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  1. Archangel

    Eagles not going to whitehouse

    Really you are going their this has nothing to do about him. This was a political stunt by the Eagles organization so now you want the President to back down to the players because they have a agenda. So when does this end. If the players or the organization does not want to go as a team because of their dislike for the sitting President or because of politics. And then the fans who spent money in advance to attend again had to suffer. I for one have had enough the players are payed to play if they wish to play politician then quit football and run for congress or the senate and change things, Otherwise play the game.
  2. Archangel

    Eagles not going to whitehouse

    This was not about the protest over the National Athem, This is about some individuals dislike for President Trump and his policy. I applaud the team for not kneeling last year. President Trump has made it perfectly clear if a person or persons on a team do not want to attend a celebration at the White House the entire team would be disinvited. Its sad when some individuals cannot put their difference aside for one day so that others who wanted to go were able to go.
  3. Archangel

    Colts declined trade overtures for QB Jacoby Brissett

    This is assuming if Luck will be ready to play this year or if he has another setback and possibly be done. So what does the QB pool look like for next year, And how would the colts approach it during this draft to next year draft. So lets say for the sake of argument luck is done and Brissett is your QB do you look at this year QB pool or next year QB pool in the draft and hope the new coaching staff can make this team a better one through this year draft and better coaching and play calling can get them through this year. So after one year under pagano to me does not define this QB that coaching staff was the worse. they could not get the best out of their players and the play calling was horrendous. So before we start trading away lets see what is up with the franchise QB and his progression, Heck who knows Luck might have to play backup for a while I know people wont like that but it could be.
  4. Archangel

    Postgage reactions, Jags -- merge

    Well today I think it showed that the Colts need to go in a different direction in the Coaching staff, This was a divisional team the Colts played and the Colts play this team twice a year and to be shut out pretty much means the Coaching staff must go. Some of the play calling was totally absurd at best no imagination.
  5. Archangel

    The Ghost

    IMOP It does not matter who has a bad game it is about execution and play calling, To many mistakes that should not happen from some of this players. You have 2 RB that could of been the savior of the Monday night game but instead the coaches decided to start throwing in the second half makes no sense. First game I watched all year but have been reading the forum this year to get a good Feedback. The Colts QB is raw and has only been here a few weeks and does not know all the plays so he is limited to what he can do. The Defense could be good but play way to much zone and have put enough pressure on the opposing QB, cannot stop the run and sorry the ILB are not good at all Pagano should of tried to fix this by now. But then again if the offense is not on the field in the second half of the game what do u expect from the defense. The offensive line was the best I have seen all year but the Coaches did not take advantage of this. Yes their are a lot of young players but at some point you need to start using them to your advantage. I was on the Chuck wagon But the 2nd half breakdowns in every game this year fall on the entire coaching staff.
  6. Archangel

    Are we too young?

    This has nothing to do with this post but I needed to say it. I just read a good article on OLB Simon on how he is picking the mind of Robert Mathis on how to become a better OLB. He is young and eager and in the first two preseason games he has shown improvements on how to get into the backfield, He has a interception and was in on a strip sack and is working on getting in sync with his counterpart and becoming a good tandem at OLB. Those are the things we need to be discussing on this forum the improvements. This team is young a lot of mistakes are going to be made, A lot of rookies are playing. A lot of new faces are also on this team so it will take time to Gel. You have Green playing at CB which i have seen a improvement only we can wait and see if he can fit the role. The OL has injuries right now but we do have young OL who can fit in the right spot with work. 2 preseason games down and most of everything I heard is the season is over. Who do we draft in 2018 or does Luck need to find a new team. Like some have said on this Forum lets at least get into a few games before everyone starts Doom and Gloom.
  7. Archangel

    Already tired of Pagano

    I think their will be a change in how the colts approach this weeks game, The first two preseason games are for evaluation not much for game planning. I will hold of judgement until after this weekend game.
  8. Archangel

    The score was close ...

    So did I cut the cord with Direct TV so now Iam going to try live streaming through the cities of the oppoents the colts play. will be interesting if it works. But correct only interested in performance right now until the third preseason game.
  9. Archangel

    Comparing our defense to theirs.

    IMOP The defense most of the players are still learning the playbook and their positions not to mention if the guy beside them is going to cover his back in case of a mistake. This may be the reasoning behind everyone who might be thinking the Defense is running a little slower. Lets see what happens when the Defense plays together over the next two games together. But over all they are running at the same speed. The tackling by the Defense is what I have a problem with. As for the Cowboys the colts offense are not playing very well that is why it looked like the cowboys where all over the place, To many Colt players out of position. The Coaches are playing a conservative game not taking to many chances and trying to evaluate the players. Usually the first two preseason games are evaluating players and the third and fourth preseason game the coaches come in with a game plan to see if the starting players can play with in their assigned area.
  10. Archangel

    Chuck Pagano complaints (merge)

    I have defended chuck in the past on some issues and thought last year he should of gotten another chance due to lack of talent. But I for one would have to agree time for him to step down. Going to prevent with 5 minutes left in the game baffled me The coaches could of used more blitzes on Houston because it was working. The only that hurt the Defense was they did not stay in their lanes for the cut backs, Hence lack of discipline. Really should of took the points on the 4th down play but if you were going to go for it why in world are you going to run the ball to the right when Houston was stacking the left side of their line absolutely no imagination on this team and then you are running your QB. I for one still do not understand why this coach or coaches continues sending in plays on 3rd down and 3 or 2 for a 10 or 15 yard out pattern. what is wrong with the three step drop or a quick draw how about a pitch, maybe a few screens just to keep them off balance wait a minute how about a trick play something to keep Houston off balance or any team for that fact.
  11. Archangel

    Chuck Pagano complaints (merge)

    The scouting report from Jacksonville was not to let the colts go deep and try to double up on TY, They also knew the colts were scripted on running the ball the first few plays of the game. The colts instead should of went with the underneath passes more screens and slants not to mention some pitches which i saw very few of, So if chuck and the coaches made this game plan and stuck with it shame on them. Also the coaches were aware of the o-line and all the rookies playing and instead of helping luck the hindered luck by allowing luck to stay in the pocket and not able do any roll outs again shame on them. Also the coaches were aware that bortles when outside of the pocket was dangerous instead of putting a spy on him they allowed him to get out of the pocket and carve the defense up for yardage which dearly cost them. I have defended chuck this past few years but the fans have been calling for the no huddle offense for the past 2 years because they know the slow starts are killers and the Colts needed to get some sort of rhythm going and if the coaches havent figured this out by now then yes their is a promblem with the coaching staff. You cannot wait until the end of the 3rd or the beginning of the 4th quarter to start the hurry up offense and expect luck to win it every time. It is time for Pagano to just step down while he can.