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  1. So did Mewhort switch positions to right guard? I've long thought that was his ideal fit. So is our projected lineup when healthy now Castonzo - Haeg - Kelly - Mewhort - Clark?
  2. So I've recently been doing some research on the upcoming crop. Here's my August mock (which must be taken with a large grain of salt at this point, but I like the looks of it so far). Round 1: Dorance Armstrong, Edge, Kansas - Very athletic pass rusher. He has been compared to Myles Garrett and Haason Reddick, but is also projected in some places as more of a second day pick (but I think that will change). He's a better fit size wise for a 3-4 scheme than a 4-3. Round 2: Bo Scarborough, RB, Alabama - I'd be careful about Alabama running backs (*cough* Trent Richardson *cough*) but Scarborough looks good. He's a bigger back, not easy to tackle. Somewhat like Derek Henry who also played at Alabama. He gets yards after contact, pass protects pretty well, and could be the thunder to Marlon Mack's lightning. Edit: Didn't realize how injury prone Scarborough has been... That might change my evaluation of him! Round 3: Stacy Thomas, LB, Louisville - Here's an inside linebacker who has been great in coverage at the college level. Graded out very high per PFFs numbers. We badly need inside linebackers with coverage skills to develop. In a 3-4 defensive scheme, effective inside linebackers are paramount. Round 4: Wyatt Teller, OL, Virginia Tech - A powerful guard who plays nasty. And he's not just a phone booth type of blocker - Teller is athletic and is really good at blocking at the second level. He only started playing offensive line in college and probably could benefit from a redshirt rookie season in the NFL, but he pancakes defenders on the regular and has a high ceiling. Round 5: Deion Harris, CB, North Dakota - A tall, rangy cornerback from a smaller program. Had a huge 2016 with 9 passes defended and 5 interceptions - 3 of which were pick 6s. We can definitely use more CB help, even if we bring back Vontae Davis for 2018. Round 6: Daniel Carlson, K, Auburn - A highly touted college kicker, and ours is just so old so I'm expecting him to hang em up soon. Having a good kicker is important and I don't mind using a day 3 pick if there's a particularly good one. Round 7: Oren Burks, S, Vanderbilt - This guy is one of those SS-ILB hybrids. I could see him as a possible depth piece behind Clayton Geathers and his role.
  3. My initial impressions are that 2018 looks like potentially a strong year for edge rushers and offensive line. The running back class is solid too. Wish there was a bit more depth at ILB but there are some good prospects.
  4. I watched one video of him during draft season and thought he looked okay, but really wasn't blown away. Hopefully I caught him on a weaker day lol. He's obviously got some big play ability which is something we lack. And currently, I'm more worried about Gore than Mack (rhyming intentional there).
  5. He was a really nice addition to our O-line. We're going to be relying pretty heavily on a couple of young, unproven guys on the right side holding up well this season. If they do, we will have a really good offense.
  6. We can make the playoffs I think if we stay fairly healthy, but not quite at the level where I expect a Super Bowl run.
  7. I see 9 wins as a likely total, maybe 10. But this is June, and there's so much that can happen that nobody could know.
  8. Some players I would be eyeing closely for the Colts this season are: Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas Harold Landry, Edge, Boston College Mitch Hyatt, OT, Clemson Connor Williams, OT, Texas Darius Guice, RB, LSU Sam Hubbard, Edge, Ohio St. Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia L.J. Scott, RB, Michigan St. James Butler, RB, Nevada Wyatt Teller, G, Virginia Tech Micah Kiser, LB, Virginia Josh Sweat, Edge, Florida St. Dorance Armstrong, Edge, Kansas Porter Guston, Edge/LB, USC Jordan Thomas, CB, Oklahoma Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame Will Hernandez, G, UTEP
  9. If Nick Chubb could regain his pre injury form this year, I think he'd form a good duo with Mack.
  10. We'll probably need another strong running back next year. Mack is kind of a big play guy. We could use a bruiser.
  11. The Saints had a really nice draft. Added the top CB in the class. One of the best O-linemen in the class. A hyper athletic safety. And a dynamic running back. Heck of a haul IMO.
  12. If we're cutting guys and there are no injuries etc, I'd say Parry might be first to go (given his recent problems) then Hunt if we cut 2.
  13. I think we'll be competitive within the division, but I have a hard time seeing us beat the Patriots this year. They're freaking loaded! It's way too early to call, but I expect our defense to be improved and our offense to be similar to this past year as in good in passing, below average running the football. Also we're at a big risk on the offensive line. We're rolling out a couple of starters on the right side who we don't really know all that much about. We better hope they don't turn out to be worse than we think and get Luck killed.
  14. The questions I have about Banner are these: Can he become quick enough to play to play right tackle at the NFL level if he gets his weight down to 335-ish? Can he play with enough bend to play inside at guard given his 6'8.5" height? The answer to at least one of these questions has got to be yes, if he's ever going to have a place as a starter in this league. Otherwise he's just a backup who comes in on jumbo packages and pushes the pile.
  15. I know what you mean. I'm tired of having a bad running game. As much as I'm glad our defense is solidified, I was hoping Ballard would make some moves this offseason (whether in the draft or free agency) that really assured our running game would become legitimately good. He didn't really do that. On the other hand, there is some hope that Mack could be the answer at RB. I've been on record as saying I wasn't sky high on Mack, just kind of "okay" on his stock as a prospect. But I'll also be the first to say that running backs are hard to forecast, and I could be underrating him. I did see some reasons for optimism when I looked his tape again today, and his measurables look in line with an NFL RB. We'll have to wait and see.

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