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  1. Oh man I loved Chris Cornell. Soundgarden and Audioslave. And lol yeah. That's the bassist from Rage Against The Machine. Another awesome band. Wish they were still around. Hung it up too quick due to several issues, and RIP Chris Cornell !!!!
  2. LOL. The stuff that Shady came up with, his rhymes. .....Man. Just awesome. I listed his first 3 albums, but Relapse is just as good too. Been listening to it lately.
  3. LOL. I have a half sleeve on my upper left arm, a big vertical tribal on my right upper arm, a Randy Orton Tribal on my back from shoulder to shoulder, and it comes up on the back and sides of my neck, A vertical tribal on the back side of my right lower arm, My name on my right forearm, a green and black nautical star on my left hand, a cross that goes to 4 points you know? on the outside of my right leg, and a tupac style nose ring ....I'm just me. Wear 2 chain neckless, a thumb ring, 2 other rings, and a chain bracelet on each wrist. Next up is something for the back side of my lower left arm, and then a something on my left leg. I make my own style. ...Yep. Just me. LOL. My girlfriend has been begging me to stop getting tats for years. LOL she doesn't have any, but I love em.
  4. Agree to disagree lol. JMO, but I think Haeg has a lot of potential, and like I said above. I feel he can become a top 20 Guard in the NFL. Which is really good as there's a lot of good Guards. But IMO. Haeg's main issue is getting stronger. If he's added strength, with a year of experience I think he can be our guy at RG, and have a really good season. If he can just take that big step and become a really good G, the RT spot can just work itself out between Clark, Banner, and Good. I think its reasonable to expect a major improvement in our OL this year. Its great that Haeg played a ton, and now has a full year under his belt, and Clark got some much needed snaps and experience, as did Good. IMO. The RT spot is Clarks to lose, but Good and Banner will probably be challenging him. That's great. It should motivate everyone, and bring the best out of them.
  5. Remember Moncrief came out a year early. He really should be entering his 3rd season, but we all know the issues with why he came on out and entered the draft. So my point is. Not only has he dealt with injuries the last 2 years off and on, but.....He's young lol. So....I expect. 167% expect him to have his monster, breakout season this year. 1,000 plus yards and 8-12 TD's. Then we know TY will give us big time production as always. The wildcard is Dorsett or Aiken. If one of those guys can step up (HOPEFULLY DORSETT OH PLEASE GOD!!!!!) and give us 600-800ish yards we'll have an unstoppable offense as I'm expecting a big jump from our OL. I disagree about Haeg. I think he can get stronger and become a top 20 Guard in the NFL to be honest. Clark has the potential to be great. We'll see where he's at this year, but he's got a ton of talent. That'll open up holes, and give Gore and Mack more holes to run through, and we should finally have a balanced offense without the D playing 2 deep safeties all the time knowing Lucks gonna air it out. Marlon Mack's gonna surprise the NFL. Wait on it.
  6. Yes, and Basham pushed him back in the pocket with ease. Would have pushed him in a QB's face.. Shows Basham's strength. As for Banner. Lets see how he looks. Haeg and Clark are probably our guys on the right side to begin with. Both have the potential to be top notch at their positions. Banner's got a lot of potential, but he's raw. If Clark struggles, maybe Banner will be able to take over by the middle of the year.
  7. .....I'm still shocked we used Jon Bostic and Ray Lewis's name's in the same post. LOL.
  8. Man I wish he had released like 6-7 albums instead of just what? 3? 2001 was the ___. Loved that album, and yes. His beats are where its at. He's made beats for a lot of artists. Even worked with Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) on a song called "Even Deeper"
  9. I have a love for music, love everything from rap/hip hop to hard rock/metal, alternative, and industrial rock/metal.
  10. Well Dre had his hands in a bit of everything. From rapping to producing. Man he made/makes some killer beats. Still Dre !!!
  11. Shady. Without a doubt. With Biggie and Tupac right behind. But yeah. Eminem mos def. The Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show were absolute masterpieces.
  12. 1 Wasn't he acquitted ? Or did it get dropped ? 2 Yes. We need really good, and really mean, hard hitting guys with swag, in your face mentality, win at all cost mentality type players on this team, and that's what Lewis was. Win at all cost.
  13. He's no good. He's a 4th corner AT BEST. I'd rather roll with a younger guy with upside like Hairston. Or sign Brock, Flowers, etc. Brock will be a steal if he doesn't get suspended, and even if he does it may just be 4 games. He would allow Wilson to ease in, or just be the nickel corner full time. I want us to sign him bad.
  14. Could you imagine if Mingo puts it all together and breaks out for us. LOL. Oh my God bro. We'd have a 15 sack superstar. Hey.. It takes some guys til their 5th season to put it all together. Numerous examples. We can hope. We honestly have like 10 legit possible breakout players. Hopefully we have 4-5 and 2 are on the OL. Haeg and Clark.
  15. Guys this does not mean he's done. He could be back by week 1, or he may miss the first 8 games. We DO NOT know yet. But everyone that's saying, or thinking he's done. Cant make that comment yet. He seems like the bad * type. So I think he'll want to come back pretty much no matter what.

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