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  1. Thanks! I hope I'm right. We NEED that guy.........or at least Hankins
  2. I think you're reading it right. Food for thought; with Ballard knowing the most about him and leaving Indy without a deal it could have orher suitors scared to make a high dollar one year deal.
  3. What makes you say that? I'm assuming the lack of him signing somewhere? It would appear most teams want him long term. Don't think that's what he's after. May get him after all
  4. Wonder how many teams he visited wanted long term deals...
  5. I just saw that too. On that note I'm sure he will be signing with jax
  6. Everyone was waiting for this lol. Great stuff
  7. Hoping for good game (deep down I'm hoping for the falcons to CRUSH the pats). Either way I need to soak it all up! Last day of football
  8. I think he is saying from a crowd perspective.
  9. I can level with you there, but then who is the OC? I get chuck had the team unprepared more often than not, but chud also played a hand in that with the play calling.
  10. I get shannahan, but you would take a risk on a special teams coach? Not being funny, but seriously asking. I would "almost" take my lumps worth pagano one more year
  11. I'm not going to pretend that I know whole heck of a lot about each candidate, BUT I hope the next 24 hours reveals the one I'm leaning towards (hint: Ballard sans toub)
  12. Which I'm on the fence about. We don't know, but besides Patton was there a slam dunk interview? This whole "toub" thing scares me so I would hope Irsay is really doing his homework
  13. Ah yes a "raye" of light...not funny? Ok bad pun. But in all seriousness I'm hoping to see who made the cut sometime today. Ease some of the fog away.
  14. The anxiety is killing me. Just have to wait and see I suppose... If raye is a finalist the likely hood of pagnao staying goes up exponentially. Of course it's all speculation but it wouldn't be a surprise either.

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