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  1. That inside move though
  2. Another guy with potential ran a 4.56 runs clean routes works hard is nasty in the blocking game and is a handful to bring down prototype for the Air Coryell also plays SP teams . Hasn't produced in the NFL but if any of this is true sounds like a guy to give a shot .
  3. what the problem is
  4. How is his run blocking I am a huge fan of what Hilton brings but would love a few big physical receivers that can push DB's around in the run game .
  5. Playing beside Robinson can make anyone look good
  6. I say it was a lack of talent I think Pagano has made the most from sub par rosters over achieved even . I know I am in the minority but name a coach that has a comparable record that has had worked with rosters so void of talent heck even hoodie had a much worse win percentage in his first stint . A coach can only do so much when they don't have the talent to work with .
  7. They wanted to dump him the as soon as he arrived in Houston Coaches words were very clear when talking about free agency .
  8. Add in no state tax wonder what that amounts to on a multi million dollar bonus
  9. He did say half the playbook got removed because there was not the right personnel to run the D alignments they were planning
  10. I wonder if some of these guys were locker room cancer or not putting in the work . There were some tweets from Mathis last year made one wonder what was going on behind closed doors .
  11. esp pass rushers they seem to get over drafter a lot
  12. Got flamed for hating him when he was signed flamed for saying he should be cut
  13. He never played well his looking better was due to poor QB play he was burnt often
  14. CBs are getting paid
  15. He is back on the trade block and reported to be cut if he isn't traded by the start of the season

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