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  1. Isn't that implied? The reason he will be GOAT is because the Warriors are stacked and Lebron will be playing against all odds, to be honest. Jordan did not have to deal with the twitter and FB era of ripping apart everything an athlete does. Isn't that the reason why Peyton's accuser decided to upload her one sided argument right after the SB, to get more publicity in the twitter and FB era? Personally, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love never scared many as a 2nd and 3rd option, both were great 1st options on bad teams with more opportunities before they were united with Lebron. Kyrie doesn't have the IT factor that Lebron has, or Steph has or even the oomph that Durant has. The Wade-Bosh duo was a bit more different with Wade a clutch performer who had already been there done that. Bosh was just along for the ride, IMO, much like the current 3rd wheel, Kevin Love, great stats on a bad team before being united with Lebron. Cavs are close to the Warriors' level but not the same and their current record is embellished because of the weak East, IMO. Kevin Durant gives Steph Curry what Wade gave Lebron, IMO, at least when Wade was physically cooking. We know how tough the Warriors were to beat, even without Durant, and now it is pretty much Warriors NBA champs. I am losing interest in the NBA, frankly. It is because of how a couple of teams chose to exceed the cap as much as they felt they could because there was truly no hard cap. All other teams are playing for 3rd place at best, IMO.
  2. Yeah, T.J.Green doesn't inspire confidence in anyone. I am guessing we are going with more 3 safety looks with 2 free safeties for coverage purposes. If your best play makers are Butler and Hooker in the safety department, I'd rather have both of them on the field at the same time. How many guys do we have that can play the hybrid coverage LB/strong safety type of role? If Geathers continues to be out, that can become important as time goes on.
  3. That is because he thought he was Andrew Luck with his bootlegs and (lack of) speed and size. Hence all those QB-keep plays went for nought by the goal line. That is where some better play calling by Chud could have helped Tolzien help himself.
  4. I agree. The rankings are heavily influenced by team wins and team success and even players, being humans, continue to pin the wins and losses on a QB indirectly via the rankings, IMO.
  5. Well, when it was Ty Law doing it on Marvin, or Talib doing it on Gronk, or Vontae doing it on DT, it all depends on the laundry of the D, IMO. Plus, from 2012 to 2015, the Ravens (with their secondary led by Reed), the Seahawks (led by Sherman and Chancellor), the Patriots (led by Browner and Revis), the Broncos (led by Talib and Harris) all benefited from playoff friendly let-em-play officiating. For some reason, they decide to call 3 consecutive holding penalties against the Falcons in the first half of the SB to let the Pats get on the board, and did not let the secondary play as much (though the Pats secondary got away with a few in the second half) in the 2016 playoffs. No matter the rules, like Polian emphasized, the subjective enforcement is far more powerful then the objective rule itself.
  6. As long as the pass catchers are not "Wide Open", I will take any secondary that gets the job done right.
  7. In terms of probability of the play working, the fake punt had to be the lowest but in terms of field position and what was at stake, the Seahawks play calling was probably the worst.
  8. Doesn't Billy Idol's "Rock The Cradle Of Love" song have a librarian looking chick in the video? Or maybe it's some other music video I'm thinking about???
  9. So was John Harbaugh of the Ravens, an ST coach. Sometimes, an ST coach has to assemble players from the offense and defense according to their strengths for the sake of ST, because they don't draft ST only players, The ST coach thus sees the game more collectively than just one side of the ball, probably with as much detail as an OC or DC, IMO. An ST coach also has a great understanding of field position (witnessed in the SB safety taken by John Harbaugh, one of the smartest plays in recent history, IMO) like a good HC. Given Dave Toub's experience, I see no reason whatsoever why he wouldn't be a stickler for details and have the same success that John Harbaugh had.
  10. My surprise is the Chargers, I expect them to get to .500 even though they play the NFC East and AFC East. They will get a few surprise victories with a home stretch surprise year from Philip Rivers.
  11. Yeah, that guy thinks he is marketable but he is not, in this current world. He pulls a "Big Baller brand ain't for woman's clothing" quote, then asking The Herd co-host to "stay in her lane"? This guy has serious issues. The faster Lonzo Ball chalks out his own life without LaVar Ball, the better it is for the young man for his future. Sometimes, you have to make the hard choice with family and entourage that gets in the way of your future, no matter how badly that family and entourage "think they are good for you".
  12. Bird was stupid to not even entertain that, IMO. If PG goes to LA eventually, what do we have in return? Are we hanging on to slim hope that he will stay (or) do we think we are just a couple of players away from a NBA final worthy roster? Neither of that is the case, IMO. However, I want Lonzo Ball to drop in the draft, mainly because of his Dad. I wouldn't want that headache in any big market team. He might actually be better served going to a small market team. Send him to the 76ers and let us see if losing in Philly serves his Dad any humble pie.
  13. It is 4 TDs and 2 picks, to be accurate in the SB vs the Seahawks. The #1 defense was banged up from the 2013 version with both safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor needing immediate off season work on their bodies. After the first pick by Jeremy Lane, Edelman takes slot CB Jeremy Lane's knees out and they pick on his replacement with Edelman catching the winning TD against his replacement too. Second pick was with Wagner picking off a pass to Gronk, and Seahawks cashed in with a TD to go up 24-14. Seahawks' Avril goes out concussed and the comeback from 14-24 happens. I don't know what it is about the Pats. LeVeon Bell could hurt them, his ankle gets rolled up in the AFCCG. Tevin Coleman was hurting them, he gets rolled up in the SB. Heck, they had to pay Bradshaw back for the Indy SB, so when they were back in Indy, Ahmad Bradshaw went on IR after that Pats game vs the Colts when his ankle or foot got rolled up on. Recently, key players, in big games, get injured vs the Pats. Just saying. I guess they got tired of Steven Ridley concussed vs the Ravens in the 2012 AFCCG loss at home, Gronk getting taken out consistently, Wes Welker injuring Talib on a pick play in the 2013 AFCCG etc. that they decided to be the aggressors starting 2014. Joe Montana had the insane stat of never throwing a pick in 4 SBs, chew on that!!! Maybe you got Brady confused with him. Having said that, Brady shines brightest when the lights shine bright and he never backed down from any tense situation. As a total of all categories, Brady is #1 in my book by virtue of that. I will just leave it at that.
  14. Browns will still suck.
  15. It is time for you to make a new Brady Madden Cover.

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