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  1. He's no good. He's a 4th corner AT BEST. I'd rather roll with a younger guy with upside like Hairston. Or sign Brock, Flowers, etc. Brock will be a steal if he doesn't get suspended, and even if he does it may just be 4 games. He would allow Wilson to ease in, or just be the nickel corner full time. I want us to sign him bad.
  2. Could you imagine if Mingo puts it all together and breaks out for us. LOL. Oh my God bro. We'd have a 15 sack superstar. Hey.. It takes some guys til their 5th season to put it all together. Numerous examples. We can hope. We honestly have like 10 legit possible breakout players. Hopefully we have 4-5 and 2 are on the OL. Haeg and Clark.
  3. Guys this does not mean he's done. He could be back by week 1, or he may miss the first 8 games. We DO NOT know yet. But everyone that's saying, or thinking he's done. Cant make that comment yet. He seems like the bad * type. So I think he'll want to come back pretty much no matter what.
  4. Boykin was like the best slot CB in the NFL for a year or 2. But hey @Superman....What do you think about Quincy Wilson? You don't think he can be a solid number 2 as a rookie? Just curious.
  5. LOL. Melvin??????? Melvin sucks. He's a 5th corner, special teamer at best. I don't even want him being out number 4.
  6. By the way. Hodges is an ascending player whose best football is these next 3-5 years. He started to put it all together this year, and would be a tremendous signing. Hodges and Spence would tear it up IMO.
  7. We'll probably pick up somebody after the June cuts, but we've had a really good offseason, but we should have went after one of the corners in free agency. Even if we couldn't get Bouye or Gilmore, there were 4-5 other guys we should have went after, and we should have signed one. One of Amukamara, Kirkpatrick, Claiborne, Webster, or Carr. Or even Marcus Cooper. As of now. What would it hurt to sign Brandon Flowers for dirt cheap. Couldn't hurt. He was pretty bad this past year, but who knows. Put him in the slot and see what he can do. What about McKelvin? Or even Revis, Brock, Porter, Powers, Boykin, or even a 34 year old Tramon Williams. Again. For a little over league minimum. What could it hurt? Maybe one of these guys has a good year with us, maybe they don't. Who knows. But I think we need to bring another corner in. Whether by trade, a June cut, or one of these guys. And about Revis. He's only like 31. He was horrible this year, but he may have a major bounce back year with some team. LOL. Again. Who knows. But IMO... Best case would be to just sign Brock if he's going to be able to play at least 12 games. He's a really good corner. Would be a real steal. With our need for another corner that'd be the best move if he's gonna be on the field. I'd say sign him and Revis and see what happens.
  8. Well me too, but my point is alcohol is way worse than marijuana. All the way around and any way you look at it. And the NFL is screwing this young man. He can re-apply in September and if he's not re-instated effective immediately the NFLPA should raise hell. The NFLPA needs to stand up for this. Greg Hardy and Ray Rice are allowed to play after beating the hell out of their girls, but Josh Gordon isn't over weed???? Explain that.
  9. I've stated my opinion on these things many, many time. Most disagree, but I mean this is just ridiculous. Let me start by saying this..... I'm a business man. My grandpa taught me how to make money, and I run my own business. I have my own landscaping company, We do homes as well as local business's, and I also have 2 mowing crews 4 men each with well over 300 yards, (I'd have to look to see the exact number). Plus, again local business's. I make good money and have several workers, and I work my own hours, and I'm to the point now I don't really have to get out and do much at all. Basically I've got it going on not to brag. OK.... I do not drug test any of my workers. Why? Because as long as they show up and do their job I don't care what they do drug wise, and I know for a fact I have a handful of workers who couldn't even work without drugs. They know I don't care, unless it interferes with their job. But again. As long as they show up and do their job up to my expectations I don't give * what they do outside of work. That's their business unless it interferes with mine. You know....Unless one physically harms somebody or does something ACTUALLY BAD OR WRONG. Then, if it was clear they done it I'd fire them on the spot. So...... When is the NFL going to stay out of players personal lives??? I do not get this. It really hurts the sport. Wouldn't the league have been better this year if Gordon, Blackmon, Washington, Smith, Bryant,or even Gregory and etc had played??? Yes. Those are superstar players. Now the league denies Gordons re-instatement because he smokes a little weed. OMG who the hell cares. This just kills me. Why suspend players over smoking weed or taking pills, or whatever they may be doing? That's their personal life. It should be UP TO THE TEAM AND COACHING STAFF. If its effecting a players ON FIELD performance then it should be up to the coach to suspend him. And especially the weed. I mean come on. Who cares about freaking weed? 3/4 of people smoke weed. *. I just simply do not understand this. Its really hurting the NFL and its causing great players to not be on the field, and more importantly its ruining young men's dream. Bottom line. The NFL should stay out of players personal lives. Drug issues should be left up to the coaching staff. Unless they kill somebody or actually do something wrong. Again....This is just stupid. A top 5 WR doesn't get re-instated because he likes a little green. Whoopy!!!! Go buy some alcohol legally and let it do more damage than half of the illegal drugs might do. LOL. What a joke. I'd much rather somebody be on the road smoking weed than drinking. Who hadn't? Alcohols worse LOL. No arguing that. Its just ridiculous as I said. Wish every state would hurry and legalize it so this farce would end. Thoughts.........
  10. Gotta be cocky brothers. No sense in saying "well we're gonna be a better team defensively blah blah blah" Heck no. I want our guys to come out and be loud mouths and make comments like this. Love it.
  11. If these things happen... 1 - Hankins balls out, stays healthy, stuffs the run, demands double teams, keeps our ILB's clean to make plays, and thus will help the pass rush. Is a top 3-5 NT in the NFL. Which he's fully capable of and had a Pro Bowl caliber year. 2 - Sheard and Simon have great years and each put up 8-10 sacks a piece. 3 - Basham has a great rookie year, and puts up 6-8 sacks 4 - Hooker comes in, balls out from week 1 on and is a terror for QB's as a roaming centerfielder 5 - Wilson comes in and has a Marcus Peters type rookie year, or at least plays very well oppo Davis 6 - Anderson and Ridgeway take big steps forward, and one if not both become very good DT's 7 - Langford stays healthy and plays like he did in 2015 8 - Geathers stays 100% and becomes the hard hitting enforcer we all know he has the potential to become. I wanna see him play a full season and just come down and lower the boom on ball carriers, and is a force vs the run, and just lays some dudes our ala Devontae Freeman. 9 - Butler is 100% and consistent in the slot all year 10 - Sean Spence has the big time breakout year I'm expecting and makes a name for himself. 11 - Anthony Walker Jr. is a big time gem and starts oppo Spence and has a really solid rookie year. If even 7-8 of these things happen its possible. The thing is. Its all possible but will it happen???
  12. I'm in a hurry so I'm just gonna say something about the pass rush and my prediction of most impactful new player. So.....Sheard's had some 8-9 sack years. I could see him coming in and having his best years here and putting up 8-10 sacks this year. Simon kept getting better and better with Houston. He's an ascending player and I could see him put up 8-10 sacks as well. Basham was a steal in the 3rd. He has the tools to be a double digit sack machine year in, year out IMO. It might not show up until his 2nd season, but we got a great young talent here. My prediction........Malik Hooker. Look for 12-15 PD's, and 5-8 INT's.
  13. We'll carry 7 D-Linemen, and Thomas the UDFA is an OLB. So put him on that list. The locks are 5. Anderson, Hankins, Langford, Stewart, and Ridgeway. 5 sure fire locks. We spent a 4th on Stewart and he has enormous potential. He's making the final 53. He cant be put on the PS as somebody would snatch him up within 2 minutes. But the other 2 spots are up for grabs. My prediction..... Anderson Hankins Langford Ridgeway Stewart McGill Woods Parry, Hunt, and Boyd are cut. Maybe, hopefully we get to slip one on the PUP in case we need em week 8 or later. I'd prefer to keep Parry or Hunt over Woods, but this is my guess.
  14. He'll be lucky to make the team IMO. I think he's best suited as a 34 DE, and maybe he'll make the team and have a breakout year, he's got a lot of upside still, but how may DL are we going to roll with? Anderson Hankins Langford Ridgeway Stewart McGill Woods Hunt Parry Boyd I'd say go ahead and scratch Boyd. So then we're down to 9. So 2 more has to go. Parry and Woods? Let Stewart and McGill man the backup NT spot in the rotation? Or do you guys think that's a little dangerous. Maybe Boyd, Hunt, and one of Parry or Woods get cut? Then again. We have Hankins, and Stewart or McGill either one is capable of playing NT, so we should probably just roll with our best 7 when we have to cut down to 53.
  15. I use NFL.Com Draft Tracker every year I like Draft Tracker, but with this one I couldn't disagree more. The comp and "bottom line" are both terrible and will * you off as it did me.

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