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  1. Sure it was, Reggie was on the brink of retirement and hurt, and TY was not re-signed at that point. I was not completely sold on the position at the time, but I could see the logic.
  2. 3rd stringer can do that just fine as well...... as long as they are on the 53 man
  3. Dorsett was drafted 29th, right where pretty much every evaluator said he would, and should..... get picked anything else is revisionist history...... Dorsett has by no means lived up to his draft position, but let's not act like "Only Indy was dumb enough to draft him anywhere near the end of the 1st" as many seem to want to suggest.....
  4. 100 bucks says his "source" is
  5. Now he says his "sources" say don't be shocked if Pagano is fired before the season...... hah...... uh why?
  6. Yeah, he's not exactly JMV when it comes to the
  7. He's an interesting Cat, 55 years old, played OL in college, drafted in round 9, only made it to 3 NFL camps, never on final roster..... coached Strength and Conditioning at UTEP, and also Offensive Line, was Missouri's S&C coach for 9 years, also coaching OL for 2, and Defensive Line for 3, has coached ST's in NFL for Philly, Chicago, and KC..... was with Ballard in CHI, and KC, and interviewed for CHI head coach job while Ballard was there in 2012..... was also interviewed by Miami for their HC position in 2011......
  8. Dave Toub...... who is intriguing, but scary at the same time lol
  9. Dakich also says there is a large, and growing faction within the team that wants Gore released, so who knows...... I could kinda see it if they believe they are not going anywhere, let Frank go win in his twilight years..... and Start Turbin until Mack is ready
  10. Don't really take Dakich's sentiments on NFL too seriously as he seems much less connected in Football circles than he is in Basketball..... but he is "claiming" on 1070 right now, that he has sources that say the Colts locker room is in shambles...... saying that Pagano bucking the initial Ballard requirement of a more physical camp, then bowing to Ballard demand for it, lost the Locker room and now the players see Pagano as sucking up to Ballard..... There has long been a saying that you can come in hard as far as leadership positions go, and ease up over time, but you cannot come in easy, and get tough over time....... Again, not sure how much I trust his "sources" since he still today is kind of siding with Grigson, mentioning we'd all be "SHOCKED" if we knew how many of the crappy draft picks over the last few years were Chuck's picks....... ( I wouldn't be, I can see Green, D'joun Smith, and Werner being Chuck guys easily )
  11. I thought it was really clear what he meant. He is saying the team will not hold Luck out if healthy and cleared to play, just because Ryan Kelly is hurt and out for a while. That's what he posted anyway....
  12. I know cuts are coming up, and the team will probably add a C prospect from the pool of cut players..... but would Nick Mangold be an option on a 1 year deal? It as said he was looking for a situation where he could walk in and start..... we seemingly could offer that for the short term, and likely for the season...... He's 33, what would it cost to bring him on board?
  13. That's just not even close to the truth though...... Several pundits and websites had Green in the 2-3 rd range, and moving UP pre-draft with more than a few teams....... for example :
  14. Anyone else curious about this "30 something QB" who wanted too much cash? The fact that they didn't want to pay his price makes it seem like they are still at least semi-confident Luck is progressing well, and won't miss much, if any of the reg. season, but the fact they were close enough to bringing a guy in to discuss compensation, makes it seem like they have little, or at least, waning, faith in the non-Luck QB's on the roster.....
  15. uptight? the post had, quite literally, nothing to do with the thread.... not being uptight, just thought it was kinda quirky..... no worries! = )

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