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  1. No one knows at this point, not the players, not the coaches and certainly not us. TC and the preseason will reveal all. My gut says that Spence and Jackson will be on the inside, who knows though?...
  2. Pretty solid projection, though with Michael on IR I think we lose one of the DL (probably parry) you have on there and keep either Ferguson or Bray to return kicks and play ST.
  3. The jets and it won't even be close.... they are flirting with 0 - 16 right now... (even if it is by design)...
  4. I get the feeling he was more referring to it being fixed as a unit, like not getting Andrew destroyed anymore, rather than specific positions being 'fixed' in terms of starters.
  5. We massively overachieved that year... massively.
  6. That was 4 years ago.
  7. The Rams aren't a good football team. We should win either way.
  8. Why do some people get so bent out of shape over these.... it's 1 game.... And to those of you saying this is a money grabbing scheme by the owners.... our jersey is blue anyways....
  9. I'm not worrying about it. I know they keep saying they have no put a timetable on it or anything... but considering the competition ballard is bringing in at all other positions, do you really think they would let the qb position sit so bare if they were worried about #12?
  10. I know.... but does anyone outside of Atlanta care? It's not like Vick is current nfl news.
  11. Let's see a show of hands... who cares a single iota about Mike Vick and the falcons?
  12. I can't believe no one has mentioned ball security yet... We all know he has game busting speed and breakaway potential, if patient for the holes and used correctly. My issue is with his fumbles... he's gotta get that sorted before he even sniffs the field.
  13. See my post above the one you quoted
  14. Guys, I wasn't doubting that they will be good, if not the best offense in the AFC... I was saying that the players they have aren't all HOF players like the media are gushing over them to be. They will be near or at the top of the afc offenses because of brady and belichick... not because the other players are superstars...
  15. Am i the only one that doesn't think the patriots offense is loaded with an embarrasment of riches? Just about every nfl journalist is all over them, but I just don't see it. Obviously the following guys they have are very good: - Brady - Cooks - Gronk - White To me that's it though, every other player on that offense is soooo overated and are the products of tom brady: - Lewis (not the same since the injury) - Amendola (average player at best) - Edelman (TB product, nothing special really) - Hogan (... wouldn't start on half the teams in the nfl) - Gillisee (...who?) - Burkhead (.... I mean, who?) - Mitchell (I mean seriously guys, who are these people?) - Dwayne Allen.... we all know about him. I've seen nfl journalists rave about the guys above as if they are all bound for the hall of fame or something... I just don't get it. Yes the Pats offense will be good, it might even be one of the best in the afc this year, but let's be real it's not going to be that because of 'Gillisee' or 'Hogan'.... it'll be because of Tom Brady and we all know it. I guess I am just venting frustration that the entire nfl media world are just so far up the patriots' rear ends that they posting such biased nonsense and we're all subjected to it.

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