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  1. chad72

    Top 11 Colts of All-Time (

    Barry, good to see you posting, man!!! Hope you stick around a bit.
  2. chad72

    Colts Minicamp 6/14/18

    A few months on the NFL strength regimen will do him good.
  3. With the way we drop and sign DBs, I hope they don't have to pay cover charges to cover.
  4. chad72

    Z. Martin 6yrs $84 million.

    Wait a minute, are you implying Ballard knew what the heck he was doing when he chose Quenton Nelson?
  5. An idea did come to mind - how good would the Spurs be if they managed to get Lebron and re-sign Kawahi Leonard?
  6. The more I think about it, If Lebron does go, he is going to the Western Conference. My reasoning is that he wouldn't want to hurt Cleveland in the playoffs or play Miami (unless it is the Finals) and no way the Cavaliers ever sniff an NBA Finals without Lebron. Plus, the Warriors seem to have more closer series in the Western conference finals than anything else. Rockets or Lakers is what I got. Plus, the Cavalier fans will probably be more understanding this time, IMO, as long as there is no fan fare to his announcement (which was what got him into trouble last time more than the move itself).
  7. I think Darius Leonard is patenting his DNA and sorting that matter out because we do not know what is in his DNA , only a few do (cough, cough, the poster who mentioned that a while ago ).
  8. Hey, can we get Lebron and Derrick Favors? Do we have the cap room? Will that make us a true contender?
  9. chad72

    Julian Edelman facing 4 game PED suspension

    The actions of an individual do not smear all the good that the others have done, IMO. If that were the case, we would be stereotyping everyone based on choice, race, religion etc. I choose to be open minded. People who want to throw stones will find an excuse to throw stones. I truly believe in TB's natural methods, though I am not a Patriots fan. Those concepts are not new, it just takes a lot of discipline that TB has.
  10. Austin Collie will always be a case of what could have been. His football IQ was very high and when he was on the field, he was highly productive and found open spots in the zone for Peyton always. He was an outstanding route runner that could separate though he was not the fastest guy. I am glad he has found his new passion, and that is to help others that deal with issues like his.
  11. Tantrum Owens should be TO. It is his loss, to be honest. He obviously doesn't have enough friends to thank because he has made enemies with everyone.
  12. chad72

    Julian Edelman facing 4 game PED suspension

    Edelman is going to plead the "Andy Pettitte clause", that he did it to recover from his injury.
  13. Lebron might up the ante and ask for an ownership stake with Dan Gilbert, IMO, in order to stay in Cleveland. If I were him, I'd do it, why not? No Lebron, no relevance for the Cavaliers, period.