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  1. Nice
  2. Glad to see them all playing and earning dollars.
  3. And Grigson's picks and players
  4. Pagano has a cruddy defense, O'Brien has arguably the defense in the league! Houston had a good defense before he got there.
  5. Hes a Patriot I don't care! Wish Allen well but not the best!
  6. My Take as well!
  7. I would like to see them in pads ie preseason first before rendering an opinion. If I had to guess NOW, Run downs Morrison, Walker, Bostic the Middle guys, but like Jackson as well. Outside, Simon is differently one, & Mingo or the young drafty? Honestly its to early to tell. The only one I would say for sure is Simon!
  8. I hear what your saying, I have seen a special on Brady's career, which included college He was a part time starter, And average QB. He Slid because nobody wanted him! Rd3 QB's don't slid to RD6. QB's of any talent ussually go much higher than they should. Take this years draft. What people didn't see was Bradys will to win, and work ethic, plus he has got the perfect skill set for The Patriots system.
  9. I like Pagano I want to keep him
  10. Are people really doing the Pagano's gone % again. REALLY Pagano's the coach until hes not!!! Period, PS i like Pagano, and we could do a lot worse. We get Luck back and the Colts will be fine!!!!
  11. I have had there surgery 3 times, twice on throwing shoulder.
  12. This is correct!
  13. I thought Kap signed with Seattle am I wrong?
  14. More like 9-10 months
  15. Agreed!!

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