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  1. Jack Mewhort

    The level of ridiculousness with this post is high.
  2. New Coach.

    I never said Pagano bombed here in Indy. Not once. You are attributing words to me that I never said to fit your narrative. I did say he has shortcomings that have been obvious to all. I also said that the larger picture is that the perception of him, real or imagined, to the fan base has to resonate with Irsay and that this will most assuredly be his last as the Colts' coach. There will be mutiny and mass exodus of season ticket holders if Pagano is brought back. Here is what I believe. Pagano is a poor in-game manager. Pagano is in the lower half to third of the league as a game planner. I believe the biggest factor of his first 3 years as coach was largely the result of how good Luck was. He masked scheme and personnel short-comings.
  3. New Coach.

    I see the point. But bombing once is not a guarantee of bombing a 2nd time. People can learn and get better - happens all the time in all walks of life. Look at McDaniels' boss although I would not say BB bombed in Cleveland. The thing I see every time I watch the Pats is that they generally always have a schematic advantage over. Plus I like how they are adaptive and don't fall into conventional thinking for instance that offensive balance is paramount. If the best way for them to win a game is have Brady drop back 60 times, they will do that. BB is certainly the driving force there but McDaniels is certainly plays a very large role. Ultimately though I don't think this matters much. I believe the next Indy coach currently resides in KC.
  4. Ballard to be on JMV today

    Dear God...
  5. Ballard to be on JMV today

    1) He is a far greater authority than anyone on this site. 2) His record does not mean he is incapable of dissecting the Colts' flaws or scheme failures. 3) He is thought well enough of to have been a coach on Belichick's staff and coached for over 20 years in the NFL. 4) I don't need Venturi to tell me about Pagano's in-game management issues. They are plainly there for all to see for anyone with an ounce of IQ about the game. And my final point is really all that matters. This lost season on the heels of two 8-8 campaigns with all the things that have happened, both real and imagined by the fan base, means Pagano's time will end in January if not before.
  6. New Coach.

    I think there is a lot of truth to what you say. But the recent trades between Indy and the Evil Empire may have thawed some of that. I have a hard time seeing the Pats and Colts working together under Grigson on anything. Ballard is a different animal. Personally I would love McDaniels but I think Indy is destined for someone on the Chiefs' staff. Plus I have to think that either he or Patricia is in line for the glorious day when BB decides to fish full time.
  7. Ballard to be on JMV today

    I've seen this thought from a few times. I think there is some truth to what you say as the roster needs an upgrade for sure. But on the flip side, I think you can make the case that player development under Pagano has lacked. How many players have gotten better under him and his coaching staff. I would say not enough. I would also say that Pagano is a miserable failure at in-game management. I won't list them all but if you've followed the Colts for the last 5 years you've seen plenty of examples of this. I think it also something that cannot be questioned in that schematically, the Colts are generally outclassed in most games. Again, won't dive deep into this but listen to any Venturi podcast to point out flaws in planning that are repeated over and over. I think even if you are right on your cause and effect theory it will matter very little. The perception out there is that he needs to go. The damage from this season is pretty strong and the fan-base will walk away in droves if Pagano is brought back. Irsay knows this. Pagano is as good as gone.
  8. Why didn't Colts sign QB Brian Hoyer

    I hate the fact that you liked a post of mine in this thread because your work throughout has not been very good. Kind of a guilt by association type thing... 1) How do you know they didn't try to? Or better question, why would they want to? 2) From the word go, Hoyer was always going back to New England after the Jimmy G trade. Anyone with ounce of common sense saw this was happening. They literally had Brady as the only QB on the roster and a guy who has experience in their system was on the open-market? No brainer. 3) Not that it matters really to this discussion except that you did mention it in your post. The fact the Pats signed him to a 3 year deal is really pretty meaningless. I think the odds are better than 50/50 that Hoyer is on the open market come the Spring and if the Colts want him then, they can have him. They won't but will likely have the option.
  9. Why didn't Colts sign QB Brian Hoyer

    Umm, that ain't it.
  10. Hilton Should Not Apologize to OL

    1) You are too late. He already has apologized 2) I figure there would be this sentiment as amazingly off base as it is.
  11. This is what is really going on here...

    Here are my theories. 1) With regards to Ballard and Pagano - Ballard was hired so late into the off season that the preferred head coaching candidates were already hired by other teams. Ballard was hired on January 29th while the other head coaching jobs filled no later than January 13th. Shanahan was technically hired in February but he was already slated for the 49ers. More importantly the assistant coaching pool had become pretty shallow as well so maybe they felt like they would not have been able to put together the staff they needed. I think they decided at that point they were better off with the status quo for the year. 2) With regards to Luck - I think they honestly thought he would be ready sooner than he has been. It has either taken him longer than expected or there has been a set back of sorts. My two cents...
  12. Tony Donohue: Luck will not play this year

    That is correct. Cannot practice while on IR. Which is my point as to why they might keep him on the 53.
  13. Tony Donohue: Luck will not play this year

    The only thing about this news that I question is if true, why not put him on IR? The fact that they haven't, at least not yet, gives me pause. I guess it is possible they want him to be able to throw when he is able which he would not be able to go on IR.
  14. So the team needs TY blaming other players? That is good for them?
  15. I just don't see any trade value for Moncrief and Davis. The notion of a 4th for Moncrief is a pipe dream. Both have been less than stellar and both are in the last year of their contracts. Why would teams want to give up a commodity like a draft pick in exchange for under-performing players who can walk at the end of the season? To say nothing of the time it would take either of them to get up to speed in the new team's system.