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  1. Tell me how your attempts to get him fired go.
  2. Holy smokes is that a bad post. You think Blount is the straw that stirs the Pats' drink?
  3. Once again the point has completely eluded you.
  4. I am not sure you recognize fact vs. opinion. And congrats on completely missing the point.
  5. You have created a reasonably interesting and thought provoking thread but a word of advice. You should stay away from comparisons like the above. You have no idea what he or anyone else on here does for a living or how hard those jobs may be. Maybe they are not as physically demanding as what NFL players go through but they most certainly could be more mentally taxing. There is one guy who posts here that is neurosurgeon. Or maybe they could be roofers or guys who work with asphalt in the summer. Or they could be stay at home moms who have jobs infinitely more taxing than NFL players. I just think you can make your point without using what really is a bad comparison.
  6. For so many reasons Dear God...
  7. Dear God...
  8. For the love of all that is Holy... You spend a lot of time grading long snappers do you?
  9. Should not be a surprise - NFL business at its coldest. It is simple math - get someone who can do the job at a far lesser salary. Overton got his job the same way when they cut Justin Snow in 2012. Tis the way the NFL works.
  10. I think they get Green reps at corner to see what he can do there. Plus with Geathers' injury history, Green may play more in the backend than we realize.
  11. I think those discounting the Hooker pick are very clearly not football savants.
  12. Maybe not but I sure as hell can question what is between his ears.
  13. I've seen enough from you to question your crystal ball.
  14. I already cancelled my Colts season tix because of all the OSU nonsense now wearing horseshoes on their helmets. My football weekends will now be spent at at the Big House watching the Maize and Blue. The Colts need play makers and Samuel seems to be one. Will be interesting to which way they go.
  15. I think everything that Ballard has told us about his BPA preference has held form and I would not expect that to be any different tonight. If they had to line up and play tomorrow, I think they are in better shape with pass rushers than corners so to me corner is the bigger need. But that is the difference between 1 and 1A. But to the BPA point, I would not be surprised by any pick. I just saw a CBS Day 2 mock and they had Curtis Samuel coming to Indy, which seems completely reasonable to me.

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