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  1. So yes, they make them and it looks like they are available in the USA. Appliances-_-Dsa Major Appliances-_-&k_clickID=85005ffd-09dd-43db-9826-94f83731fe8a&gclid=CIOuq8WAydUCFZKNswodKnkJYw
  2. I think I am definitely going to do something like this. I love the idea of not having to have a vent installed and not having to empty water out of it. I spent almost the entire month of July in France for work, and while I was there I rented a little one-room house from a guy on airbnb. The house had a combined washer/dryer in the same machine, and I'm pretty sure the dryer was ventless and probably drained out the same line as the washer (since they are the same machine, it would make sense). I would love to get something like that if they are available in the USA. Then I wouldn't even have to have a new drain installed. And I could sell the existing washer and dryer second hand to pay for part of the cost of the new one.
  3. Every NFL game that I have ever been to, I bought the tickets off of eBay. Never had a problem. I don't think it is as easy to buy through eBay as it used to be, though. I think they changed the way that works.
  4. I can tell you that, as of this past February, they still had open mic nights at the Slippery Noodle. I went to one after work on, I think, a Thursday evening. I don't know if they have them on the weekends, though, or if they book bands. The one that I went to was a blues jam.
  5. I refuse to do business with Ticketmaster. There have been some concerts that I've just not gone to because the only way I could get tickets was through Ticketmaster, and I just won't do it.
  6. I get the comparison. It's just a bad comparison. You're comparing somebody that buys an object and resells it for (hopefully) more than they paid for it to somebody that extorts money from women that are selling their bodies to get by. When you start talking in that kind of hyperbole, it's hard to take you seriously. A better comparison would be a drug dealer because at least a drug dealer is buying and reselling an object (assuming the drug dealer isn't producing his own product), but the only reason that drug dealers are seedy is because drugs are illegal. Nobody has the same outlook towards, say, a pharmacy, which does the same thing with legal drugs.
  7. That's kind of harsh.
  8. From the list, I would pick Favre's starting streak. That is 18+ 16-game seasons without missing a start. That is crazy. In terms of records standing the test of time, though, I picked something not on the list. Cordarrelle Patterson's record for longest kickoff return (109 yards). I wouldn't be surprised if this record gets tied a few times but it will be very difficult to break, not due to the talent required, but just due to the size of an NFL field. The kicker would have to drop a kickoff within a yard of the back of the end zone, the returner would have to field it without stepping out of bounds, and then he has to return it for a TD.
  9. Yeah, I would like to see numbers for just a random sample of the general population.......although, the numbers that they presented might give a glimpse. They reported... 110 of 111 former NFL players 48 of 53 former college players 3 of 14 former high school players That would suggest that the rate goes up as the level of play goes up, although the numbers are skewed since the sample is a voluntary sample. If you are concerned that you have CTE, then you probably have a higher than normal chance of having CTE. But even with skewed numbers, it seems that the rate does go up at higher levels of play, just maybe not as much as these numbers would indicate. That could be for two reasons that I can think of. The first reason is the cumulative effects of playing for a longer time period. The second reason is harder, more violent hitting at the higher levels of play. The other thing that I would like to know is more specific information about the high school players that were studied, since they are the closest thing that we have to a sample of the general population. Were these players that played in high school, stopped playing after high school, lived their lives, and then died at a normal age? Or were these former players that died young for some reason? If they are players that died young, then it is possible that the reason that they have a lower rate of CTE is simply because they are younger than the other people studied. Maybe people naturally develop CTE as they age. It might have nothing to do with football. On the other hand, if they died at a normal age, then it has been 50+ years since they played football. High school football has changed quite a bit in the past 50+ years. So I would imagine that rate will probably go up if you fast forward to the point where today's high school players are dying. All of this is why numbers for sample groups that have nothing to do with football would be useful to compare against. A random population sample, people that jog every day, people that operate jackhammers on construction sites, human cannonballs, etc.
  10. Yeah, I don't understand why people seem surprised by this sometimes. It's not just like this in the NFL or in sports. It's like this in every occupation. If you have a special skill set that is valuable to the company and is difficult to replace, then you can get away with more than somebody that can be easily replaced by somebody else that does the same thing just as well. That's life.
  11. Never give me the odds.
  12. I wish my mustache was half as cool. I also wish that I could wear shades without looking ridiculous.
  13. I think we have a decent (not great) grasp on what types of information are stored in what parts of the brain and what parts of the brain are used for what types of activities, but when it comes to how that information is stored we have no idea. The brain is just this mass of wet organic material (that consumes an incredible amount of energy), and somehow information is stored in that wet mass.
  14. Sorry. ECI = East Central Indiana (Muncie/Anderson area) It is an acronym that is somewhat commonly used for the area. If you read the Muncie Star, they use it quite a bit (at least, they used to) in their local articles. I should have known not to use it on a general forum, though. On the topic of Pizza King, when we used to get carry-out pizza from Pizza King back when I lived in Indiana (we lived too far out in the sticks for anybody to deliver to our house), it would usually come in a box with a picture of a king on it that said "Sir Pizza." About 15 years ago, I was driving down to Kentucky for a family reunion and I stopped off somewhere to get something to eat along the way. I think it was in Lexington. And I actually saw a Sir Pizza restaurant with the same king picture and everything. I had already eaten at that point so I didn't go in, but that is the only time that I have ever seen or heard of Sir Pizza. Does anybody know what the connection with Pizza King is or why all the Pizza King boxes say Sir Pizza on them (or used to)?
  15. So one recurring theme that I tend to have in dreams is that I'm trying to do something and failing at it. And then I wake up in a semi-panic that I have to do this thing that I was failing at. I had one last night/this morning. I dreamed that I was taking a test. Why? I don't know. I don't even remember what the subject matter of the test was. So I had an hour to take this test, and I buzzed through it pretty easily because all of the questions were easy. So then I doodled for a little while. Then I realized that there were also questions on the back sides of the sheets that I didn't see. At this point, I only had 20 minutes left. So I started working through the questions on the back sides of the sheets, and they were a lot harder than the questions on the front sides. And I realized that I wasn't going to finish in time. Then I woke up in a mild panic, thinking that I have to hurry and finish this test. Then I looked around and realized, "Wait a minute. I don't have to finish any test," and went back to sleep.

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