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  1. Totally Impressed with....

    They traded for Brissett to have a capable plan B QB in the event that Luck gets hurt again. They have that so why would they trade it? Ballard wants a roster with depth plus Brissett is relatively cheap for the next 3 years. And saying that Luck will be out there for 16 games when he comes back is really kind of funny given all the health issues he has dealt with since 2015. Have you not paid attention? In other words, the odds Brissett being traded are around zero.
  2. I believe JB will start this Sunday

    Oh Dear God...
  3. Here is what I see with Pagano and these in-game management decisions - he looks frantic all the time and rushes to make a decision. He does not present a calm image on the sideline and these questionable decisions to me show that. There are too many of them over the years that suggest he has not gotten better at it either.
  4. Your Reason Why Luck Wiil/Won't Play This Year

    I've studied it closely. My research on this goes back to July of 2011 (your join date) and I have determined that you are not very good at message boarding.
  5. Andrew Luck taken off PUP list (Merge)

    Holy smokes... Where to begin... I am in no way banging the drum for Tolzien's merits, but I have seen his TD to INT ratio thrown about as a definitive reason why to not start him. All I see with that is a very small sample size. But that is just me. To somehow tie this into a case Josh Freeman is mind boggling. The entire league can sign Freeman now but somehow he is still without an NFL job. And trying to find out how compensatory picks works is a challenge. I could be completely wrong here but I have a hard time seeing how off the street free agents, especially one who only played one game as a Colt, factor into comp picks. That does not make much sense to me but as stated, I could be wrong.
  6. I believe this is serious overthinking. For not one second do I believe they made the decision to cut Morris to avoid any QB controversy. It is really nothing more than they took everything into consideration - OTA's, training camp practices, Morris' really good plays were largely against 3rd stringers - and deemed Tolzien gives them the best chance to win on Sunday. And I fail to see any reason the Colts would tell Tolzien he is going to be released. What would the purpose be? What happens if you tell him that and Brissett gets hurt? With 100% certainty, they have not told him that.
  7. Are the Colts tanking?

    I give you credit. Normally when you troll you just offer a drive by opinion and leave never to return. At least this time you came back to defend your position, never mind that the position is indefensible. But hey, baby steps.
  8. Who is our 6th receiver??

    Or they decided a 6th WR is a luxury with how many players that have injuries and are uncertain to the ready for the start of the season.
  9. I don't think for a second that Ballard made this trade to make the Pats better. This is completely reasonable. There will be football in 2018 and beyond. They get a backup QB they like who comes with cost certainty for the next three years. And they gave up someone who had no ties to Ballard, has proven to be inconsistent at best, has been injured in his time in Indy, and has been called out by the coaches this year for not being on the field.
  10. one week from today.....

    For the life of me, I don't get this.
  11. You did not read the article I linked, did you?
  12. Read this article and learn something. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/08/31/colin-kaepernick-nfl-blackball-national-anthem-protests CliffsNotes for you 1. He is not very good at all - NFL teams have shown repeatedly they are willing to overlook horrendous character issues if a player could help them win. 2. He requires a specific offense to be successful that NFL teams really don't run 3. Teams do not want put in a 2nd offense to accommodate a backup QB
  13. Chappell's 53 Man Roster Prediction

    Vujnovich or however you spell his name started at RT the past two games. Clark was playing late into the 4th quarter in the last two preseason games as well.
  14. Chappell's 53 Man Roster Prediction

    At this point, PUP is not an option for Mewhort.