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  1. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    100. First year starting. 2nd season overall.all around safety who'll just get better and better. Its like. OK. We have one issue solved. We have our starting safety duo for the next 10years, PLUS Clayton as a 3rd option. Why mess that up and create another hole ??? Makes no sense. I mean Hooker sould be a pro bowler, and Farley is an all around safety who'll really get some league wide recognition, he and Hooker next season because Luck back, high draft picks/80-90 million in cap room, it'll be on. We'll be a top tier team and get some recognition. Trading away any of our good young players is dumb as ____. I cant believe some still don't see how good Farley is and will be.
  2. Havent started looking into the class much yet. But with the cap room we have.......Throw money at 3-4 superstars. The top G, WR, ILB, and maybe a CB. Then draft the hell outta some pass rushers. We can get a star, 15 sack beast like Chubb, and another EDGE rusher, G, or a beast sideline-sideline ILB in RD2. I want a Mack/Miller/Houston etc type EDGE rusher though no matter what. Then an ILB like KeuchleyWagner/Hicks, etc.
  3. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    You guys are trippin man. The kids been really good this year, and will continue to get better. He'll be starting over Geathers. Geathers should be a backup, Dime/situational ILB. If not full time ILB. Farley and Hooker will be one of the top 3 safety duos in the NFL next year.
  4. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    Im just not a new age, new generation hipster. I’m just me dude.
  5. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    yeah. I know. I know.
  6. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    Man I’m mad. On first take. Listen how dumb Max is. I quote. Or kinda paraphrase in a mocking way. “Oh we need to get rid of the PED’s and the opioid pain killers” “We need that out of the league to make it less violent” OH MY GOD WHAT A WUSS. I NOW HATE YOU MAX !!! YOU FREAKING SISSY !!!! First. I want to see PED’s and pain killers in the league. It makes the NFL better, yeah. Harder hits, allows players to play through more injuries, and I mean that’s obvious. 2nd. For the 100,000 time !!! Most the entire league is on opioids anyways. “BIG FREAKING DEAL MAX” Guess What dude. We want violence in the NFL. We like fights, violent hits, taunting, all of it. Most of us, and as bad as some may hate this. Most of us hard *, hellraisin, loud guy fans are former players and/or meat heads (and I’m proud of it man) who gets up, gets wild, loud, excited and rowdy when we see somebody get laid the ___ out. It’s like BOO YAH !!! Guys like us. Yeah dude. We love hard and violent hits. How could he not want to watch real football ??? Too bad Max. You can’t change it. The NFL players are some of the last real men left. Theres not gonna be a Jenner out there on the gridiron anytime soon !!!!
  7. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    Awesome. Thank you.
  8. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    This man is a God and needs to be a Colt !!!!
  9. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    That’s what’s up. Couldn’t of said it better. People need to quit being so soft and sissified and realize this is football. A mans game. It’s not for these new era sissies. So Mike Mitchell is now one of my favorite players and one of my most respected. That’s what’s up baby !!!!
  10. Kyle Kalis

    Who knows. Look at Tennessee’s G’s. Spain and Kline. They were nobodies 1.5 years ago and a lot of fans had never heard of either. With that said I want a Zach Martin, Marshall Yanda TYPE G at at least one Guard spot. We can’t afford to hope a guy improves or anything of that sort. We have tons of cap space. We gotta get an immediate fix for the O-Line. Maybe sign 2 G’s. Or sign one and draft one. We could probably get the best G in the draft in the 2nd round if we keep losing.
  11. Jack Mewhort

    Lol. Wow. What ever happened to being tough ? Oh yeah. Never mind. But he sucked the few games he played this year. Again. Around 90 million this offseason. If he can’t be tough and stay on the field. Bye. Sign the best two offensive linemen on the market. Or draft one in RD2 or RD3 plus a FA signing. We’ve done this stupid crap for years. It’s time to fix the line overnight this offseason. AC and Kelly are alright. Haeg, Good, Clark, one should be able to hold down the starting RT spot. Bring in 2 guards
  12. Colts Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread

    Lol. He’s big enough and strong enough to.
  13. Colts Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread

    That pick was spectacular. Wonder if we’ll keep Desir around next season. He’s played pretty fair at times. Not so much others
  14. Is Irsay in DENIAL or simply turning a BLIND eye?

    Dude we just gotta get a better coaching staff. Pagan Is a joke along with everyone else. He’s only still here out of sympathy/public image. Etc. we just gotta get a WHOLE NEW STAFF ANF SCOUTS !!!
  15. Thoughts on Hankins so far?

    Ok. Defense first. Hankins. Love the signing. He’s playing really good, maybe outta position but he’s playing well and woooo !!! Al Woods was a find from heck !!!!! Like I say. We’re on our way. Smart signings like John Simon. Big signing/big name signings like Sheard and Hankins. Then I’ve like Hunt as a rotational DE honestly. He’s better than a Billy Will or even RJF even IMO. But we added some young, up and coming players who were just and are just hitting their stride and putting it all together. Ala Simon and Woods. We may have our NT and a key OLB if not started for the next 4 years. Just wish we keep on this offseason. Hooker should be back by week 4-5 next year anyways and he’s gonna come in with a vengeance. He’ll be a top 5 FS. Top 10 overall safety in the games he plays next year IMO. Then Wilson is showing promise when he plays and oh baby so is Hairston. That’s 2 of our top 4 next year at CB with Melvin and whoever we sign. Let Davis go btw !!!! Basham is NOT A BUST. Hes really raw. He may take til his 4th year to break out. But if we get a beast like Key, Landry, etc this offseason. It’ll give him another year to continue to work and develop. Look at Simon. Or even a highly touted kid like Nick Perry. It took 4-5 years for them. Happens all the time. Called ascending players. But with a truly dominant edge rusher to pair with Simon and Sheard. And 2 ILB’s with. Or at least one having top notch cover skills. Out front 7 is stacked and the secondary will work itself out with 1 signing of a top CB. And honestly. I mean. We may only. On D !!! Be a top tier edge rusher and 2 good ILB’s away from a top 10 D. As crazy as it sounds. Like I said. Hooker, Wilson, Hairston in their 2nd years. Anderson in his 4th should be interesting. But yeah man. We bring in a superstar pass rusher in the top 5-10 of the draft (Key) A 12-16 sack monster. Then a really good ILB RD2. And as we all know you can find ALL PRO caliber ILB’s from RD’s 2-4. I mean you can find a handful of really good, Day 1 starting ILB’s. I’d like to see us have 1 rookie OLB starting and 2 rookie ILB’s next season. Hey ! Playing at a high level it don’t matter. Let em come in be Garrett, Beckwith, and Cunningham. That’d turn out D around NOW ! But. Let’s see. 2-4. Hicks, Kendricks, Wagner, David, then again. Cunningham and Beckwith this year !!!! but we can sign a ILB like Bowman maybe ? Or a younger cat whose still in the middle of his prime. They’ll be 4-5 good options. (Hadn’t looked at FA List yet lol) Offense. We got Luck who’ll be FINALLY 100% next season. No holds barred. And he WILL be behind a stout OL. We’ll probably make a BIG splash in FA and bring in a G like Justin Pugh or whoever else. Maybe bring Mewhort back for a year to play RT ???? I mean we’ve screwed around enough. We need to sign the 2 best offensive linemen available no matter the cost. Or if we draft an ILB. Draft a G in RD 2-3. Bottom line is we can’t wait to have a good line when 12 is back next season. We got our man in Mack. Just need a complement to him. A bigger, more physical back. But Mack is our feature back of the future. Don’t mention the dropped passes. You all have seen what he can do in the run AND passing game. He’ll give 12 yet another weapon. Then Doyle, Swoope, whoever else ? Daniels ? Williams ? I’d say we draft a TE in the mid rounds. A faster, more athletic type to complement Doyle. But back to the point. IMO. IMO. Lol after we fix the OL with 2 studs, 2 stud ILB’s, and a brute Edge rusher (most important) we gotta bring in a big time WR like an Alshon Jeffery or Allen Robinson (1year) or both and let crief walk. We’d have Haeg, Good, a backup Center. RD6 ? Then either Clark or bring Mewhort back on a punk 1 year, get your butt out there and ball contract. Play him at RT baring a TRUE breakout by Haeg/Clark/Good. Comes down to us having 90 mill or around 90 to spend. That’s 3 superstars and 3-5 solid backups, plus a bunch left probably. Idk. Just know a lot of money = Fun new toys !!!! Then couple that with the draft in which we’ll be having HIGH picks. Probably top 5-8ish in each RD. Basically 2 first RD picks with the high 2nd. Then Ballard has shown he can find talent like Mack and Hairston. SO FAR. Don’t know about Stewart yet. But yeah. Then add on top a handful of young players having a full or another full year under their belt. Anderson will probably be a superstar next year in year 4. Hooker will come back like a mad man. Melvin is a 4th year guy. Guess he’s one of those late bloomers I was talking about. Didn’t do crap first 3 years. Then sets the world on fire. Let’s kust hope he keeps it up. Cause he gives us a young 6’2 star CB. But Wilson and Hairston should be our 3-4 CB’s. If not 2-3. But IMO we can do all this.....This coming offseason. It’s simple and easy. We got money, high draft picks, and a franchise QB, plus some nice young up and coming players. But with 3-4 major FA signings, and hitting big on 3-4 draft picks. And I mean a ROY caliber player and a couple other day 1 star caliber starters. So. 1 Boss Edge rusher, 2 ILB’s with ( at least 1 with top notch coverage skills). 1 CB, 2 Offensive linemen, and a WR. That’s 7 big holes to fill. Big names like Jeffery or Robinson WILL hit the market. Justin Pugh may. Idk. Tru Johnson and Breeland are 2 CB’s but id have to read the list of FA’s. I’d like to see us grab Jeffery, Pugh, a stud, pro bowl type ILB, and a top tier CB on free agency. 4 major signings. Then draft Arden Key, 2 boss ILB’s back to back, then RB, another Edge rusher, and a TE in RD’s 4-6. And Screw starting 3 rookie LB’s btw. Who cares ??? It’d be 100%. Perfectly fine as long as they ball. But we have losers like Jon Bostic who needs to be in Canada. And then Morrison should Be having to fight it out with Walker, George, Jackson, and maybe a cheap vet FA and an UDFA to see who wins the 2 backup ILB spots. Or 3. Need to sign a decent vet who comes from a winning team to be 1 backup. But yeah. Bottom line. Morrison should be on the bubble. Bottom line AGAIN. LAST TIME LOL. So. With the right signings, good draft, players developing.....We can compete for at least an AFC championship NEXT YEAR !!!!! Makes no sense as to why we wouldn’t be at least a 11-5 - 10-6 team next year. With just 7-8 holes to fill and the resources we have to do it. Let’s make it happen !!!!!