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  1. I'd love it. I think he's almost another Zach Martin. He'd help us finally be able to run the offense we should be running, be able to punch other teams in the mouth and control the clock. A good ground game is a big plus to the defense, too.
  2. My idea is to try to balance both current success vs building for the future, and come up with something that gives us an improved immediate team but sets us up to get even better subsequently. I’m taking the idea to heart that the rebuilding on the defensive side will have to continue in 2018 and cannot be fully completed this year. Where as offense, I think we can essentially get the right guys on our roster this off season so that we might not need to do anything notable except retain guys for a few years. I think finishing the offense up and getting personnel set to run an offense that can both pass and (especially) run the football effectively will help our franchise QB’s efficiency and durability. I think a strong running game will help the defense. On defense, I’m prioritizing front 7 a little over secondary, but I believe glaring needs in the secondary - especially at cornerback which is a deep group in this draft class - warrant picks. Cuts: Arthur Jones David Parry Free Agent Signings: Jonathan Hankins, DT (Giants) Gerald Hodges, ILB (49ers) Draft: R1 - Forrest Lamp, G, Western Kentucky - A day 1 starter at guard and pro bowl potential. He’s a lot like Zach Martin, but perhaps a tad less dominant at run blocking. I think he represents fine value at pick 15. He would upgrade us RG, allow our offense to have a legitimate swing tackle (Haeg), and help us run the offense that we should be running in order to both win games and keep Luck healthy. Building in the trenches is of the utmost importance, and there is a big drop off after Lamp at guard which there isn't at some other positions. R2 - Tyus Bowser, Edge, Houston - An explosive athlete and a good fit as a 3-4 OLB. Body time and athleticism is highly reminiscent of Khalil Mack. I don’t think he’s far enough along as a player to have quite the immediate impact that Mack had for the Raiders, but he should be able to contribute some immediately and grow into an effective player. He projects well both rushing the passer and being able to drop into coverage when needed. He could wind up being excellent, and seems like a fairly realistic guy who could be on the board here as he's a guy who seems like a noticeably more natural fit in a 3-4 base defense than a 4-3. R3 - Sidney Jones, CB, Washington - Previously regarded as one of the top corner’s in the class, but will probably drop due to a torn achilles and a deep class at the position. He could be a key piece in the future, and this can be a chance to land him in the third round. I had him rated as a late 1st rounder before the injury. R4 - Rasul Douglas, CB, West Virginia - I’ve got us coming back to corner for some immediate help too. A big, physical man corner. Has pretty ordinary athleticism at the NFL level, but good ball skills. Will likely drop to the 4th round in this cornerback class, as his drills at the combine were reportedly a bit awkward looking. Had an awesome senior year on the field at WVU though. R4 - George Kittle, TE, Iowa - A good blocking tight end who was a criminally underrated athlete coming into the combine. Has legitimate receiving potential at the next level, in addition to his blocking chops. R4 - Aaron Jones, RB, UTEP - The second most explosive running back at the combine. He’s a super productive college player who is pretty good in the passing game as well as very good taking the ball out of the backfield. Running behind our stronger offensive line with a now elite interior (after the addition of Lamp) he should be able to produce immediately adding an element of explosiveness to a running game that we don't quite have. R5 - D.J. Jones, DT, Ole Miss - A very athletic interior D-lineman who has the body type that suggests 3-4 nose tackle. Great explosiveness. He would represent competition and depth at the nose tackle position for us. Projected 2017 Lineup: Offense QB - A. Luck, S. Tolzien RB - F. Gore, A. Jones, R. Turbin WR - T. Hilton, D. Moncrief, P. Dorsett, C. Rogers TE - J. Doyle, E. Swoope, G. Kittle OL - A. Castonzo, J. Mewhort, R. Kelly, F. Lamp, L. Clark, J. Haeg, D. Good, B. Scwenke, A. Blythe Defense DL - H. Anderson, J. Hankins, K. Langford, H. Ridgeway, T. McGill, A. Woods, M. Hunt, D. Jones Edge - J. Sheard, J. Simon, T. Bowser, A. Ayers, B. Mingo, C. Maggitt ILB - E. Jackson, G. Hodges, S. Spence, A. Morrison S - C. Geathers, D. Butler, T. Green, M. Farely CB - V. Davis, R. Douglas, D. Morris, R. Melvin, C. Milton, (S. Jones) Speacial Teams K - A. Vinatieri P - J. Locke LS - M. Overton Analysis: I see a team that can seriously compete at a high level in 2017, and become even better in 2018. I really think that getting the offense right is really key (and often underestimated on this forum). We're almost there, but not quite. We need a few more pieces to be able to punch teams in the mouth running the football. And we obviously need to prioritize putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks - because this is the biggest weakness our team had in 2016. I believe Ballard has taken some good steps to doing this already, but it's certainly not time to take the foot off the gas pedal in this regard either. More pressure on opposing QBs will also instantly help our secondary. I think the roster I see listed above would be totally capable of making a deep playoff run, and is poised to absorb some of the inevitable injuries you'll get over the course of a season. And with one more good offseason, things could be looking very sweet.
  3. So I watched a couple of games of Budda Baker. He's fast and he does a really good job at getting himself in position because he's fast, has a good motor, and he takes good angles. The main reason why I wouldn't put him in the first round category is that lack of height and weight could mean that he gets beat now and again in situations, like a jump ball getting thrown over the top or trying to bring down a running back in the open field. I noticed each thing happen to him at least once during the Stanford tape, although in both situations I will say he put himself in terrific position and just couldn't quite finish it off. Overall I like him as a free safety, not as much in a strong safety role, I think perhaps second round range would be a better fit than third round.
  4. I thought it was barron rather than barren, and that got auto corrected to baron
  5. Holy moly. I just looked up his 2010 workout numbers. 37 inch vertical at 309 lbs! I like this signing purely because we are completely baron at NT, I imagine he'll be a rotational piece and/or competition/depth guy.
  6. First off I like the free agency and I love the first 2 picks. Not so crazy about Mixon as I think he's risky. Josh Jones and Rasul Douglas would be good 4th round pickups. I wouldn't bother trying to replace Castonzo at LT, he's significantly better than anybody we could possibly pick up that late in the draft. Awuzie is a good player but I think he's a day 2 pick, not available in round 5. But bottom line is I gotta give you a lot of credit on Forrest Lamp and Jordan Willis.
  7. I thought it was a pretty good list, he's higher than average on some of the same guys that I am.
  8. Nobody wants to pay him that much obviously. Probably because of his back issues.
  9. Is there anyone who particularly stands out that will be way better to pick at 15 than we could get in the 2nd or maybe even 3rd round? I've done a little bit of scouting the position (it's very hard for an amateur to scout corners well from readily available game tape) but the feeling I get is this class is incredibly deep at CB, loaded with guys who are projected second day picks who tick a lot of the boxes physically. But I don't get the sense that aside from Lattimore, there is anyone who looks to be like a solidly high first round caliber corner.
  10. Short answer is that he isn't. If he was in such demand, he'd probably already have a big contract in hand.
  11. A lot of people on the forum would probably be real salty going with an offensive player, but he's a really good prospect and would make our team better. If we did go offense at 15 this is probably the guy to pick IMO. I'd be pleased with it, as long as we draft a couple of good defenders on the second day. Imagine trading back and picking up an extra third and still getting Lamp? Oh gosh, that would be an A+.
  12. Not yet, I'll try to make a point to do it at some time today.
  13. hahaha awesome! Yes I'm a fan of his. I think if we did have him and extend Mewhort, our O-line could be set for the next few years. I'm sure Luck would approve.
  14. It's thin on O-line prospects, yes. Not much depth. Forrest Lamp is probably the best plug and play guard, his ceiling is probably mid-1st round. We'll probably go defense, but if we go offense I think he's the best fit. I almost think if we don't take an O-lineman with one of our first 2 picks, we shouldn't even bother with some project guy later in the draft than that. The draft looks so much deeper on positions like CB and TE.
  15. Kelly I feel very good about, but Clark and Haeg I still just think are relatively unproven. Sure, they've flashed some ability. But I'd much rather be penciling in one unproven guy into the starting 5 than 2 at the same time, especially directly next to each other. Just my .02

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