if he will have some rust, so even when he does return, he probably won't be playing at his prime.
  8. That was some "get away from the cops" speed if I ever saw it.
  9. Darren Sharper when he was attacking those women was like, "You can't STOP me! I put the team on my back, dawg!"
  10. I'm convinced a drunk Johnny Manziel would have put them over the top by now, and when I mean over the top I mean with one win.
  11. "Oh no, it's Darren SHAAARPA! One of da hardest hitting safeties in the league!"
  12. Is there any reason it has to be on Thursday? Why not Saturday or Friday so it's not as short of a week for the teams playing?
  13. They look more vulnerable than ever imho. Gronk once again seems to be suffering from some kind of injury setbacks (Lung and now his back? What hasn't he injured?), Brady turning 40 in August, and even the Jets nearly beat them, and the pathetic 49'ers even held tough in the first half. They lost to the Seahawks, despite the Seahawks losing to Tampa Bay this week. Usually, New England would be winning these games rather convincingly. They're still one of the best teams right now, but in terms of are they beatable? Yea, now more so than ever.
  14. So we have one person saying it's awesome turf and another saying it's the worst. The Internet, at its finest!
  15. It's funny because your quote perfectly matches your user name.

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