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  1. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    There is no debate Michael won't be on the squad!! I give it a less than 5% chance.
  2. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    Correct but if they cant pass block that is a big issue!!
  3. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Colts sign S Michael Cirino, release CB Kenneth Acker

    After watching the high lights, hes a corner, slash FS with ball skills. Watching the film at Adams St, they lined him up inside an outside. FAST, Going to be fun to watch him.
  4. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    No like Vaccaro. Never thought Hooker would or will be ready early, and you can't count on Gearthers long term health wise!
  5. You heard nothing because he was new, our line sucked, our QB sucked more. Other than Doyle we could barley get anyone including TY the ball. Travis is the same thing Swoope is a basketball player trying to play football. One of them IMO makes the team. IMO Swoope hasn't shown much, MY OPINION. I think both wont make the team, unless one is a good blocker, not counting on that. The addition of Ebron limits both because he has shown the ability to do what both of these guys HOPE they can do skill set wise. If we carry 4 TE's I believe he will be a good blocker first, pass catcher second. Like I told Crazy, Krunk, I usually like both of your posts, I have nothing against you or him, I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one. My money is on Travis. When the rosters are finalized in Sept. Maybe, 1, or, both of us, or neither of us is right. It will be a fun battle to watch, my money is on Travis to make the roster.
  6. Swoope has done NEXT TO NOTHING! Ballard's past has lots to do with Travis!! One hes a Colt because of Ballard and his KC background!! Ballard and the coaches are good at judging talent, Having played D-1 football, I like to pretend I might know SOMETHING to? Honestly I don't remember Doyle being on the practice squad. Doyle showed talent, he didn't get opportunities because of Fleener and Allen. The one thing you Krunk are right about is we don't know how the TE position will play out! I will say this though with the addition of Ebron, who essentially does at a proven level what Swoppe and Travis talent COULD MAYBE be, the chances of both of them in my uneducated opinion is that both won't make the roster together. If one of them can prove to block well he would have the upper hand, if both prove to be poor blockers, the new addition at TE from Cleveland or any other guy, maybe Daniels gets the final spot, if they carry 4 TE's. My money is Travis wins a job. Crazy & Krunk, I usually like your posts, have nothing agianst either of you, I guess we can agree to disagree on this one.
  7. Swoope based on what? Hes been around for like 4/5 years now & caught a handful of balls. Hurt all last year. Mostly been a practice squad guy who can't block. I have never gotten all the Swoope hype honestly! IMO Travis looks the part more maybe tougher, but I really think, 1 not both make the team, and wouldn't be surprised if both got cut either. Travis does have on his side HISTORY with Ballard at KC!
  8. Hum Travis might be better than Swoope. Fleener agree 100%
  9. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Will be great fun watching how and which LB's compete!! It would not surprise me to see Walker not only win the job & start at the Mic, but also play well.
  10. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Wilkins vs Hines

    I think Hines! The Colts will use him like a Darren Sporles type of guy is my belief> Wilkens will split carry's .
  11. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Our two 7th Round Linebackers....

    I have seen Adams play I was impressed by him!! He likes to hit!!
  12. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Earl Grey

    My nic name for Nelson is Pancake!!
  13. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Relative Athletic Scores(RAS) for all of the Colts picks

    Or Brissett holds the ball to long which happens OFTEN!!
  14. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Relative Athletic Scores(RAS) for all of the Colts picks

    Costanzo is very good hes the least of our worries.
  15. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    I agree to disagree!!!!