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  1. The Colts are a Circus

    Ha, but what other circus has the rolling ball of butcher knives act???
  2. Houstons owner racist comments??

    Ha, I agree I don't think McNairs comments were overly offense, but I understand how it can be viewed in poor taste in the context of the current climate. But he seems to have appropriately apologized, so hopefully it dies off...
  3. Houstons owner racist comments??

    Yes, it would be sad if we weren't living in the Post-Modern era where cynicism, sarcasm, innuendo, & parody were major components of the culture that we all consume.
  4. Houstons owner racist comments??

    The fact that some people can not understand the importance of context baffles me... While I feel that every poor choice of words or off color comment doesn't need to be overly demonized, the lengths some go to in defense of insensitive comments is also saddening...
  5. The Colts are a Circus

    Much as the 2011 season, I think the numbers help showcase what the QB position means to football W's & L's... If you look at drafts since 18 hoisted the Lombardi trophy it is fairly obvious why the Colts are 2-5 right now. Not sure why you want to put all that history on Ballard.
  6. The Colts are a Circus

    So you wish Grigson was back as GM???
  7. The Colts are a Circus

    That is sound logic! No I agree with you, the Colts are a Circus & reading this thread has made me feel like a clown...
  8. The Colts are a Circus

    Saying & complaining that the Colts are becoming an embarrassment then creating this thread is slightly ironic. " Let's not be cynical."- yet this thread is full of posts that are the definition of cynical...
  9. Two coaches for the price of one.

    I think that is pretty well understood. Sometimes I have a bad memory, but I can not think of any instance where a HC was replaced mid-season with someone not already on staff...
  10. Two coaches for the price of one.

    Right, I think Shottenheimer probably benefits from name recognition. The only real reason I assume he gets the interim position if Pagano is let go mid-season is because I wouldn't give it to Chud or Philbin... Process of elimination at that point... Again, reasons why I see Pagano finishing out the season...
  11. Two coaches for the price of one.

    That is absolutely the only excuse I see for firing a HC mid-season, & I suppose of all posible candidates already with the organization to take over interim, Shottenheimer would be as likely a candidate as anyone. However, with that said, I don't think the Colts next HC is currently on staff, so I am assuming that Irsay/Ballard will let Pagano ride out the season, but what do I know... Hopefully Ballard has a clear vision for the team, and has his own short list of candidates.
  12. Coaching Vacancy

    I know, right???
  13. Coaching Vacancy

    Oh, I know. I'm dumbfounded as to how he's stayed around so long in Cincy.
  14. Coaching Vacancy

    Who knows, I just think about Cincy's situation & try to think how this board would react if Pagano held tenure as long as Lewis has...
  15. Coaching Vacancy

    Ha, not sure about wether or not @coltsfeva has Pagano optimism, but he has a point about Cowherd mentioning that Marvin Lewis is 'safe' to retain his coaching position. I can only assume it is because why fire him now if he has managed to keep the position for as long as he has...