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  1. jskinnz

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    All reasonable points. I will say that no one anticipated he would have a set back last year until he did. I guess that makes it a possibility for this year but I honestly don't believe for one second that will happen in 2018. if there had been such an issue, it strikes me as it would have happened by now. To your last line - i think you will be on here in October saying - "you know what boys & girls, I was wrong."
  2. jskinnz

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    I would disagree with the characterization of this is what we heard last year too. Last year the over-the-top commentary was from Irsay. Ballard was always more guarded. This year the positive vibes have come from Ballard. I think that means something along with some other tea leaves that are pretty positive. I get the point until he throws and we all see it, there will be doubt. My larger point was point # 2. Why settle on a random # like 2 games? If Luck is not out there week 1, then I would estimate he will never be out there again.
  3. jskinnz

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    This makes me scratch my head. 1) Why would you think that? Nothing from anyone inside the Colts brass has indicated he isn't right where they want him to be in 2018. They've also indicated that he will start throwing in training camp. 2) If there is any issue with Luck, which I don't believe there is, Brissett will be playing more than just the first two games of the season. If Luck has a problem not sure why you would think it will be a couple of games issue.
  4. jskinnz

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    A national reporter like her is not putting out that tweet on something so mundane.
  5. jskinnz

    Bleacher Report likes our offseason.

    I suspect you will be waiting a LONG time for that to happen.
  6. That just sounds ridiculous coming from a keyboard warrior.
  7. What a joke of a post. There are plenty of smart people who spent years in the NFL who have the same or similar feeling, such as Bill Polian and Rick Venturi. Polian last week chastised Mike Wells during the ESPN mock draft for leaving Smith on the board when he took Nelson. Venturi suggested that he really only considers guys who score the ball or knock down the QB to be "lottery" worthy. Those are just two and if you look hard enough there will be others who share the same point of view. You may disagree but that does not mean that @RomanianColtsFan is wildly off base with his thinking. In fact Nelson caused a lot of positional value discussion on this board and throughout the draft season.
  8. jskinnz

    Earl Grey

    I will freely admit to have been on the Roquan Smith bandwagon. Having said that - among the many things I like about the Nelson pick is the belief of what his attitude will do for ALL of the O'linemen. Dakich was talking about this today and how important it is. The other thing that stood out in the last couple of days was how much Ballard believed they got bullied last year on the offensive and defensive lines. Your hear that and understand why they went in the direction they did.
  9. jskinnz

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Do you think they had a trade lined up for a 5th round pick but passed for the 7th? They got something for him. The other option was simply to cut him and get nuttin. Instead they got something for a guy who no longer fit for what they wanted to do.
  10. jskinnz

    Trade for Shane Ray!

    Umm, no.
  11. jskinnz

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Thanks Capt. Obvious
  12. jskinnz

    Highlights of all of our draft picks

    To the bolded - agree completely which makes their mindless critiques even more ridiculous.
  13. jskinnz

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Didn't know it would be Anderson but was looking at the # of d'linemen this AM and figured they would have to do something.
  14. To the bolded - re: Hurst. Isn't painfully obvious they took him off the board altogether? I understand the talent but do the risks really outweigh the reward? Clearly they said no and the risk here is not just him not playing well but much, much worse - tragic even. To the bolder - re: this draft being blown. What if... * Nelson turns into a future Hall of Fame player? * Leonard turns out to be a quality starter for the next 7 or 8 years * They solidify a weak link and Braden Smith is another multi-year starter * And Turay develops into Robert Mathis light and Lewis helps make their d-line deep and formidable for the next 4 years? A lot of ifs but there would not have been any less ifs on whoever you wanted them to take. And really, isn't it incomprehensibly stupid to declare the draft a bust before they have even played a game for the Colts? Even declaring the 2018 draft a bust if we fast forward to this day in 2019 would be premature. A little-less chicken little nonsense would probably serve you well.