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  1. 5. Lindsey Shaw (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide) First chick I ever liked on television 4. Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer) 3. Ryan Destiny (Star) 2. Jessica Lucas (Friends with Benefits) 1. Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beyond the Lights)
  2. He was good at the end of the season. Constantly getting pressure. He's not a NT tho.
  3. It's baffling how some of you are happy we traded Allen. Dwayne did ALL of our blocking, so that allowed Doyle to run free. We'll see next year when Doyle becomes the blocker and Swoope will be allowed to run. We'll be saying Swoope should be starting, despite the aforementioned circumstances. Allen was asked to stay in and block the majority of snaps he played. That clearly took away some of his targets and production.
  4. Expected. He's going to be a ESPN 30 for 30 in 15 years.
  5. Broncos Stephen Gilmore
  6. I wouldn't give him that money either. Maybe he'll play the way he's suppose to if he plays on a team that's committed to winning. I just like the idea of the Davis-Gilmore tandem.
  7. Chandler Jones and Stephen Gilmore would be my dream signings.
  8. One year deal like Belichick did Revis.
  9. Joe Mixon would be a steal in the 4th round. He has no off the field issues. He had an incident which he was punished for by Oklahoma. I understand we live in a society that's sensitive b/c of Ray Rice and Greg Hardy, but Mixon's case isn't comparable to the aforementioned.
  10. He was exposed. He hates on Luck b/c we got rid of Peyton.
  11. I figured he would've been a cap casualty, but it still caught me off guard. He played well for us, but we have to get younger. Despite his recent suspension, I still have the utmost respect for DQ. You can question his age and ability, but never his heart.
  12. I hate all of Boston. It's a Los Angeles thing.

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