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  1. Several posts have been removed for off topic argument/back & forth that was derailing the mock draft...
  2. Buck Showalter

    Most impactful Colts' rookie over the past 20 years

    Honorable mention for Bethea. While he may not have had the most impact on the franchise overall, he had an extremely solid rookie season, especially considering he was drafted in the 6th round. I also mention him because if it weren't for his knack of TD saving int's in the endzone, the Colts would've likely lost that playoff game against the Ravens en route to the SB run. Sooo, like I said I feel like he is worth the dark-horse mention...
  3. Touché But, prior to this past season, the Colts went like 23-7 against the division under Luck (& Hasselback for a few games), almost the exact same %... Anyways, guess my point was that regardless of how good or great Manning or Luck are, the cliche holds true, that football's the ultimate team sport. Regardless, I hold out optimism that with a healthy Luck, & with improved coaching, scheming, & overall team chemistry that winning or at least competing for the division isnt completely unreasonable...
  4. Peyton's Colts split the division 3-3 en route to the SB...
  5. Buck Showalter

    Colts have Signed Former Eagles LB Najee Goode

    Is there a difference between "projecting more" & simply not understanding the need of constantly throwing around restrictive labels that often carry an air of negativity towards newly acquired players?
  6. Buck Showalter

    Colts have Signed Former Eagles LB Najee Goode

    Exactly, while the Tim Jennings & Jerry Hughes of the World may be the exception rather than the rule, they are still both examples that Colts fans should be familiar with of players who can improve under the right situation. I'll never understand the automatic "camp body" labeling, or the immediate writing off of a player. Sometimes, around here, its even done with such conviction, it seems even crazier. Cue up the " Some men just want to see the world burn" meme...
  7. Buck Showalter

    Colts have Signed Former Eagles LB Najee Goode

    Meh, tackles aren't the only way to make plays on special teams. Back in like 2013-2014 I seem to remember Sergio Brown being a decent ST playmaker for the Colts. However, his calling card always seemed to be downing Macaffees punts helping pin opponents deep. While those type of plays don't get exhibited in stat lines, they can be huge momentum changers... Anyways, lets hope Najee can be a positive contributor!
  8. Buck Showalter

    Andrew Luck is freaking ripped

  9. Buck Showalter

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Lol... Got it, several posters are very vocal about their dislike of Ballard's approach this off season. But, it doesn't change the fact that he has been fairly clear about his approach & seems to be sticking to it. I just don't get the constant complaining, as it comes off as table pounding. It also seems to exhibit a lack of comprehension of what Ballard's approach & belief in team building actually are, agree with it or not...
  10. Buck Showalter

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Meh... One could also argue that Grigsons overall approach & philosophy still has a direct & negative impact on Ballards ability to "close" the deal as well. It may not be the only issue, but Grigson did not help make the Colts an attractive landing spot for free agents. So otherwise, I'm not sure what is concerning about a GM who exhibits a strict level of discipline...
  11. Buck Showalter

    (1st April) Andrew Luck Traded To Browns!!!

    Ha, yeah, knew someone would do it... I've seen some headlines suggesting Dallas & NYG may be making some deal trading Dez & Odell too... Sounds like some April fools day fodder as well...
  12. Buck Showalter

    Odell Beckham Jr.

    Lol... Is it really that far of a stretch to question Beckham's "social intelligence"???
  13. Buck Showalter

    Odell Beckham Situation

    Lol... Suggesting the Colts trade out one of Ryan's rare draft day successes??? The Grigson hatred around these parts is real!!!
  14. Buck Showalter

    Josh Mcdaniels Rule

    Moved to NFL General section, as I think we all can agree that the Colts & fans want as little to do with McD as possible! But as far as an actual rule being put in place for this type of thing??? I guess my question would be, is it really necessary? Are there really that many people of questionable character that would pull a stunt like this?
  15. Buck Showalter

    Favorite Colt of All Time

    I voted Reggie Wayne, he's easily my favorite, but, as a kid I was a big Dean Biasucci fan...