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  1. A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    If Jacoby is the QB next year due to Luck's health, I hope he succeeds, I am just not feeling confident.
  2. A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    The story of not being in camp sounds impressive until you see Jimmy G in San Francisco (a team the Colts beat) pop in after the trade deadline and go 4-0, 3-11 without training camp doesn't seem to be so sensational.
  3. A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    If we have a lead in the 4th quarter we stop scoring, If we are behind in the 4th quarter we never come back and win. A lot of people love Jacoby, I'm not sure what he's done this year besides pick on Jabrill Peppers in the 2nd quarter in week 3, His name is not Scott Tolzien, that is why.
  4. Would you still be a Colts fan if they moved to another city?

    I've never lived in Indiana, so it wouldn't matter to me. now the important thing is the uniforms need to stay the same!
  5. Luck could miss 6 games

    The coaches should open up the competition if Luck isn't playing, I'm not sure S. Tolzien is better than S. Moore,maybe search the waiver wire, maybe Drew Stanton is expendable in Arizona.
  6. Which is better?

    At least I didn't throw the 2010 Seahawks,going 7-9 and winning a first round playoff game into the equation. I think avoiding a losing season last year was a good thing, remember Atlanta was 8-8 in 2015 and made it the big game the following year. I'd rather make the playoffs every year, but as long as Andrew Luck is fully recovered,I just have a optimistic feeling about this year's team.
  7. Colts Schedule

    I like it, it's a way to build up rivalries, lets face it AFC south rivalries are not at the level of the other divisions. maybe someday I'll hate the Titans & Jaguars more than the Steelers.
  8. Colts Schedule

    J.J. Watt a couple of years ago was a touchdown machine on both sides of the ball, he didn't do much at all last season.
  9. Colts Schedule

    I don't even know who the QB of Houston will be next season? Savage? Yates? Schaub? Carr? Tebow? Kapernick? some college guy that I know nothing about? the Defensive line is scary though.
  10. Colts Schedule

    Losing at home to the Texans have been devastating for the last two seasons, this time it will be more important to protect home turf!
  11. Colts Schedule

    W/L projections never pan out, no one had Atlanta in the SB51 after three straight non winning seasons, and no one had Atlanta losing SB51 up 28-3 either.
  12. Colts Schedule

    playing the Texans to end the season, they have won the division with 9-7 records the last two years. Colts 1 game back both times.
  13. Colts Schedule

    Colts better not start 0-2 for a fourth year in a row!
  14. Colts Schedule

    Wasn't alive too enjoy it, but I have a lot of late 60's Colts media guides and magazines. NFL coastal division Colts,Rams, 49ers, & Falcons. Colts won it in 68, Rams 69, Colts and Rams both went 11-1-2 in 67 Rams won the tie-breaker on last game of the season in the LA coliseum. payback time!! lol
  15. Colts Schedule

    Would never had guessed opening the season with the Rams, in the LA coliseum. Old time NFL coastal division rivalry!