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  1. Draft the best player in the draft while adding more and more picks would be a great move
  2. We play them this year too
  3. Him and TY would be a good compliment
  4. runthepost

    NFL Playoffs Format

    What if the NFL went to an 8 team playoff in each conference like the NBA? Instead of a first round bye for the top 2 seeds they just gave a bye for all teams after the regular season and start the playoffs then?
  5. runthepost

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    True unless they fleece a team with poor management lol
  6. runthepost

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    They are getting Barkley or Chubb
  7. Talent wise outside of QB I say we are the worst team in the division. Record depends on how much Luck can mask the talent gap we have and same with coaching
  8. runthepost

    Some love for the Colts by Cowherd

    The jags ain’t taking a step back. They will win the division and 2 other teams will make the wildcard spots from the AFC south. Regardless the AFC south will send 3 teams to the playoffs
  9. runthepost

    Rams sign suh

    Wade is going to make them better than the 2015 Broncos. I am glad we don’t play them this year
  10. runthepost

    Status of Hooker

    I was wondering why I kept getting an error message lol
  11. runthepost

    Odell Beckham Situation

    You can’t be serious lol
  12. runthepost

    What If

  13. Let’s see.. Lebron James plays basketball but still changes stuff, sends thousands of kids to college, builds schools.. something politicians would never do out of their pocket. There shouldn’t be an issue with bringing social issues on a football platform or a sports platform.
  14. People are easily offended. Like I really don’t care about the player protest or have a problem with it. I just want to watch a football game
  15. If everyone ignores the post we can make it to 2 pages