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  1. Jets open to trading up in the draft

    I'm already tired of it too....
  2. How many more wins will we get?

    Probably enough to make all you "let's lose out" whiners angry that we "ruined" or draft position, but not enough to make the playoffs. Probably about a 6 - 10 record.
  3. Basham

    * Would you rather I gave you a vocabulary lesson? You're welcome and no charge.... The first one is free.
  4. Basham

    Is this a joke? This is your extensive list of players being stifled? Lol at Hooker not playing week 1 and Donald Brown starting over Ballard for a few weeks making the list!
  5. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    If we get a top 5 pick, it's got to be best player available at the linebacker position, whether than is an ILB or a pass rusher, it doesn't matter so long as it's a linebacker.
  6. So the league is full of either elite or terrible lineman with only a few average ones sprinkled into the mix? Is it possible that your standard of what average is might be too high? I would imagine that being an o-lineman has got to be hard...
  7. Injury Report 10/12/17

    He played in the 9ers game...
  8. Who's should we bring back from the PUP?

    Yeah thanks for the update
  9. Who's should we bring back from the PUP?

    To the bolded, JB has shown good chemistry with Aiken, not sure Rogers will add too much to the Wr group. It's the TE spot that is barren behind Doyle.
  10. Why isn't Vontae Davis in press man?

    He's coming off a pretty significant hamstring injury... I would have thought he is being given the 5 - 8 yards to ease him back into the game and not put so much strain on those hammys yet. He'll get there, but it might be a few more weeks.
  11. So, the offense is sputtering so far and I'm pretty sure we all agree it isn't Brissett's fault. The defense is better than it has been in previous years, but the pass defense is in really bad shape. If all three out of Geathers, Good and Swoope are healthy and ready to come back, which 2 should we activate? Geathers was turning into a great SS, but that won't necessarily shore up our pass defense. Swoope was making plays, period... Something our offense desperately needs. Especially with Doyle injured. And the offensive line is what it is.... I think Good has to be a lock if he is available, but does our offense need Swoope more than our defence needs Geathers at this point?
  12. This is Marlon Macks world

    Kelly coming back was huge. It's a real shame that bond got injured, I tthought he was doing a great job and I think he could easily play guard
  13. This is Marlon Macks world

    Gore might not ever breakaway for an 80 yard run, but he is a hell of a lot more dependable on every down than our other rbs, including Mack. For the time being, Mack is the great change of pace back we have been looking for and I'm sure the rest of his game will improve in time.... but gore is and should still be our bell cow.
  14. This is Marlon Macks world

    This is just false any which way you cut it. Gore consistently makes something out of nothing, 4 or 5 yards out of 1 or 2 and 9 our 10 out of 4 or 5 yard runs. The man is a chain mover and we are lucky to have him.
  15. Gotta love the AFC South

    I never said I think we should trade him, I just said I could see it happening. Totally agree with you.