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  1. Cornerback

    I will say, think back to the Dungy Tampa 2 years...... got by without mega talented Corners for the most part just bringing in mid round picks the whole time he was here....... except for Marlin Jackson....... I think Tampa 2 corners typically fall in the draft, since most teams want bigger, more prototypical guys...... I think we are trying to build the DL in FA, and fill out the back end for cheap in the draft....
  2. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Indeed it is, I was just confused as to why you answered Valpo's Q of whether or not he could play the position as well as C, by answering he'd played it before..... but I digress, I hope we bring Jensen in at a good market appropriate deal.... we need OL help
  3. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    The questioon was about quality and level of play relative to the guard slot, not whether or not he had ever played there before.
  4. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    While true, Tiger, that doesn't answer his question in all fairness
  5. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    I'd love Alex Cappa at some point in the mid rounds....
  6. Nah, Suh is a butt on the field, but Richardson is a legitimate bad person off it....
  7. Gisele already kicked him in the head......or is my definition of head off.....
  8. TL DR I am guessing? The article talked about how NE negotiates "expecting" FA's to sign there for less, because. "that's what guys do" your post has nothing to do with the article...... neither does Bill Polian.
  9. lol all good my friend, been there plenty myself
  10. while I feel ya, who else has more cap space, and has signed, well...... DeNico?
  11. I can't say I am lurking you....... for instance, it's an incomplete sentence
  12. the tweet missed the usage of the word "around" that was the initial joke lol
  13. Not to mention, my god, can you imagine a 4-3 front of Chubb, Suh, Hankins, and me? I may get 1- 5 sacks, but I'm gunna be unblocked or chipped 90% of the time
  14. Not to mention pairing him with Hankins on the interior..... 2 300 plus pound DT's, both capable of pushing, if not crushing, the pocket? hell yes sign me up for 3 or 4 years....