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  1. Wish we could have traded down, got an extra 2nd, and got both Tabor and Wilson. Tabor will be a stud.
  2. I agree having solid, reliable depth is BIG. But we've worked really hard this offseason to fix alot of that. We've signed a lot of players. Some stud starters (Hankins) and several backups to give us MUCH needed depth and to balance out the roster. I worry about our depth at corner. I think we'll be ok at ILB. Spence and E-Jax looked really good Sunday, and apparently Morrison has really improved. So between our 3 young guys and Spence and Bostic I think we're alright. 2 of Morrison, Walker and E-Jax could end up being our starting ILB's the next several years like I was saying in my post above ^^^^^. E-Jax is all over the place. Morrison can be a thumping, tackling machine, and IMO Walker can be an all around beast. I'm not worried about ILB. If 2 guys don't step up we'll fix it next season when we have far less holes to fill. But.... The OL I think is ok as well. I like our starters. We'll probably pick up a vet swing tackle or something before week 3-4 of preseason. Pazstor please ? Not sure who else is left at this point. Cant believe Pazstor is still. He's a starting caliber RT or G.. But with Good and Banner as the backups along with Schwenke we should be fine with a vet signing. Hopefully Good has improved and can be a valuable backup T/G. Banner needs some time, but should see some snaps by say week 11-12 to see how he looks. Schwenke had some good moments with Tennessee. I actually thought after his rookie year he could be an above average starting C in this league. He's just a mediocre backup now. And I think we're fine at S with Hooker and Butler. Then Green and maybe Geathers. Please God I want Geathers back so bad. But we've heard Green's improved. His best position may be as a true SS with a little bit if a 3rd down ILB roll. The roll Geathers plays. I agree we're stupid for not signing a good, reliable backup QB. Kaep may be a stud with a new team, coach etc. And mainly if he started a game or 2 with us. He'd have what ? 5 major weapons AT LEAST in the passing game plus his ole buddy Gore at RB with Mack, and behind a much improved OL, or what in all likelihood will be much improved. I agree though. I feel our starters are good enough to make a playoff run. I just disagree that we don't have enough depth. We have young depth along with some vets. Like I said. I worry about depth at CB though. Davis and Wilson yes. Lets just hope Hairston and/orMitchel step up and show some potential.
  3. We have some VERY promising rookies with Hooker, Wilson, and Basham, and I think Stewart and Hairston can develop into really solid players too. I could actually see Stewart developing into a beast DT and Hairston as a good nickel corner. I like Walker too. I think he has the tools, talent, and all ability to be a starting ILB for us the next 8 years or so. Marlon Mack could be our Shady McCoy the next 8 years. Then we have some 2nd and even 3rd year players who are either peaking and putting it together (Swoop, Doyle) or who are developing and have the tools and talent to develop into good-great players. Kids like Haeg, Clark, Dorsett, ROGERS!!!, Swoop, Doyle, Anderson, Ridgeway, McGill, E-Jackson, Morrison, and who knows. Maybe even Green smh, and Moncrief is still young. He should be going into his 3rd year. Not his 4th, but needed to leave Ole Miss for family reasons. He's been injured as well, but he's shown when he's on the field....He can straight up ball out. He has number 1 WR ability and I'm thinking this is his year. The year he stays healthy and puts it all together, and gives us 1,000 plus and 10 or more. He's a major potential breakout player this year. Not just with us, but the kid could make a name for himself all around the league. So I think while much younger, our 53 will be much more talented than the last few seasons. This year we should win the south by winning 10 games. Next year with another draft and FA, rookies from this year developing, etc, we should be a top 5 team. I think we'll see a handful of these kids have either years where they take big steps, or have breakout, monster years. I think we will see big time production out of Swoop and Doyle. I think one of our young ILB's will step up. I feel Haeg has a nice skillset and is very talented, and with added strength and a year under his belt can be a really good G, and eventually by his 3rd year a stud G. AC will only help him on the left side IMO. I think Clark will have growing pains, but get better and better. He's got all the talent in the world. He's just raw and has to tap into that potential, and get use to the NFL and the stud pass rushers. But he's got star caliber talent IMO. But if he struggles... Good thing is we have 2 other young guys in Banner and Good to throw out there. Surely one of the 3 can just hold it down anyways. Banner ? I really don't know what I think of him. We'll see, but like a few others. He'll be a 2nd or 3rd year guy if he breaks out IMO. Skill positions !!!! I think Chestor Rogers is gonna make a name for himself and be our number 3 all year, give us good production. Dorsett I dont expect jack s*** from until he gets on the field and balls. Throws up some 100 years games, makes some plays, etc. I think Mack will be a threat every time he's on the field. I think he could be the mid RD steal among RB's in this class. He has alot of talent and the skillset to make it happen on the field. I think we'll have a very, very nice surprise with him tis year. DEFENSE !!!!! I see Ridgeway taking a pretty major step. He's got all the talent in the world, and again. The skillset to be a dominant DT. I said during that draft with a loaded crop of DT's, he could be the best of em all when said and done. Hopefully in our base D, Ridge steps up and starts along Hankins and Anderson. Bringing me to Anderson. He's quite a ways removed from the injury and sugary, and the rehab. He was on his way to being a Kyle Williams meets Justin Smith his rookie year, and a legit top 5 runner for DROY until the injury. Came back last year and wasn't hardly up to speed, but I think he's gonna pick off from his rookie year this year and be a force. A run stuffing machine he was his rookie season. I think we'll see a totally different player this year. Still the run stuffing beast who's improving on his pass rush and should end up putting up 4-5-6 sacks a year annually. No B$. He or Ridge either one have the talent to be a monster, top 10-12ish 3-4DE/DT..... McGill....Is he more than a special 3rd down designated pass rusher ? I think if he's a main backup he can give us 3-4-5 sacks a year and make some plays. I don't see him as having the makeup of a star, but I think with his ability to get into the backfield he could be a really reliable rotational/3rd down interior pass rusher. Back to a rookie. As I've already stated about Grover Stewart. I feel this kid has the talent and skillset to end up being a stud DT. He'll probably see limited action early, and play a little more and more as the year goes along. Not a lot, but some snaps to get him some NFL experience. He'll be a 2nd year guy IMO. I expect BIG things from Basham. I think he should get better and better as the season progresses and maybe put up 5-6 sacks. Maybe 7 who knows.. His 2nd year is when I think we'll see him really unleash and put up monster numbers. 12 or more sacks and 4-5 FF's. With Wilson we have a stud on our hands just like a couple more from this class, IMO he will play very, very well but with some growing pains, but again. I feel he will get better and better as the season goes along and if he isn't starting by week 1, he'll take over by week 3-4 after Melvin looks like Greg Toler with no legs. Melvin SUCKS. Yeah maybe he'll step up and put it together, but I'll believe it when I see it. I'd rather throw Wilson, Hairston, and Mitchel out there week 1 and let em learn on the fly. They're getting very vital experience in practice and preseason and will all get better and better. Especially Wilson. But I think we could see Wilson come out and ball out like I was saying. But again, with a few growing pains along the way. I know we got a future household name with him, but will he be a 2nd year star ? Or will he ball out day 1 ? I'd say a bit of both. He'll have some great games, and some games with bad matchups and he'll probably have normal rookie struggles, but the kids a stud in the making. Then Hooker. He's gonna make a name for himself EARLY IMO. He'll have 5-6 INT's, and I feel his tackling will be better than most expect. His talent, his skillset, his makeup, and his ball instincts are off the charts. We finally have that centerfielder at FS. That ball hawking, rangy, athletic, roaming FS. I think he's a DROY caliber player for us this year. Ed Reed with a bit of Earl Thomas is the ceiling. He'll reach it. Like with Wilson, Basham, and Mack we got a steal getting him in the middle of the 1st. He's a top 6-8 talent who fell. We got a steal, and again. A kid who should be a corner stone player for the next 8-10 years. Wilson would have been a late 1st in some drafts, maybe Basham, or at least top-mid 2nd RD. Bottom line is I'm pumped about our young kids. We're on our way. 12 just has to be 100% the next 12 or more years. Also...The guys we signed.. I think Simon is an ascending player who is just starting to tap into his potential. He's a relentless, hard working, blue collar guy who will give it hell each snap. I think his best football is going to be with us could put up 8-10 sacks, and I think Sheard could put up 8-10 as well. Maybe more as he's always had that potential. The 2 of them with Basham, and an improved DL should give us our best pass rush in the last few years. Then we have maybe decent depth after them with Ayers/Mingo/Mount/Sickles. 1 of those guys should be a capable 4th OLB and play some solid snaps. Probably all 3 if they all make it. Hankins is going to be a pure star with us. Run stuffer who can get into the backfield and give you a few sacks. Didn't he have like 8 one season ? I could see him giving us 4-5. I think he'll stay on the field for the most part in sub packages. I will say this about Margus Hunt. Ever since his 3rd year or so I've wanted to see how he'd look in a 34. I'd kinda like to see him make the 53. Maybe he can show a little more each practice and preseason game. Who knows when it comes to guys like him and Woods. Then I just don't know at ILB. We have the 3 young guys, who all do things well, all have a nice skillset, and tons of talent and potential, and I hope at least one of the 3 starts, but we have Bostic and Spence. Spence. I thought looked good Sunday. He's the kinda kid I could see stepping up and becoming a really, really good player now that he's healthy and has a fresh start with the opportunity to start and be a signal caller. Basically this is his shot. He can do a bit of everything. Cover, tackle, he's athletic and can be a sideline-sideline guy, he can blitz and get a few sacks. He's got a nice all around skillset IMO. Almost exact same could be said with Bostic. He's a talented kid who hasn't put it all together. Maybe he does with us, again.....Who knows. Then we'll see how the guys I didn't mention look. I didn't mention them for a reason unless I accidently left somebody out. But yeah. I'm really excited for this new beginning. We should have basically a whole different team with an entire different attitude. A partial infusion of young talented playmakers mixed with some 25-26-27 year old ascending free agents to mix with our few actual good players from last year like Vontae, Butler, TY, etc. Bet on it. We're gonna be a good team.
  4. Maybe the first 2 games until he gets made look foolish back to back weeks. Melvin is nothing more than a mediocre number 4 corner. Our best bet is if 1-2 of Wilson, Hairston, and Mitchell (Yes the kid has potential lol) have solid seasons and I'm more than confident that probably Wilson will be the number 2 by the early weeks.
  5. I think we should keep 6 OLB's personally. We have a lot of possibilities, though. I like Sickels, but I also wanna see Mingo and Ayers on the roster. Both are versatile, Mingo and Ayers both could play ILB. And maybe Mingo can finally put it all together with us. Who knows. Then like you said Mount seems like he could be a pretty good pass rusher, so I like him as well. We'll just have to see. I just hope we roll with 6.
  6. Wish we'd give him a shot. I loved this kid when he came out what ? 3 years ago ? He's super talented and has showed some flashes that indicate he can be a really good WR, maybe even a beast. Couldn't hurt. Carry 6 WR's.
  7. I'm in the dark about it. And I assume most everybody is. We don't have any idea if he'll play week 1. Week 8, miss the first few games (3-4) Or miss the whole year. Who knows. Lets hope he just comes back early and is able to play up to his full potential without going through all this with his neck. That's some scary injuries.
  8. At this moment.........Give Me Harold Landry RD1.........Then Jaylon Ferguson RD 3.......Get a day 1 starting ILB in RD2......Boom !!!!!!
  9. If he's healthy he'd be more than a decent or "good" signing. He'd be a major signing. He really came into his own last season. Another ascending player who's best football is ahead of him if he can play and be 100%.
  10. Can someone explain to me the love for Bostic ????? Cause I don't get it. Never seen anything special in him... IMO. Walker Jr. will be better than him week 1, and I think E-Jax is better than him. Hell I'd rather just throw Morrison out there as he's just 22 and may be able to develop into a DQ type anyways. Bostic probably is what he is. Nothing special. Just a solid backup ILB/Special teamer. I also believe Sean Spence is going to have a breakout season. He's finally getting his chance to be "The man" full time at one of the ILB spots. He's had some bad injuries early in his career that derailed it a bit. If not for that we may be looking at a top tier ILB with his talent. But he's fully healthy, and coming to a new team to be the guy at what ? 26 years old ? He's coming off a good year last season and seems to be getting better and better. I see him as an ascending player who's starting to put it all together. If one of Walker Jr. or E-Jax steps up and plays well opposite of him we'll be in good shape. Having a much better DL will help. Hankins will help keep the LB's clean to make plays obviously. I love seeing John Simon losing 10lbs. Like another poster said. Hopefully that will make him a couple steps quicker. He's another ascending player who's getting better and better and starting to put it all together. I could see Simon having a really great year with us. Maybe 10 sacks good. Gotta figure Sheard will put up 7-8 anyways, and I think Basham will surpass some peoples expectations. We got a steal grabbing him in the 3rd. The kid has a chance to be a double digit sack monster.
  11. Exactly. I don't understand why people think 230ish is too small for an ILB. There's plenty of very, very good ILB's who weigh 230-235. And yes. A lot of 34 ILB's. I'd rather have an athletic, agile 235 ILB who's rangy with coverage skills than a stiff 245lb kid. Give me the fast rangy coverage guys over the 2 down thumpers.
  12. If we're gonna do this then........... In 15...What if we had traded down to the 2nd, picked up at least an extra 3rd and 4th, taken Eric Kendricks, then moved up 3-4 spots for Markus Golden, Danielle Hunter, Henry Anderson, and Clayton Geathers ? In 16....What if we had (Still traded down, but in RD3, not RD2. Then taken Ryan Kelly, Cody Whitehair, Tavon Young, Jordan Howard, Rashard Robinson, Jatavis Brown, Jalen Richard LOL. Yeah. Imagine us with an up and coming top 5ish double digit sack machine EDGE rusher, another top 15 young up and coming EDGE rusher, 2 young star caliber ILB's, a promising young, tall corner, a promising young nickel corner, a FIXED offensive line with Whitehair at RG, a killer run game behind that line with Howard, and Richard. Then it'd all be fun and games this year with Hooker and crew. Other than Hooker. With this team the draft and FA would have went different this offseason otherwise though. But we can knock it outta the park (Draft) the next year or 2 and be just as good.
  13. Oh man I loved Chris Cornell. Soundgarden and Audioslave. And lol yeah. That's the bassist from Rage Against The Machine. Another awesome band. Wish they were still around. Hung it up too quick due to several issues, and RIP Chris Cornell !!!!
  14. LOL. The stuff that Shady came up with, his rhymes. .....Man. Just awesome. I listed his first 3 albums, but Relapse is just as good too. Been listening to it lately.
  15. LOL. I have a half sleeve on my upper left arm, a big vertical tribal on my right upper arm, a Randy Orton Tribal on my back from shoulder to shoulder, and it comes up on the back and sides of my neck, A vertical tribal on the back side of my right lower arm, My name on my right forearm, a green and black nautical star on my left hand, a cross that goes to 4 points you know? on the outside of my right leg, and a tupac style nose ring ....I'm just me. Wear 2 chain neckless, a thumb ring, 2 other rings, and a chain bracelet on each wrist. Next up is something for the back side of my lower left arm, and then a something on my left leg. I make my own style. ...Yep. Just me. LOL. My girlfriend has been begging me to stop getting tats for years. LOL she doesn't have any, but I love em.

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