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  1. Aiken's Career has been worse than Dorsett's at this point.... I mean, Aiken did alright in 2015, but Dorsett had a better year last year, and Aiken has done nothing before or since 2016 to give aby indication of being a threat to anyone's WR job..... I hope he balls out, but he's not likely to....
  2. Nothing wrong with football, or any other organized sport.... or dirtbikes, for crying out loud.....
  3. LB corps Garrett, Collins, who knows, Sheard........
  4. OL alone would be at worst, Thomas, Mewhort, Kelly, Zeitler, Castonzo...... DB's of Davis, Hayden, Wilson, Butler, Hooker, Peppers, Geathers...... damn
  5. uh..... no. You forgot Joe Hayden CB, Jason McCourty possibly, CB, Joel Bitonion, OL probably at least depth, JOE THOMAS, OL, KEVIN ZEITLER, OL, David Njoku, Jabrill Peppers, Deshone Kizer, Larry Ogunjobi would be young drafted shoe-ins....... not a ton of talent, but they aren't devoid...... added to you Garrett, Collins, Shelton, Gordon....... that'd be a great combined talent pool OL would be great....
  6. Don't get the Jojo Mathis Fascination, maybe it's the name and being undersized? He was an ok Rusher for WASH..... he was pretty unremarkable till he got hurt and became a sort of urban legend the next few games he played after that..... he's been fairly unremarkable overall....
  7. but hey, we got Ken Griffey the 3rd to tryout as a WR, so it's all good lol
  8. Hogan must've gotten a better offer from the Cardinals, he's signing with them instead, probably a better chance at making their roster honestly
  9. Devontae Fields, Jack Tocho, Connor Harris, Hunter Dimmick, Isaac Rochell, Storm Norton, Chad Kelly, Elijah Hood, Cole Hikutini, Pharaoh Brown, Jalen Robinette, ( I know he has to serve ) , Channing Stribling
  10. Being done picking this early, should give the Colts a little head start to start calling guys who might go undrafted and letting them know we are interested, and have spots up for grabs.... Could be important chance to get a jump selling great opportunities for undrafted guys
  11. I think Ballard will be ok with Simon and Sheard this year, unless someone falls.
  12. Foster isn't falling to the 3rd, so I doubt that
  13. how are we gonna get 3 dudes who will all be gone by the end of the 2nd? lol
  14. you must mean Lattimore? Haven't seen anything about Hooker and injury issues, ok he had hip surgery and a hernia, but nothing expected to be chronic, he played behind all americans early in his career, so less wear and tear than most his age, even if inexperienced.....
  15. He needs to improve, like all rookies, especially his tackling form, but Hooker is far from a prjoect player, he is a Day one Starter at FS, Butler goes back to the slot...... Green backs up and plays ST's

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