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  1. Trade him for whatever you can get. If he has to play in '18 we're not gonna be in position to make the playoffs anyway.
  2. This is Marlon Macks world

    Gore hasn't shown ability on any type of runs.
  3. This is Marlon Macks world

    He should be at the very-least be splitting carries 50-50 with Gore from this point on.
  4. Timeout, again.

    Pagano is the master of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Luckily the 49ers we're too bad to overcome today.
  5. Just replace the names in the article and change a detail or two and it's the same article that's been written since 2012.
  6. Patty Mac takes more shots at grigson

    Any Grigson bashing is cool with me. Dude is trash and probably set the org. back 3 years with his awful roster management. This is one horse I'll never get tired of beating.
  7. Colts select Zach Banner, OL, USC (Merge)

    I doubt he plays guard he's way too tall. He'd probably be the tallest guard in the league.
  8. Jersey Numbers for NEW Players thus far

    93 for Sheard? Smdh Walden's body isn't even cold yet.
  9. Colts are signing WR Kamar Aiken

    Idk if you are agreeing with me or not.
  10. Colts are signing WR Kamar Aiken

    16 yards a catch? Damn hes way up there with Chris Hogan and JJ Nelson.
  11. Colts are signing WR Kamar Aiken

    Idk how anyone can watch this and call this guy a bust
  12. Colts are signing WR Kamar Aiken

    Throwing something out the window is probably a better use of it than throwing it at Dorsett.
  13. Colts are signing WR Kamar Aiken

    DM counst stay on the field because he broke his shoulder last season. Aiken couldn't stay on the field because he's not good and lost snaps to two guys on the wrong side of 30.
  14. Colts are signing WR Kamar Aiken

    Probably because most people base their opinion the on the ~30 games they've seen him play in instead of a 3 minute YouTube video of his greatest hits.