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  1. Hard to be optimistic last year our d line was suppose to be great but were one of if not the worst in the NFL . It does feel as if they are trending in the right direction though hopefully it shows on the field this up coming season .
  2. Is his standing offer with the Giants still 1 year 4 million
  3. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/11/new-york-jets-pittsburgh-steelers-victory-formation-rex-ryan-dirty-play-mitchell This play popped in my head would it be banned or is the change just for special teams .
  4. Due diligence don't wanna take him off your draft board without spending sometime with the young man .
  5. He might be the best back colts have had in awhile
  6. That inside move though
  7. Another guy with potential ran a 4.56 runs clean routes works hard is nasty in the blocking game and is a handful to bring down prototype for the Air Coryell also plays SP teams . Hasn't produced in the NFL but if any of this is true sounds like a guy to give a shot .
  8. what the problem is
  9. How is his run blocking I am a huge fan of what Hilton brings but would love a few big physical receivers that can push DB's around in the run game .
  10. Playing beside Robinson can make anyone look good
  11. I say it was a lack of talent I think Pagano has made the most from sub par rosters over achieved even . I know I am in the minority but name a coach that has a comparable record that has had worked with rosters so void of talent heck even hoodie had a much worse win percentage in his first stint . A coach can only do so much when they don't have the talent to work with .
  12. They wanted to dump him the as soon as he arrived in Houston Coaches words were very clear when talking about free agency .
  13. Add in no state tax wonder what that amounts to on a multi million dollar bonus
  14. He did say half the playbook got removed because there was not the right personnel to run the D alignments they were planning
  15. I wonder if some of these guys were locker room cancer or not putting in the work . There were some tweets from Mathis last year made one wonder what was going on behind closed doors .

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