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  1. Powers was a super solid CB for the Colts enjoy retirement.
  2. Throw him in the mix I guess we will see.
  3. Yes I have had the labrum and rotator cuff surgeries! I have not heard of WHAT Andrews precudure was other than his shoulder. Not sure what a trim is cleaning up fraying? If so fraying is a tear so to speak and I have had that done as well. All shoulder injuries usaually start with non- invasive procedures i.e. Rebab, stretching, cortazone shot, possibly a plasma shot. No one wants a surgery never know what could happen I was told 20 to 30% chance may not be able to throw before surgery.
  4. So Sorry for your loss, prayers to you!!
  5. Hum not sure when Andrew had surgery, but I do know something about shoulder surgeries having had unfortunately 3 of them, 2 on my throwing shoulder. Here is what I do know. After surgery almost all strength gone. Rehab starts surprisingly right away usually after a week or 2. Early rehab is about gaining and keeping range of motion and flexibility. In the weeks to follow you start to add VERY LIGHT weight and band training and stretching gradually increasing weight as time goes on! If everything progress's fine a throwing PROGRAM starts in about in 3 to 4 months. You continue to do the other training and and start to throw. It is painful because you break up scare tissue and build arm strength. This starts at ridiculously short distances! This takes say an additional 3 to 4 months. At about 8 to 9 months if all goes well you feel OK throwing as it continues to get stronger. I would say it really doesn't really feel say NORMAL for about a year. So if he had surgery in January 4 months would put him at May to start a throwing program. I recently had surgery in Nov. I am still building arm strength, I play softball on a travel team. 5 months since my surgery. I would say August/ Sept, is when Andrew will be able to throw. He will continue to have aches an pains, even without being hit. The OL will really need to protect him. The good thing is Andrew is a professional athlete, with a rehab staff dedicated to him, and his recovery! He is in very good shape and young all good things which could lead to a faster recovery time.
  6. He is a solid player period. Parry was never in a rotation, I think with the depth he will fresher, and more productive!
  7. I did see Dorsett as a first rd pick with his speed, home run potential, & ST skills, just not to the Colts. Interestingly enough I did see before that draft a draft guru type say he thought Dorsett say HE thought Dorsett would be a great pick for the Colts, teaming with TY. I guess Grigson was watching the show LOL! His route running leaves something to be desired for sure, I thought hes hands were better last year. He does run straight down the field well and would do more of it in bunch sets with other WR and TE's say him, TY, and Doyle, send TY and Dorsett, deep together on different patterns and Doyle some short of shorter pattern. It could give Dorsett a free shoot off the line of scrimmage which he seems to need. You could also mix up the patterns of the 3 as well. With Moncrief, or Akins, Swoope, on the other side Good luck defensing that if Andrew gets time. IMO thats how I would use him. As for Value you are right Bower would be a better value IMO. A quality need pick close to where he is valued, Dorsett was a luxury pick, of no need, when the Colts with there other needs could not afford that luxury. To me its one thing to swing and miss on a pick, its another thing to swing and miss on a guy IMO we didn't need. Part of why Grigson isn't here!
  8. Hum I am a show me guy! Hankins I like has he played nt before? Anderson I like need to be healthy and play like his first year not last year same with lankford! Ridgway I like hopefully keeps improving! I the signing from cinn and magill to but won't to see it first before I start gushing over it right now!
  9. He was solid for the colts he will get signed he is older by NFL standards.
  10. Hum I didn't like the pick when it happened based mostly on need and talent available, but unfortunately you are wrong on Dorset he was considered a mid first rd to high 2nd pick all day long based on something you can't coach speed!! Would be happy to share the information from the time period to confirm! Grigson unfortuntly got to cute thinking dorrest speed and Ty's would be and unstoppable combo on paper yes in the field no becuase 1 no line, 2 misuse of Dorset
  11. Picking bowser in the first round is WROSE than the Dorset pick because at least Dorset was suppose to be a first round pick! Just not the one we needed!
  12. Agree
  13. Really what a surprise
  14. I love taco's just not this one!
  15. Oh Forgot about Turbin, That was a good sign!

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