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  1. Did I hear that right he assumes on 2nd rd pick next year will be in the top 50 ?
  2. You Have To Have A Base Before You Have A Team

    Patience is hard to find these days but it's the plan like it or hate enjoy the ride the Colts will be top dogs again soon
  3. Instant Karma

    I blame the new interstate I 69 runs east to west 1000 feet behind my house has the animals out for revenge .
  4. Instant Karma

    Love me some Geico hit 2 deer this year 3k and 4k in repairs yet my bill stayed the same with friendly fast claims . Coming off a 4 win season in a small market with a less than desirable climate we would have to over pay even more than the other teams are to bring in top talent in free agency . I trust Ballard will find some gamers that will want to be colts in the scrap heap . We are in it for the long haul this is a rebuild
  5. Long rebuild ahead

    Even after a rebuild Luck should have many good years left no reason to freak out and trade one of the best QBs in the league .
  6. How good was Nate Hairston?

    So he balled out when we played a lot of zone went down hill once we went started playing much more man coverage good sign for next .
  7. The Colts New Offensive Approach

    Was sitting in row 15 for that game we took our foot off the gas and tried to force the run way to early once we went up 3 scores real quick .
  8. The Key to 2018.....Ryan Kelly?

    Have to agree last year Kelly was underwhelming be it he was injured but there was a noticeable improvement with the UDFA and FA centers we replaced him with .

    I have more faith in Ballard now than ever he seems to be handling the situation very well . Better to know now that McDaniels is the same guy who failed as a HC not years later wasting more of Luck career . One a bright side I very much look forward to the day he turns NE into the Browns .
  10. Darrell Bevell to Colts? [Merge]

    No kidding was in Seattle 10 ish years ago and tried to give tickets to a game away with no luck .
  11. TY is feasting at the pro bowl!!

    Kid runs better routes in the pro bowl than he did all season
  12. Patrick Robinson, what happened?

    Injuries and being forced to play outside on a team with next to no pass rush .
  13. Now this is a stretch you have no clue how he feels about Brissett who played great in the Pats system .
  14. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    Don't write Jax off they have the D to give the Pats fits they will man up a lot disrupting timing double down on Gronk and get after Brady .
  15. Multiple D will use different formations and personnel groups . That is assuming we run like NE on D .