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  1. Free selfies with cheerleaders for 100 lucky fans, that might sell some pre-season tickets.
  2. Very possible. When he said "I went against my gut" while talking about the Ryan Kelly pick, I thought to myself, your gut instinct must stink with 1st rounders.
  3. Let us do a stat on the #1 seed with HFA vs the #2 seed with a bye. I think the stats will be in favor of the #1 seed making it to the SB, maybe not winning it all but making it to the SB.
  4. Rex Ryan did say that guy Brady gets more help from his coaches than Peyton. It is not an indictment against Brady but more a testament to BB's entourage of coaches he keeps. Hence the coaching aspect cannot be denied. Being prepared was what Belichick was all about, and the results on the field showed, even with backups. You give Cassel to the Colts in 2011, they probably win 1 or 2 more games than Painter tops but not that much more because the overall talent on the team was inferior as well, as witnessed by what they did after being cut by the Colts, most of them. So, it was much more than the backup QB. 2009, with Marvin gone from the Colts, and Anthony Gonzalez going down in week 1, he brought Garcon (6th rounder) and Collie (4th rounder) up to speed as fast as he could, and despite having the 32nd rushing attack that year, we made the SB, albeit due to some favorable one-dimensional offensive playoff match ups for our D, IMO (Ravens, Jets and thankfully not the Chargers or even Patriots). Peyton carried that team and the talent drop off continued to happen till 2011.
  5. Some interesting comments in the link above Dungy: I put Manning and Marino at the top of the nonscramblers because they didn't have the benefit of dominant defenses. People also would talk about Peyton having all these weapons, but he was responsible for a lot of that, especially when the team was so good and not picking high in the draft. Norv Turner: If Peyton Manning had New England's defenses, he would be at the top of this list and he would be 5-2 or 6-1 in Super Bowls
  6. Yeah, but hey, that is democracy for ya, albeit at a small level!!!
  7. Go ahead and schedule this for September 3rd, the other league has not scheduled anything yet. Then, I can ask the other league for an alternate date.
  8. Yeah, I can do September 3rd, I am fine with anywhere between 1 and 5 pm ET. I am afraid both leagues are going to end up on September 3rd with 6 hours of my day spent on FF drafts. Regardless, setting a time helps us all plan for it.
  9. They have not won as a #2 seed since 2004, so the #1 seed is more important now for the Pats than anything else. That is why Rex Ryan's Jets playoff win in Foxboro in 2010 playoffs has to rank amongst the biggest upsets, EVER, considering the Pats' playoff history. They had never gone 1-and-done as a #1 seed till then.
  10. Phenomenal write up, @21isSuperman Good points, @GoPats To me, two things made the difference in favor of Brady: i) Turnovers due to Brady's better arm resulting in more incompletions than INTs compared to Peyton ii) QB sneaks in critical times to keep the chains moving on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1. Those resulted in better time of possession for Brady's offenses, and reduced chances for opposing offenses to have short fields in the case of the Patriots. However, in defense of Peyton, here are other points to consider: i) With Peyton (and Luck) going to teams that desperately needed help getting back into the playoff picture, it infused a tendency of having to do more by themselves which result in more turnovers from the QB position. When Brady was not nearly the QB he was now, he could ride a D with many HOF'ers that were great scoring Ds too, and figured out he didn't have to force the issue. Once he became a better QB, those lessons were retained well and he could pick and choose spots to take risks as his career went on. ii) Special teams - Brady enjoyed outstanding special teams play when compared to Peyton's teams, poorly constructed from the 40th-53rd player, IMO, by Polian, were bottom dwellers in special teams field position. That hurts any offense's ability to put up points consistently, let alone against stellar Ds you face in the playoffs (whether it was a Dante Hall KR TD in KC he had to overcome or Ellis Hobb's returns in the 2006 AFCCG he overcame or Scifres punting show in San Diego or Hester return TD in SB he overcame or onside kick recovery in SB or even Peyton's last game in Indy vs Jets where a 53 yard KR was given up to Cromartie, these are just playoff examples, us Colts fans really suffered more during the regular season). Those things matter in close games to swing momentum and Peyton felt he had to do more consistently because of the lack of a well rounded team.
  11. Rookie Standout: Quincy Wilson Breakout Star (Offense): Erik Swoope Breakout Star (Defense): Edwin Jackson Rookie To Watch: Tarell Basham who will blossom as the season progresses
  12. Just make sure we don't clash with the CFF Elite league draft time. (OR) Make a decision on the time in this league first so that those that are in both leagues can be clear about their availability for the draft in the other league.
  13. These are my votes. 1. There will be a one day waiting period for waivers (Change from 2 days) (Y/N) Y 2. There will be no waiting period after trade is finalized (Change from 1 day (i think)) (Y/N) Y 3. Choose one of these 3 drafting order options: B a. Team owners will get to pick their preferred draft spot starting with team #12 and working back to #1. b. The draft order will be randomized upon league creation and draft order will be visible to all owners. c. The draft order will be randomized 15min before the draft begins. 4. Choose one of these 3 platform's to play on this season (NFL.COM / ESPN / YAHOO) YAHOO 5. Change the WR/RB flex position to WR/RB/TE. (Y/N) Y 6. Waivers will reset weekly based on ranking (Change from continuous rolling) (Y/N) N 7. The standings tiebreaker will be points scored (Change from Head2Head) (Y/N) Y 8. Next season we will have keepers (the details can be hashed out later) (Y/N) Y
  14. I have a fear of heights and I had seen a movie where a guy jumped off the top of a tower into the water below. I dreamt that I jumped off the top of a ship and into the deep water, I was totally freaked out when I woke up, needless to say. Again, I was probably in my teens when I dreamt it, eons ago.

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