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  1. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    1. Gronk 2. Kelce 3. Ertz 4. Graham 5. Olsen Those for sure I will say are better than Doyle.
  2. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    Paul George joke
  3. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    Ball game
  4. 2017 draft grades

    Banner was the best pick he deserves an A. Everyone else gets a D
  5. It’s like Andrew luck vs rg3 and the other qbs. Barkley is Luck..
  6. Wilks for head coach
  7. KC coaches

    So trade a high first or second round pick for a backup qb. For 1 year?! If Ballard did this he would of been fired on the spot.
  8. KC coaches

    Pit of misery for this post. DILLY DILLY
  9. Teams of the future

    We trade Luck for Bortles and a pick . Other news trade our 1st and Curtis painter jersey for the jags defense
  10. Gridiron Heights

    The hidden messages “have seen Andrew luck in the spa” laquan treadmill Browns rebuild for 10 straight years
  11. Teams of the future

    Sadly Tom won’t retire till Andrew does. How many years has it been since we beat them?
  12. Teams of the future

    Alright what teams out of these list of teams do you think will have the best success in the next 5 years. Not including the COLTS. Rams - highest scoring offense. Young team with a great nucleus. Jags- Excellent defense with duo corners and great d line and a tank at running back but they have trash at qb Eagles- Young QB but overall a great team. Could be cowboys 2.0? With early success then second season decline? Probably not the case but... Texans- Watson 21 TDS in 7 games. Explosive offense and a good Defense when healthy. Plus they have Watt Raiders- Still need a defense and some better coaches. Still have Carr, Mack, and cooper and some good o lineman
  13. Looking at top 5 picks the last few years

    Chubb or Barkley is what the colts will probably go with. Bpa.