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  1. As well as heavily over-criticised
  2. The rate our guys are getting injured at... I'd be happy if we sat all starters until week 1...
  3. Is this legit....? just posted a colts training camp update with KB in it....
  4. Genuinely bummed out to hear this. Kevin was great and gave us a decent view into the organization without revealing too much. There has to be something more to this that we haven't and probably never will hear about, because he was loved by the fans and did a great job.
  5. I don't think you can watch games o. The NFL now app. Unless they changed it from last year.
  6. This entire post is beyond me.... how can you even consider not watching the first 6 games because one player might not be playing? Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram.
  7. O-Line isn't my forte and I hadn't thought of hardly any of this. Thanks guys, I feel much better about it now.
  8. The only problem with this is that he was a WR2 for half the year when moncrief was injured. Edit: Ignore me... I posted this before I read everything inbetween your post and this one.
  9. I didn't say they couldn't do it, I'm more worried from a consistency standpoint. It just seems unnecessary to me.
  10. I'm shocked more people haven't made any real noise about the fact that haeg and mewhort have switched guard spots on the line... I get that they want a vet on each side, but I'm not so sure. Why mess with the consistency of the left side? The right side was coming along nicely at the end of last season as well, it just seems an unnecessary change to me. If the right side is struggling at the start of the season, stick Doyle on the edge to chip off the snap or have the rb on block assignment. I just think they are spreading the potential problem rather than solving it. Feel free to point out why I'm wrong BTW guys... I'd liked to be convinced otherwise.
  11. Just wanna check that I am already in as well...
  12. Rookie standout: Hooker Breakout Star (Offense): Swoope Breakout Star (Defense): Spence (just a weird gut feeling...) Rookie To Watch: Mack
  13. Not trying to be mean or anything, but this is quite possibly the worst analysis of something I have ever read... Yes, you absolutely can blame bad players for playing badly.... because they are the ones playing badly.... Put it this way, say you are really good at your job, like one of the best in your field. But your company has a department that you rely on to provide you with the basis of what you work off of, and they are astronomically bad, like the worst in the country at it... should you be blamed for being provided terrible information from that department? Should you just be expected to pick up the slack from them and make whatever it is that you do better than everyone else? I'll give you a clue, the answer is not yes....
  14. Finally, something we agree on. Mewhort is a must re-sign for me. The oline needs as much help as it can get and continuity is priceless.

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