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  1. I bet this was staged for PR purposes.
  2. I think the way he is phrasing this question is a bit misleading.... I think he is asking what is better for your team leading into the next season.... Going 8-8 and winning on a high, or making the playoffs and losing on a nail biter? Basically he is asking whether your team will be in a better mental state having gone 8-8 and finishing the season on a win, but missing the playoffs, or coming into next season having lost a nail biter... Personally I think the answer is obviously having made the playoffs. No player is happy with missing the playoffs... that what they are playing the game for, to get to the SB and win... (and the money obviously, which comes with winning that SB).
  3. Unfortunately your logic is flawed.. they would get just as much as a read on us as we would on them... if not more info on us.... who do you trust more to learn more about the opposing team, chuck or tomlin?
  4. He is still with Da Bears.
  5. Trope alert..... I hate it when players say this type of thing. Although it would be hard for them to not be better as they were the 30th or so ranked defense in the league...
  6. To the bold, i personally think this is madness... But I know for some reason the forum is split over Moncrief.... People forget the dude is still only 23 years old... It's not like he is 27 and about to enter his prime..
  7. Other - The trade for Davis was instrumental and we wouldnt have had the three 11 - 5 season we did without him. I know Grigs got our defence into the situation it is in now, but without Davis in that secondary it would have looked a hell of a lot worse.
  8. This is why i think if Reddick is there in the 1st we have to pull the trigger.
  9. No deal announced and he visited yesterday. Either there is some serious negotiation going on or he is already gone.. Due to lack of any news on anything serious, I'm guessing the latter... I guess he is still asking for too much money.
  10. 3rd but no higher, we need some high end talent now..
  11. I just saw this as well. It leaves us a bit bare at ILB still, but we cant address everything. I'd be happy with this draft haul.
  12. Did I, or did I not say book it?...... Pretty sure that means it is 100% guranteed. No ifs, ands or buts.... Isn't that how this works?
  13. Bills or Bengals probably.... book it.
  14. Was Mike Vick a scumbag before he, oh wait....
  15. I'm sure he must have at least once... but I cannot ever remember Overton messing up a single long snap....

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