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  1. Good night folks.
  2. John Lynch has gotten Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster as a first time GM, not bad.
  3. Yeah, even Ray Lewis' efficiency was increased by Ngata keeping OL and TEs off Lewis so he could do his job still at a high level. That is what I am talking about. If you have great DL, you are free to roam and make plays, lot of their LBs are not on an island like the CBs whose talent can shine 1-on-1 and thus get more help than LBs in other FBS schools with not as much DL talent.
  4. If 49ers are moving up, it is only because someone is falling and for a team whose run D was a sieve, they would take a 2 down thumper like Foster any day of the week.
  5. If he is there at No.46, you draft him and put him in a counseling session with that hospital worker he chewed out, LOL
  6. Hard to evaluate if one player is carried by the talent of others or not when there is lots of it, which is why their players are greater value than upside talent in the NFL draft.
  7. It was for Buckeyes too, no Crimson Tide or Buckeye in the top 10
  8. They still don't have a good head of the snake to navigate the ship.
  9. No wonder twitter has already announced the Browns pick as ...well, I will let you wait for it.
  10. I am sure the Browns will move up a few more times in this draft. They pick next, right? I don't think their sabermetrics has told them to pick a QB in a weak QB class, LOL, otherwise they'd have a QB by now.
  11. Browns moved up to the Packers spot, so the Packers pick No.33. Saints at No.32 need OG as well, might go with Lamp, IMO there Brees, when he had Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans in the middle, could play a balanced offense and the Saints were deadly then.
  12. Jerry Jones had no pass rush, maybe Soft Taco???
  13. TAK MCKINLEY TO FALCONS They expected Freeney to not run out of gas in the 4th qtr. and learnt their lesson, I guess.
  14. Falcons traded up, hmm...
  15. CBS Sports gave its first F of the draft to the Peppers pick of the Browns

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