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  1. If the 49ers and Giants each win 1 more game than us, we could seriously have the second overall pick... Trade back a few picks to a team that needs a QB, we could stay safely within the top 10 and pick up an extra second rounder and a 2019 1st round pick - maybe even more compensation than that.
  2. A guy who might be more in play for us in the third round or so who - Ogbonnia Okoronkwo of Oklahoma. He's a smaller edge rusher, more in the mold of a Robert Mathis than a Joey Bosa. If he tests out decently at the combine (which I believe is actually somewhat important as a pass rusher) I'd be all aboard taking him in the early 3rd at least. A lot of teams won't like his lack of size (expect him to measure just over 6 foot and around 240 lbs). This makes him a better fit for a 3-4 base defense like ours.
  3. Baker Mayfield is more likely to go #1 than Lamar Jackson imo. I like Nelson at 5 to the Colts. Self admittedly, I'm huge on improving our running game every year... Normally I wouldn't advocate picking a guard in the top 10. But Nelson really seems like he's a special, elite level talent. I think he seems like the best overall prospect in this draft class, and that really it's his position (and lesser value than QB, OT, Edge rusher etc) that keeps him out of the conversation of being a top 3 pick.
  4. After OL, ILB is the Biggest Need by Far

    Agree with the title!
  5. Quenton Nelson

    Now anyone who knows me knows that I always seem to fall in love with an O-lineman and a running back every draft season... So I'll preface it by saying I'm always huge on the idea of us establishing a running game. But I do think I'd take - or at least heavily consider taking - Nelson as early as the 4th or 5th in the draft we're currently projected at. Like you say, if you have a shot at a special player, that's worth a lot. Scouts seem to peg Nelson as one of the best guards they've seen of the last several decades. I don't know if there's another player this year who has gotten such reviews - maybe Saquon Barkley? Probably not though. Because praise like that is hard to come by!
  6. You can get a beast running back after the first round. Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara (not gonna lie, proud of myself for being so right about him) were both 3rd rounders last year.
  7. Quenton Nelson

    If we don't win again, we'll probably have a top 3 pick.
  8. Quenton Nelson

    If we could get say - the 3rd overall pick - and trade back to like 6th and still get Nelson + some compensation... That'd be a win in my book!
  9. Quenton Nelson

    Nelson is a fantastic prospect. He's a guard, so not exactly a premium position, but I'm not sure there's a guy in this draft class who's as much of a slam dunk. Some scouts are saying he's one of the best guard prospects going back several decades.
  10. Like I said in Mewhort's mention - I'd need Ballard to also sign a backup plan behind this... Probably some veteran player, but I'm not sure who. Sick of having bad play at guard. I do agree improving the O-line is imperative. I was really hoping Trey Adams would be available for us, but he tore his ACL and is going back to school. He's the only OT I would've said had top 5 value this year. The OTs in free agency this year as a group are terrible, although Hubbard from the Steelers is not bad. He's ideally more of a really good versatile 6th O-lineman, though.
  11. Ryan Kelly

    I didn't see the game, but I'm glad to hear he's coming around to being a beast again. I expected that he'd start off a bit slow after coming off foot surgery, and he has the misfortune of playing between a weak combination of guards. Hopefully he keeps the positive momentum rolling.
  12. Track Guy's November Full Offseason Mock So I'm mocking a full off season, instead of just the draft... Well not a full offseason. Just some highlight free agents I think would be a good fit, a couple guys I want us to resign, then a mock draft. I know there will be more new names on the roster than this - but I consider this a good start. Significant Re-Signings: Rashaan Melvin - He's actually shaping up to be a solid corner to have in the mix IMO. Maybe he'll never be a superstar, but retaining him would give us some positive consistency. Jack Mewhort - I'd re-sign him on a prove it deal, not a big contract by any means. I'd also make sure to have a backup plan, as I don't trust his ability to stay healthy anymore. But if he does return to form, our issues at guard (we might have the worst guard situation in the NFL currently) will be at least solved on the right side. Free Agency: Jarvis Landry, WR (Dolphins) - We quietly have turned into a team with one of the worst receiving groups. Here's a new safety blanket for Andrew Luck in his return, a guy who might also draw some coverage attention off T.Y. and boost his big play ability. Mason Foster, LB (Redskins) - We probably have the worst situation at ILB in the NFL right now. In a 3-4 defensive scheme, that is a death sentence. Here's a bonafide starter who is a 3 down ILB who plays in a 3-4 system. We have cap room to make him a nice offer. Kyle Fuller, CB (Bears) - Here's another cornerback with some experience to add into our mix. We're quite young at CB, so a competent veteran player, even if not a superstar, will help us strengthen on the back end. Virgil Green, TE (Broncos) - An excellent blocking TE who offers some catching ability too. This is the kind of not necessarily sexy signing that helps you win games late in the season. Draft: R1 - Quenton Nelson, OL, Notre Dame - A guard with a top 10 pick? Normally, no. Usually it's a position that you'd value down a bit, so even if a guard was a top 10 player in a draft class, you'd think they might go in the mid teens or later. But Nelson isn't a normal prospect. He's being discussed as one of the best guard prospects of all time, and some scouts are tabbing him to be the best guard in the NFL a few years down the road. He's a day 1 difference maker at LG. R2 - Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama - We need - desperately I might add - more athleticism in our ILB position group. Here's a really fast linebacker with nice potential. I see him as a day 1 starter on our roster and as he gains experience, as an above average starter at the WIL position. R3 - Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Edge, Oklahoma - A very fast, small-ish edge rusher who's natural fit at the next level is at OLB in a 3-4 scheme. He's been wrecking havoc against opposing QBs in the Big 12. He'd probably start out as a situational pass rusher in the first couple years of his career unless (injury forced him into a bigger role) and then assuming good progression, take over as a starting OLB. R4 - Jester Weah, WR, Pittsburgh - This guy is a big WR who brings a good speed element too. He's had a high percentage of his catches go for touchdowns at Pittsburgh, and with a top 2 receiver combo in this mock both being under 6 foot, he'd give us some better size in the mix at the position group. R5 - Andrew Brown, DL, Virginia - I actually like our D-line at the moment, but adding a young guy with high upside as a rotational/depth piece could prove to be wise. Brown probably has the physical skill set to be an early rounder. He needs to play more consistently, and perhaps try to add a bit more size and strength over the early years of his NFL career. But there's definitely reason to like him as a prospect. R6 - James Butler, RB, Iowa - A running back who has been noted as being especially good at picking up yards after contact. We could use such a player, and it doesn't hurt that he can receive out of the backfield as well. R7 - Matthew McCrane, K, Kansas St. - When you're kicker is in his mid-40s, it might not be a bad presupposition to mock like he is retiring. McCrane is one of a few good college kickers who could be drafted late, and we would be wise to do so if Vinatieri retires.
  13. If we did get a comp pick for anyone, it'd be 2019. I am liking Will Hernandez these days too. Our guard situation is pretty desperate since Mewhort has had these knee problems; these other guys we have playing just aren't of starting NFL caliber.
  14. First 2018 Colt Mock

    Really talented guy. I don't know how Geathers is coming along but imagining a James-Hooker safety combo wow. Although I still think with a decent trade back offer, that's my best bet.
  15. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    I'd say trade back and try to pick up an extra 2019 first rounder in the process. We've got plenty of areas where we can improve so we can almost go BPA and unless there's some generational talent staring us in the face I'd advocate for more picks and more in the following draft too.