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  1. Would You?

    I know the Browns didn't have him in there future plans so its possible he could be had if the new guy there feels the same . I don't see why he would be our number 2 though he is a much more complete receiver than Hilton .
  2. Ross Travis

    He looked like a football player out there very natural not like your typical transition player . Does he have any football in his back round ? What I liked was he plays with passion something that just can't be taught .
  3. QB all depends on Luck HB need a lead back WR would like to bring in a prototype number 1 receiver and a vet route runner and a few solid depth players . TE a solid number 2 would be nice addition LT fine for now LG need a starter C would keep Kelly's current back up around RG need a starter RT ok but would be looking at a upgrade if it didn't break the bank This is how I perceive our needs on offense .
  4. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    We are not going to pay for damaged goods . Looked to have a bright future but his knees gave way best of luck to him in his next endeavor .
  5. Aaron Rodgers medically cleared to return

    Read Just yesterday he was pushing for a return but wasn't fully healed today he is cleared hope he isn't pushing to come back before he is ready .
  6. We have one of if not the worst WR group in the NFL why would you not want to put a focus on improving it . With even a average group our line will look a lot better and whoever is under center will take a lot less hits .
  7. Seattle (+2.5) at Jacksonville (12-10-17)

    Legion of boom 2.0 jags are gonna be a major thorn in colts side with tenn on the rise a healthy Luck could be the best division in football next year .
  8. Seattle (+2.5) at Jacksonville (12-10-17)

    Seattle gonna be hearing from the NFL dear god that was ugly
  9. Quincy Wilson played well

    How did he grade out last week .
  10. Kelly Ruled Out

    Just put him on IR and let him heal up .
  11. Is a 4-3 similar to a tampa 2?

    I don't think it matters what your base D is every one of the best Ds in the league recently ran the 3-4 and 4-3 Seattle Denver Texas Jaguars Patriots . It is more about having the correct personnel and coach to make the right calls on scheme and personnel situationally .
  12. Indy dome team stereotype

    Remember that Cincy game where heavy snow was expected it dominated sports talk that week not so sure that stigma is gone
  13. Wait... Who?

    Just the colts Luck Person is now injured ... odds he land on IR ?
  14. Wait... Who?

    Think he has been playing nicked up he has not had a very good 2nd year .
  15. Indy - Buffalo Game

    Saw the same thing cant blame the locals who wants to sit in the snow and watch two sub par football teams play .