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  1. Best at Being Bad

    Oh, definitely... My initial response was attempting to refer to the lasting impression and stigma associated with the team that Grigson has left upon the culture of the franchise as much or more than the actual state of the roster, (which I think Ballard has on the mend as much as possible)... Assuming it is possible to differentiate between those aspects. I've been binge watching some Norm MacDonald Live, so I was sorta riffing on Norms ongoing joke where he'll talk about Hitler or some serial killer & say something like... "That Hitler guy.... You know... He's a real jerk..."
  2. Best at Being Bad

    Man that Grigson guy did some damage....
  3. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    "Stay Gold Pony-boy!" Loved that book & the movie... Stevie Wonders tune also gets me every time. Anyways, to tie this back on topic, Luck needs to Stay-Gold!!! & let Shaun White do his thing...
  4. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    Threads merged... How many Colts vs. browns/under-dog threads are necessary ??? & lets keep things civil Colts fans...
  5. Tony Romo-Stradamus. Calls plays before they happen.

    Yeah, tightly wound around these parts... Man I hope the Colts beat Cleveland, just so the Forum is bearable...
  6. I Have A Feeling Moncrief Will Be Gone After Season.

    I'm torn on Moncrief, just from a needs standpoint, if he goes it is a significant hole that'll need addressed, when there are other pressing needs as well. The O-line, inside linebackers, pass rush, and defensive backs, all could use some more upgrades, among other positions, so losing a contributing WR seems to be a step back. While Moncrief did have a disappointing game on Sunday that definitely could've helped lead to a 'W' with either more points or even just extending drives, I'll still hope to see him improve enough & show more consistency throughout the season to validate a reasonable contract. I guess I'll hold out judgement, especially until this offense gets clicking with Kelly & Luck back in the fold...
  7. Props to the coaches

    I don't know. I'd say Irsay has been a pretty solid figure/owner throughout the leagues growth over the past 20 years, & in the process he has been a fairly visible figure as well (maybe it seems that way to me being a Colts fan)... However, outside of Kraft, Jerry Jones, or the late Al Davis, I'd say Irsay is as "visible" an owner as they come & I'd take him over the others anyday... As far as other owners respecting Irsay, who knows, but I fail to see how Irsay has been bad for the league, so I'll assume most other owners are concerned with their bottom line & their own brand first, and then the shield/ league second. So if there is any real animosity between owners (& I'm sure there is some between most) I'd bet some of that boils down to a hint of jealousy over Irsays success during the Peyton/ Polian/Dungy era... Anyways, while Irsay is unconventional, has obviously fought his own demons, & makes the occassional twitter gaff, he is also a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and is significantly generous to the community of Indy. In my opinion the good far out ways the bad, but if that's an embarrassment, so be it... I'll still root for the guy...
  8. Green Bay (+3) at Atlanta (8-17-17)

    Arguing the semantics of what 8-8 amounts to? Man I hope the Colts win a game soon, & somehow this thread has me hoping the Colts finish on either side of 9-7 or 7-9...
  9. ...

    I love ellipses... While they can signify omitted words in text or quotes, they can also infer trailing thoughts or change of subject, giving text the air of conversation or dialogue... However, without context, ellipses are just three periods, so what's the point??? (Insert comedic drum roll) Ha... Thread closed...
  10. Robert Mathis Hired by Colts

    That's cool, I heard some differing reports from multiple friends, just wondered if it was a one time thing, since he got hired as some have suggested, or even just for the season home opener, or if it will be part of the teams intro as they take the field at LOS this season... I guess I'm living vicariously through people who were at the game, haven't been to LOS in a few years now...
  11. Robert Mathis Hired by Colts

    Was it a video or was he actually in the end zone hammering am anvil?
  12. Possible Luck Update

    Interesting, I see Irsay as an owner who is pretty invested, connected with, & cares about his franchises fan-base... I guess some people expect different things..
  13. Robert Mathis Hired by Colts

    HA, i don't know... That may backfire... Colts are already injury prone no need to add to that... Ha...
  14. Operation Clown Face...

    Ha,that's the same reaction everyone at the establishment I was at had when they saw the towels on opening night.