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  1. At this time of year, your guess is as good a guess as any. I do think you are heavy on d-linemen though. The back-end roster guys need to contribute on special teams (kick coverage) and that is not something that guys generally do.
  2. That is a pretty chicken little way of looking at it.
  3. You mean the owner's desire to increase revenue? No - it won't end.
  4. My sarcasm senses are all tingly right now.
  5. I am clearly debating with a savant of sorts.
  6. For the love of all that is holy... Can you please enlighten me on how I am disgracing him? It is a physical game and he plays among the more physical positions in the league. Massive fall offs happen every year to guys much younger than him. Not projecting or even wishing for it to happen. Just simply pointed out there are a few reasons why he could get cut.
  7. Agree he is someone respected in the locker room, but if they get to training camp and he hits the hole like my 100 year-old grandma, then they will cut him.
  8. This and some more of this... Veteran players like Gore get cut all the time for a variety of reasons. Here is a list of why he COULD be cut. 1) Mother nature is undefeated and he is old. There will come time, and it may be this year, when he has lost more than just a step. 2) It cost nothing to cut him - no dead cap 3) They have an expressed interest in getting younger (faster) - that is not a description of Gore right now. 4) The Colts have shown an interest in saving money I have no idea if he gets cut or not. Just saying that there are a few who seem like it is an impossibility and I think it is anything but.
  9. Tell me how your attempts to get him fired go.
  10. Holy smokes is that a bad post. You think Blount is the straw that stirs the Pats' drink?
  11. Once again the point has completely eluded you.
  12. I am not sure you recognize fact vs. opinion. And congrats on completely missing the point.
  13. You have created a reasonably interesting and thought provoking thread but a word of advice. You should stay away from comparisons like the above. You have no idea what he or anyone else on here does for a living or how hard those jobs may be. Maybe they are not as physically demanding as what NFL players go through but they most certainly could be more mentally taxing. There is one guy who posts here that is neurosurgeon. Or maybe they could be roofers or guys who work with asphalt in the summer. Or they could be stay at home moms who have jobs infinitely more taxing than NFL players. I just think you can make your point without using what really is a bad comparison.
  14. For so many reasons Dear God...
  15. Dear God...

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