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  1. I think they stay at 15 and should.
  2. Represented the NFC in the 2015 SB. Next question?
  3. Yep, one is in Arizona now.
  4. Ron Meeks winning percentage as a DC was really good too. Just saying..
  5. By the way, nice Tar! Hilarious and great movie.
  6. Fair enough and probably realistic.
  7. If you're the Jets, I`d say probably so. They are handcuffed with Richardson. There are no takers and rumors are no more than a 4th rounder for him now. Dorsett has a little upside, but not much IMO. Plus, just look at the Jets roster, especially on offense. It`s god awful.
  8. I doubt it too, but I`d offer Dorsett for S. Richardson all day.
  9. Anybody think Dorsett gets offered in a trade on draft day and what would be the comp? I think it's quite possible with the Aiken signing.and the supposed interest the Colts had in Jeffreys. There is probably no better time to get a 3rd or another 4th for him. After two seasons I convinced he`s not what Grigson thought he`d be. Dorsett for S. Richardson would be interesting, to say the least. Thoughts?
  10. Kinda why I lost interest. The silly trades killed it.
  11. Impressive is all I can say! Plays past the whistle.
  12. Derek Rivers OLB and Connor Harris ILB Both in my final mock draft.
  13. Not a fan of any of the picks, but would be okay with McDowell.
  14. I don`t look at it so much as if Lamp is the BPA at 15. I think you take any player at that point who translates well to the NFL game. There are some scouts that have no doubt a player is going to very good at the next level. I have read from two different scouts that Lamp is the real deal. Now that doesn`t mean he`s guaranteed to be an Pro bowler I know, but mitigating the risk of drafting a dud and adding a quality player is sound IMO. With that being said, I would have no problems with Lamp to the Colts at 15. He could do wonders for the line and Luck. I have no doubt Zak Prescott wouldn't`t have been that good last season playing behind the Colts OL. Imagine how good A. Luck could be with the Cowboys OL.
  15. He one of the best blocking RB`s in the draft. Compares somewhat to Matt Forte.

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