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  1. relkins

    PFF Colts Draft Grades

    He terrible all together
  2. relkins

    *** Colts UDFA Tracker ***

    Probably his last year
  3. relkins

    Trading down again.....

  4. Giving up chubb is like choosing Ryan Leaf over Manning
  5. relkins

    Colts Oline

    "Ah! we suck again"
  6. relkins

    Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    Didn't want to play for a crappy team
  7. relkins

    Pondering Ballard's Draft Philosophy

    Sounds like a 8-8 season
  8. relkins

    Chris Ballard’s Moneyball (BallardBall)

    I'm still hoping but I'm having a bad feeling for next year.
  9. relkins

    Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    So where's the competition he likes among players
  10. 73 million dollars and we still have the same crappy team.
  11. relkins

    [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

  12. relkins

    Free Agency Good Colts News Thread

    Great. 18 starts in 4 years( backup)
  13. relkins

    Free Agency Good Colts News Thread

    Offer given none signed