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  1. ya'll are awesome lol
  2. we pretty much know his agents, and maybe he, himself, are greedy, self important Db's, even as far as pro athletes/agents are
  3. true, and damn, that's ridiculous demands, not sure I'd even want a guy around that thinks that highly of himself..... lol
  4. I'm confused...... No, I think Hankins' agents are losing it, not only with him, but other clients the last few years.... I also think it's a monkey-see monkey-do scenario, if one guy takes a 1 yr prove it deal and thinks he'll cash in big, others are tempted to go the same route if they can't get perceived value this year....
  5. mostly they've ended up stabbed or shot by their women here......
  6. We've had plenty of players who aren't angels off the field..... trust me.
  7. That's what I'm thinking, Ballard probably wanted 3 years, and Hankins wants 1 and then a chance to cash in next year, same scenario we had with Poe.....
  8. heck just bring in Jerel Worthy for cheap after the draft if there are no better options, can't fix everything in one year, even with Draft and FA
  9. we have max contracts now?
  10. Who says Hankins is even willing to sign for 6-8 million at this point? It would seem that he is running out of options, but he also knows there are several teams left with huge amounts of cap space.....
  11. There is still a NT and an UT in a 4-2...... not the exact same responsibilities as a 3-4 NT, but it's filled by a NT nonetheless
  12. well, for one, there's no state income tax in FL...... and they do tend to have more money than TB and MIA
  13. LOL the folks saying "get it through your head, he doesn't play Nose, so the team isn't even interested"
  14. I'm especially intrigued by Stewart, I am going to have to look into it, and try to find out what base Defense he played in at Albany..... certainly has the size to play 3-4 Nose..... Strengths Powerful, NFL-ready frame with thick lower half and evenly displaced weight throughout. Jolts opponents with good initial pop that can knock blockers off their spots. Carries brute force in upper body with natural anchor to fight back against double teams. Showed off impressive straight line speed at his pro day. Athletic big man who will coast on blocks before flashing eye-opening reactive quickness disengaging and making tackles when runners try to race through his gaps. Bull-rush specialist able to create some pocket cave once he starts rolling downhill. Weaknesses Needs to play with better coordination between hands and feet. Lacks consistent feel for down blocks and double teams. Can be a little slow to set his anchor. Pad level is too tall. Improved bend and leverage would help generate more consistent results at point of attack. Rolls into initial contact rather than crowding and working with a quick punch-and-control technique. Raw and unskilled as a hand fighter. Slow to discard smaller blockers and allows them longer rides than they deserve. Face-up rusher lacking the upper body flexion and go-to move to slither into backfield. NFL Comparison Deon Simon Bottom Line Stewart's girth, power and potential could lead a team to take him on the third day as a developmental run-stuffer capable of playing on the nose or at three-technique. Stewart is still very raw, but additional technique work could unleash a much more capable interior defender as he has the traits. The jump in competition will take some time to adjust to, but like other small school interior defenders before him, Stewart has the potential to work himself into a more prominent role within the first two or three years.
  15. We historically sign and roster at least a few UDFA every year, for the last Decade plus...., we also have many positions to fill on the roster this offseason. With that in mind we must be a pretty enticing team for any undrafted guys this year. I thought I'd put together a list of the guys that intrigue me if they do go undrafted, and see what everyone else thought about these potential targets.... Grover Stewart DT, Albany State 6-4 347 Ralph Green III DT, Indiana 6-3 313 Jack Tocho, CB NC State 6-0 202 Treston DeCoud, CB Oregon 6-2 206 Fish Smithson, FS Kansas 5-10, 201 Damien Mama, OG USC 6-3 334 Rushell Shell, RB West Virginia 5-10, 227 Elijah Hood, RB North Carolina 6-0 232 James Onwualu, OLB Notre Dame 6-1 228 Tashawn Bower, OLB LSU 6-5 250 Garrett Sickles, Edge Penn State 6-3, 261 Isaac Rochell, DE Notre Dame 6-4 280 Ifeadi Odenigbo, Edge Northwestern 6-3 258 Ricky Seals-Jones TE Texas Tech 6-5 243 Justin Vogel, P Miami (FL) -4 219

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