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  1. You can't trade him unless he's healthy. If he's healthy, why would you want to trade him? He's just getting into his prime.
  2. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    We have a head coach that is fighting to keep his job and many other coaches in the same boat. They will not want to throw the rookies out to the wolves for evaluation. They want to play the players that they think provide the best chance to win. If Luck eventually gets healthy enough to play to this year, Pagano will want him to play because Luck gives the Colts the best chance to win.
  3. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    This appears to be more than just soreness. Ballard is addressing this and he wouldn't need to if it were just soreness. He mentioned that Luck is taking cortisone shots and would not commit if and when Luck would return to practice. He also did not commit to Luck playing this year. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000863565/article/colts-shut-down-andrew-luck-due-to-shoulder-soreness
  4. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Ivan Drago. ”Whatever he hits, he destroys!” - Russian Trainer
  5. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Ivan Drago....is that you? (Rocky IV reference)
  6. I wanted to get a very general understanding of what this team does well -- what our strengths are. Unfortunately, we don't do anything well. Perhaps punting, as Rigo Sanchez has been outstanding. OFFENSE: League ranking out of 32 teams Total offense - #27 Rushing - #20 Passing - #26 Defense: League ranking out of 32 teams Total defense - #31 Rush Defense - #19 (#18 YPA) Passing - #30 I understand that our passing offense is going to struggle without Andrew Luck, so I will not worry about that too much. It will also effect our offense's ability to run, since teams will not worry too much about our passing game and can focus on stopping the run. We have been excited about our run defense, but it's not good. It's below average, however, it's an improvement for the Colts who were ranked #25 last year. Some will say that poor offensive play has led to the struggles on defense, but I will point out that for years the Texans and the Jaguars have had horrible QB play, yet have maintained a good defense, (Texans #1 and Jaguars #6 last year, Cleveland Browns #8 this year). We cannot use that as an excuse. It's simple, this year's Colts team is not good. It's part of a rebuild and I see that talent is better than we've had in years past. I think this team will gradually improve as the year progresses and we will be more competitive next year.
  7. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    Yup. How long had we said that the HoustonTexans had a great defense but no consistency on offense due to Bad QB play? A good defense doesn’t need excuses. The Colts do not have a good defense.
  8. My post relates in particular to Jim Harbaugh. If we decide to go with him, we would have to look at it like we are hiring a coach the same way as adding a Free Agent, He will be here for a few years and then be on his way. Of course, coaches can stay for a long time, but league wide, there is a coaching carousel. There is even a name for the day coaches get fired, Black Monday (I believe).
  9. Coaches, like players have a shelf life. Neither of them will be here for too long. I would not mind Harbaugh for 4 years. He would come in and improve the team. We would be very competitive and have a chance every year with him at a Superbowl. Then he will eventually wear out his welcome and we would be in the same position that we are now -- looking for our next coach. It's not as big of a risk in my opinion. We would essentially gain 4 years of really good football in exchange for some drama in the back office. He will wear out his welcome, as he has done everywhere he's coached. You just have to decide if you are willing to deal with the drama for good football.
  10. If Luck doesnt play next week

    Luck is not playing next week. He's already been ruled out. The decision to place him on IR was made before week 1 of the season. At that time, they were hopeful that 1) he could practice with the team as part of his recovery back on to the field; 2) he may have recovered fast enough to have played within the first 6 weeks. Unfortunately he has not gotten to the point where he can play, but he has been practicing. He would not have been able to practice with the team if he was IR'd.
  11. Time to look to next season

    I can’t see any way Pagano sticks around. We’ve given him enough rope, unfortunatley, well....
  12. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    We’ve only beaten teams with a combined 0-12 record. We’re 1 game out of first in the division today. It will be 2 next week and then you can do the math for the remainder of the schedule. Let’s enjoy the games this year, and be pleased if we get a win, but more importantly, let’s look forward to next year.
  13. Time to look to next season

    You don’t think they practice catching? They don’t practice ball security? This game is on the players, and that’s alright. We don’t have to argue about that. There are plenty of examples of when it’s coaching. Tonight, the players let the coaches down.
  14. Time to look to next season

    Doyle had a drop and then later a fumble. That’s on the player. Moncrief dropped an easy TD. It was a good call, good pass, but Moncrief didn’t haul it in. That’s on the player. There plenty of mistakes made tonight by the players. I’m no Pagano Guy, but this game came down to the players taking a dump on the field, more than the coaches inabilities.
  15. For some reason, he and Carlos Hyde have been in the dog house with the new coaches. I think Bowman wanted a trade and was not able to get traded, so they parted ways. Bowman has been injured and slowed down by his injuries. Bowman obviously feels that he has come back from his injuries while the coaching staff felt otherwise.