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  1. Titans vs. Steelers

    Yeah, that fluky 75 yard TD pass to Matthews, gave my opponent 13.5 points in 1 play on an otherwise putrid performance against me from him in fantasy. He rarely gets those plays. Oh well, I hope my own team is up to the challenge on Sunday.
  2. Enjoy: What stood out to me is New York Giants' OL is not nearly as it is made out to be but their record is terrible. The Colts have a worse OL than NYG, Browns, and SF but have a better record. I wouldn't be opposed to a MAJOR rehaul of the OL for the Colts minus Ryan Kelly.
  3. Zeke Elliott

    That is why I felt Zeke should have served the first 6 games, he would have then been available for 5 of the 6 divisional games after that.
  4. Zeke Elliott

    You should also blame the coaches for waiting so long. Here, we complain about Pagano not making adjustments, Jason Garrett blew it till 6 sacks were already given up.
  5. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    Since it is a traditional league and not a PPR, I am going with Dion Lewis. Thanks.
  6. Colts claim Jermaine Grace, waive Darnell Sankey

    Yes, especially the cover the TE part.
  7. National Football Conference

    LOL. That would make 13 out of the last 20 years, that the AFC has won it. Almost 2 out of every 3 SBs are won by the AFC. Salary cap was implemented in 1994, right, and the Cowboys team was already in place prior to that. So, the AFC has won more since the NFC could not stockpile talent in a one sided fashion like the 49ers, Giants, Redskins and Cowboys did back then. It is like 1970s was AFC with the Steelers and Raiders and Dolphins too, 1980s up and until the salary cap was dominated by NFC with 49ers, Giants, Redskins, Cowboys leading the show. Once the salary cap came, it has been AFC more often, that is what I am seeing.
  8. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    @Narcosys Another league I am in (choose 5): RBs: Fournette, McKinnon, Dion Lewis, DeVonta Freeman WRs: JuJu Smith Schuster, Alshon Jeffery, Larry Fitzgerald, Marvin Lewis Jr. What do you think? Or do I play Dion Lewis over Fitzgerald for the better ceiling?
  9. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    As far as Vernon Davis, the Vikings were not a great matchup either but when Kirk trusts him, it is always a good thing. Plus, there is a good chance the Redskins play from behind eventually and Davis produces again.
  10. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    I don't know, I feel like the Raiders, with Gareon Conley on IR and Amerson being a liability in coverage whenever I have seen him play, this might be the game Cooks might go off. But then we have thought that about Cooks in the NE offense so many times and he has underachieved big time so far. However, his high snap count combined with Chris Hogan's injury is what leads me to think that if Chris Hogan misses one more game, this might be the game he will score. Plus, because of Hogan missing the game, he had a team high 11 targets. It looked like Brady wanted to connect with Cooks deep in the end zone twice, and one occasion Chris Harris got away with a subtle PI and Talib went stride for stride on the next one. Brady made a conscious effort to hook with Cooks in the end zone twice, just that the CBs were up to the task, the Raiders CBs may not be, IMO. If Chris Hogan misses the next game, I will play Cooks and Shephard. What do you think?
  11. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    @Narcosys I have 5 spots to fill (2 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 WR/RB FLEX): RBs: Kareem Hunt, Leonard Fournette, Alvin Kamara, Dion Lewis WRs: Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, Sterling Shephard, Kelvin Benjamin The current line up in bold. Who do I play - Woods or Shephard? That is my only question.
  12. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    Miami is terrible vs TEs, maybe now that Brate is a forgotten man, he might become relevant again. That is how FF works. V. Davis has been very consistent. If I had to choose for my team, I'd go with the consistent guy lately i.e. Davis. The thing with Houston's pass D is that they get beat by WRs that can burn them deep more often. I feel this is a Nelson or Brown type of game, just a hunch. Woods will get more attention now for sure, that is what I am worried about because I have him in a couple of leagues. However, having Watkins, Gurley and Kupp makes Woods just as safe a floor but a possibly higher ceiling than Fitzgerald, IMO. This is a hard one. I'd just stick with what you have. If it is a PPR league, Fitzgerald may not catch a TD but will catch 5-6 passes for sure.
  13. brissetts ranking

    Brissett is getting better every game, against tough conditions. I would say he would have an entire season of showcasing what he can become and right now, he has far exceeded my expectations of being able to at least give us a "chance" to win most games. You couldn't say that about the Browns QB or the 49ers QB or freaking Brian Hoyer who couldn't win with SF, or with even Eli. Plus, all of those had attended full training camps with their team, for crying out loud, before they stunk. Brissett, along with the others, probably because of a lot of youth infused into this team by design, has to learn to finish and that is to be expected with a team that suddenly got younger, IMO, people tend to ignore that. However, there is a difference between a vet QB Philip Rivers led team not being able to finish games vs a young QB like Brissett not being able to finish games. That is why, when you do an objective comparison, beyond the QB passer rating and stats, he might be the best back up QB in the league when Luck comes back, IMO with a season of weathering under his belt.
  14. National Football Conference

    A QB that does not turn it over much in the playoffs based on history i.e. Brees (even in the vaunted Seahawks 2013 playoff run, the Saints fought till the end with the Seahawks in Seattle); a team that plays with balance like they did during their 2009 SB run; a team whose D is not generating turnovers like 2009 but is coming up with plenty of stops and playing complementary football to help out the O which is running the ball to help out the D. The only problem the Saints will face is the Eagles because they have to rely on the pass to beat the Eagles because of the Eagles' stout front, and we have not seen many games where Brees has had to wing it to be competitive in games and come out ahead late in the game. The 2 games vs the Vikings and Patriots earlier were before their defensive identity was established but if there is a concept the Eagles have borrowed from the Patriots, it is that there is no true No.1 WR even though there may be one on paper (Jeffery) and they will spread the ball around. If the Saints at least get a #2 seeding, it will help them a lot in the NFC playoffs and I could pencil them into the SB, by virtue of Payton's and Brees' experience. Plus, since 2005, Belichick and the Patriots have not fared well vs teams in the playoffs when they meet a team a second time either on the road in the playoffs or in the SB (2005 Broncos, 2006 Colts, 2007 Giants, 2011 Giants, 2013 Broncos, 2015 Broncos). The 2009 Ravens and 2010 Jets losses also come to mind though they were at home. I hope it is the Saints going against the Patriots because Wentz most likely gets MVP and the last 2 MVPs have lost in the SB, plus the familiarity with the Patriots factor for Payton and Brees.
  15. National Football Conference

    You said "if the trend continues, don't expect an AFC team to win the Super Bowl." That is what I clearly placed in bold and disagreed with. I said the AFC is top heavy, I did not disagree with the premise of the article favoring the NFC teams. I am sure you can find other seasons with differentials favoring the NFC too where the NFC did not win the SB. Clearly, the article states at the end "And it doesn't mean the AFC champion won't be hoisting their fourth straight Lombardi Trophy when it's all said and done."