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  1. Pagano's Post Titans Game News Conference

    Drops and fumbles are not on the coach??? This isn't our players first rodeo!! Mack didn't get more touches because the Colts offense was horrible in the second half, which limited opportunities for him to play. Tenn blitzed FREELY AND OFTEN in the second half, Gore and Turbin are better in that situation, thats why Macks workload was less in the second half. Briskett needed to be more accurate on his throws in the 2nd half, he wasn't end of story!
  2. Colts Inactives

    Agree I think I would move Haig to guard and put Clark at tackle!
  3. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Well that sucks, I believe hes a free agent as well, and maybe considering retiring. Its really hard when you want to play and your body can't due to injury! I had such high hopes for him!! Hopefully he can make it back!
  4. Luck is Throwing

    Working with WR is different than throwing patterns. I would bet based on what he said he warmed up with a WR who caught a 7 yard pass.
  5. Colts new uniform design ideas

    Answer no!
  6. Deyshawn Boyd out for the season

    Well thats to bad he was showing some promise, but based on how it looked I am not surprised.
  7. Vontae Davis

    Your right Vonte sucked. I will call it rust at this point, but if it continues he will officially suck and then we need another CB next year.
  8. Chuck - Where is the line?

  9. What is really going on here with Luck?

    Honestly he will be sore even without getting hit.
  10. What is really going on here with Luck?

    I worry about that too certainly his shoulder will not be full strength .
  11. What is really going on here with Luck?

    I have said this more than a few times, I have had 3 surgeries to my shoulders, the same that Andrew had, 2 on my throwing shoulder. It takes 10 months to really throw again, and full strength is about 1 year! Throwing and a throwing program are 2 entirely different things. How do I know this because I have had to do it twice!! Andrew is approaching 10 months he is right on schedule! But honestly Luck will not be 100% this year at all. Next year he will.
  12. What is really going on here with Luck?

    How do you know this??
  13. Brissett vs Luck

  14. Doyel from INDYSTAR really lays into some Colts.....

    Its not true maybe this year not when Grigson was here. Colts are more talented this year VERY VERY YOUNG, and a lot of new faces!
  15. Doyel from INDYSTAR really lays into some Colts.....

    Really how about when Luck missed half the year and he finished 500, or last years lack of talent and perturbed defense and again 500??