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  1. We would have signed 10 wide receivers and preparing to draft another 3 in april. I always wonder if he just hated indianapolis and wanted to see its demise. It was literally common sense of what these team needs were. This is just a joke thread btw, not meant to inflame the board. Just have fun with jokes here. Lol.
  2. Or because he was underperforming... Sent from my SM-G935T *
  3. Grigson made a big mess and now we are paying for it. Ballard should have been here years ago. He definitely seems like a draft only type guy. No big free agent pickups kind of means we will have a younger, faster inexperienced team. There is just no way we can compete with the Patriots at this moment when they just added an overwhelming amount of free agents to stack up their already stacked up team. Our division stacked up in free agency and if the Jags throw in all their money on Poe, we can hope that the Texans dont pick up Romo. Dude can put up an average of 50 points per game if he needs to. Worst of all, were still trying to plug in holes on our starters and STILL have to add depth.
  4. Im more concerned the the confined to a box term. How can you be confined in the box on a team when you are injured most of your career?
  5. We pick up jeffery. Pick up rookie wrs and have jefferey and hilton mentor them. Sent from my SM-G935T *
  6. We need wide receivers. Were depending on 2 receivers to take all the load. Moncrief was hurt half the year and hilton was hurt for some. We need depth. Sent from my SM-G935T *
  7. Trade up for sure. That's what ballard is aiming. I'm sure he sees someone he wants but since we are at 15, he will have to wait til draft day to see who is on the board and trade up. Sent from my SM-G935T *
  8. With three 4 th round picks. I think ballard is trying to move up. Sent from my SM-G935T *
  9. The oline clicked this year a couple of times. But the d rarely got to the quarterback this season. Colts need talent at pass rush asap. Cant be waiting for a possible diamond in the rough in the later rounds. Sent from my SM-G935T *
  10. I think theres a big misconception going on the colts oline. The fact was that grigson kept changing the starting oline every game. The oline needs to play their respective positions every week unless there is an injury. We might need to plug in a position or two bit our biggest concern is pass rush, lb, and a cb opposite of vontae. Sent from my SM-G935T *
  11. After seeing what the patriots do without paying the man. Nope i prefer to move on then have a couple of players suck up the cap space. Every team in the NFL needs to follow to get these agents from being so greedy. Seeing what the steelers did to extend a wr contract with Antonio brown really shows why the patriots are always contenders... Sent from my SM-G935T *
  12. I think we need one speedy, elusive rb and one bowling ball type runningback. Those tamdems tend to tire out defenses. Its like what the pats do with blount. Sent from my SM-G935T *
  13. Saints are 2nd. We will never forget how the saints fans mocked the colts after the super bowl win. Even though we were respectful. Then they scored 62 points on our backup quarterback when peyton was hurt. Sent from my SM-G935T *
  14. I really hope not. I don’t want Patriots front office seeing this as an opportunity to dress up as the HBO crew so they can find out what is going on in Indy. According to the Deflategate report, Pats workers dressed up as NFL Films crews to steal play sheets and listen to what the other teams had to say at halftime. #2 Weve had 2 disastrous seasons in a row already. Colts need to focus on their upcoming season. I really don’t want to see any distractions for this team. PERIOD.
  15. It could all just be a big joke. #1 Hes a comedian. #2 He confirmed his retirement…in person…at a comedy show… #3 Is he really going to bring down his wage from $2 million a year to a 6am-11am $30,000 a year job? Im sorry, im still trying to get over this *crying*. LOL! He cannot leave us. This dude can be a quarterback, catches his own onside kicks, and knows how to tackle. He brings so much needed momentum to the Colts.

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