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  1. Happy July 4th Colts Nation!

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    2. southwest1


      Thanks HCF. Back at ya as well. I hope everything is fine & dandy in your native homeland too. 

    3. HungarianColtsFan


      Not quite SW1, tough times here

    4. southwest1


      Sorry to hear that HCF. I never wanna see anybody suffer longterm or short term. 

  2. For some * reason, I instantly thought of "2015 AFC Championship finalist" banner when reading the title of the thread...
  3. Barring a serious (season ending) injury I think the chance is a big fat 0.
  4. I like Walter too... :-)
  5. Rodney Dangerfield Russel Peters Jeff Dunham
  6. From Indy with love...
  7. Well, since Colts don't have lumber department, Chucky P should be released if he doesn't show up next season.
  8. I'd say B+ or A-. It was a well executed draft, Ballard got our D reinforced with fresh blood. We still have needs to fill, but 1 FA+draft just isn't enough for filling all needs. We took a step forward this off-season, to say the least.
  9. 158th overall pick is CB Nate Harrison
  10. Stephen Holder‏Hitelesített felhasználó @HolderStephen 2 p2 perccel ezelőtt Zach Banner on a conference call says the #Colts only discussed playing tackle. Stephen Holder‏Hitelesített felhasználó @HolderStephen 2 p2 perccel ezelőtt Tovább Joe Philbin and Chris Ballard personally flew out to meet with him, Banner says. Philbin put him on the chalkboard for hours.
  11. OT Zach Banner
  12. A top prospect is falling into our lap in mid 1st round. I'm happy with it.
  13. Winning an insignificant last game to secure an other 8:8 seaon to losing in PO. I'd choose the latter one. You habe to be in the PO to win in the PO.
  14. Honestly I don't give a damn for this pre-season schedule-strength rankings. Last season is last season, we don1t know yet what this season holds for teams, injuries to key players and the easiest schedule can turn into a nightmare and vica-versa, injuries to key players at opponents and the toughest schedule doesn't look any tough at all. It1s like you evaluate the meal right after you bought ingredients, but haven't cooked the meal yet. Of course, Skip Bayless can point out int the off-season, that colts are there exclusively due to their easiest schedule (if we make it).
  15. Hew...thanks man!

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