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  1. However, if you have a recurrence of injuries happening again, and you have changed 2 GMs and 2 strength and conditioning coaches, the only thing that would not have changed is the turf. The Chiefs' players opined that LOS turf is very hard to land on, Ballard has to be aware of that coming from the Chiefs. Arthur Jones was nearly not as injured in his Ravens' tenure leading to his contract with us. I hope Ballard and Irsay collaborate on those closely if the injuries happen again. Here is to a minimal injury season (knocking on wood after I type).
  2. He is our fortune cookie for the pre-season.
  3. I won't be mad, just disappointed that in this deep defensive draft, with our D lacking far more defensive talent than our OL lacking some talent relatively speaking, that there wouldn't have been a better tie-breaker that would have placed ANY defensive player over OL. Our OL is made to look worse than it is due to our schemes, play calling and Luck holding on to the ball. Until that changes, our OL talent addition can only do so much. However, adding defensive talent starting with top notch talent in round 1 would increase the margin for error for Luck hands down, during the regular season and in the playoffs.
  4. What Reuben Foster did basically put Haason Reddick as more favorable for a lot of teams picking before us. I would love it if Reddick is there but I somehow doubt it. I do have a feeling Foster will be there at our pick and I really hope the Colts do their due diligence like Ballard did with Marcus Peters, and take the chance. I would have no qualms if they do that given Ballard's history of lining all ducks in a row in the case of vetting out any athletes with alleged off field issues.
  5. When you need a big catch down the middle in a playoff run, you need that big bodied/quick underneath wide out/TE to help with it. Dallas Clark for Peyton, Edelman for Brady, Boldin for Flacco, Cruz for Eli etc. Hopefully Aiken can help. However, Grigson did start out with Heyward Bey, Donnie Avery, Hakeem Nicks, AJ etc. on 1 or 2 year deals, all of which fizzled out. I'm still for drafting a big bodied wide out like Josh Malone of Tennessee in later rounds or a quick shiftier one like Ryan Switzer.
  6. Yep. I do wonder if Polian had adopted a more aggressive D and FA approach like Elway did, would Peyton have had more defensive support in his earlier years and won it any earlier? It is hard not to see the different paths Polian and Elway took. Maybe teams nowadays are not sticking around and being too patient as much nowadays and are more aggressive in FA in the early years of their QBs.
  7. Yep. If blocking is all we want from this TE, that is all they will use him for if he ever sees the field on offense.
  8. Not many athletes eat that kind of food though. They do eat a lot of lean meat and vegetables but not EXACTLY what he eats. However, a quick release, and a system conducive to short passing, and his arm strength are all factors too for his longevity. I remember my chiropractor talking about nightshade veggies (tomatoes, stop light peppers, mushrooms etc.) that grow at night causing more inflammation. You cut down the inflammation in the body, you will stay free from a LOT of diseases. Only thing I have in common with Brady is I cook exclusively with olive oil and coconut oil at home, use Himalayan pink salt, and eat only brown rice not white rice. It takes a LOT of discipline to eat that way ALL the time. Brady has been a big proponent of natural and organic food, and I am a big supporter of his ways and his trainer Alex Guerrero. Here is a personal chef revealing what Brady eats:
  9. For a second rounder, yes. Like Superman pointed out, he does not have much guaranteed money left on his contract and I believe he can give us 2 years easily. Besides, it is not like we play man-to-man all the time. Even Vontae Davis gets safety help (however good or bad it might be) sometimes and there is plenty of zone that we play, mixing up Cover 2 and Cover 3 at times, IMO. Some of you guys act like he is a bum without good safety help which he is not. The bigger issue, more than his money and skills, would be whether he fits in the Midwest profile of laying low, which he hands down WILL NOT. However, for a soft team like ours lacking attitude on D, he might be good.
  10. UNC fans definitely, the lone torchbearer of the ACC .
  11. Duke is the kind of team that gets stronger and stronger as the tournament goes further. If you need to take them down, have to do it before the elite 8. Otherwise, they mostly make it to the finals. Man, the SEC teams look seasoned in close games - Florida, Kentucky, Arkansas almost taking down NC, and now South Carolina. Everyone watches SEC football but their basketball outside KY can tend to be ignored compared to Big Ten or ACC (1 out of 5 in second round this year, terrible).
  12. Exactly!!! Butler, Spence and Turbin were not overpaid, they were paid according to what they did last year and Spence is the only one truly projected, just for 1 year. Doyle, who was much younger, was paid market value. Sheard and Simon were paid market value based on current and projected performances, not what they did 2 or 3 years ago, like AJ and Trent Cole with Grigson. They were 2 of the top 10 edge defenders in free agency on the appropriate side of 30. Al Woods, he is paid like a 2 down run defender. He had a calf injury last year but was paid like a 2 down defender.
  13. Man, I have Zona and Duke in one final four, NC and Louisville in another. I did think about Michigan and UCLA in the final four after listening to Dan Dakich but his son plays for Michigan, so I thought that was a biased prediction on his part. Maybe that is how it will play out. If Purdue and Michigan meet up in the elite 8, that would be a crazy repeat of their Big Ten tourney clash. Arizona is my champ in my work bracket. We will see how things go.
  14. Hmmm..Darius Butler is 31. I get what you are saying though.
  15. At the very least, a 3rd down ILB for coverage reasons and probably breathers for Antonio Morrison who seems more like a 2 down ILB possibility now. If our DC can get creative, I think we have enough bodies to mix and match on D, IMO, at least at the safety and LB positions. The only reason I feel costs are being kept down is he is saving it for 1, just 1 big signing, whether it is on the CB front or NT front.

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