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  1. This is kind of true. Hooker has tremendous potential. I could've understood going in some other directions but Malik Hooker was kind of a steal. I'm currently really nervous we won't do enough to address our running game though. So I can understand needs based thinking... Because I think we need to keep improving our running game, and that we won't win January games without adding a couple players to do so. That said Hooker was a good pick because he was the BPA, or at least very close to it without many red flags.
  2. Tremendous player. If the medicals are okay I'm cool with the value at 15. However, I'm extremely nervous about the idea us not doing something to improve our running game tomorrow. IMO that's an enormous hole. We either need good O-lineman early and a running back later, or a running back early. I don't believe there is much value on the O-line late. We can probably add a pass rusher tomorrow as well. I think there will be a decent corner or two that drops to day 3 - perhaps not an heir to Vontae but someone who could develop into a starter.
  3. Too many holes on the roster to trade up IMO.
  4. My thought regarding our team is that I really want us to make moves to improve our ability to run the football. Running back, offensive line... Find some way to run the football well, please! Ryan Kelly's play at center I think was a big part of why we were better in the trenches in '16 than '15 and ran the football better overall, but it's still not to the level we need to be IMO.
  5. I agree. My opinions on the top running backs have changed since the combine. I went up on McCaffrey and down on Cook. A little lower on Fournette too. Throw in the character red flags, poor athletic testing, and a lesser valued position in the modern NFL, and I can see Cook dropping. In the RB class right now I like Kamara and McCaffrey the best, with Fournette a close third. Cook perhaps 4th, Mixon 5th, and maybe Foreman 6th.
  6. I'm thinking some of the most likely likely names to hear call in the first round include (in no particular order): Derek Barnett Haason Reddick Jarrad Davis Forrest Lamp Charles Harris I guess if I have to pick one and only one I'm thinking Derek Barnett, if he reaches us, seems like a guy we would pick up... I will not be a bit surprised by any of the 5 names above though!
  7. He's gonna be in a La'El Collins situation because this won't get cleared up by the draft. He's going to go undrafted, and if he can get cleared some team will luck into getting a top 25 guy in the draft as a UDFA.
  8. I expect either 5 or all 6 of the first 6 to be gone as well.
  9. Even throw Barnett and Lamp in there at 14 and 17 respectively. If we stand pat at 15 I think there's a good chance our pick is one of these 4 players.
  10. Here's my order for our team... I'm primarily considering talent level of the player but also a slight influence from scheme fit as well as positional value and need: Myles Garrett Jonathan Allen (pending medical clearance of course) Marshon Lattimore Malik Hooker Solomon Thomas Jamal Adams Forrest Lamp Derek Barnett Haason Reddick If all of these guys are gone I'm thinking we really should trade back. Anybody else want to give it a shot?
  11. Ok thanks. Yeah if we decided to try to target a guy like Dawkins in round 1, I wouldn't be upset because I like him as a player but I really think we should trade back and maximize value. Because we could probably snag him and pick up more picks honestly.
  12. I think we're pretty close on the O-line. We're still one good piece away. Then they just will need time to gel.
  13. I like Dawkins. He's projects as a solid pass blocker and a real plus player in the running game. Did he give us Dawkins at 15 though? I haven't heard anybody talk about him as a top 15 pick. Late 20s would feel like the highest I could possibly see him going without being completely shocked. Honestly I think it's possible he's there for us at 46.
  14. for the record even I think taking Lamp in round 1 and Kamara in round 2, would be put us far behind the 8 ball defensively... Our pass rush is a big need, but man, I don't think anybody in the league could stop our offense for the next few years! Hmmm maybe fill that out with Trey Hendrickson in round 3, Rasul Douglas, Jourdan Lewis, and Joe Mathis in round 4, Eric Wilson in round 5? I could get excited about that draft! But really I think we will use 2 of our first 3 picks on defense. That's the smart money if we're guessing how it plays out next week but either way it should be exciting.
  15. If I only I was into men LOL

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