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  1. Has anyone noticed...?

    31 other teams are going through an injury crisis right now (God bless their little hearts)....while...we...are...getting all our players back? We need to take advantage of this opportunity!
  2. ILB's are bad

    Um...weve got Cato June and Dwight Freeney available. Ray Lewis played til he was like 38 or 39. These guys still have some gas left in their tanks.
  3. Watt injured

    Uh...i actually like our chances better without him. The Colts arent so bad. The problem is they can't play more than 1 half.
  4. Watt injured

    He is out for the season. Fractured tibia. NFL website just reported it.
  5. Gotta love the AFC South

    You know that KC is playing Texans tonight right? Not the Titans...
  6. Colts/Trade Deadline

    I dont think hes declining. He just needs better a strength and conditioning team. He is worth more than a 3rd.
  7. Adam vinatieri

    He is also responsible for getting us to win the super bowl. The game against the Ravens was were like 4-5 field goals by Vinatieri because Peyton couldnt reach the endzone lol. Unfortunately his days are numbered and we need to look into Gostowski soon.
  8. Luck is Throwing

    * Incoming expert opinions from professional doctors *
  9. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    I mean...we couldve said the same exact thing for the 2016 season as he was coming back from a shoulder injury, broken ribs, and a ruptured kidney... the shoulder had been bothering him in the 2016 season too and people forget that... but we all saw that he put up top 5 QB numbers as a result. Luck is a warrior man...and he probably only took more time off as a precaution which is even better..
  10. Why are the Colts so undisciplined?

    I would NEVER count on the Rams and Bills as an example. Dont forget the Bills started out strong 8-0 one season and finished 8-8. I highly doubt they will continue to play well after halfway through the season. As for LA, were not sure yet but we know as long as Jeff Fisher is not the coach, then we will see..
  11. I think i have an amazing idea...

    What? It's true...Luck is a second half QB... Sorry I forgot to add a poll to this one...
  12. Deyshawn Boyd out for the season

    When a player stepped up in Indy, Grigson would cut him. That was AQ and now hes with the Cardinals...
  13. So if Brissett only plays the first half and Luck plays the second...why dont we use Brissett for first and Luck for second half? It would wear down teams with a fresh QB in the second.
  14. 2nd Half

    I feel like the coaches have their part of blame but...the PLAYERS are the one on the dang field! Theyre the ones that need to make plays happen. The coaches can only tell them what they should do. The coaches are not going to stop Russel Wilson from running out of the pocket, nor having the RBs run all over us and the D get all over the QBs face. The players need to stop all that... The first half showed that the coaches have done their part to prepare the team. The team just needs to continue executing in the second half.
  15. Division Opponents

    Should we be worried about the Texans...or is the Titans defense really horrible? What about the Jaguars?