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  1. I know Chuck is familiar with Poe, but Blue is the one untouchable on this team!
  2. If he stays or go, is not up to public opinion, How does Jim Irsay feel about the situation?
  3. Yes, It sad..his father was Stanley Wilson (bengals)who coked up on the eve of SB23 and is currently in jail, so while he inherited athleticism he didn't get a positive role model to say the least.
  4. As long as the new GM doesn't make these comments " I wanna win, and I wanna win now!"
  5. I don't watch college football, and reading constant stories about football programs out of control (this isn't the only one) dampens my enthusiasm for football somewhat. I am aware that if you have 100 young men in any profession you find some bad apples, it's the serious cover-ups at Baylor, Penn State and to a lesser degree rampant cheating scandal at North Carolina that the NCAA was toothless to punish severely. Corruption, It's not new, Miami (Fl) Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arizona St, Minnesota, Florida St.,Colorado,Oklahoma St.,Texas A&M, Washington, Florida, Houston, SMU, have all let their football programs get out of control. I know a lot of people (southeast U.S.A.) who like the college game much more than the NFL game due to owners, & franchise moves. It's just that at least there is a owner or commissioner to blame in the NFL problems.
  6. Pat would probably be one of the best commentators on broadcast TV certainly has more charisma than Troy Aikman or Bill Cowher or even Tony Dungy(sorry), I think Paul MacGuire was the only punter I know of who made it as a TV personality.personally, I don't think Pat is that funny as a comedian, but would be funny as a guy trading barbs with guys making jokes about kickers on a NFL morning show. or a third guy in the booth like Tony Siragusa did for Fox.
  7. top 3 plays for me of 2016 1. Luck to Doyle TD, final TD of the season, helped avoid a losing season. 2. Jordan Todman opening kickoff against GB, shocking a kickoff TD first in two decades. 3. Duane Allen wide open TD vs. Jets on MNF (either of them) I mostly listen to the games on the internet, so I might have missed some amazing moments.
  8. It is mostly people who like teams with terrible special teams.
  9. I'm not feeling winning it all, at the moment.
  10. I watched Carter in the CFL playoffs last year and was more impressed with S.J. Green who played WR on the other side for Montreal. the defensive line is a question mark, facing LeGarrette Blount, Le'Veon Bell, in NBC prime-time games I'd rather not see either one racking up fantasy stats like Jonas Gray last season.
  11. That 1995 Colt defense with Ray Buchanan, and Tony Siragusa was fantastic. Vontae Davis is amazing, but a stout run-stuffer is needed. I was really hoping the Colts would sign Vince Wilfork but, It's too late now. I think the team will be right there at the end. Besides New England,Pittsburgh is the team that gives the Colts the most issues. can we get past both of these teams?

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