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  1. 93 for Sheard? Smdh Walden's body isn't even cold yet.
  2. Idk if you are agreeing with me or not.
  3. 16 yards a catch? Damn hes way up there with Chris Hogan and JJ Nelson.
  4. Idk how anyone can watch this and call this guy a bust
  5. Throwing something out the window is probably a better use of it than throwing it at Dorsett.
  6. DM counst stay on the field because he broke his shoulder last season. Aiken couldn't stay on the field because he's not good and lost snaps to two guys on the wrong side of 30.
  7. Probably because most people base their opinion the on the ~30 games they've seen him play in instead of a 3 minute YouTube video of his greatest hits.
  8. 21 more yards in like 10 more games huh? Damn great signing
  9. 29 catches 328 yards last season.
  10. Music is a liberal invention to spread communism.
  11. Ah yes. I'm sure you only listen to "real music"
  12. Is the pay good or is the reward just the high of claiming moral superiority to guys who run head-first into each other for a living?
  13. The lyrics are "gone. Outta here" I guess it probably has to do with the fact he was boarding a plane and leaving but i guess your hat scenario is more plausible.
  14. Idk he probably didn't think he was going to get attacked by the thought-police when he typed it up.
  15. Minter wasn't even good in college.

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