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  1. KelownaColtsFan

    Does Moncrief return next season?

    I would re-sign him, it's not like he is going to break the bank. He has proven to be a reliable red zone target last season. I'm not going to fault him for having a down year this year, even TY's production has plummeted. Moncrief is only 24 yrs old too, which is kind of crazy for a fourth yr player, for comparison sake Kamar Aiken has 5 yrs in the league and he is 28 yrs old. So he still has some potential for development.
  2. KelownaColtsFan

    Luck visiting specialists

    I heard Luck went snowboarding with a shoulder specialist.
  3. KelownaColtsFan

    Luck visiting specialists

    I would expect a professional QB coming off shoulder surgery, to be in contact with specialist during the entire recovery process. I would be more surprised, if this is actually his first visit with a specialist, to be honest. This sounds like a rumour being completely blown out of proportion.
  4. KelownaColtsFan

    Joe Haeg

    I'm beginning to question the idea of moving Mewhort away from LG. He and Castonzo had good chemistry on the left side, coaches split them up and both players seem to be under achieving.
  5. KelownaColtsFan

    Still Ryan Grigsons fault.

    Yeah the guy blew 3 consecutive first round picks. It's really no wonder the roster is full of holes
  6. KelownaColtsFan

    Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Admittedly, I'm reaching for something positive; but the D-line looks better this year..?
  7. KelownaColtsFan

    Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Can we put a fork in the TJ Green experiment, that guy can't even tackle a guy who is already falling over. Go replay the Gurley TD..
  8. KelownaColtsFan

    Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Wow that was one ugly half of football
  9. KelownaColtsFan

    Colts Makes Numerous Roster Moves

    Sankey, AND Schwenke?! ...I got a good feeling about this.
  10. KelownaColtsFan

    PFF Grades first preseason game

    For what it's worth Quincy Wilson 77.7 Nate Hairston 50.1
  11. Just re-watching the game, and on the play where Vontae made the pass break up on Simons interception, (Lions first drive maybe 3rd or 4th snap)Wilson is lined up at LCB.
  12. In other words, QW is behind Vontae on the depth chart; and Hairston is above Melvin..?
  13. KelownaColtsFan

    A question for Colt fans

    I went to the Colts game in Minneapolis last December, it was my first NFL experience (Sorry, I'm Canadian). I wore my Luck jersey around town before and after the game I got some casual ribbing from Vikings fans but it was all in good fun. We had a great time.