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  1. I just wonder why couldn't they wait until Draft day, see who's #1 and then #2 and then teams will be desperate or you might get the guy you wanted all along. Just because Mel Kiper has Barkley & Chubb going #1 & #2 doesn't mean that is how it will play out. Way back in 1999, Mike Ditka gave away everything to get Ricky Williams at pick #5 (Washington was #5)right after the Colts picked the Edge at #4 . It just seems Chris Ballard got trigger finger before it was needed.
  2. horseshoepower

    A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    If Jacoby is the QB next year due to Luck's health, I hope he succeeds, I am just not feeling confident.
  3. horseshoepower

    A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    The story of not being in camp sounds impressive until you see Jimmy G in San Francisco (a team the Colts beat) pop in after the trade deadline and go 4-0, 3-11 without training camp doesn't seem to be so sensational.
  4. horseshoepower

    A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    If we have a lead in the 4th quarter we stop scoring, If we are behind in the 4th quarter we never come back and win. A lot of people love Jacoby, I'm not sure what he's done this year besides pick on Jabrill Peppers in the 2nd quarter in week 3, His name is not Scott Tolzien, that is why.
  5. horseshoepower

    Would you still be a Colts fan if they moved to another city?

    I've never lived in Indiana, so it wouldn't matter to me. now the important thing is the uniforms need to stay the same!
  6. horseshoepower

    Luck could miss 6 games

    The coaches should open up the competition if Luck isn't playing, I'm not sure S. Tolzien is better than S. Moore,maybe search the waiver wire, maybe Drew Stanton is expendable in Arizona.
  7. horseshoepower

    Can the Colts win it all...this year?

    I'm not feeling winning it all, at the moment.
  8. horseshoepower

    A Look At The Final Roster

    I watched Carter in the CFL playoffs last year and was more impressed with S.J. Green who played WR on the other side for Montreal. the defensive line is a question mark, facing LeGarrette Blount, Le'Veon Bell, in NBC prime-time games I'd rather not see either one racking up fantasy stats like Jonas Gray last season.
  9. That 1995 Colt defense with Ray Buchanan, and Tony Siragusa was fantastic. Vontae Davis is amazing, but a stout run-stuffer is needed. I was really hoping the Colts would sign Vince Wilfork but, It's too late now. I think the team will be right there at the end. Besides New England,Pittsburgh is the team that gives the Colts the most issues. can we get past both of these teams?