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  1. adubb84

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

  2. Roquan Smith. *Fingers crossed*
  3. Another BRUTAL thread. Make it stop.... What exactly are the requirements?? -mild to EXTREME freak outs with a side of hyperbole? - one line sentences that don’t inspire actual discussion, just add to the madness IMO. Just rough clicking through 5 threads of fluff As you were....
  4. What I was thinking too a bit after posting that. Would not mind at all getting Nelson. Dude is an animal. Either way we should ok in the end.
  5. That has me worried. Browns could take Barkley, the Giants take Chubb..... that would leave us in a unfortunate situation.
  6. That’s what I’m waiting for too. So far he is checking all the right boxes.
  7. So far color me impressed!
  8. Myles had a 1.63 split. GOOD STUFF! Sign me up!!
  9. adubb84

    Luck rehab nugget

    I’m not insinuating that luck took this haphazard approach into his rehab on the last go around, just the way he emphasized the not skipping any steps part stood out to me. He he mentioned that he has to refrain himself from picking up a ball and slinging it and to really take his time.... to answer your question NCF, how he phrased things jut seemed like something may have been left out on his last attempt on coming back. Agree with your statement on different approach, better results.
  10. adubb84

    Luck rehab nugget

    The FaceTime interview luck had with Peter King all but confirmed this notion. Appeared to me he skipped steps to get back sooner even though the season was lost.
  11. adubb84

    Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    The “Leader of Men” mantra suits him. Just would like a GOOD OC that can get the most out of our players. Ugh.. what a mess
  12. adubb84

    Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    It kinda is....I’m not gonna pretend that I know of a better candidate. Just this bargain shopping is rough.
  13. adubb84

    Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    Meh. Guest it depends on who the OC is.
  14. adubb84

    Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    The thumb was the beginning of the end. It’s going to be a VERY enjoyable spring and summer knowing they lost
  15. adubb84

    Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    I was just telling my wife this. Getting MVP Is never a good thing if you’re in the playoffs