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  1. I don't know exactly what to make of this, I always figured it was a possibility for him to need further surgery, I guess I was hoping they could determine that sooner than after the season and a throwing regimen of unknown length......
  2. Color Rush unis

    I dig the all blue uniforms with white helmets..... wish they would wear them more often.
  3. Moncrief has been nothing if not underwhelming, but I was just curious as to whether you dislike him the most, or you simply couldn't come up with any crass misspellings for any other players performing poorly? Good analysis though, and thanks for taking the time to be so in depth.
  4. Do The Colts Need Another TE?

    For this team, with as many needs as they have, re-sign swoope and keep the guys we have, and lets address it in the future..... even if Doyle goes down next year, I'd rather be massively better on OL and ILB than one of the 2 and TE
  5. Colts rule out five for Thursday night

    I'm getting closer and closer to blaming toned down offseasons and camps in the new cba on this years rampant injuries....... of course, it COULD just be confirmation bias, but it sure seems like a ton more marquee guys are out this year.....
  6. Colts rule out five for Thursday night

    not nearly as bad as these two teams......
  7. most draft picks do live up to their hype..... otherwise most NFL players would have to be UDFA's by default
  8. Broncos at Colts

    I don't NEED the Colts. But I will be watching, even if only for the fact that they are wearing blue pants with the blue jersey's.......
  9. Pretty sure he meant that by winning a game or 2, Chuck would "screw up" our draft position...... not actually screw the picked player up....... or pick the wrong guy
  10. more or less just wondering where he was prior to going on IR, he was only around on game days for what 2 weeks? Geeze, you guys are getting really worn out at the mere mention of Luck's name....... I never questioned his love for the game, or said a dang thing about his career being at risk, sorry for posing a question that simply had me say hmm..... I know he is in Europe NOW, was merely trying to remember when he was last visible on game days this year as he has been in past injury weeks during seasons..... ok, resume the public skewering.
  11. I know Luck left for Europe, for treatment, vacation, whatever else...... no one knows...... He's still employed and cashing checks from Irsay, I wonder what makes him so different from other rehabbing players who show up on Sundays to support their team, help their replacement, especially a young kid like Brissett..... I dunno, just strange to me that Luck, once done for the year, Completely left.... he was always there on the sidelines when he missed games prior to this season. It just seems very against the norm, can anyone name other high profile, team-leader, face of the franchise types who just stay completely away from the team when rehabbing during the season? If so, what is the reason? Just used to seeing hurt guys out there supporting their teammates I guess....
  12. I just wanted to pass this along

    Uh..... Cool story bro?
  13. Jack Mewhort

    If it is a bone on bone degenerative condition, being tough has nothing to do with it...... he will miss more and more games every year as the permanent damage to his knee increases.... You can have all the "want to" in the world, sometimes your body quits on you.....
  14. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    To be fair, a lot of Jim's public image has BECOME degrading, with some stupid actions thrown in over the years..... I still like the guy and think he's a great owner, but any shade thrown his way from the public? He kinda earned it.....