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  1. This is interesting to me. I am just quoting you but there are many on this board and actual teams who share the same thought. My question would be why is Mixon OK to take in any round other than first? If you or an NFL team have an objection with what he did, why does that go away after the first round? In some teams, I am sure he is off the board altogether. But some will draft him - just likely not in the first. Again, not singling you out, but I just find this to be an interesting case study.
  2. As to an actual crime, he may not have done anything wrong but his decision making is pretty well awful. And while this is on-going, I think it pretty damn tactless / tasteless to suggest that she is only about the money.
  3. Well speaking of dumb, you might want to check your timeline on when Lewis was charged with murder and his draft status. Plus that logic is really an epic fail even if your facts weren't so off.
  4. Pro Football Talk just Tweeted a link to a story that pours water (pun intended) on the excuse Peppers and others have provided for their diluted sample. Their point is the pee test's are administered first thing in the AM making it hard to believe their story. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/04/24/time-of-testing-a-factor-in-assessing-credibility-of-diluted-sample-excuse/
  5. Completely agree. The story is plausible but it is a benefit of the doubt type of thing and that disappeared long ago. Too many from all sports get caught and spew this exact same rhetoric - tainted supplement, my Twitter was hacked, etc. All before him give me a reason to doubt Peppers' story. And his agents and representatives should also know the ramifications of all that fluid intake - if that is in fact what it was.
  6. Two things come to mind when I read that. 1) Bovine Excrement 2) Methinks they doth protest too much
  7. Just saw a quote from Trey Wingo and it is so true. "This is not really a failed drug test but a failed IQ test." I saw the immediate release from his representatives, but I just take it as agent-speak that is really hard to believe. These guys are literally costing themselves millions of dollars. Their decision-making is lacking.
  8. Dear God...
  9. No arguing it? Nonsense. Get back to me in 5 years when the guys in this pipe-dream of a draft of yours have actually played some NFL games and proven themselves. Until then there is plenty to argue about.
  10. Not me. At least not at 15. Just too many red flags Playing weight Failed / diluted drug test at the combine Being sent home from the combine Medical concern with his shoulder
  11. I love it. First off, I am not the first to say this but if you aren't always learning, you are falling hopelessly behind. I think it is great that Ballard is learning how other successful teams did it. And I think Epstein and Ballard are 100% right - culture is everything and it trumps virtually everything, including talent. That was true when Manning & Polian was here. Manning's talent was evident but more than that, it was the work that he put in, the expectations that he (along with Polian & Dungy as well) had for the team, the way they approached practice - everything. if they can get back to that culture, they have a great chance at playing at the level we've all have gotten accustomed to with the Colts.
  12. I love McCaffrey as well. I hope he is there but I don't get too worked up either way. My assumption is that Ballard and company know more than me. Well I do get upset when they take Buckeyes. Those guys are more hype than anything.
  13. I simply do not understand those that think there is no possibility for an offensive player in the first round. I think it is inherently possible that it will happen. If Fournette fell to 15 take him and don't look back. Now I think Kiper's predictions here are pretty well useless.

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