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  1. I like him. We'd just have a log jam and I'm assuming we want to give Anderson and Ridge a chance to develop and see the field. at first I was like yeah, yeah, yeah. But as I kept typing I was like. Na we wont do this. We're already too crowded on the DL LOL.
  2. These superstar athletes aren't worried about college. That's just the step in between their dream. So who cares. They don't need college when they're gonna be making millions playing a sport. Just being honest.
  3. You know me. I'll be real. So. He's saying a lot of players are thugs from the Ghetto, dumb as heck, etc. Something along those lines. Oh yeah. And apparently "ghetto" is a bad word now in this overly sensitive society we live in What ever happened to being real??? Cant even say Merry Christmas without some * getting offended .. But yep. That's what he meant bro.
  4. LOL. I don't see how you guys fail to see how great all this is for us. Here's another 2-3 RD kid who'll fall to the 4th now. LOL. I mean we need an infusion of young, impact talent in this draft, and now with all these kids getting in trouble we can get 1st and 2nd RD talent in the 3-5 range. Its perfect. We could take serious advantage of all this and come out with like 5-6 1st-2nd RD talents. Plus who knows what really happened here. Never make assumptions as nobody really knows what happens between a man and a woman. You just never know the truth unless its a Ray Rice, Joe Mixon situation. Now grab Brantley in the 4th CB. Lets take advantage of all this mess and get some serious talent in this draft.
  5. How the hell you gonna use the word "re-build". Assuming we hit big in the draft we're winning the division....BRO. Screw rebuilding. That's ret@*ded when you have a franchise QB. LOL. But no. Oh yeah. And too. A top 5 DT isn't worth a big contract. My bad. at ya BBZ. Come on man. 2-3 day 1, impact starters in this draft and we're rebuilding? That post was just depressing. Who cares about 18 and 19 until that year comes??? We aint the Browns. We actually have a top tier franchise QB. LOL. Go on dude.
  6. Regarding Richardson. What if he comes here and doesn't get into any trouble??? Then we have a top 5 DT on our hands. I thinks the risk vs reward is worth a 2018 3rd. I mean think of Richardson-Hankins-Anderson for the next 3-5 or more years.
  7. What do you think of McGill? I still like him for his pass rush ability. I think he can, and will keep getting better and be a really good rotational DT, and give us 3-4 sacks a year.
  8. Yeah I know. I'll just be myself and type like I were talking or whatever. But yeah. As I kept typing I started to think more and more that we wont or shouldn't sign him and just stick with what we have.. LOL
  9. It'd be nice if we (after the draft) traded a 2018 3rd and 5th for Sheldon Richardson. Then with that beast who cares about having too many DT's lol. Just cut whoever except Anderson and Ridgeway and obviously big Hank.
  10. He had a really good year the year before this past one. Had like 5-6 sacks and was a really solid all around DT. He seemed to be on his way to becoming a very good starting DT, but played injured this season. I think we should definitely pick him up. If he's healthy he's probably starting unless Langford gets back to the 2015 version. But yeah. Assuming, and I expect this btw. But assuming Anderson really breaks out now 2 years removed from the ACL injury he's gonna be starting at one DE spot. Anderson as a rookie was on his way to being DROY, and a Justin Smith/Kyle Williams type beast. I think he'll come in this coming season and really make a name for himself. But man. If we do sign him, and Howard is healthy, and gets back to his 2015 form, and Langford gets back to his 2015 form, and Anderson breaks out our DL is gonna be stacked. Langford-Hankins-Anderson......Then Howard, Ridgeway, McGill, Hunt as the backup DE's, Woods and McGill as the backup NT.....LOL. That would be one heck of a DL rotation. We usually carry 7 DT's So who would be cut???? We wont carry 8 IMO. That isn't even counting Parry. Now that I'm thinking about this I'd say we just roll with what we have and let Anderson and Ridgeway keep developing as both have big time potential. Maybe Hunt is a hidden gem now that he'll be playing DE in a 34. Or hell. Maybe Woods or Hunt don't even make the final 53. IDK, but as I keep thinking about it. I doubt we sign him. Langford Hankins Anderson Howard Ridgeway McGill Hunt Woods
  11. Brother. I'm so sorry. I cant imagine the pain you feel. Again. I'm so sorry and I hate to hear this @LJpalmbeacher... So sorry for your loss man. I know there's nothing we can do or say really, but we're a family here and we're all here for you man.
  12. So can Joe Mixon who could be had in the 2nd-4th range. In fact......Mixon's better.
  13. What I'm saying is you cant argue that, that draft, could be the best. No that it definitely would be, but just that it could possibly be if those guys fall. 2nd. With everything that's happened those guys will drop. Now maybe Foster just drops to the end of the 1st, Williams to the 2nd, Lewis and Mixon to the 3rd, but with what's happened its a possibility.
  14. One can only hope, and this is very possible given the circumstances....... Trade back into the late 20's, pick up a 2nd and a 6th. First 4 RDs 1 Takk McKinley EDGE 2 Rueben Foster ILB 2 Chidobe Awuzie CB 3 Tim Williams EDGE 4 Jourdan Lewis CB 4 Joe Mixon RB 4 Shaq Griffin CB Could be the best draft ever. No arguing that.

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