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  1. Reacting would be attacking the ball, and reading ie which one would be sticking to the receiver, IMO you take some of that away at corner when you say this is your guy, cover him don't let him catch the ball. I don't think he is the ball hawk type, make it real simple for him!
  2. Pass defense at the corner and safety positions is different. At Corner your typically given a guy to cover and mirror and follow or bump him, safety in many instances you cover an area or help someone and read and react. Green might be better at be given and assignment ie a guy, than he is at reading an reacting.
  3. I like Pagano he taking a lot of crap from some, as he had a team that wasn't very good, and a GM who wanted to control him, and tell him what to do.
  4. He looks like a corner to me, thought so last year watching him play, I like the move!!
  5. Exactly, start Melvin he was ok last year and work Wilson in slowly that makes sense to me!
  6. I don't think its a given that Wilson starts, I think Melvin starts.
  7. I don't think its weird at all! Honestly I think his body type and speed make him a great candidate to be a good corner. Watching him play last year I thought he moved and looked like a corner playing safety.
  8. Sorry to see you leave Kevin, always good insight behind the seen, and a good read. You will be missed! Thanks
  9. I insert he will be fine!
  10. Not surprised by Morrison, he was Physical last year at the end of the season when things slowed down for him some!! Looking forward to the pre season!
  11. exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Honestly not so much, I think Spence is going to be the dime LB a role hes done before and well.
  13. Great story I really like this guy!!
  14. Not surprising, after 3 shoulder surgeries 2 on my throwing shoulder its expected. He is going to be ready when he is I am cool with that!
  15. Poorly done, bad picks not just the Colts. And the Patriots undefeated ok

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