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  1. Was Mike Vick a scumbag before he, oh wait....
  2. I'm sure he must have at least once... but I cannot ever remember Overton messing up a single long snap....
  3. The amount of times we have heard this rhetoric. The Jags have supposedly been on the brink of turning it around for about the last 5 years... The titans always find a way to choke. The Texans can be good but they are inconsistent and still dont have a QB... And we are in rebuild mode... I will believe it when I see it....
  4. Great performances on the field (which may result in wins) will very quickly make you, or a GM, forget about any past transgressions.... providing he doesnt have any more of them.
  5. What are you smoking?
  6. Really?..... I refer you to my post and James Dutcheteau's immediately above yours.
  7. This!.... Exactly. He's still 23 and he'll be 24 in the preseason. He is younger than Dorsett...
  8. First of all, Davis wasnt a pick... Secondly... Are Luck's, Mewhort's, Geathers's, Kelly's Hitlon's, Haeg's, Clark's, Ridgeways, Anderson's and Blythe's days numbered too? Get a grip.
  9. Or we accept that it is totally unrealistic to completely address and fix this defense in one off-season.... Rome wasnt built in a day etc etc.
  10. People keep saying this is trouble for Chester Rogers or Dorsett..... but is anyone taking special teams into account? Has Aiken returned kicks / punts before? Maybe this is trouble for Bray... Hilton Moncrief Aiken Rogers Dorsett I'll take that line up over quite a few others in the league... Maybe not the best WR corp, but definitely solid.
  11. One thing that gives me a degree of hope is that any player I have seen Ballard directly linked to from the Chiefs and Bears panned out pretty darn well. I just hope that is primarily down to him and his scouting abilities. We'll find out soon enough...
  12. And he just did. Great news
  13. Per NFL App. 1 year deal worth $2.5m guaranteed and worth up to $4.5m
  14. You can't possibly know that, but God do I wish I could blindly believe it... I'm not saying it wont happen.... but beastly defense and Indy are not two things that go together.... You have to go back to the 2007 season before you get a Colts defense that was ranked inside the top 10. An entire decade.
  15. Reeks of a depth signing I wouldnt say this puts us out of the Poe or Hankins race at all.

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