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  1. I like the idea of trying him at Corner, he is built like one and his length and speed could bood well there for him!
  2. Haig has 00000ZEROOOOOOO chance of beating out, AC ZERO!!
  3. Obviously not or he probably wouldn't retire!
  4. AHHH Chucks staff is actually really good!!! Your comment is the joke!!
  5. This is it and IMO i see it. I am not shocked Raye is gone, I really thought he would be this morning when I saw it? I just didn't think so soon.
  6. Yup Its a skill Thanks!!
  7. I agree I think Pagano stays, but he is going to have to coach his butt off!! Ballard is watching. I can hear an urgency in Pagano's his voice.
  8. Go to the story of the grades are in there is a picture of the group, IMO I can see & feel the disdain between Raye and Ballard, & a little bit, with Pagano to a lesser extent. Pagano and his staff our going to be under eminence pressure to coach these guys up and get the best out of them, see progress. I think if the players grow he is safe, regardless of the wins and loss's but if the players don't grow he will be done in a heartbeat!
  9. There was a picture of the Colts war room where everyone one was smiling EXCEPT RAYE! Struck me funny when I saw it, and did a double take on it. Can't say I am surprised, but I do think Raye was a good guy. I have a feeling Ballard has thought on how things get done, and has thought about it for some time and Raye wasn't on board. Raye on top of that may have been disappointed as to not getting the job and resented Ballard if he didn't take his input into consideration? Who knows? Good luck to Raye in the future!
  10. Ferguson's play would have to improve dramatically if he wants to make the team.
  11. THIS guy at least makes the practice squad I think!
  12. I never changed my pick it was Wilson? A second pick baby!
  13. Real quick answer to this NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way more needs than RB
  14. He will be in camp if he isn't suspended by the league!

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