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  1. Tweetek Stephen Holder‏Hitelesített felhasználó @HolderStephen 1 min1 minute ago Tovább I've gotten a lot of Darius Butler questions. My response: don't close the door on him returning to the #Colts just yet. Fordítás angol nyelvről 1 válasz0 retweet0 kedvelés Válasz 1 Retweet Tetszik Stephen Holder‏Hitelesített felhasználó @HolderStephen 21 mp22 másodperccel ezelőtt Tovább That's about as far as I can go right now. Anything more would be speculation. #Colts Fordítás angol nyelvről Holder is a credible source to me. I'd like to see Butler on our team again very much, but this is on 2 parties.
  2. I definitely did not see that. I think Schefter or Rappaport reported that talks stalled between Butler and Colts, was not discussing details.
  3. Maybe. I can't remember, and it is impossible to search it back in the newsfeed....
  4. I doubt, however I like Butler. I've read a tweet yesterday stating, that Colts offered a deal to Butler, but it was turned down
  5. I think it is unlikely. Vontae worth higher picks (if we ever wanted to trade him).
  6. Chuck is an evergreen topic....
  7. Plus BB's worn hoodie.
  8. ROBERT MATHIS The1st‏Hitelesített felhasználó @RobertMathis98 11 mp11 másodperccel ezelőtt Tovább WHOA!!! Traded Martellus Bennett for Dwayne Allen!!! We did business with the Pats lol ... times change
  9. What do Colts get for Allen?
  10. IMO he is an important piece of our O.
  11. In my opinion, it is premature to say that we're contenders, so is to say we aren't. Let's wait and see how FA and draft pans out. Colts need serious reinforcement on D, and I would like to see first how our new GM addresses this issue. Just my 2 cents....
  12. Whatever they smoke, I need some ASAP!!!
  13. Thank you Patty!! You left me in shock anyway...
  14. Too many bad news this week...
  15. I wonder what a GM should do to be worse than Grigs...

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