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  1. It seems like EVERYBODY understands this, except the Colts coaching staff -- which is so frustrating. The most important thing is to protect Luck, right? Coaches response: Let's have him take 7-step drops on long developing plays on nearly every snap.
  2. I actually do not expect a big year for Andrew this year. He hasn't thrown a ball for months and will not throw until basically week 1 -- if he's even ready by then. He will struggle to adjust to the lack of velocity on his throws and will struggle with finding the right touch on his deep ball for the first half of the year. It only makes sense to temper my enthusiasm, knowing that he has been rehabbing from a shoulder injury/surgery this off-season.
  3. I'm thinking this was Pagano and Grigson: "Banner recently pitched Decker to a head coach. He could tell the coach was sold, but he said the GM would never welcome another voice in the draft room. "It's going to take a team with a fresh approach," Lombardi says. "It's a challenge for Brian." CB is the new GM with a new approach.
  4. Hey, Doug. I haven't read through the entire thread, but have noticed that you prefer Humphrey over Hooker. Out of curiosity, Who do you think is the better player? I am aware that they play different positions and it's hard to compare equally, but if you had to choose between the two as who would be the better player, who do you choose?
  5. I think the Jaguars will select Lamp to shore up their O-line and to block for their new RB, Fournet.
  6. Not to single you out, but you have brought up this point: Just 1 year of experience. The lack of experience is a concern, however, think of it this way -- He played 1 year and showed that he was one of the best defensive players in the country. If he had more experience, we wouldn't have had a shot at drafting him. He is going to get better...much better. We go a steal.
  7. Michael Jordan Barry Sanders Andrew Luck Peyton Manning
  8. If you need 4 hard fought yards, Gore will get it. If you need 10 yards, Gore will get you 4 hard fought yards... Gore is fantastic, but he's not a break-away threat. It would be nice to have that in a young RB.
  9. 1. Tom Brady 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Russell Wilson 4. Matt Ryan 5. Andrew Luck
  10. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I stand corrected.
  11. It depends on the players mindset: Do I take the guaranteed money since the average NFL career is very short, and only the top players earn large contracts, or do I believe in myself enough to play for a team with the best opportunity to start. If I start, I can showcase my talents and earn a big contract. The decision would come down to Cleveland or Indy.
  12. The Colts last year were a good "middle of the field" team, but not especially good in the red zone. Far too often, the Colts had to settle for a field goal. Adding another big bodied receiver, (similar height to Moncrief) adds another red zone weapon. I believe in competition. Let the best players earn their playing time. If that's Aiken, great. If that's Doresett, great. Let the best players play and use the best of their abilities -- use them wisely as the situation calls.
  13. The AFC South had 3 teams finish with an even record or winning record. The Colts finished 8-8 while the Texans and Titans both finished with winning records, 9-7. The NFC West had 3 teams finish with losing records.
  14. Hypothetically, if we signed POE, he would have been a starter for our defense this year. IF he produced at a Pro-Bowl level, that's a good thing. We would have a shot at re-signing him, before Free Agency began. If he decides to leave, we would get a compensatory pick. Again, that's a good thing and a return in value. I don't think that I am acting as though Free Agency is over and that no one else can be signed. Agree, there are still plenty of players available.
  15. 1. New England had the #1 scoring defense, and we already know about their prolific offense. They have plenty of play makers. They signed Talib, and then signed Revis (Super Bowl victory) and just signed Gilmore this Free Agency. Atlanta just signed POE, which is what many would have been satisfied with as a big free agent pickup. I agree that Green Bay and Pittsburgh do a good job building through the draft. If anything, those 4 teams illustrate that there is more than 1 way to get it done. 2. The Texans do not have a quality QB. The Giants are adding play makers, however, I wouldn't say that they have plenty of play makers. KC is a good team with an above average QB. What happens to KC in the playoffs is what you would expect. 3. I don't think that anyone is advocating that we "Break the Bank" for a few difference makers. I think it's reasonable to pay players what the market dictates their value is. If we wait to pay for play makers, (AKA- add depth now and next year or the year after go after high-end FA's) that's fine, just note that the market is only going up. 4. Jacksonville had the #6 defense, after being ranked at the bottom the past few years.

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