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  1. If that's a knock on Mariota, then it's a bigger knock on Luck, who has missed more games in the same time span. Meanwhile, Mariota is back practicing with his team and playing in the preseason, while Luck is still rehabbing. I'm a huge Luck fan! But I can't call out Mariota for being injured when my favorite player has been more injured.
  2. I think they are looking for the best combination of players at each position. My take is that they like Green and think he can be amongst the best 4. At least, they want to give him a chance to show he can be amongst the top four.
  3. No, sadly I am not joking. I really do not think we would be favorites in any game. The lowly Jaguars have beaten us two years in a row, and in one of those wins, they scored 50+ points. They may suck year-in and year-out, but they are a tough match up for us, even with Luck. They have a better run game, better receiving corps, and a much, much better defense than the Colts. It all comes down to Bortles. Luck is better, but we don't know Luck's status as of now, do we? The Titans finished 9-7 last year. They finished second in the division while the Colts finished third. Their arrow is clearly pointing up. They have the best O-line in the division, (one of the best int he league), best run game in the division, and have bolstered their weak areas: D-backs and receivers. They have improved. The logic that the Titans have never beaten a Luck led Colts team isn't sound logic. Remember when we were saying that the Texans had never beaten the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium...never. Until they did. The Texans have the best defense in the division, and one of the best in the league. They have two players that are among the best in the league at their respective positions, Watt and Clowney. They have a better run game than the Colts. The only advantage we have is Luck, who again, is coming off of an injury and we do not yet know his status. I suspect that even if he plays, he will have trouble against a defense that beat him twice last year, and that was without Watt.
  4. We've had trouble beating the Jags. I don't think we'll be the favorites in any AFC South game.
  5. http://memes.doublie.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Richardson-2.jpg
  6. Luck's rookie year was so much fun. You would here these stories --legends, and you knew something great was about to happen. He was big, strong, and had the potential to be amongst the greats. He still is all those things, but the storyline has changed. According to the general media, he's over rated, injury prone, and a turnover machine. The player has remained the same, but public perceptions have changed.
  7. In the Pats division, who is actually a contender to stop them? Dolphins? Jets? Bills? They are going to the playoffs and you can pretty much pencil that in now. It's up to the rest of the AFC to challenge them in the playoffs. As of right now, I think it'll be back-to-back SuperBowl appearances for NE, unfortunately.
  8. C'mon Man!!!
  9. I see your point but respectfully, I disagree. And just for fun (and not any disrespect) the "Indianapolis Mannings" ars now the "Indianapolis Lucks'" just as the Forty Montanas became the Forty Youngs and the Green Bay Favres became the Green Bay Rogers.
  10. If Luck hits the PUP list and misses 6 games, chances are the season is lost - Pagano and crew are fired. Luck will walk into year 7 having learned yet another offense, and yet another year of his career wasted.
  11. That's great. Now if we could only get the other teams to play exactly like they did last year....
  12. IMO, the correct approach is to let the players compete and then base your judgement strictly on their performance and not their draft position. So far, I am happy that we are seeing the coaches allow the players to compete. If Rogers has outperformed Dorsett and Aiken, then he deserves to be receiver #3. I am happy that the coaches have taken this approach. As a fan, I want to see the best players out on the field representing my beloved Colts.
  13. I live in the California Bay Area and attended the last Colts vs. Niners game (Luck vs. Harbaugh). It was interesting because I am sure that many of the fans had rooted for Luck when he was at Stanford, being the local superstar college QB. There were many Colts fans in the audience (much more than I expected) and the Niner fans were fine. There was a fight, but it was between the Niners fans -- infighting.
  14. I agree that 5 wins is too low. But for those saying that just because we have Luck we win X amount of games need to consider that the past 3 years a Drew Brees led Saints team has only won 7 games, going 7-9 three consecutive years. Brees is one of the best in the game currently. Basically, it takes more than a top-tier QB to be a winning team. The Colts have the worst defense in the division.
  15. I'm just curios how often a GM would have a say in the game plan or scheme that a particular team should run. (This is an honest question, no sarcasm implied). Basically, I think that if a GM wants his team to run a particular type of offense, he hires a coach that runs that style of offense, but I could be wrong.

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