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  1. So this is assuming that Lamp is ready to go once he is Drafted, It will take Lamp at least a half a year to adjust to the speed of the game and his assignment. The O-line the Colts have been using over the past few years have been flat out bad. Last 2 years draft the Colts did address the O-line and now that the O-line has at least been together for 2 years barring no injuries you have a good O-line, The Colts played out of position on the line most of last year. Their is a kid out of Indiana who can play Tackle or RG and will be available in the 2nd. With the signing of a of the FA list this past few days I could possibly see the colts looking to Draft a RB or CB, You made a valid point the colts need to play short ball to help keep luck off his back, they should of done this more the last couple of years and maybe luck could of avoided his injuries the past 2 season
  2. IMOP their was a lot of mistakes on offense last year that needs to be cleaned up this year, The o-line will at least be in in its second year together. Luck had a shoulder injury so his throwing accuracy and strength was not their why was he even playing do not know should of pulled him when season was lost to have surgery to repair shoulder. I think Turbin and Gore can handle the running duties for now or up or until a new RB the colts choose to select in the 3rd or 4th can get up to speed. The Defense is where the problem is, FA helped so far the LB core which will help for now if the Colts are able to have a good draft and bring in a couple more FA they can start building a good defense to a least compete next year. If correct they still 33 million in free money so lets see what happens.
  3. And your reasoning for Good not starting or being in a Colts Lineup again,
  4. I do not understand why everyone is so bent on getting a O-line or a RB in the first round, The colts O-line from last year did a stand up job considering they started a lot of rookies and the offensive line coach was changed, Your left Guard was hurt most of the year. Kelly a rookie stood his own ground then you got Haeg at RG with a little weight training could play either play RT or RG, Good who has played RT can play RG if they decide to switch him back to the inside and move Haeg outside. If the colts really need a lineman their will be plenty in the second you have a kid out of Indiana who can play left or right Guard who IMOP is a lot better then Lamp whose primary job was pass protection at IU. He is projected to go mid to late 2nd round. As for RB the Colts can pick one up in the 3rd to 4th round. IMOP the colts need to work on Defense in the first if possible if they do trade down for more picks great all that does is put more horses in the stable for the colts to work with
  5. WEAKNESSES: Though his agility and balance Mixon accelerates quickly but does not appear to have the elite breakaway burst to outrun pursuit angles from savvy defenders. He can get a little careless with the ball, holding the ball loosely and away from his frame, at times, and fumbled six times in two seasons with the Sooners (including three times against rival Texas in 2016).While muscle-bound, Everyone talking about his off the field problems but failed to mention that he cannot hold onto the ball. He will not be playing against college kids in the NFL. So I guess their would a problem drafting anyone in the first 2 rounds who is careless with the ball.
  6. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS: Athletic mover with twitchy reflexes. Sudden in space with the lower body agility to easily spring in any direction, transition his weight and shake defenders. Instinctively sorts through the trash with innate anticipation and decision-making, hitting the hole with timing and quickness. Excellent zone patience to feel run lanes. Widescreen vision to be picky, but decisive. Gets his shoulders square to the hole and stays skinny. Very smart runner, knowing when to fight for more yardage and when the fight is over. Natural receiver with above average hand-eye coordination and soft hands. Better route runner than several top receiving prospects in this class, using tempo and body fakes to shift gears and separate. Exceptional catch-and-run athlete and fearless on the football field. Impact return ability, averaging 9.7 yards on punts (39/380) and 25.9 on kick returns (57/1,479) over his Stanford career, recording two career special teams touchdowns (one punt, one kickoff). Adequate body thickness and stayed relatively healthy considering he touched the ball 748 times the past two seasons. Rarely puts the ball on the ground with only three career fumbles. Impressive bloodlines -- father (Ed) played football at Stanford (1986-91) and then for 13 seasons in the NFL, winning three Super Bowls; mother (Lisa) played soccer at Stanford (1987-90); maternal grandfather (David Sime) was a silver medalist in the 100-meter dash in the 1960 Summer Olympics. Remarkable production as the only player in Stanford history with 2,000+ all-purpose yards in consecutive seasons, leaving school No. 3 on the all-time rushing list (3,922). WEAKNESSES: Adequate build for the position, but doesn't have ideal body armor to live between the tackles. Lacks lower-the-shoulder power and doesn't consistently drive through arm tackles -- unless diving forward, rarely pushes through contact with run strength alone. Quicker than fast and can be caught from behind. Overly patient at times, allowing defenders to reset and make stops. Undeveloped technique in pass protection, dropping his head and lunging. Elected to leave his team prior to the bowl game in order to prepare for the 2017 NFL Draft, which might be received differently by future teammates/coaches. Banged up in 2016 and wasn't himself for a four-week stretch due to injury -- how will he hold up to NFL punishment? IMOP He can become a every down back but needs work, Do not see the Colts using a 1st on Him
  7. And this is assuming that all this players that are being Drafted are ready to play at the next level, Everyone knows it will take the players at least half the year to a year to get up to speed with the play book and the speed of the game, I read this forum last year some of the members were ready to tar and feather the rookies for making rookie mistakes. I like what Ballard has done so far in FA he has brought the personnel into the locker room that are not old and are not asking for a lot of money, looking for a starting position and players who are actually good against stopping the run. So far from what I read about the players he has brought it they have a mean streak about them not afraid to tackle.
  8. IMOP I just do not see what all the hype is about Jim Harbaugh, I have seen what has happened to a organization once he has been their a few years. I Like the guy he is a good college coach, So I really would need a lot of convincing before I can see him as a Colts coach.
  9. I think you cut Thorton you have Good who has showed he can play RG and RT, Harrison who can play Guard or Center, Reitz, who can play multiple postions and Blythe who also can play center and Guard they are all better then then Thorton IMOP
  10. wrong the offensive line has been doing the job of late. so we need to stop blaming the the line
  11. IMOP the colts are set on the OL, I think clark can be the new RT he has impressed me the 2 games he has played in you have 3 solid Back ups in Reitz, Harrison and Blythe. Turbin has really come on strong. lets see if Gore leaves and the colts can either draft or find a good backup for Turbin. The colts really need to address the OLB corp unable to pass rush and or set the edege and ILB are looking a lot better still need some guidence in pass coverage for next year, Green is a project and Geathers needs to get healthy, I believe the interior of the defense will be good next year. Need a lot of work in the CB position.
  12. IMOP the fans have been crying for this type of play calling all year, the O-line would of benefited from this on day one if the coaches came in with this type of game plan.
  13. I wonder was it due to the three step drop and quick passes that helped slow the vikings down a bit, the slants and the quick tosses to the TE did help but over all the OL did a good job of protecting luck today
  14. Sorry they could of beat Houston if they would of played small ball instead of the 5 and 7 step drop for a 20 or 30 yard pass to TY and Dorsett. In this game they used Gore and their TE to set up the long throws. If they would of done this last week as many on the forum was predicting they would of done and played ball control they could of won that game against Houston.

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