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  1. I wash all of my reds together, and yes, you get red dryer lint when you do that, but it's usually a pale red. One load usually isn't enough to fill the lint trap, though, so there are usually other colors mixed in as well by the time I actually empty the trap and set them all free to roam about their new home in the garbage can. Do you ever feel like a racist bigot for segregating your laundry?
  2. I wish people that I actually know felt that way. Everybody that I know just gets annoyed when I ask questions like that. I guess that's better than having to raise your hand with either one or two fingers extended to indicate #1 or #2...... Not enough information. Are you both moving 50 mph in the same direction? If you're moving 50 mph in opposite directions, then good luck getting a football to him.
  3. Got to see this band live last night. We're Ghosts Now - Haunt Me
  4. Just randomly stumbled across this today.... The Cosmics - Johnny
  5. If you're looking for the Captain Sunshine episode, it's Season 4 Episode 2. I will also warn you that the show can be extremely vulgar at times. It's not for kids. So if you are easily offended by vulgarity, then don't watch.
  6. Since there has been some discussion about music, I decided to gravedig this thread. Today's excursion started with me listening to a lovely song called "I'll Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie. Death Cab for Cutie - I'll Follow You Into the Dark From there, I stumbled upon an equally lovely cover of that song by a young lady named Daniela Andrade. Daniela Andrade - I'll Follow You Into the Dark (Death Cab for Cutie Cover) That led me to listen to the EP that she released last summer. I can't decide whether or not I like it. I don't hate it, but at the same time it seems a little too subdued for me. Some of the visuals are beautiful, though. They really went all out while shooting the videos. Daniela Andrade - Digital Age Daniela Andrade - Sound Daniela Andrade - Come Around Daniela Andrade - Shore One thing that I definitely don't like about it are the breaks where they stop the music and talk. They really interrupt the flow of the music. It's like they were trying to make a mini-movie, and it just doesn't work for me. Also, I think the music is somewhat overproduced. She has a lovely voice, and somehow that doesn't come through in these tracks. For example, here is an acoustic version of the last song that I enjoy quite a bit. I think these songs work better when they're just an acoustic guitar and her voice. Daniela Andrade - Shore
  7. Wait, do you regularly wake up without underpants??? Because that doesn't happen to me. The only time I wake up without underpants is if I go to bed without underpants........which, admittedly, happens quite a bit this time of year. If this is a regular occurrence for you, I'd be a little concerned.
  8. If you like parodies, there is a show called The Venture Brothers that parodies shows from this time period. The loose theme of the show is, "What happens when boy adventurers grow up?" They have a character called Captain Sunshine that is kind of a combination parody of Batman and Superman. Captain Sunshine's boy sidekick is called Wonder Boy. Wonder Boy is constantly getting killed or replaced for some reason, so there is an episode where one of the main characters becomes the new Wonder Boy. It is full of innuendo that is meant to lead you to believe that Captain Sunshine is a pedophile, but it's all actually completely innocent. There is another episode where one of the main characters attends a support group for ex-boy adventurers. One of the people at the support group is an ex-Wonder Boy that got "traded in for a newer model." It's pretty funny if you like that kind of humor. If you don't like that kind of humor, well, then you won't find it funny.
  9. Holy exploding shark!!! Batman is dead?
  10. That's funny. I'm almost exactly the opposite. I almost never know the people that I interact with in my dreams. They have faces. They have names. I talk to them like I know them, but they are almost never people that I actually know (or even know who they are) outside of the dream. Like the guy in the trench coat from my *-out dream. During the dream I knew who he was, but he is not somebody that I've ever met or know in real life. Locations, though, my dreams very often (not always) happen in locations that I am familiar with. Sometimes it's an unfamiliar location (like the muddy field from my *-out dream), but it is usually somewhere that I have been and know. The weird thing, though, is that the locations are usually jumbled together and not right. Like, I might be back at my home in Indiana, and then I go outside and I'm on campus at college in Missouri. One thing that happens often is that I will be in a familiar location, but things are jumbled and I get confused and think, "No, this isn't the way things should be." For example, I had a dream once that I was back in marching band in high school. My band director in high school was really big on being on time for stuff. Being late was a major sin. So we were marching a parade in my home town, and I was supposed to be at the park at a certain time. So I rode my bike there, but when I got to the park the park wasn't there. And so I'm riding around town trying to find the park and freaking out because I'm going to be late, and I stop and ask somebody and they tell me to take the river road out of town. And I'm thinking in my head, "No, this isn't right. That's not where the park is. That isn't where we met for parades." So I take the river road out of town, and I end up in this park that was outside of town where I went to college in Missouri. And I start to think back, and I realize that everything that I saw in town wasn't stuff that was in my home town back in Indiana. It was stuff that was in the town where I went to college in Missouri. And then I just get confused and wake up, like why didn't I notice this before now?
  11. Yes! There were a couple locations in ECI that also had that. I think the game was usually Pac Man (or Ms. Pac Man). My dentist when I was a kid also had one of those video game tables in his waiting room. The really cool Pizza King is the one in Lafayette that has the little train set that goes around to the tables to bring you your drinks. Even though I went to Purdue, I've only been to that one a couple times. Maybe only once. I never had money for Pizza King when I was in college.
  12. Not just the Capcom games. Video games in general had some really good music during that time period. Legend of Zelda had some great music. The Final Fantasy games had some great music. The Mega Man II intro has always stood out in my head for some reason, though. Have you ever listened to the orchestrated versions of some of those old 8-bit midi songs that people have created? It's amazing how some of those songs sound when they are played with the timbre, articulation, and dynamics of orchestral instruments instead of just midi tones. For example, here's the original 8-bit midi version of the Mega Man II theme and then an orchestral arrangement of the same song. Mega Man II Intro - Original 8-bit Midi Version Mega Man II Intro - Orchestral Version My only real criticism of the orchestral version is that the main melody doesn't have the same driving tempo as the original midi. It might actually be the same tempo in terms of beats per minute, but it doesn't feel like it drives forward like the original does. It feels more relaxed, and that section needs to drive hard to contrast the slow stuff at the beginning.
  13. Yeah, electric dryer. I'm kind of familiar with the indoor vent kits. I've never actually used them, but I've looked into them before. I'm talking about an electric dryer that is designed to be ventless.
  14. Both of these happened in the same dream for me. Or maybe not. I don't know if this dream would really be described as vivid or scary, but it shook me up pretty bad at the time and it is one of the few dreams that I vividly remember after over a decade. Normally I know that I'm dreaming while I'm dreaming, but this felt real and I broke down and cried after I woke up. I don't remember exactly what got us to this point. There was stuff that led up to this, but I don't remember those details any more. My memory starts with my hands tied behind my back. I'm barefoot, and I guy in a trench coat is leading me forcibly through a muddy field in the rain. There is nothing growing in the field. The ground has just been plowed, so it is a muddy mess. We walk through the field for a ways, and then he shoves me to my knees in the mud. He reaches into is trench coat and pulls out a pistol. He places the pistol against my temple, pulls the trigger, and *click*......nothing. He fumbles with the gun for a moment, puts it back against my temple and pulls the trigger again. Again, *click*.......nothing. Then he pulls the trigger two more times with the same result. *click*........nothing. After the last click, I shout at the top of my lungs, "Just do it already!" He pulls the trigger one last time, *bang!* And then I jerked awake just drenched in a cold sweat and cried my eyes out for a few minutes. I've never had a dream like that before or since. I've had dreams before where I have died or been murdered in the dream, but not like that. Something about that dream just shook me up. Yeah, me too. I don't talk about those with people, generally, but they are a fairly regular occurrence. Maybe I'm wrong and the two of us are just weird, but I think that's just called "being a guy."
  15. Same here. Any time I make a trip back home to Indiana, I try to make a stop at Pizza King. Preferably one of the locations where they have the phones at the booths that you use to place your order. I didn't appreciate it as much when I lived in Indiana, but now that I am gone I miss it. A little off topic, but the other thing that I always try to get when I am back in Indiana is a good breaded tenderloin. And that is why my heart hates me.......

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