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  1. JCPatriot

    2018 Colts Road Games

    I went to the Philly game the last time the Colts played there. That was the game that Austin Collie got carted out on a stretcher. The things that were getting shouted at him while he was lying on the ground waiting for the stretcher were......well......I don't like to think about them. At pretty much any other stadium that I have been to, the fans will back off some and show some respect to a seriously injured player.......especially while he is lying on the ground immobilized waiting to be carted off the field. Not Philly. They literally add insult to injury. I've been to Colts games in Baltimore, Washington, Philly, New York (well, New Jersey really), and New England. (One of the benefits of living in the northeast. Lots of NFL stadiums within day-trip range.) Philly, in my experience, is a different animal. You get taunted any time you go to an away game. That is a given and expected. At every other stadium that I have been to, the taunting was just good natured ribbing. Philly was the only stadium where I felt like I needed to watch my back. Now, nothing ever got out of hand, but it definitely felt less like good natured ribbing and more like a message. "You are not welcome here, so occupy the seat that you paid for, shut up, and keep to yourself." With that said, I will probably go again this year if I haven't moved out of state before then. It wasn't bad enough to keep me away. My general rule of thumb at away games is, "Do not escalate the situation." For the most part, people will be cool but you are bound to have a few *s that try to start something with you. When that happens, just let it roll off you and don't escalate it. They generally don't persist if you don't give them the rise that they're looking for. It's not a home game, so don't act like you're at home.
  2. JCPatriot

    New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    Hard to tell. I haven't seen a real good replay view of it. It didn't look like the defender was holding onto him in real time, though. It looked like he was using his free arm to hold off the defender......either with physical separation or by keeping his arm down. If the defender was holding onto his arm, then it definitely should have been defensive PI. If not, I would say offensive PI. Seems like it should have been something, though.
  3. JCPatriot

    New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    How was that not offensive PI? The way I understand the rule is that the receiver and defender have an equal right to the ball. If a defender held down a receiver's arm so that he couldn't make a play on the ball, that would be defensive PI. So when the offensive player holds down the defenders arm so that he can't make a play on the ball, why is that not offensive PI? Don't get me wrong. Amazing catch. Spectacular concentration. But how is it legal?
  4. JCPatriot

    Snow Games

    On a side note, the first time that I ever saw Randy Moss play was in the MAC Championship game between Marshall and Toledo. The game was played in a snowstorm. They were doing everything they could just to keep the sidelines, goal lines, and 20-yard lines visible. Moss lit up the Toledo defense.
  5. JCPatriot

    The 2 point conversion penalty

    ...but he's not bitter.
  6. JCPatriot

    The 2 point conversion penalty

    That's not fake news. It's called confirmation bias. It is something that engineers and scientists have to be aware of and try not to engage in any time that they are analyzing data.
  7. JCPatriot

    Snow Games

    There are two things that define football for me: 1. It is a balance between brute power, technique, and strategy. It is kind of like war in that respect, but without all the killing. 2. It is an all-weather game. It used to be that, in order to be successful, you couldn't build your team too much toward any one thing. You had to find a balance between power and speed that would maximize your ability to win in the largest variety of conditions that you were most likely to face. With the way that the rules have been modified to favor speed and the passing game over defense and the power running game, teams that build in favor of the power side of the game are at a disadvantage. That has forced teams to focus on speed and passing in order to compete, but it diminishes the ability of teams to function in less-than-ideal conditions. So when you have these extreme bad-weather games, they tend to not be very good games. I think that leads to the sentiment that snow/rain/mud/etc. ruin the game when, in actuality, I think the rule changes have ruined the ability of the game to function as well in those conditions. They have taken an all-weather game and put rules in place that encourage organizations to build their teams so that they can't function in all weather conditions. With that said, nothing will get me to turn on a game that I would normally ignore like a good snowstorm. I so wanted to be able to watch this game today.
  8. JCPatriot

    Browns cant go 0-16, can they?

    Poor Browns fans............we know all too well how it feels to watch your team blow leads.
  9. JCPatriot

    The 2 point conversion penalty

    Could be that the visibility was poor, the ref thought that he saw a penalty but did not have enough confidence to call it, and then the Buffalo players started complaining about the same thing the ref thought he saw. That could have given the ref the little additional bit of confidence in what he thought he saw to throw the flag. I'm not saying that is what happened. I'm just speculating.
  10. JCPatriot

    Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    It was time, but it does serve as a good case study of how making a change doesn't necessarily mean that you will get something better. NY Giant fans were calling for Coughlin's head pretty loudly before they won their first Super Bowl. Then that sentiment quieted for obvious reasons. Then it started to build again, not as loudly. Then they won a second Super Bowl. Then it quieted again. Then it started building again until there was a significant fan voice calling for his head. Ownership decided it was time and parted ways with him. Then they hired McAdoo...........and, well, yuck. So if I had to rate those decisions. 1. Keeping Coughlin prior to first Super Bowl despite calls from the fan base to fire him. - GOOD DECISION 2. Keeping Coughlin prior to second Super Bowl despite calls from the fan base to fire him. - GOOD DECISION 3. Firing Coughlin in agreement with calls from the fan base to fire him. - GOOD DECISION 4. Promoting McAdoo to head coach (not sure what the fan opinion was on this). - BAD DECISION Now, I have the benefit of hindsight here, but the point is that the Giants' ownership made decisions based on what they thought was best for the team, not what the fan base wanted. This didn't result in all good decisions, as the opinion to promote McAdoo was clearly a terrible decision, but it resulted in more good decisions than following the whims of the fan base would have.
  11. JCPatriot

    Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I'm talking about today. I am not saying that there have not been games this season where they have not given full effort. I don't think you want to make rash decisions immediately following a game, though. Take some time and look at the film to determine exactly what is going on first. If guys are quitting on plays, it should be evident from the film and if that is the case, then I agree. You cut them.
  12. JCPatriot

    Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Yes, it is. There are multiple forms of inept ownership, and one form is the owner that thinks that his decisions are correct and that he knows best no matter what kind of results he sees on a year-to-year basis. Irsay probably has a little bit of that streak in him, but it could be a lot worse. Irsay used to be the GM (under his father) and make actual football decisions. He realized that he wasn't very good at that and decided to get people that are better than him to make those decisions. In general, he tends to defer decisions to people that know better than him, although he does get involved from time to time. From what I have read, it was Irsay that told Polian to go get Dungy as head coach. It was likely Irsay that forced Ballard to stick with Pagano this season. So yes, an owner that makes all the decisions and sticks with them because he knows better regardless of what the actual results say is big trouble for an organization..........provided that the owner makes bad decisions. On the flip side of that, though, an owner that makes decisions based on what the fans want to see is big trouble for an organization no matter what.......because that is NEVER a good way to run an organization. That is how the Jets run their organization and a big reason why the Jets are where they are. On the flip side of that, Giants fans were calling loudly for Coughlin's head........until they won the Super Bowl.
  13. I'm not saying that you're wrong, just that you would think the tie breakers would be the same. By this logic, why is strength of schedule one of the last tie breakers for playoff seeding?
  14. JCPatriot

    Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Of course it worries me. As I initially stated, I am in the camp that thinks that Pagano needs to go. I think that is overdue. I was opposed to bringing him back for this season. However, if Irsay starts making decisions of this nature based on potential fan backlash, then I am much more worried about that. If Pagano is fired, it should be because either: 1. Irsay believes that retaining Pagano is not what is best for the future of the Colts. or 2. Irsay puts the choice of head coach in Ballard's hands (the way it should be), and Ballard decides to fire him. If Irsay starts making decisions of this nature based on fan backlash, then we, as Colts fans, have much bigger problems than Pagano. That doesn't mean that Pagano is no longer a problem. He is still a problem, but now we have a bigger problem that cannot be fixed by firing and hiring new personnel........because you can't fire the owner. And when the owner starts making decisions based on what the fans want to see, it rarely ends well.
  15. JCPatriot

    Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    If that is how Irsay is making decisions, then I am VERY worried about the future of this team. When the owner starts just doing what he thinks the fans want to see despite his better judgment, well, look to the Jets for how that turns out.