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  1. Shafty138

    Chris Ballard arrives at ND Pro Day

    No they didn't..... their backup only took 75 snaps on the year, and Wibush took all the rest at QB....
  2. Shafty138

    Chris Ballard arrives at ND Pro Day

    I'm sure Eli does have years and years left. Just not as a starting quality NFL Quarterback.....
  3. These are only fliers to fans who don't know the names, and aren't confident in the plan, which I get, and admit I have issues with at times as well.... but trust me, this team will be improved over last year, even if they end up with the same record.
  4. Yeah, you got me there, only thing I can figure is the attitude of Pouncey in the past must have scared Ballard off.....
  5. Part of the strong effort is hiring coaches who won't let Luck sit back all day, holding the dang ball for 7 seconds..... We'd all like a more sure offensive line, but the coaching aspect should help tremendously..... It's not like Rick Demulling and Joe Reitz were great Olinemen, but Peyton and the scheme made them light years better in appearance and effectiveness than the last staff did Haeg, Goode, and Co.....
  6. Uh, that was just like...... my opinion..... man. All I want is my rug back man.
  7. Shafty138

    Remaining FA WR's

    Not any currently out there that are exactly proven...... but maybe after veterans get cut later in the summer
  8. So you would have offered more than 15 mil a year for Norwell? Would have had to have been substantially more just to make up for the difference in ST. income tax here, vs. none in FL.....
  9. Also helps that his wife makes a good bit more per year than he does..... just sayin' remember who wears the pants in the Brady household....
  10. Those upset on this board are a very vocal minority. Of course we would be fine if he had done that, fan is short for FANatic. some of us are just more willing to look at the big picture, and accept that it's just football, as well as the fact that no one who makes decisions listens to our opinions, nor should they....
  11. Shafty138

    Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    Backup TE? Haven't been a Colt's fan for very long? Or just have a short memory?
  12. Shafty138


    I will say, think back to the Dungy Tampa 2 years...... got by without mega talented Corners for the most part just bringing in mid round picks the whole time he was here....... except for Marlin Jackson....... I think Tampa 2 corners typically fall in the draft, since most teams want bigger, more prototypical guys...... I think we are trying to build the DL in FA, and fill out the back end for cheap in the draft....
  13. Shafty138

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Indeed it is, I was just confused as to why you answered Valpo's Q of whether or not he could play the position as well as C, by answering he'd played it before..... but I digress, I hope we bring Jensen in at a good market appropriate deal.... we need OL help
  14. Shafty138

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    The questioon was about quality and level of play relative to the guard slot, not whether or not he had ever played there before.
  15. Shafty138

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    While true, Tiger, that doesn't answer his question in all fairness