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  1. I've believed this all along. And I mean not only, considering the state of our roster do we need to take advantage of guys like Mixon and Lewis falling the 3-4 range, but we need some bad boys. We need some loud mouths that tount the crowd and opponents non stop like a Suggs or Sherman. Or guys like Burfict, Talib, Jenkins, Pacman, etc. Guys who come straight outta the geto. Guys like Bernard Pollard who played angry and seem like they actually try to take players out. We need that. I don't want a bunch of good guys. I want guys who'd rather kill somebody than to lose a game, guys who only care about winning, etc. We were always taught winning is EVERYTHING!!! BUT....Not saying Mixon and Lewis are like this. All they've done is hit women like some scumbags, but they'll fall down the board because of that. And I'd MUCH rather have a full of scumbags who can ball that mediocrity. We can come out of this draft and drastically improve our team right away IMO. But back to Mixon and Lewis. They're both late 1st-early 2nd round picks. When you can get a talent like that in the 2-3-4 you gotta take it. I mean hell if we got Lewis and Mixon in the 3rd and 4th it's be like 3 1st rounders, maybe 4 depending on what we do in the 2nd.
  2. I mean this kid has the potential to make an impact at the next level, but IMO, only as a kick/punt returner probably. Maybe he hits his ceiling as a scat back type IDK. So IMO.....Only if we do a trade down or 2 and get a 6th and/or 7th. But I mean I'd be looking more at true positional players even in the late rounds with high upside. Guys who fall from say the 4th to the 6th due to this and that. Like a Jalen Mills last year. Tyreek Hill, etc. You get the point. There are always kids who fall. As I said I'd rather take a kid with some upside, and get this kid as an UDFA if he isn't drafted. Unless he can be JJ Nelson or something.
  3. Hitting a woman is wrong. I wouldn't ever do anything like that. I consider that being a ___. But he was young. And young kids do stupid things, and to my knowledge he hasn't done anything since. I just chalk it up as a kid doing something stupid. He was provoked and made a stupid decision that I'm sure he regrets. And in KY. If a man does something like that. A lot of times a couple other MEN (usually family) will beat the hell out of him and that'll be it.
  4. Signed: Marcus Peters & Tyreek Hill Dude. If you want a good team QUICK, you have to take advantage of situations like this. We can get 1st round talents in the 3rd and 4th. Who cares as long as they can play at a high level and keep out of trouble. Baring murder, rape, etc. Something horrible, that you cant take back.... I mean I wouldn't care if he was the biggest ___ hole in the world as long as he can ball out. Mixon was a kid. Young and dumb. And who knows the truth about the Lewis situation.
  5. I've never gotten into hockey. Just never could. But........ I love the fights. LOVE EM. There's some historic hockey fights, so I do like seeing the fight highlights. But yeah I'm a football, basketball, and baseball dude. And UFC if you're counting that. WWE used to be awesome back in the day. Before it went all sissified. This new PG era or what ever they call it ruined it...
  6. I really hope we're the team who steals Joe Mixon in the 3rd or 4th. I'd still be shocked if he goes before that. Like I said teams worry about reputation and etc too much now.
  7. LOL. Where's he gonna be when we draft a couple OLB's early? Back in Canada where I'm sure he belongs. For every Freeman you get, you get 100 guys that suck. Like the O-Lineman and WR we signed a couple years back.
  8. So you had rather not have Hopkins??? He's literally one of the best WR's in the NFL. Hopkins, Moncrief, and Hilton would be unstoppable. With that said I still think we're stupid as __ for passing on Rhodes.
  9. One of the biggest jokes of a draft in NFL history. Remember we could have had Xavier Rhodes and Brandon Williams........Like the real Brandon Williams. NT.
  10. This is stupid. He wont even be 24 years old until right before the season starts. He's young, and had injuries that's held him back. He's not being traded. If he can stay healthy and play a full season, then look for him to put up some big, sexy numbers. He does have the ability to be a number 1 receiver like some other poster already said, he's not just a decent WR. Its actually pretty obvious he has number 1 potential. Hell he should be entering his 2nd or 3rd season this year, remember he came out really early. Let him play 16 games this year and see what happens. 1,000 plus yards, 7-10 TD's. His 2nd season he had 733 yards, 6 TD's. He would have built off that and took a big step this year had he been 100%. This is my opinion obviously......So bring this back up at the end of this coming season when he stays healthy, plays 15-16 games and puts up 1,000 plus yards. Because thats what I fully expect, as should everyone else. Some need to higher their expectations lol. But seriously though.
  11. They were still all terrible signings and picks though. Other than Gosder and Art. Those 2 were actually really solid players who happened to get injured with us. Jones was a stud those last 2 years in Baltimore, and Cherilious had that 1 good year for us. But like I said above.....Grigson is/was just a joke all the way around though. FA signings, draft picks, trades, etc.
  12. Toler, Landry, RJF, etc all SUCKED. They were terrible signings from jump street. Cherilious was actually a good RT, but had injuries. But Holmes, Werner, BOYETT, Smith, and all the other bad draftees SUCKED, and never had any potential to begin with. Jones and Bradshaw are the only ones I'll agree with you on. Art Jones was a stud those last 2 years in Baltimore, and Bradshaw had always been a stud RB. Grigson was a joke all the way around. Drafting, FA signings, trades, EVERYTHING bro.
  13. Did you really just say that? ........ Oh no you just di-nt
  14. Chandler Jones is a star pass rusher. It don't matter if he hasn't put up 15 exactly. He's still a double digit sack EDGE rusher Supe. And I don't see that comp for Barnett. I see more Chandler Jones in Taco Charlton. JMO. But even a great EDGE rusher isn't gonna post 15 every year anyways, but he'll put up 10-12 at least and have a couple years with ~15 or more. So when I say 15 sacks. I mean roughly ~15...13-14-15, etc. Don't have to be an exact number. I just want a couple double digit sack OLB's. But Yeah all 3 of those guys have holes in their game, but I see them putting up 10-12- pretty much every year and ~15 sacks here and there, compared to Barnett being a more well rounded player and putting up 6-7-8 etc. I'd rather have a pure pass rusher (Tim Williams) who can put up big sack numbers, hits, and hurries personally, than a guy who's well rounded, plays his __ off and puts up 6-7 a year myself. Chandler Jones has had years where he put up 11.5, 12.5, etc. So heck yeah I would have wanted us to sign him. He's that freak we need. Then again. This is just our opinions. I could be 100% wrong, and Barnett could be the best of the class, and put up 10-12. Or you could be wrong and Takk, Charlton, and Williams could be the superstars of the class. I do like Barnett, but only if we had a Miller or Mack on the other side of him...Which we don't. All good. You have opinion and I have mine. We've both been wrong just like everyone else LOL.

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