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  1. See my post above the one you quoted
  2. Guys, I wasn't doubting that they will be good, if not the best offense in the AFC... I was saying that the players they have aren't all HOF players like the media are gushing over them to be. They will be near or at the top of the afc offenses because of brady and belichick... not because the other players are superstars...
  3. Am i the only one that doesn't think the patriots offense is loaded with an embarrasment of riches? Just about every nfl journalist is all over them, but I just don't see it. Obviously the following guys they have are very good: - Brady - Cooks - Gronk - White To me that's it though, every other player on that offense is soooo overated and are the products of tom brady: - Lewis (not the same since the injury) - Amendola (average player at best) - Edelman (TB product, nothing special really) - Hogan (... wouldn't start on half the teams in the nfl) - Gillisee (...who?) - Burkhead (.... I mean, who?) - Mitchell (I mean seriously guys, who are these people?) - Dwayne Allen.... we all know about him. I've seen nfl journalists rave about the guys above as if they are all bound for the hall of fame or something... I just don't get it. Yes the Pats offense will be good, it might even be one of the best in the afc this year, but let's be real it's not going to be that because of 'Gillisee' or 'Hogan'.... it'll be because of Tom Brady and we all know it. I guess I am just venting frustration that the entire nfl media world are just so far up the patriots' rear ends that they posting such biased nonsense and we're all subjected to it.
  4. They played for zero money through university because they knew that's what leads to the NFL..... Anyone who doesnt make it to the NFL, but still loves the game, either plays in arena football, goes to canadam or just play with their friends whenever because they love it...
  5. I'll be straight up honest, this one line jumped out to me immediately, and i havent read any other part of the post, so I could be totally out of line here.... but this is ridiculous... I would wager that AT LEAST 90% of NFL players would not be playing football as a career right now if they did not get paid like they do.... Put it this way, if all NFL players were to be given the salaries of High School teachers, do you really think that they would keep playing?... No, that 90% would have chosen basketball or baseball or some other career where they could make the money... Their first and foremost priority is the money... without a shadow of a doubt... Then you get some players who are genuine about the game and competitive and want to WIN, but they want to win for themselves... not for you. Yes I am sure they appreciate the fans and it is nice to be cheered on etc... but I will not buy that Frank Gore is still playing the game and putting in the levels of effort and dedication because he wants to win a lombardi for us.... he wants it for him... and rightly so....
  6. Well... who knows what will happen in training camp, but I would say you should watch out for these names: - Donte Moncrief (big contact year for him coming up, needs to stay healthy though) - Chester Rogers (not a constant playmaker, but made some seriously clutch plays for us last year when we damned well needed them) - Eric Swoope (TE who came into the NFL from College basketball having never played a down of football in his life, emerged last year as a pass catching threat - averaged 19.8 yards per catch) - Edwin Jackson (aka poundcake) - tough downhill linebacker, likes a big tackle... it'll be hard not to notice him. - Henry Anderson (if healthy). - Had an outstanding rookie season until an ACL derailed it. Was on track to compete for DROY.
  7. Just watched this whole video... I knew he was good and at 15 was a steal, but WOW did we get a steal at #15!
  8. @Colt Cola Out of curiosity, if the Chargers and Colts both make the playoffs and face each other this season, who would you honestly be rooting for? Have the owners completely ruined the franchise for you, or does a little bit of Bolt loyalty still remain? Not trying to out you or anything, just genuinely curious as to how badly their owners have damaged your perception of the team.
  9. Oh don't get me wrong, I have faith in the O-Line to build upon what they were accomplishing at the end of last season, I was just saying that the league aren't "sleeping" on them because it was only 3 games. That would be like saying the league was sleeping on that Patriots RB named Gray who demolished us for more than 200 yards in that one single game... But he was pretty much never heard from again... If you cant do it consistently, you cant say that it is something real, and if it isnt real, then you cant be sleeping on it...
  10. You cant sleep on something that is yet to prove itself... I know that 3 game stretch at the end of last season looked good, but it was only 3 games. I hope they pick right back up where they left off, but that is by no means a guarantee.
  11. I will come back to you with that... Moncrief is 24 when the seasons starts Dorsett is 24 (older than moncrief) Rogers is 23 Aiken is 28 at the end of May Are you seriously telling me that Moncrief isnt going to improve? He has shown improvement already, if he hadnt missed half of last season he could have posted a monster 14 or 15 TDs and 650 - 700 yards or so... Considering the other options in our passing attack, those are very good numbers... especially the TDs... And those are his "inconsistent" numbers as you are putting it... What more do you want from him at 23 years old when he isnt even the number 1 receiver? Dorsett we all know about, he was drafted too high and is buried lower on the depth chart than Moncrief. He has big play potential and has shown it though. He just needs to be utilised in the right way. Rogers showed well in limited action, but isnt a starting WR for us.... Nor should he be... He is solid depth and that is all we need from him. Aiken is icing on the cake and gives us that solid second #2 WR should moncrief go down, and if TY goes down, Aiken and Moncrief arent so bad to have as your starting 2 wideouts, with Rogers backing them up, not to mention Doyle is an option and Swoope showed great last year. He is only going to get better too with more and more football time.
  12. Well we're all glad you got chosen by the colts! Welcome to the family, we'll consider you the 254th pick in the draft
  13. Quan Bray might lose out, depends entirely on if he wins the KR / PR duties or not... With all the new additions, he has to seriously prove it again that he is the man for the job. Otherwise he gone.....
  14. In terms of need, they would probably order in the following (based off of what we know and can assume now): ILB CB (There is a real chance that Vontae goes) Pass Rush RB Though, I would still be happy with BPA in next year's draft if we can address at least one the top two in FA....
  15. Yeah I'm with you on this one.... what Brown's FA's have we had that have given us a bad history?

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