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  1. I do agree, 6'6" point guards with ball skills and assist vision do not grow on trees. Fox is a better scorer but Lonzo has Jason Kidd skills, IMO. Magic knows more than anyone else how important it is for a young player to get others involved to make his mark on the team. Shooting can be worked on but getting others involved is not something that comes naturally, IMO. Unfortunately, Javar has more folks rooting for his son to fail and it is not fair to Lonzo.
  2. Lebron is a hero for life in Cleveland, it is home for his wife. More to lose than gain by jumping ship to LA during the home stretch of his career. Not happening, IMO. Magic would rather add Griffin, about 5 years younger than Lebron to the Ball, PG mix and have a 4 to 5 plus year nucleus instead of worrying if Lebron will jump ship again later, just like D.Wade did to get close to home towards the end of his career.
  3. Lavar Ball has naked pictures of Magic that keeps him from trading the #2 pick and from not drafting Lonzo Ball. #Kidding
  4. Still better than getting nothing for PG next year when he walks, right? No.27, No.28, 2019 first rounder and Julius Randle, looks good on paper to me. We can package those and move up in a draft as well. We can package our No.18 and No.27 to move up to maybe No.12 or No.13 in this draft??? We just have to reconcile to the fact that it will only be a middle of the road return we are going to get for PG now.
  5. Yep. If Magic finally gives in and gives us a future 1st rounder on top of pick No.27, No.28 and Julius Randle, what year would we like that first rounder in?
  6. Magic knows "Showtime", and Ball, PG and Griffin would definitely be "Showtime" with a lot of winning to start with even though it would be difficult to get past the Warriors in the West for the next few years.
  7. Plus, the fact that Chancellor was more concerned with Wes Welker or Julius Thomas underneath knowing the Seahawks pressure won't let #18 go deep, and they played single high safety most of the time with safety help leaning more towards Demaryius Thomas. Eric Decker was 1-on-1 most of the time with Byron Maxwell, that is why I felt Decker could have fought the press a bit more and gotten open. But then, it was like men vs boys, the Seahawks vs Broncos, that is how it felt, a school yard beat down.
  8. This is about getting Mozgov off the books to give PG max money plus land a young Jimmy Butler next year or Blake Griffin to team up with Ball and PG, if one is still available. Griffin's contract does expire at end of 2018 season, right??? Lebron is not going to LA.
  9. If Luck plays all 16 games, we win the division and a playoff game at least. If Luck misses 2 games or more, we barely miss the playoffs. Yes, he is that important!!!
  10. Ingram is probably not happening, IMO. The first 3, I can definitely see happening. I'll take the chance with those 3 plus their 2019 or 2020 first round pick, though it might be in the low or high 20s and see if Magic can sweeten the pot with a later year first round pick.
  11. Maybe they plan to give up the 27th, 28th pick and a player for PG at best???
  12. Yeah - I'd want the #28 pick, a 2019 or 2020 first rounder and Julius Randle at least.
  13. Thanks for the info. Yeah, knowing that, I am a bit surprised why he had to bring that up all over again. If it was a loaded question regarding Grigson, then yeah, bring it up. Now that I know that he had a chance for the elaborate grievance airing prior to this PFT interview, I do think he should have just let it go. It almost seems like he is yearning attention in a sensationalist manner, and this was his way to do so. He does have to be careful, should he ever need a job with NFL Network etc. It is not like he is a famous comedian who happened to be a punter, it was mainly the other way.
  14. I would think they'd be creative enough to throw in a Papa John's pizza in there.

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