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  1. CTE

    Aaron Hernandez had severe case of CTE, this is not going to help the NFL cause.
  2. Oh yeah. 2013 AFCCG in Denver, a key 3rd down completion to Julius Thomas vs Jamie Collins helped Peyton and folks get a key first down and prolong a drive. In the 2015 AFCCG, he picked on Jamie Collins twice for 2 TDs to fellow old man Owen Daniels. Is it any co-incidence Belichick knew what he was doing when he traded away "stiff hips" Jamie Collins? Then, he saw Eli Manning complete an outside shoulder throw to Plaxico Burress in the 2007 SB for the winning TD, Eli does the same thing with OBJ in the 2015 regular season game (Pats tend to do a man coverage with outside CB with a Cover 2 shell close to the end zone, so you cannot attempt a slant inside easily because the safety closes fast), but OBJ catches it and Malcolm Butler at the last moment knocks it out, incomplete upon review, same side of end zone as Plax. It was the other side of the end zone that Lee Evans could not hold on to the pass vs Sterling Moore that Flacco threw in the 2011 AFCCG that they went from possibly winning with a TD to a missed Billy Cundiff FG. Then Peyton is on the bench with Osweiler starting in 2015, he mentions to Brock at half time (according to Brock post-game) about the outside shoulder pass in the end zone, and Brock completes it to Andre Caldwell for a TD pass, same side as Plax and OBJ. If I can remember these tendencies I see of the Patriots, imagine what Peyton's brain must have retained. Ultimately, even if you know it is coming, it is always about execution and wanting it more.
  3. Dallas (-2.5) at Denver (9-17-17)

    This guy Derek Wolfe is outstanding for the 1-gap run D that they run. When he is not in their line up, their run D suffers. Their new rookie, Demarcus Walker, is another fit to replace what they had in Malik Jackson. Of course, adding Domato Peko, former Bengal, also helps. Elways never stops adding to their trenches. He got former Cowboy Leary and he has been an instant upgrade for their guard position. Cowboys losing both Free and Leary has led to some continuity loss on their OL, La'el Collins has the feet of a guard, IMO but is forced to play tackle. I do not expect their OL to beast like they did last year, just my two cents. They will still be good but their D needs to be protected by their O and running game, that is the only way it works for them. Dak has to take the next step and complete more timing throws successfully. Otherwise, it will be Zeke running or Dak running .
  4. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    You didn't tell me it was PPR. I'd then play Fitz over Gore because Carson will be playing catch up and even if Fitz won't get the TDs, he will get the receiptions. He was open several times in the Colts game but Carson wouldn't look his way. Knowing Fitz, he is not the type to complain. I am sure the Cardinals' offense will try to get back on track. Their game plan will be to force the Cowboys to play catch up to take the running game element out, which is what happened in the Broncos game. Right now, I know Orlando Scandrick is limited practice, Awuzie has a bum hamstring, and Nolan Carroll is in concussion protocol. If only Scandrick plays and the other two do not, fire up Fitz. Cowboys play zone a lot and Scandrick will tend to shadow whoever is hot as the game goes on.
  5. NFL Week 3 Predictions and Scores

    Ravens 24 Jaguars 17 Broncos 23 Bills 13 Steelers 30 Bears 17 Saints 20 Panthers 27 Buccaneers 24 Vikings 17 Colts 20 Browns 17 Dolphins 34 Jets 21 Patriots 27 Texans 10 Falcons 27 Lions 30 Eagles 27 Giants 20 Titans 24 Seahawks 17 Chargers 21 Chiefs 27 Packers 34 Bengals 17 Raiders 27 Redskins 24 Cowboys 31 Cardinals 20
  6. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    Thanks. I am playing Cooks only because of the injuries to the WR corps of NE and the fact they are at home. NE OL typically manages to keep Watt at an arm's length but they have never played Watt and Clowney together, so that is what is the X factor but Hoodie finds a way to max. protect or chip if he has to. Plus, because of their RB receiving prowess, they will spread out their RBs and thus force more zone coverage. Plus, they play 2 RB looks constantly now with the injuries with one chipping and the other one going to the flat or flank in motion. Brady should find enough spots in zones to hit Cooks a few times, I am thinking. If Gronk and Amendola were both healthy, it would be different. Also, vs the Jags, I am going to bench Maclin and play Buck Allen because Ramsey and Bouye are balling right now. Even if their run D and underneath pass D gives up yards and TDs, their outside CBs are playing top notch right now.
  7. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    This doesn't look like our league, so I'll advise :). Gore is still the Colts guy, I'd choose him for FLEX. Janoris Jenkins, the stud NYG CB that limits Dez, is out for week 3 with the same ankle sprain as week 2, so fire up Jeffery no matter who says what, especially with the way Wentz has been throwing. Keenan Allen is the other slam dunk here. Belichick will take Hopkins out as much as possible, that's why I'm torn on him vs Gore for FLEX, Gore is safe play
  8. If I know it's one of our leagues, I don't advise or ask for advice, typically Good to see you back here again. Now, can you give me your thoughts on a couple of line ups I posted in the advice thread?
  9. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    It was a lot of fun. Even non-Colts fans would turn their TVs on when Peyton played, because it felt surgical and methodical yet exciting. Yes, a Brady vs Manning was must see TV, no matter where you were at, if you were a fan of football. I honestly want the Raiders to beat the Patriots and start a new rivalry with Carr leading the ship. He is likeable and can be surgical at times, just needs to get to that next level to not have duds like he did vs the Chiefs last year.
  10. TY guarantees Colts win in browns game.

    The Browns game is a must-win and a no-win situation. Weird. If we win the game, it is a case of "Not a big deal, it was the Browns for crying out loud" and if we lose, it is a case of "OMG, it was the Browns for crying out loud!!!".
  11. Trade Castanzo

    Browns have nobody that can rush the passer if both Myles Garrett and Jamie Collins are out. Hence Gregg Williams will be forced to blitz more often than not. This is one game I expect Castanzo to rebound, just saying.
  12. CB of the week per PFF: Rashan Melvin

    Spot on!!! Rick Venturi was on the Dan Dakich show stating that don't put someone like Moore who has not been there and done that on a 3rd and 20, put someone like T.J.Green or Mathias Farley who at least had a better shot of playing it right and getting the job done. That wasn't good coaching right there, according to Rick Venturi.
  13. Good Brissett Breakdown on StampedeBlue

    A couple of things with that article I do not agree with in the article where I felt Brissett did the right thing. a) On that "should have thrown to Aiken" instance, when he looked at Aiken, his vision was impeded by the defender close by and he would not know if that defender is leaning away from Aiken or will go with Aiken, and he moved on to his next read, especially when things are happening with a fraction of a second to react and make a decision. b) Last one was "he had time to wait for TY to get open" instance. Every QB has a mental clock. When Castanzo has had his butt handed to him constantly, that mental clock that Brissett had, was not going to allow him the luxury to take the chance on this instance to see "if things will hold up this time". He acted with his mental clock based on what he knew transpired so far in mind. If he has the confidence he will get more than 3 seconds consistently, he might have waited. The only thing I would agree on is the pump fake where he took a sack with no safety behind Moncrief, the first instance. In that case, he pump faked because he knew he had time and if he had the time and knew he had the time, he should have seen Moncrief all the way.
  14. Quincy Wilson. Great Playing, Bad Luck??

    Yep, can't teach instincts, even if you have speed. (cough, cough, T.J.Green ). With good instincts, you can make up a 4.5 speed vs a 4.4 or 4.3 WR (unless that WR is an elite one that maximizes every ounce of their talent).