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  1. Who do we pick at 6 if the Colts stay put?

    There in the same city no love there that's why they didn't trade!
  2. Why does it seem the Colts are anxious to sign a Center

    Why do you think that because they brought in a guy who plays center and guard who didn't sign? Kelly is the guy!
  3. I like the move still get a great propect and a chance to add 3 number 2's. 2 of them early in the second and the 2nd next year nice! I believe it will be a quarterback frenzy early in the draft ! Good job Ballard now you just have to hit on the pics !!
  4. TJ Green released? (Speculation)

    Green has a ton of talent and skill! His instincts stink! Maybe thinking to much? He won't be cut he's young and has skills. Maybe new staff and scheme change will help him!! Either way I would believe it's a Make or break year for him!
  5. TJ Green released? (Speculation)

    obvisously yes
  6. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    If thats the case why not come back to the Colts!! This % makes no sense!!
  7. Colts trying to fly in OL Pugh

    Are you sure about that?
  8. Colts hosting a visit with DL Benson Mayowa

    Well let's hope so not a deep WR draft although CB are!
  9. Colts hosting a visit with DL Benson Mayowa

    So got it on the other hand we have what maybe 2 CB and WR"s on the roster that are any good. Envision that SCARY!
  10. Colts hosting a visit with DL Benson Mayowa

    Because thats whats happened so far! Yes I am sure CB whom I like, is trying, but IMO he is adding talent to the most talented position group we have! In the famous words of YODA & my wife unfortunately " There is no try only do"
  11. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Haig, Clark, & Good as well.?