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  1. My goodness this season is a mess. Every glimmer of hope we get ends up in 4 guys going to IR. Feels like a bad dream. Ready for the 2018 season. Stick a fork in this’s done.
  2. Chuck Presser -- Media Pressure Growing

    THAT That was hard to watch. Like looking at the aftermath of a bad car wreck. He’s clearly frustrated and his demeanor is that of somone who doesn’t have anymore answers to the issues. I like the how he holds himself accountable, but it’s old and we are way pass that now. The rest of the season is going to be “interesting”. In laymen’s terms BAD
  3. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    Complicated chuck pagano defense lol
  4. The Browns should be a good one. May get roasted for this but I think we can hang with Seattle once we meet up. They didn't look all that hot against the 49ers, plus their line is shakey.... I like our chances.
  5. Yep. Now? we wait and continue to cheer them on right!!!? long season ahead. *sighs and wipes tears from eyes*
  6. Agreed. One more draft should AT LEAST get us more competitive. As for luck, yes, 100% and nothing else. As you said cam looks brutal out there. Is 2-0 and really worth it your franchise QB goes down for the season after 5 games?
  7. I've seen quite a bit of your posts in defense of not throwing away games and competing, so to see you make this comment is surprising. If anything I agree. We need to reload and get some quality around Andrew. One down year wouldn't be the worst.
  8. Colts Inactives

    That Quincy announcement made this game even more interesting to watch. GO COLTS!!!
  9. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    That shovel pass made me sick.....I mean why???
  10. Luck ruled out for week 1

    Makes sense. I just get nervous with "Colts" injuries. They go longer than planned it seems
  11. Luck ruled out for week 1

    Same. I think it's temporary. Got a gut feeling they roll with JB week 2 pending that he learns the playbook
  12. Luck ruled out for week 1

    You think vontae will be back that soon? When I heard "significant" groin injury I assumed the worst. I'm optimistic..... I with you on the hopefully train
  13. Luck ruled out for week 1

    I think he comes back week 3 along with Kelly.