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  1. What should Ballard do?

    Lots wrong with that statement. 1) It's a bad draft strategy overall and if you listen at all to Ballard, nothing close to what he believes in. 2) How appreciably better is Nelson than than say, the 5th rated guard? I would estimate the difference it would make in a team would not be that much.
  2. What should Ballard do?

    To me, taking an interior lineman at # 3 is a waste of the draft position they hope to never find themselves in again.
  3. More for Frank Gore?

    It's not up to Frank. It's up to Reich and Ballard if they think bringing him back is the right move. My guess is that we've seen the last of him as Colt, and probably rightly so.
  4. As said in the thread, both Tenn and Jacksonville get two games against a 4-12 team while Indy plays 4 games in division against playoff teams. The only place where there is a difference is with the two games against AFC teams that had a corresponding finish in the divisions that the AFC South does not play in a given year. This year the Colts play the Bengals and Raiders because those teams finished 3rd in their division like the Colts.
  5. Schefter reporting campbell is the favorite

    Have a hunch Campbell will no longer be the favorite tomorrow.
  6. Adam Schefter's lastest Tweet

    where is the tweet?
  7. Why not Dabo Swinney???

    He has lifer college coach written all over him.
  8. Why not Dabo Swinney???

    Umm, no.
  9. Why not Dabo Swinney???

    I would be willing to bet you were "bashed" not for the idea itself but more likely for the way over the top way in which your presented it. Back to the idea - he completely strikes me as a college coach.
  10. Dan Campbell to get Interview

    OK... And??? Trying to suggest that the order of interviews means who the favorite might be is a reach.
  11. Dan Campbell to get Interview

    I think that is a big reach. It could be that Reich had a previous commitment today in Philly.
  12. Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    Just curious, if Reich doesn't strike your fancy because he is boring and demeanor doesn't suggest to you he'd be a "leader of men" what have you seen from Toub or DeFilippo that suggests they would be?
  13. And at a far cheaper price.
  14. The line of what is labeled as true journalism these days is getting harder and harder to discern. There is a vast difference in a vetted and sourced story vs. what is put out by even "real" journalists on Twitter. I think this story has its roots with Florio, a noted Colts hater, who is all too happy to portray something as detrimental to Indy. Now I believe he got it from somewhere but how vetted is the story? Is one source good enough to run with it on Twitter? Or if confirmed by multiple parties, there is no detail into the context of why McDaniels apparently did not have the conversation but Patricia did. It could be completely innocuous. What really is confounding to me is that Florio is known for rumors but employed by NBC nonetheless.