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  1. For what it's worth Quincy Wilson 77.7 Nate Hairston 50.1
  2. Just re-watching the game, and on the play where Vontae made the pass break up on Simons interception, (Lions first drive maybe 3rd or 4th snap)Wilson is lined up at LCB.
  3. In other words, QW is behind Vontae on the depth chart; and Hairston is above Melvin..?
  4. I went to the Colts game in Minneapolis last December, it was my first NFL experience (Sorry, I'm Canadian). I wore my Luck jersey around town before and after the game I got some casual ribbing from Vikings fans but it was all in good fun. We had a great time.
  5. Oh ok I must have missed that. If it's the same play I'm remembering where he stopped a RB on a short yardage play, it was a hell of an impact.
  6. I remember Geathers having a neck injury. This is the first time I heard he had concussion
  7. I thought Denzelle was our GOOD linemen.
  8. The 1 paragraph blurb about the Colts line doesn't clearly define who they consider the starting 5. I would take it to mean they clearly see a lack of quality depth. Behind the starters... who ever they are?.
  9. I just took a look at the roster, and with the exception of Costanzo, every OL is 26 or younger, with a majority being 23 or 24. It's a young group. There is certainly reason to be believe they will improve with some development. Biggest surprise to me, was that Mewhort (25) is actually younger than Good (26).
  10. What's his 40 time?
  11. I was at the Minnesota game last year where Swooped burned the Vikings twice for long gains, once for a TD it was awesome.
  12. Given the state of our 2016 LBers, average, is definitely an upgrade.
  13. The guy blew 3 consecutive first round picks, with Werner, Richardson, and to a lesser extent Dorsett, (I don't dislike Dorsett the player, but I HATED Dorsett the draft pick) that alone should be grounds for dismissal. Add in the fact that everyone apparently hates the man and it's really no surprise.
  14. I thought Melvin was our best DB in Green Bay. He played a really good game.
  15. I thought Melvin was our best DB last game.

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