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  1. Connor Williams Is Exactly What We Need.

    The O-line has been bad for the Luck's entire career, we tried doing nothing this past off season and things have only gotten worse, not better. However I agree about the ILBs! I'm not sure that they'll have to be first round picks, but we need multiple new players on our roster there.
  2. Draft pick 2018?

    This belongs in the NFL Draft, Scouting, and Free Agency talk section but as to your question - I'd like to see us address the O-line and ILB position groups in a big way.
  3. I think he's underrated even by Colts fans. I was always of the opinion that those years we went 11-5 and made the playoffs - those were teams that only an elite QB could have carried to a record like that. I mean we had a bad running attack, bad defenses, wide receiver groups that consistently led the league (by a lot) in dropped passes. How many QBs could you stick on the 2012 - 2014 Colts teams and get 33 wins and 3 playoff wins out of? Like maybe Rodgers and Brady - maybe... But if you go a few years with injuries and without those playoff runs, it becomes "what have you done for me lately"?
  4. Offensive Line is Offensive

    Outstanding is a stretch imo. There was positive momentum there but they had a schedule where they faced some of the teams that tallied the lowest sack totals in the NFL. Plus even when they're not giving up sacks - there's still pressures to be considered not to mention run blocking. Now don't get me wrong - I do agree that they played much better the back half of last year than at the front half of it or what we've seen in the front half of this year. We'll see if they can have a similar mid season improvement sometime soon.
  5. Offensive Line is Offensive

    IMHO he's actually got a point. There was a really strong myth going around last off season on this forum that our O-line was fixed. For some reason Haeg and Clark were crowned off of very small sample sizes of promising, but far from dominant play and we really did nothing of any use to address the O-line last off season.
  6. Connor Williams Is Exactly What We Need.

    I had two offensive tackles as of recently graded as good enough to be potential franchise left tackles in the future. My 1a was Trey Adams and he just tore an ACL and won't be coming out for the draft this season. My 1b was Williams, who has had a knee injury too but not so major. We have a big void at RT right now, and the free agency class for tackles impending is looking like it sucks. Big time. So landing Williams in the 1st round of the draft sounds like a dream scenario, as he's a player whose resume warrants a high draft pick and he happens to be at a position of desperate need.
  7. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Castonzo will be here in '18 and '19 most likely.
  8. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    This explains the drop off in his play this season. Very worrying.
  9. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    I agree, but it's still an important thing to figure out though. He's been an above average NFL starting OG for a few years - can he regain that form? That's going to be important in contract negotiations, as he is in a contract year.
  10. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    I don't know why he's playing so much worse this year. Maybe it's related to his knee injury? But what a year to have a bad season for him - his first contract year. Our O-line is in shambles. I don't really know how they can fix it next year without another massive overhaul, which just goes to show how bad of a job Grigson did on the O-line.
  11. I can definitely see the comparison there. They're similar in build, both dominant at the college level. Landry doesn't come with the off the field baggage that Spence did of course. If Landry tests out better than Spence, he's got a shot to be a first rounder and perhaps a high one. I'm really hoping that we bolster our O-line and ILB positions next off season. Edge, CB, and RB definitely need addressing too but I think the first 2 are super critical.
  12. Landry's stock will hinge a fair amount on his testing numbers IMO. If he tests out well - he's a top 10 prospect. If he doesn't test well he might have some trouble even being a first rounder.
  13. Josh Allen from Kentucky

    I saw some stuff about this guy starting to generate a bit of first round buzz. They say he can play ILB or Edge. Have to watch tape on him. Anyone who's familiar with him think he's going to go pro? And if so is he really a 1st round pick?
  14. I just watched...

    ... The tape of Wyatt Teller vs Boston College last year. I'd seen him play before, but man does this guy look to put defenders on their backs! He's #57 and playing at LG. Not sure where his draft stock will be as it's a strong class for guards, and I think being as he's actually only in his 3rd year on the O-line I believe (converted D-lineman) he shouldn't be rushed into starting at the next level. Perhaps somewhere he's going to go somewhere in the middle (3 - 5) rounds? His size, athleticism, and nasty blocking style say to me that this guy can be successful at the next level as soon as he adjusts to the play speed.
  15. ILB's are bad

    I agree that the ILBs are the biggest problem for our defense. Our starters on the defensive line and OLB positions are actually pretty solid now. Granted they're definitely not elite, but like I say - pretty solid. In a 3-4 scheme, it puts a lot of pressure on your ILBs, and if they're not good players it's going to be hard to run an effective defense. In contrast, the 4-3 scheme puts more pressure on your DEs. I believe that we'll have to look to add a player at ILB at some point in the draft next year, and potentially one in free agency too.