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  1. B~Town

    Bring back Trent!

    He saw Johnny coming ran for the hills tripped and landed on IR
  2. B~Town

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Our new number 10 looked pretty good out there so Ill go with him .
  3. Sounds like we plan on running the ball no complaints here .
  4. They will take Chubb at 4 over Barkley they want QBs to fear them
  5. Don't forget how good Brissett looked in the Pats system with all the short timing passes could turn to gold with a few great pre season games .
  6. B~Town

    Marlon Mack

    Mack still has a lot to learn still lost yards a few to many times not hitting his hole and trying to bounce outside did get better at that as the season went on though .
  7. Two things to remember BPA nobody knows how high players are on teams boards and you can never have enough pass rushers .
  8. B~Town

    OL Matt Slauson visiting Colts Tuesday

    Can play C or either G was solid before a injury riddled season should not demand much coming of a down year . Sounds like a good stop gap type player if he is healthy .
  9. Did I hear that right he assumes on 2nd rd pick next year will be in the top 50 ?
  10. B~Town

    You Have To Have A Base Before You Have A Team

    Patience is hard to find these days but it's the plan like it or hate enjoy the ride the Colts will be top dogs again soon
  11. B~Town

    Instant Karma

    I blame the new interstate I 69 runs east to west 1000 feet behind my house has the animals out for revenge .
  12. B~Town

    Instant Karma

    Love me some Geico hit 2 deer this year 3k and 4k in repairs yet my bill stayed the same with friendly fast claims . Coming off a 4 win season in a small market with a less than desirable climate we would have to over pay even more than the other teams are to bring in top talent in free agency . I trust Ballard will find some gamers that will want to be colts in the scrap heap . We are in it for the long haul this is a rebuild
  13. B~Town

    Long rebuild ahead

    Even after a rebuild Luck should have many good years left no reason to freak out and trade one of the best QBs in the league .
  14. B~Town

    How good was Nate Hairston?

    So he balled out when we played a lot of zone went down hill once we went started playing much more man coverage good sign for next .