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  1. Hey Fireman818!


    We have had an opening for one of our teams, so I'll send you an invite to the league.


    Feel free to change the team name and team logo/picture to customize it since you'll be inheriting a previous owner's team name.


    If you need anything let me know!





  2. I'm interested, send me info
  3. Howard Mudd, knows his stuff so if he likes him then the kid should be someone to watch develop. High praise, hope he lives up to it cause we need help.
  4. I always look forward to them all! Heck, I've only missed three home games in 23 years. I love me some Colts football!
  5. I'm not going to be too critical yet because they haven't game planned for a game yet. They didn't check out of plays when Buffalo loaded the box on them.
  6. I still think they need to go get a vet!!
  7. Has anyone gotten any information on the Colts Season Ticket Holder Fantasy Football Leagues? I played last two years and I haven't seen anything released or updated about this year..
  8. I've been out to camp a few times and I really like the Ferguson kid. I think he is going to be used to spread the field, looks quick and fast and catches the ball well. I think they have found a change of pace guy, a Sproles type guy. He looked really good the days I was there.
  9. I think he was released!
  10. I will say Anderson was looking good during his rehabbing workout on day 1 of camp. I was there and the trainers were putting him through a workout off to the side. He looked very good! Rehab is progressing quite well.

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