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  1. Unless his comedy career takes off in a major way very few outside of Indy fans will remember his name a few years down the road .
  2. Same staff that was around during the Collie fiasco by any chance ? Some of the stories Collie told were enough to raise a eyebrow at . Why he is so involved in concussion research now .
  3. Just remember 2 of the best coaches in the NFL did less with more must prepare for many years of Pagano .
  4. FYI the sports plex up the hill from twin lakes on w second st is frequented by the hoosier b ball players . Sat next to Larry Bird on a plane as a child was a really nice fellow gave my brother and I the umbrellas from his tropical drinks and signed them for us .
  5. I know hand size sounds crazy but there are stats that clearly show RBs with hand X size fumble more often WRs with X size hands have a much higher drop rate D Lineman with hands X size don't get off blocks and on and on . Many teams will take players off there boards if hand size is not within there standards .
  6. Great genes at work
  7. Hooker ready to see middle field shutdown have been so bad in that area will have a major impact on our defense
  8. Love guys on D who play with some swag
  9. A great pick Hooker is that shut down middle field ball hawking safety we have needed for years . Teams avoided throwing anywhere near this kid because he amazing instincts and the physical traits to make a play and take it to the house anytime the ball gets near his zone . We got a playmaker on defense there should be nobody questioning the pick .
  10. Hard to be optimistic last year our d line was suppose to be great but were one of if not the worst in the NFL . It does feel as if they are trending in the right direction though hopefully it shows on the field this up coming season .
  11. Is his standing offer with the Giants still 1 year 4 million
  12. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/11/new-york-jets-pittsburgh-steelers-victory-formation-rex-ryan-dirty-play-mitchell This play popped in my head would it be banned or is the change just for special teams .
  13. Due diligence don't wanna take him off your draft board without spending sometime with the young man .
  14. He might be the best back colts have had in awhile

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