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  1. A Renewed Colts Team in 2018

    You can make a good argument that Pagano never had the players necessary to form a good team, and he especially did not have the O-lineman for it. On the flip side, you can make an argument that his offensive philosophy, (ground & Pound with no misdirection, and a love of the deep ball) is what attributes to these horrible O-lines. Regardless, I think it's clear that the team will move on from him now, whether it was his fault entirely or not. (There is still a chance the team retains Pagano, but very slim, IMO). This will be an interesting off season because there will be so much to talk about.
  2. A Renewed Colts Team in 2018

    Agreed. Part of why I started this thread is to show some people that hiring a new head coach and staff will not be a magic pill. Actually, a new coach and staff, new schemes, etc... presents its own set of new problems.
  3. Oh, I completely agree. This season is and was painful to watch. Looking forward to next season where we can gripe about new problems...lol.
  4. This is a product of more than just the O-line. Overall, this is exactly what you should expect when the offensive scheme is to go for the long ball as often as we do. Also, both Luck and Brisett hold onto the ball too long. I think this is a combination of the offensive scheme, receivers not getting open, and the QBs just knowing that they can't give up on plays because a) the defense will not hold; b) they must make plays because no one else will.
  5. Glass Half-Full Outlook: 1. The Colts fire a great man, but not a great coach, (Pagano). Ballard hires a new head coach and allows the new head coach to choose his coaching staff. 2. Luck returns healthy and ready to play in 2018. With over a year of rest, and a full off season to get re-acclimated, he is ready to roll. 3. Ballard adds talent to the O-line position via free agency. The new blocking schemes are far more effective and less complicated, allowing the players to play fast and physical. The new offense focuses on shorter timing routes, getting the ball out fast, not asking the O-line to block for 3+ seconds every pass play. 4. Ballard adds more overall talent to the team through the draft. The new players make an impact to the team in 2018 and going forward. 5. With the new coaching staff, Luck, and infusion of new talent, the 2018 Colts are ready to challenge for the AFCS title and make a playoff run in hopes to win it all. Glass Half-Empty Outlook: 1. The new coaching staff could mean a total change in philosophy, resulting in a need for far too many new players. Existing players no longer fit the scheme and they do not play well. 2018 is the beginning of yet another re-build. The team struggles, learning to fit into the new system, using 2018 as a learning year. 2. Luck returns somewhat healthy and is hesitant to "sling" the ball, leading to a conservative offense. Luck struggles (as expected) and leaves doubt about whether he will ever fully recover. 3. The O-line, despite new talent and new scheme continue to struggle because they are learning new schemes and have not played together long enough to build cohesion. 4. The new players make a positive impact, however, they are still rookies and make rookie mistakes. These mistakes could be the difference between a W or a an L. 5. With the new coaching staff, Luck will not only have to return to football, he will have to get his body adjusted, and his mind wrapped around new concepts. It will be too much all at once and he will struggle. His struggles lead to a stagnant offense, which in-turn affect the defense and we do not accomplish our goals in 2018. Which is the more likely scenario in 2018?
  6. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    Earlier in the thread I had said that we’d jump out to a first half lead and then lose the game in the second half. Some people suggested that it would be different tonight because the Broncos are real bad. I said I wasn’t going to fall for that trick. I had Seen the Colts play too many times to think we’d win tonight. I expected to lose based on this team’s play in 2017.
  7. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    First half lead, second half meltdown, just like it was scripted....for so many games this year.
  8. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    It's a battle between a 3-win team (Colts) and a 4-win team (Broncos). I'm not expecting much from either team, and I'm also not expecting a W for the Colts. If they do win, great. If not, no worries -- better draft position.
  9. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    I've watched us enough not to fall for that trick anymore.
  10. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    Hold on guys....it's just the first half. We're following the script. Build a first half lead and then totally collapse in the second half.
  11. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    Quincy Wilson getting tested. Good play at the goal line after giving up the big catch to D. Thomas.
  12. What makes Wilson special is his ability to avoid the rush— not just in the pocket, but all over the place. He’s Houdini on the field, and he uses that ability to create time, which allows his receivers to get open. I don’t see that with Mayfield. He’s neither Wilson nor Manziel, more of a Case Keenum to me.
  13. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    You called it....
  14. Go Chuck, go!

    Stahp! Merge this crap. Enough already...we get it.
  15. Early Christmas Gift from NCF to you!

    The D-linemen graded out really well. I think it goes right along with how well we’ve been able to stop the run. The edge rushers graded out as average, with the exception of Sheard who graded out as high quality. No no one on offense had a high grade, except Castonzo. T.Y. Had an average grade while Moncrief and Aiken had a poor grade. Just for fun, I checked out the PFF grades for the 10-2 Eagles and noticed that their O-line and D-line graded out much better than ours. Of course, so did their QB. Also, their receivers, (thanks to their QB) graded out better than ours. Their LBs and corners graded out better while Patrick Robinson graded out as elite.