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  1. I have to admit when we signed Jones I was happy, the injuries really derailed him in IND. When he played which wasn't often he was actually not bad. Re watching last years games agianest Houston in the 2nd game he was a beast. If only he was healthy and played like that all the time! He will sign somewhere. It is odd though it took this long to come to this decision?
  2. This comes as no surprise to anyone who watches Colts game with an interested eye!
  3. Smith is a rarity and played what 1 more year. wake is an exception. CB is a position that you have to have quick twitch stop and start ability. An Achilles injury to a cb not good. Can he come back sure will he be the same probabley not would I use a 2 on him NEVER maybe a 3 if I had 2 3's. On top of that I personally like 5-7 cb's better. I'll pass
  4. I would be know people how have had it. Tough road back and usually never the same.
  5. I don't think you can with this type of injury an Achilles injury is a tough one for anyone to come back from, but especially a CB / or WR considering all the running they do. a 2nd rd pick is too high IMO.
  6. I think the Colts are looking at someone in the draft they must like a lot!
  7. Good hes a serviceable TE!
  8. I to feel bad for him, but I would pass at 15! In the 3rd round I would think about it, if I like him. I personally like other guys more, even before the injury.
  9. I like the signing of Akin, looks like he played well in Baltimore when given a chance and I like his size!! I felt the Colts needed a bigger bodied tough receiver. I like Moncrief but I think he is more tall than tough and if he walks next year you are covered. And now you don't have to draft one. Going to be intresting how the coaches divide up playing time next year between all these guys for sure. I like the signings Ballard has made so far! Not sure any of them will be superstars, but he has done what he said he would do, create competition, I think with a bunch of guys that are VERY HUNGRY to prove them self's, be given a far chance at playing time, and seem to maybe have a little chip on there shoulder!!
  10. Not surprising at all, I expect it!!
  11. Good sign he deserved it he played well last year!
  12. Watching the game were the Colts played Houston the first time, I think he could do it. Changing positions at this time probably not a good idea though! Houston did line him up inside on a lot of passing downs, I could see the Colts doing a lot of that with him?

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