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  1. Will the Browns "Browns" it up?

    I believe they will actually find their franchise QB in this draft. Barkley with the 4th pick would be an excellent draft for them as well.
  2. Paganos signature wins

    I completely agree with you about Dungy and the defense. I`ve said, it many times, I think Dungy is overrated. The Colts should have had multiple Lombardi trophies.
  3. Paganos signature wins

    He installed the Tampa 2 defense. I can do this all day, but I won`t.
  4. Paganos signature wins

    And what was Dungy brought to Indy for?
  5. Paganos signature wins

    He's supposed to be the defensive mind. That's what he was brought to Indy for. Unfortunately, he`s been anything but that.
  6. Paganos signature wins

    In the future please don`t bring up 1995. It`s the last time I recall the Colts had a very good defense.
  7. Paganos signature wins

    So, with Pagano being the defensive stud. Would some of these shootouts rate as a signature win or bailed out by the offense????
  8. Baker Mayfield

    I think he will surprise a lot of people, once he gets to the NFL. The kid has moxie.
  9. Coaching Staff

    The 2nd down runs were over predictable to the Steelers time and time again. Hardly, one play action pass to freeze the defense except for the Moncrief TD.
  10. Brissett 1 Mistake

    He`s going to make mistakes with a half dozen or so starts to go along with a poor offensive line. I don`t think you could ask much more from the young man.
  11. Erik Swoope returns to practice today

    Grigs has got to be proud!
  12. The Colts were consistently top 10 in injuries, dating back to Peyton`s early years. James, Sanders, Wayne, Harrison, Simon and the list goes on. Injuries are part of the game, but the Colts seem to take the cake. Is it the turf, strength, and conditioning, signing injury prone players? Who knows??? It`s rather frustrating with the Colts and definitely not over exaggerated.
  13. Henry Anderson suffered a fractured larynx Sunday

    I`m really convinced there's something in the water in Indy. A number of injuries in Indy have been a trend for years. You can`t make this stuff up.
  14. Hmmmmm....

    Sorry, but I can`t share the optimism that you do about Chuck. Zero signature wins, consistently outcoached by the opposition and continues to fold in the 2nd half of games. However, I wish him luck as DB coach somewhere other than Indy!