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  1. I concur and believe Tony Dungy has been way, way overhyped as a HOF coach. He inherited the greatest offense on earth for roughly five-six years and managed 1 SB victory against a poor representative of the NFC.
  2. I think Matthews would be an excellent 1-2 combination with Hilton. IMO Moncrief has teased us with his potential, but he`s just too inconsistent. I like the other FA WR from the Jags as a possibility as well.
  3. Pre-Game Shows Are Now Pathetic To Watch

    I haven`t watched any of the pre-game shows in years. Skirts have become more important than putting the football players behind the microphone. Sad!
  4. OT without a doubt is now the Colts biggest need. I`ve said before and will say it again, AC is a RT playing LT. He has regressed each of the past two seasons as well.
  5. I hate to see the Colt resign Mewhort based on potential, which translates to more money. He`s been hurt about as much as he`s played. I`m sure there are varying opinions on Mewhort, but the Colts seem to struggle with injuries and he has a history of it. I would not overpay for him nor think the Colts should.
  6. Best Running Back in Colts history...

    He was a bit of a whiner as well. I don`t think he was well received in the locker room. Like to throw OL under the bus and what not. However, I agree with Jim Brown, Dickerson could have been the best of all-time.
  7. Yep, I almost forgot about Hayden being a WR. Good one.
  8. I like this pick. Read his player profile converted from WR. Best football is ahead of him. Probably won`t play much this year though.
  9. I like Jordan Evans LB for Colts next.
  10. I`m curious to where he plays and does a 6-8 350lb OL fit a ZBS or am I missing something.
  11. I guess my biggest concern with Perine is how he fits in a ZBS. His game seems to be power, not one-cut and go. Perine`s game is more about power, which doesn`t seem ideal for the Colts.
  12. I completely agree with you. I thought Mixon would have been smart in the 2nd Rd. A good RB will do a lot for Luck and the defense. Mixon could've been that guy. It`s possible to find a late Rd gem, but it's easier said than done.
  13. I guess the best question about the remaining RB`s, is which one fits best in a ZBS. I would think Marlon Mack, but that just a guess.