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  1. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Things will change. But both Landry and Key are super talents.
  2. Keep the pick or trade down?

    When we can get a game wrecking edge rusher like an Arden Key. We keep the pick. We need our Miller, Mack, Houston, etc. Then we can get a ILB or WR in RD2. I’d sign Bowman and Jeffery, Pugh, and the best CB on the market. Then draft a young ILB. But we gotta get Luck that big monster wide out like a Jeffery or Robinson. Or both !!! Got a lot of money to throw around.
  3. Will chester Rogers play

    Thats depressing that you said Aiken is our 2. That's why we gotta sign an Alshon or Allen Robinson, another big name, or draft a big stud WR early this offseason.
  4. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    I'm telling y'all. Players miss time now when they would have played through it 15 years ago
  5. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Just throw Clark and Kalis and whoever else out there. See what they do and maybe we'll get a shocking surprise like Tennessee got in Spain and Kline. Wth knows. This is bull s---. Change the field yes. The coaches as dumb and as bad as they are probably don't have anything to do with injuries. We just need to become a juggernaut team at all cost. As far as the colts. Obviously they're my team. Die hard is putting it lightly. But that's all I care about. US WINNING !!!! AT ALL COST. If somebody is a sissy, getting hurt all the time let em walk. What happened to playing through injuries ???? That's what we done in high school. Coach would be like "get your a-- back out there and don't be a p----. I'd play through any injury possible if I played in the NFL. And Luck got hurt because of that last GM we had. That one WAS on the staff. Well GM before somebody corrects me thinking I'm some radical, redneck fan. Screw this man.
  6. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    The time to go all out has come. Bring Mewhort back on a 1 year deal. Maybe let him play RT. Sign Pugh and sign another G or draft a G, maybe a RT in the 2nd. We can't get a day 1 starting LT in RD2.
  7. 2018 Free Agent Class

    Well. Best case. Sign Justin Pugh. Castanzo plays like a stud with Pugh next to him. Then sign Lawrence. Lawrence puts up 15 sacks, sign Jeffery for 4-5 years. We have a true number 1, height weight speed, 6'3 WR and sign one of the best corners in the class. Don't know who's a FA other than Tru.. Get Arden Key RD1. A great day 1 starting ILB RD2, then whatever we still need and BPA. Key is gonna be a star from week 1. 4 big money signings. Pugh, Jeffery, Lawrence, and the best corner we can sign. Pair that with young guys improving, and the rest of the draft and we're a top 5 team. Luck with that OL. Throwing to Alshon Jeffery, TY, and Crief. Then Doyle. Yeah. Then Lawrence, Key, Simon, and Sheard we'd be loaded with edge rushers. We'd probably lead the league in sacks. Lockdown corners and 15 sack a year edge rushers is what I want !!! Key can be a top 3 edge rusher in the entire NFL. Hopefully we can just let Davis go. Sign a better, younger corner to pair with Wilson and Hairston. We have our 1-3. Then draft a corner pretty early. By the 4th and bring Melvin back. May as well load up with all the money we'll have.
  8. Cornerback - Who Plays?

    As bad as I hated him before this season. Melvin is playing like a star and having a pro bowl type season. No crap lol. Idk if he's figured it out and has blossomed into a star for good. Or if this is just a one hit wonder like we see from time to time with players. But he's balling so he's playing on one side. Vontae on the other. Then I'd say Wilson and Hairston splits time as the nickel and 4th CB, with both getting reps here and there too. One will probably outplay the other even if it's just by a hair and get the majority of time as CB3. But they'll still basically split reps IMO. They're both apart of the future. But that's awesome as it creates competition with our young guys. Hopefully Davis stops playing like a mediocre corner and starts balling too. Which I do expect as should everyone else. But yeah. Then Desir has done well too. But there's no room for him other than 5th corner, special teams, and getting a handful of snaps a game. We actually have a good group of corners. Now lol. And.... The top 5 is this. Davis Melvin Wilson Hairston Desir
  9. Sign Bowman....

    We need that nastiness he brings. We should sign him to a 2 year deal now. That would give us an extra year to find 2 ILB's of the future. Pair one with him next season. We'd have him through like age 31. 29 now. So 29 and 30 you're still playing at a high level....But. As great as Biwman was and as good as he STILL is. He said not as great in coverage as he was a couple seasons ago. He was one of the best in coverage and best all around. But he's still better than anybody we have in that area and is a stud vs the run. Good blitzer. Hard hitting enforcer. Plus. As I said. He'd give us some "nasty" on D that we need.
  10. farley

    Geathers, assuming he comes back and doesn't just quit football. I think he's tougher than that so I'm betting he returns but yeah. He has to move to ILB. Then get another beast to pair with him and we're set. And I'm talking about full time snap after snap ILB no moving around everywhere. Full time ILB.
  11. farley

    I tried to tell everybody he was our SS of the future. Everyone ignored it. Lol. But We have no worries at safety. Got one problem fixed.
  12. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    Ok. I'm gonna go gangster on the corner here. You trippin cuz. Go on wit that bull ****. Take that on down tha road somewhere bruh. Come on mane. I mean cuz. Dudes Crazy mane. Talkin bout Lucks average. Dudes trippin. Yeah keep on walkin cuz. Take that somewhere else but for real ????? Luck is a top 5 QB in need of a better supporting cast
  13. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    It's not like San Francisco did anything great in exploiting our ILB's. They all just suck. Gotta replace those bums. Maybe keep George and Walker as backups. But gotta get 2 new starters at ILB this offseason.
  14. Colts/Trade Deadline

    Try to sign a beast LT to replace Castanzo. In the offseason unless a team says here's a 1st or here's a 2nd RD pick for him in a couple weeks then heck yeah. 3rd for Davis. But we'll bring Mewhort back and sign another G to pair with him if we aren't liking Haeg and Good. We also need to bring Moncrief back with 12 for a full year and with a better team in general. Then we either need to draft a big 6'3ish wide out in RD's 2 or 3 or sign an Allen Robinson for 1 year. Then lock him up long term. Or an Alshon Jeffery. Luck behind a good OL, with a good run game throwing to Alshon, TY, Crief, and Doyle would be a nightmare for opposing defenses
  15. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    Arden Key is my personal favorite too. He and a couple other edge rushing prospects in this class have some serious potential. But just to think. We could actually get a player of that caliber in RD1. Then picking so high we'd most likely come out with a couple really good prospects.