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  1. chad72

    Colts Fan Fest Coming to Huntingburg, IN

    Thank you
  2. chad72

    NFL Smartest plays of all time

    Another example of how Belichick knew how to get an edge in close games. John Harbaugh's intentional safeties lately have been used in similar fashion too with the punter, including the SB. Another one I loved is when Chip Kelly and the 49ers played the Saints. The Saints were in FG range but knowing Sean Payton, he always went for the TD till the clock has less than a handful of seconds. So, Chip Kelly literally told his CBs to all hold their wide out and pass catchers' jerseys, every single one of them were taken down, like an OL pancake block. Who were they going to call holding on? In Chip's mind, giving up an illegal contact 5 yard penalty is better than giving up 20-25 yards to Brees with the clock just allowing 1-2 plays. I do wonder if someone has no timeouts and has 50 yards to go and a TD to win the game outright, and about 20 seconds to go, just keep holding and holding on defensive side before they get past the line of scrimmage if it is not a scrambling QB. 5 yard penalty, 5 seconds consumed, 5 yard penaty, 5 seconds consumed, 5 yard penalty, 5 seconds consumed, and it comes down to a Hail Mary then. They don't put back clock, just give you a first down, and time becomes your ally.
  3. chad72

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Yeah, the filter does not differentiate the whole word to part of the word for the literal letters p-o-s. At least I (we) know how to beat it!!!
  4. Thanks. I was not expecting Gesicki to last till 58 but he did.
  5. Atlanta Falcons: Round 1.26: Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama (NFL comparison Lawrence Timmons) Round 2.58: Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State (NFL comparison Jimmy Graham) Round 3.90: Tim Settle, DT, Virginia Tech (NFL comparison Vince Wilfork) Round 4.126: Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida (My comparison is Tyreek Hill) Pairing Rashaad Evans with current Falcons LB star Deion Jones would instantly upgrade their LB corp so that they are not waiting for the emergence of their former rookie (now 2nd year player) Duke Riley who had been more miss than hit. Falcons had not had a viable threat at TE since Tony Gonzalez left, Austin Hooper does not scare anyone at all, and with Julio and Sanu on the outside and having lost Taylor Gabriel in the slot, they needed someone with good hands for the seam routes. Mike Gesicki is that guy, has all the traits like a Jimmy Graham and if he improves his blocking, could end up like Gronk, he has a great ceiling. With the departure of Dontari Poe and Adrian Clayborn, they needed someone in the middle light enough on his feet but also make plays vs the run and pass. Tim Settle seems like a natural fit for that. Last but not least, had to wait till day 3 of the draft to take a chance on a guy with questionable character. With enough veterans on the Falcons squad, feel like Antonio Callaway will be in check and this was a chance taken with huge upside, much bigger upside than what Taylor Gabriel gave them, IMO. I felt that lots of talent was indeed added to the Falcons squad and a lot of their issues last year were offensive woes.
  6. Arizona Cardinals 1.7 Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma 3.79 Anthony Averett, CB, Alabama 4.134 Geron Christian, OT, Louisville Needless to say, the Cardinals gave up a 1,2, and 3 to move up from No.15 to No.7 with the Bucs to get their franchise QB, Baker Mayfield, who they never thought would make it there. Since they had two third rounders, one of their third rounder was used on Anthony Averett who played 5 years for Nick Saban and learned a lot of nuances of the CB spot since he played QB and WR in high school a lot. The Cardinals' No.2 had always been picked on and Anthony's speed and sticky coverage abilities should help them. Geron Christian, he played both RT and LT for Lamar Jackson, and his swing tackle abilities will allow him to find a role at the next level, and help with the Cardinals' OL.
  7. chad72

    The rivalry is back on

    The Pats ' difficult stretch is vs Vikings, at Dolphins followed by at Steelers, IMO.
  8. Is the rule where you field a kickoff out of bounds still in place to get 40 yards? Or has it been changed? Can anyone tell me? If it is, when Belichick and the Patriots or any other team test return units by kicking it to the 5 yard line, if it gets anywhere close to the sidelines, that is what I ask my return man to do.
  9. Colts get two additional first rounders for next year's draft - that is my bold prediction. Might as well be bold. The first one is by moving down from No.6 The second one is from a playoff team trading for one of our early 2nd rounders and giving up a future 1st.
  10. Yeah, I saw that too. Might just leave it alone at this point and get psyched for the real thing.
  11. I am fine with doing just round 5 but not more. I know @crazycolt1 already chimed in and was fine whatever we decided, now it would be up to the others if we are doing Round 5 or not.
  12. If it is the Cowboys (which I think it is), I'd give them Allen Lazard at WR. Can we do a final update on fourth round and the picks available? Maybe we can break for the weekend and do just Round 5 and get it done before the draft? I can tell a bit of mock draft fatigue setting in to do all rounds, just a hunch. That is why the suggestion of just Round 5.
  13. chad72

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    To me, the stretch after the bye will determine our playoff future with all the divisional games stacked there. If, miraculously, we are 5-3 at the bye, I like our wild card playoff chances. Dallas game could be flexed, if we are in the division race hunt, or if they are in the division race hunt, IMO.
  14. chad72

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    That was my thought too - somewhere between 6-10 and 9-7
  15. Great analogy!!! If a playoff team like the Falcons or Saints or even Steelers are willing to part with a future 1st rounder for your high 2nd rounder, you would take it in a heart beat!! You might even be able to get an additional late 4th or 5th rounder from that.