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  1. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    LOL...some threads are just more entertaining than others...
  2. Holder's in New England trying to get info on McDaniels

    Ha, they saw the name on his credential, got confused & thought it was job...
  3. Aaron Rodgers is dating Danica Patrick

    Weird... They both have double first name, names... Sorta... What a weird coincidence...
  4. Your Final Four QBs. Bortles, Keenum, Foles....

    Just gotta hope the old mantra holds true, you know, that saying that defense wins championships...
  5. Let Frank Gore Walk

    Wouldn't hurt to keep a good veteran leader around IMO... I still think Reggie was let go a year too early, (no one will ever convince me that he would've been less productive than Andre Johnson during that season). I also feel that letting Reggie go played, at least a symbolic role, in the seeming demise of the Colts locker room. Not to mention taking away Reggie's ability to retire a Colt, as well as offending the football gods... Anyways, regardless of what goes down in the draft, I think keeping Gore around on a one year team friendly deal is at least worth the offer... Assuming Gore still has enough in the tank to share carries with younger backs, he seems to have the character, attitude & work ethic you would want to reward, especially in the case of the Colts where a little mending & damage control from the follies of the Grigson era could help the overall outlook of the franchise... But that's just my two cents...
  6. Pagano thank you to Indy

    Class act... Just a little embarrassing, as a Colts fan, that some on the forum still feel it necessary to be critical in a thread focused on a farewell thank you letter...
  7. Even Alexa is a Patriots Fan...

    Never been a huge tech or gadget guy, but we got an Amazon echo for Christmas, & its a pretty fun toy, sort of like an endless jukebox... Anyways today I asked it who would win the Superbowl & Alexa's answer was, & I quote: "Its still a little early to say, but as we were all reminded last year you can never count out the patriots." So even Alexa seems to be a Patriots fan... Anyways thought it was pretty funny...
  8. 2018-19 Colts vs 2006 Colts.

    O.k. getting too many reports here. Again, locking thread...
  9. Critique This Please

    Some back & forth has been removed... Remember, it is against forum rules to post nonsense threads or to purposefully "troll". Its also against forum expectations to take personal shots. With that said lets keep things civil, or it will get locked... Edit: Locking...
  10. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    Oh yeah, duh... Well then whatever speculative article or thread (its totally slipping me now where I saw the rumor) was way off base... Anyways, I guess that means everything I've said on the topic is a mute point, ha., & I suppose that also bodes well for the McDaniels fans as well.
  11. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    Yeah its unlikely, but there have been some grumblings & rumors, with some NFL insiders suggesting it as a possibly that Hoody just up & bails... Sometimes where's smoke there's fire... Just saying, nothing would surprise me this off season...
  12. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    I agree to a point, if there's any truth to the rumors of discord in NE with Hoodie even considering a move to the Giants (as reports have stated its a position he's always coveted) then putting all of your eggs in the McDaniels basket, could be a bit of a scary notion. Assuming he'd be the leading candidate to go ahead & take over in the case Hoodie moves on to New York... Just an odd time not knowing what's going on, especially with New England still in the hunt & both McDaniels & Patricia being leading HC candidates...
  13. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    Exactly, fans are interesting creatures, on one hand we (some of us) harp on Irsay for being less than stellar at public speaking, lack of pressers, or questionable stances (especially regarding the health of a certain QB), etc. and in turn expect the team to be professional, poised, and forthright. However, some fans also expect to know what is going on behind the curtain at all times, almost lamenting the process for lack of information. You can't really have it both ways & I for one appreciate Ballard's approach. After all, one of the last official reports on the issue was that the whole process would be 'internal'. So I can definitely appreciate the 'tighter' approach that seems to be in play regardin the way the front office is working & searching for the next HC. It seems the most prudent, especially given the competitive nature of the NFL... Hearing media types say they aren't hearing 'anything' or getting 'any info' from the Colts FO almost gives me goosebumps, seems like thats how you would want to run things!!!
  14. Poll: Who do you want to be our next GM?

    Ha, maybe Irsay reads these boards...
  15. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    I'm pretty sure they are all the same pizza, maybe some are privately owned franchises or something, but still basically the same pizza... The Clara's locations were just done up a little different, they had a trolley inside & you would order from your table with a phone for some reason. Ha, probably saves them money on waitresses!!!