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  1. The Red Garter is perfect for bachelor parties, no??
  2. Hopefully that means fewer personal fouls on defense.
  3. $1.25 million guaranteed. No biggie.
  4. My guess is that Devon Bell will compete with Locke for the punter roster spot.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me if Ballard is the unidentified candidate who called the defense "old." I'm assuming that any player over 30 who can be cut and provide decent cap savings, or who is a UFA, may be gone.
  6. Ohio State fan here, but I'm not convinced about Johnston in the NFL. Not much hang time, and several out-of-bounds penalties on kickoffs.
  7. I won't be surprised if Pat is in the Colts media department someday. I could see him doing color commentary alongside Bob Lamey (or Bob's replacement).
  8. Jimmy has bad hips. Has had at least one hip replacement operation.
  9. Yep, they were the #1 seed that year. Losing the 28-point lead in the 2013 wild card game didn't help either.
  10. I perused some Chiefs boards last night, and their fans are not happy about losing Ballard, especially to the Colts. Apparently, all of the playoff losses to the Colts have resulted in some real Indy hate over there.
  11. It's fun watching the negative Nancys here and the Irsay haters in the blogosphere look silly. So many predictions were wrong.
  12. So, either Ballard is cool with Pagano, or Irsay is down with firing Pagano for the right GM.
  13. Caldwell wasn't fired along with Polian.
  14. Irsay loves Pagano so much he pursued Jon Gruden.
  15. Eight days ago folks here were going to lose all respect for Irsay because he wouldn't get rid of Grigson.

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