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  1. Nice thread and research. Well done. I think a simple way to look at is this. Would you rather have to win 2 games to get to the Super Bowl or 3? The obvious answer is two.
  2. Yeah, I get that. And like you said, no alarm bells here, but it is very possible they think, even with his limitations, Tolzien and his knowledge of the offense, is a better option than a Fitzpatrick or some other vet QB on the street.
  3. Yes. Saw some tweets from him last night saying as much. I think the most obvious sign that Luck is where they think he should be and has had no set backs is the lack of a veteran QB on the roster. I just think if his health was a concern, Ballard would have addressed it earlier in the off season by bringing in someone.
  4. Both Carroll and Chappell are smart enough to understand what is driving Luck to start throwing and it is neither mentioned in the article. I am guessing it is a pretty poor summation of what they actually said. I do think the tea leaves suggest Luck will be ready to go on September 10th.
  5. What exactly is there to get over?
  6. Dear Lord... The only way Luck is not the Colts' best option on September 10th is if he is not medically cleared. Other than that, he will be behind center because he gives them the best chance to win by a long shot.
  7. Thanks. I knew that and... my point still stands
  8. This and some more of this. I am pretty sure if there was true worry from the peeps on W. 56th St, Fitzpatrick or some other vet would have been brought in for OTA reps.
  9. I have milestone b-day early next year - a decade shy of yours so while technically a newer model, I can say with certainty it is not fully functioning. My bride of nearly 21 years and I got a very late start on parenting and now have a daughter who's 4 and a son who's 2. The sleep deprivation and just generally conversing with kids that age have turned my mind to mush. They do however have a tendency to keep you young so I have hope.
  10. Heed my advice - exit stage left. It is a road to nowhere filled with wth moments.
  11. I try... I really try... But what does the start of the schedule have to do with anything? As it relates to Luck, that plays no role in the team's decision making - nor should it. If he is capable of being on the field September 10th, he will be. If he can't he won't be. That would not change if they were playing the Pats or the Rams.
  12. I think you minimize the importance of that tweet. To me it reads that everything is right on track. Doesn't it also coincide with something a little birdie told you earlier in the summer?
  13. We share the same brain which is obviously chock full of football brilliance. Now if we can get others to understand the wealth of knowledge that can be gleaned from our thought-provoking input, we would educate the masses. But sadly...
  14. The $64,000 question - was his play last year injury related or an overall decline. I guess we will find out this season. But I just believe it won't matter to resigning him in 2018.
  15. If all 3 of the guys you mention have decent seasons, then I think Moncrief is the clear # 1 priority. In your list I think Mewhort would be 2nd and that is shaky. I believe 2017 will be Davis' last in Indy. I say Mewhort is shaky because there are concerns about his knees and I can see them going cheaper at RG rather offering a 2nd (expensive) contract. And Davis was OK last year but not great by any stretch. Combine that with the Colts' wish to get younger, it is hard to see them paying Davis again, even on a short-term deal.

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