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  1. Hankins Released

    He played very well for us last year. I'm inclined to believe he wanted to leave.
  2. Colts FA - no news is good news

    Hopefully Ballard isn't Ted Thompson 2.0. This free agent pool is pretty deep. I'm expecting us to sign some impact players.
  3. Loaded ?

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. People are unnecessarily trying to sound sophisticated.
  4. Colts-Bears Superbowl OL/LBs

    And to think, we're the dome team lol.
  5. What should Ballard do?

    I love Barkley and Chubb, but I'll definitely take Nelson. Guard will be solidified for the next 15 years barring injury. He'll give us more than consistent play. He'll give us 1st Team All Pro play. Barkley's a great RB prospect, but a RB is dependent on the offensive line. Our line took a major step back from the 2016 season. Went from one of the best running offensive lines to one of the worst. Chubb could turn out to be that 12+ sack a year guy, but pass rushers usually take a year or two. Nelson immediately makes our offensive line better and tougher.
  6. I wouldn't call his head coaching history terrible. He went 5-7 with a below average Miami roster. Don't get me wrong tho. I don't think he's the coach for us, but I understand why teams are intrigued by him. Man Campbell will be a H.C sooner than later.

    Too bad there's not a rivalry
  8. How does McDaniels win over the fan base?

    By putting together a competent gameplan each week. I'm tired of us running the same offense and defense each week. I want to see adaptable gameplans that shift throughout the game.
  9. I'd go with Allen Robinson. Dude's talented as hell. However, I'd rather see us go after Josh Gordon on a cheap 1 year deal. He came back in great shape and performed well considering how terrible Kizer was this year.
  10. McDaniels Offense and FA's that could Follow

    I'd rather have He came back in good shape and played well.
  11. Rex Ryan as DC?

    Sure. He's a talented defensive mind. He can put together a competent defensive gameplan every week. I doubt he'd be a sideshow too. Most former head coaches who go back to being a coordinator stay out of sight. (well, unless you're Lane Kiffin.)