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  1. Will Carroll, the Injury Expert, suggested at the combine that many teams will eventually downgrade him or remove him altogether from their board because of what the medicals show on his shoulder. The incident surely doesn't help either.
  2. And others say you can hide a poor pass rush with lock-down corners. I read somewhere within the last couple of weeks when Pagano & co did a postmortem on their bad defensive games, more times than not it was due to weak CB play. Even with all they have done in FA, they are in dire need of playmakers regardless of position. This is why BPA is a far superior strategy. They need difference makers so slotting players at a certain position into specific rounds does make much sense. John Simon is a nice player but never in a million years would Ballard pass up someone he thought was an elite level player because he was already on the roster, nor should he.
  3. I don't believe the additions of Sheard and Simon will alter anything that Ballard does in the draft. If anything I think shoring up the areas they have in FA will mean they can more easily make a BPA decision in the draft.
  4. You missed the point entirely. Butler is a good player in NE but that does not necessarily mean he will be good in another situation. But more to the point, it ain't happening because Ballard would not give up the draft pick required. The point is ever more moot because he is going to the Saints.
  5. I think you are just entertaining yourself with all this. But if you are serious, Oh Dear God... 1) Listen to Ballard. He wants to get younger (I understand that Butler is not old) but you don't get younger by giving up draft picks. Speaking of picks - they are infinitely more valuable than ever before because of the cheap labor & cost certainty you get from their rookie contract. 2) A previous point in this thread was about the certainty of Butler vs. the potential bust of high draft pick. There is no guarantee that Butler thrives outside of New England - it has happened before. And I don't think NFL GM's make a pick thinking that player may be a bust. I would expect them rather to trust their scouts and their process so they fully expect that guy to make an impact. 3) Butler made a really nice play in the Super Bowl but to say he won it single-handedly is nonsense. 4) I have no idea of your circumstances but at the very least you sound desperate for attention with your last line comparing you to an NFL player. What does "chip on your shoulder" mean exactly - you are a scrappy message board poster? I think an overall Dear God would have sufficed in this response because that is how off-base I think of the initial post. But I know you don't like it when I don't expound so I came with many more words to completely disagree with your take.
  6. I don't believe New England is shaking in their boots.
  7. Alex, I will take "Things That Will Never Happen, nor Should They" for $1000.
  8. The only way Melvin will be the opening day starter is if a rash of injuries hit in training camp. I am sure they will be taking at least 1 CB in the draft, and likely more than that. So to your question - I would not feel very good about it.
  9. My two cents.... There were really no true difference making, impact, change-the-game level players. People who think Nick Perry was that type of guy are fooling themselves. So they have gone about free agency with the idea of getting solid, role playing guys who are younger and can be had relatively inexpensively. They will use the draft to try and get their playmakers. The defense today is miles better than what it was last year. Well, maybe not miles better but they are certainly improved. The best defenses out there really only have a small handful of difference makers. The bulk are JAGs. The Colts' JAGs this year are better than last year's. I think anyone who is surprised by the offseason to this point was not paying attention to Ballard.
  10. Well what that tells me is to not spend much time over at Stampede Blue. Not a great deal of deep thinkers over there.
  11. I agree completely that the defense can improve significantly in a year's time. I think the talent is already improved over what they had last year. Throw in another FA and hopefully add some impact playmakers in the draft and it should be (knock on wood) much better. Of the 3 players you mentioned above, I have the most hope that Ridgeway can turn into a solid player. If Green can ever translate his athleticism onto the field, they may have something there, but I am not too hopeful. Jackson to me has reached his ceiling.
  12. So it may not be complete defensive rebuild but it is damn close. I think continuity is way overrated when the talent on that side of the ball was so bad, so old and so un-athletic. I am guessing there will be at least 7 new starters on defense - NG, 4 LB's, CB and a safety.
  13. Dear God...
  14. I am pretty sure that is exactly what they are planning on doing.
  15. So what are you saying?

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