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  1. I thought it was the right guard? That dude was a mauler.
  2. Trent Richardson runs wild in the CFL

    He found the hole?
  3. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    Either Chud isn't adjusting at halftime or his adjustments suck. Offense has to step it up in the 2nd half. Nobody's expecting them to put up 30+ every game, but the 2nd half offense this season has been dismal.
  4. How many yards will fournette have.

    He won't do much. That Derrick Henry run was in garbage time. The game had been decided by then. We're still tough up the middle.
  5. League memo

    Philando Castille=silence Tamir Rice=silence Trayvon Martin=(Stand your ground right?) Terence Crutcher(Betty Shelby lied and beat the case)=silence Walter Scott=silence Kneeling=outrage I've pretty much given up on the issue. We're never going to solve it. The players could stop kneeling tomorrow to appease those who're unhappy and they'll just find another excuse to deflect. Nothing's going to get passed as far as legislation. Law enforcement won't change their approach. We're still going to face the same hostility as we always do. However, minorities and people who suffer from disabilities are resilient. We aren't a bunch of quitters who sit around and pity ourselves. We'll still be standing strong long after this.
  6. 2nd Half

    We haven't been a good 2nd half team this season, but that Seahawks defense is still great. We also did the 2 things you cannot do in Seattle, especially in prime-time. Turn the ball over and lose contain on Wilson. We bottled him up on the most part, but the plays we didn't were costly.
  7. Something I'll Never Understand.

    You know how this board can be at times.
  8. Week 4: Callin 'em out

    Calling out the pass rush. If America thinks we have the worst offensive line in football, Seattle has to be a close second.
  9. Coaches we should retain...

    QB Coach Brian S. Dude has helped Luck tremendously.
  10. No. I think we become too conservative in 2nd half with the play-calling. Instead of passing the ball downfield like we did in the 1st half, we try and force the run.
  11. Colts Vs. Browns Game Day Thread

    No forum chat today?
  12. Week 3: Callin 'em out

    Exactly. Let's dominate the T.O.P like we did in 2014.