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  1. not really.... Ballard COULD decide he's happy with S/S....... I agree with you though, he'll take a rusher early, because this is hopefully our highest draft pick in a long while, and on top of that...... Pass rushers are not acquired as free agents...... they just don't come free if worthy....
  2. what an entitled wuss.....
  3. oh, Grigson definitely overpayed...... witness this link, people then thought he overpayed greatly..... hindsight being 20-20, he definitely did.
  4. Signing Simon and Sheard is fine, just as signing Jean-Francois and Walden were fine......
  5. yeah, I changed my mind on that post-achilles-news...... no way i'd do it with that significant an injury, and yes, he is slight of build to begin with
  6. Oh man, Local station that covers UW sports is reporting a torn achilles? if true, that sucks....
  7. I'd take him if he made it to the 3rd, maybe even with our 2nd
  8. more info...
  9. Feel bad for the guy, wonder how far he drops?
  10. Feel bad for the guy, wonder how far he drops?
  11. If he was his size, stopping the run, AND a consistent pass rusher from NT, he'd cost a lot more than he will get....
  12. Keep in mind, we are due to pay a Ham and PDE hotpocket...errr.... Art Jones 7.3 million cap hit this year, so paying Poe a big deal, and subtracting most of Jone's hit as well as his entire hit next year, offests a great deal...... rather pay 12 for last years Poe, than 7.3 for Art the last few years....
  13. There will be a lot more over the next few years..... but as of right now? Kyle Long and David DeCastro make 10M per, Osemele 11.7 per, and Zeitler 12 per. Bar's been set. Not sure why anyone of their caliber going forward would be paid any less? Hell, Leary just got signed for 8.7 per, and that was after a year of being a backup... albeit on a stacked line.
  14. This isn't 2012..... Top level Guards get paid 10M/yr. TOP level that is....
  15. Nice thing is, when the dust settles from this first round of signings, we will have even better cap position relative to other teams, and will be in good position to add FA's

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